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J A N Ủ Á & Ý. 103 Dutch, 16 of which were men

of war; 100 English, 18 of which ift

HE London bill of were ships of war, and 3 English

mortality for last year, prizes. by the society of parish-clerks, During last year 370 fail of ships comes pretty near the calculation of several nations arrived at Gotof thirteen males to twelve females, tenburg, and 355 Sailed from thence the numbers being 7778 males, carrying away 8866 fhip-pound of and 7173

females ; an observacion iron. 1118 Tip pound of steel, long since made by Dr. Davenant, 1436 barrels of tar, 320 barrels of Sir William Petty, and other poli, pitch, 102, 525 barreis of hertical arithmeticians.

rings; and goods, the product of Christenings in Stockholm lat the East Indies, to the value of year, '2120. Burials, 3378. Wed. 2, 554, 96 1 dollars. dings, 804

According to an account taken Births in the city of Caffel lalt in Holland, the number of velles year, 567. Burials, 8c6.

which were lost by storms from Christenings at Francfort last Michaelmas last, to the first of Jan. year, 816. Burials, 1781. Wed- amounted to upwards of 300.dings, 240.

There are now in and near LonBirths at Koningsberg last year, don, a breed of bulls and cows, 1649. Burials, 2014. Marriages, brought from some of the countries 726. Ships arrived there, 478. bordering on the gulph of Persia, Ships failed from thence, 515. whose fature, although at their

It has been computed by the full growth, is inferior to a LinFrench that the number of their colnshire Dheep. They have a large tips taken by us last year, amount. camel-like protuberance of fat on ed to 944 ; and the number of our the top of their shoulders. fhips taken by them to 2539.

The learned and ingenions During last year the following Stephen Hales, D.D.F.R.S. thips arrived at Cadiz, viz. 157 clerk of the closet to the princess Spanish, 26 of which were men of dowager of Wales, departed this war ;

i Neapolitan ; 9 French; life. See a short character of this 19 Portugueze; 29 Swedes, 13 of excellent man in our article under which were tips of war ; 6 Ge- that title for this year, p. 46. noele; 8 Imperial; 2 Venetian ; Letters from the East Indies, 6 Ragusan ; 6 Maltese; 42 Danes; by the way of Holland, advise



that Goa, the capital of the Por- thatch'd buildings. A poor man tuguele settlements in that quar. at Holbeck in this parith, finding ter of the world, had been at. his house ready to fall, immediately tacked and taken by the Blacks, stept out of bed, and setting bis who inhabit the circumjacent fhoulder to the beam that folely countries. It was this affair supported the roof, held up the which gave rise to the story about house till his wife and children the Jesuits making themselves mas crept out between his legs (having hers of it, which was currently re no other way) and he had but just posted some time ago.

time to get off himself before the A contagious ditemper having whole fabrick fell to the ground. broke out at the town of Sarlata, This day died the right

joch. in the island of Cephalonia, and the hon. Edward Boscawen, a quarantine upon thips coming from lord of the admiralty, admiral of the islands of the Levant, subject the blue, general of marines, &c. to Venice, having thereupon been "A man being lately detected in increated to forty days: - it was cutting people's cloths in the gal. ordered in council, that the qua- lery of Covent-garden playhouse, rantine at present fubfifting upon was taken before a magistrate, and all thips and vefsels coming from obliged to pay seventeen guineas those parts, and from, or through for the damage he had done feveral the Mediterranean, be duly and women, who appeared against him. punctually complied with.

The following inftance of a feHis majesty went to the ries of repeated acts of compaffion

chapel royal, and offered gold, and benevolence reflects great homyrrh, and frankincense, as usual nour on every person concerned ig On account of the mourning, there it. The wife of an honeft tar, was no playing at hazard at night, whose husband was on board the nor any ball.

late intended expedition, being The wind having shifted to the obliged to take her leave of him at east, upwards of 450 fail of Mips, Portsmouth, on the supposition of outward bound, which had been de their immediate failing (no wotained by the westerly winds many man being allowed to go with weeks, failed from the Downs. them) came up to London, in or

