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days since at a gentleman's table. tion, who went as And from Swansey, in Southe soldier to the East Indies twelve Wales, we have the following years ago. letter, dated the 23d. inftant. At Čamentz in Upper Lusatia, “ Last week several flocks of George Lehman, an inhabitant of swallows, and other summer birds, that place, aged in years; he were feen here, occafioned by the never had a fit of fickness, and mildness of the season; but 'tis retained his senses till the last, thought the present frost (which except his fight, which he loft came pretty sudden and fevere) three years before he died. muft have destroyed the greatest At Koningsberg, in Pruffia, capt. part of them, as many have been Bromfish, aged 112; 93 years of since found frozen to death. A which he had been in the service of few days fince there was a pear

Pruffia. tree in full blossom, in a gentle At Philadelphia, Mr. Charles man's' garden not far from this Cottrel, aged 120 years; and three town; and a gooseberry-bush,which days after, his wife, aged 115. stood under a wall and was fenced This couple lived together in the from the north wind, had goofe- marriage-state 98 years, in great berries as large as cherry-stones ; union and harmony. and 'twas thought, had the mild weather continued, several sorts of

F E BRU AR Y. summer fruit would have been ripe before Easter.”

The Sea-horse frigate being

4th We likewise hear from Eshgill, refitted failed from Plymouth near Alston in Cumberland, that for the East Indies, with the Dor. on Christmas-day last, a gentle- setshire of seventy guns, captain man there had merigolds, and ten Campbell

, who was to escort her other different kinds of Aowers, some leagues to the westward. in full bloom (the same as in the The astronomers, being too late months of May or June). and all for their intended destination, are the trees in his garden in hud, to be landed in the most conveowing to the mildness of the sea. nient part of the southern hemi. fon : a circumstance never known sphere, so as to save the day of oba before in the memory of man, fo fervation. far north,

The stationers company gave Died lately. General Huske,whose 50 1. to the marine society, being remarkable will see amongit our

their third donation. Characters.

Betweon