Sailed from Spithead, the der to proceed from thence to Nor. 8th

Sea-horse frigate, capt. Smith thamptonshire, where her friends for Bencoolen, with the atrono- resided. --Being reduced very mers, named by the Royal Society, low, and not in a condition to to observe the transit of Venus 'walk it, the applied to the master over the sun. See our last volume of the Northampton stage, which p. (143

sets out from the Bull in Bishops. Leeds, Jan. 6. On Thursday gate-Street, intreating him to give night last the wind blew a perfect her credit for an outlide paftage, hurricane at N. N. E. by which a till she could get down to her great number of our chimnies, corn friends, and be enabled to repay and hay-stacks, were blown down, him. Perceiving het to be very and flates torn off houses; but the big with child, he niade her an of greatest damage was done to ftraw- fer of an infide place in the coach,



gratis, which was to fet out the fined at night, may vie with the next day.

That very night, decency and cleanliness that is prehowever, the poor woman, who, served in a gentleman's house ; no lay at the inn, was delivered of a fighting or brawling, no lewdness fine child. – Thus disappointed of or drunkenness is now permitted to her passage, and in this critical cir- add to the crimes of the unfortunate cumstance, her distress was much inhabitants; nay; idleness itself, greater than before : but the affair' the usual concomitant of these vices, coming to the ears of some gentle- is likewise banished, nor is the men who happened then to be in want of tools or materials made any the inn, they formed a collection, excuse to indulge it, as they are among them to the amount of be provided partly by the keeper at a tween 13 and 141. Not satisfied very moderate profit; partly by the with this, they sent for the church- alms occasionally given, and which wardens of the parish, who contri are divided with che utmost prubused 40 s. towards conveying the dence and impartiality; the greatest mother and child home. Added care is also taken in their religious to this'; iwo worthy sailors, who concerns, nor are they ever pero happened to come into the inn, mitted to infringe the duties of the hearing that the wife of a brother fabbath. tar was in ditress, threw in their In' an address lately presented míte of all they had about them., to the king of Sweden, by the which amounted to about 3s. 6 d. speaker of the house of Peasants,

This money having been de assembled in diet, we find the folposited in the landlord's hands, lowing passage: "A lincere and every neceffary both for the woman fubftantial proof of your majesty's and infant were with discretion and love to your subjects, and of your economy purchased out of it; her majesty's zeal to promote their haplodging for the whole time was be. piness, for which we cannot suffi ftowed on her by the house; the ciently express our gratitude, is to master of the coach scorned to withs' fee che northern countries, which draw his former promise; and with have lain hitherto wild, uncultia sum of money in her pocket, shevated, and uninhabited, known by and her child set out on Monday' the name of the Lappmarćken, morning last at free coft for her own wear at present a quite different country:

face. They are now covered with The regulations that have been dwellings, the lands are cultivated, lately made in that miserable man and; for the first time fince the sion of misery, Newgate in Bristol, creation of the world, this new muft fenfibly affect every breast with people appear in the diet with us pleasure that has the least spark of by their representatives. How :humanity unextinguished in it., greeable would it be to us, how Filth, stench, and wickedness, that would it rejoice our hearts' to see have so long infested these doleful our dear country extend its bounds regions, have, by the unprecedent- more and more, by the draining off ed diligence of the present keeper, sr:orasses and other lands covered been entirely eradicated; even the with water, and the peopling of very pit, where the felous are con- deserts.”


The young, prince, son to 13th.

Imagine you see the unfortunate the prince of Naffau Weil. fufferers all plunging in a deep and bourg, was baptized with the ut- rapid tiver, calling out for help, most magnificence in the great and Aruggling for life. It was all church at the Hague, by the name horror and confufion; and during of George William Belgicus. The this situation the first account was fpoi sots were, Gen. Yorke for the dispatched, which assured us, that king, and count Bentinck for the out of eighty fouls, only five or fix princess dowager of Orange; the were saved. By a second account prince Stadholder and the prince of we are told, that there were only Nassau Weilbourg were represented thirty on board, but that out of by the deputies of Guelderland, those above twenty had been Holland, Zealand, and Gronin- drowned. This was for some time guen.

believed to be the truest account; 14th.

The committee of city but I have the pleasure to hear by a

lands contracted with Mr. third account, that many of thofe Blagden, the carpenter, (who lately who were supposed to be lost, havę purchased several of the city gates) been taken up alive ; fome of them for the ground from Moorgate, on at a great distance from the ferry, the south side of Fore.street, to and that no more than fix are missing, Cripplegate, 1000 feet in length, though numbers were brought to at 75. per foot, on which he is to life with difficulty. It was happy build an uniform row of houses, for them that so many

horses were the fronts to stand 9 feet back- on board, as all who had time to warder than the fronts of the pre- lay hold of a firrup, or a horse's fent houses, and he is to give tail, were brought lafe to fore. 10,000 I. security, to complete the A poor man, who had a large baffame in four years from Midsummer ket of fowls on his arm, was pronext.

videntillay buoyed up till asistance A few days ago Mr. Thornley, could be had, and he, after many a wealthy farmer, near Cerne fruitless attempts, was at last taken Abbey, in Dorsetshire, was cut a up alive, though fenseless, at the fourth time for the stone, and is distance of four hundred yards from likely to do well.

the ferry. A poor woman who had Extract of a letter from Notting. bought a pig, and had tied one end ham, Jan. 9.

of a firing round its foot, and the On Tuesday sen'night Mr. Hall's other round her wrist, was dragged fervant of Beckingham, returning to land in ţhis providential manfrom market, and finding the boat ner. at Gainsborough putting off from AN countries have their empi. thore, full of people, was so salh ricks, who vend their pernicious. and imprudent,, (to say no worse noftrums under swelling titles.of it) as to leap his horse into the In Holland, a person of condition, boat, and with the violence of the abcut the age of forty, and grievfall, drove the poor people and ously tormented with the gout, had their horses to the farther side, recourse to what is called the duke which inltantly carried the boat of Mirandola's powder, and escaped into the middle of the aream, and having ang fit, for more than a overset it.


year. He then was seized with a his lordship took the oaths apdifficulty in breathing, with other pointed to be taken, instead of the fymptoms, which induced the pro- oaths of allegiance and fupremacy, ferror Gaubius to think he had a as also the oath of lord high chandropsy in the stomach, or breast: cellor of Great-Britain. but the gentleman dying suddenly, His majesty has been pleased by the professor caused his body to be an order in counsel to declare and opened, when it appeared two thirds fignify his pleasure, that his servants of his lungs were vitiated, and full fall have and enjoy all ancient liof little tubercles, of the fize of berties, rights, and privileges; and small peas, filled with a glutinous that none of his servants in ordinary, substance, which was in fome con- with fee, shall be obliged to bear, verted into kind a of lime, or chaik; any publick office, serve on jories or which plainly shewed, that the gout inquelts, or be subjected to any being repelled, had seated ittelf mulet or fine for not fubmitting there.

thereunto; agreeable to the pracMr. Richard Dixon, and tice of his majesty's royal prede15th.

Mr. John Spencer, agreed cessors. with the committee for building "Tis faid, that by the death of a the bridge from Black-Friars to Scor’s nobleman, who died lately a perform the carpenter's work for Roman Catholick priest, the title 21,6121. 55. 70.

descends to a man cock, that lived About one this morning a fire with a general officer in England, broke out at Mr. Baker's, bookwho, in regard to his cook's present feller, at Tunbridge-Wells, which dignity, could not think of employconsumed the house, furniture, and ing him any longer in that station, circulating library.

but very generously raised a subIn a letter from Scotland, scription for his fupport; and that we

have the agreeable news, on the affair being represented to that there is the greatest herring his majesty, he had ordered him a fishing that ever was seen in the pension of 200 l. per annum. highlands since the memory of man, Last Wednesday the following in a loch called Lock-Slapan, near threat’ning letter was sent to the Kilmorie, in Strach, in the isle of matter of the Red Cow, in Cow$ky; but that there were not vef- lane, Welt-Smithfield, viz. fels, falt, or calk to cure them,

• Mr. Bray,

London, Jan. which would be a general loss to the

16, 1761, country.

You are hereby desired to dis. The right hon. Robert Patch yourself ; I have heard a very 16th.

Henly, baron of Grange, good character of you, and therelord keeper of che great feal of fore leave it to yourself whether, Great Britain, having this day de. you will die by dagger, fword, or livered to his majelty, in council, poison ; if you outlive this order the great seal of Great Britain, his abové one hour, I have given di, majesty was graciously pleased to rections to put you to death by tor, : refore the said seal to him again, cure, From your friend, with the title of lord high chancel

J. LANCDON." lor of Great Britain ; whereupon


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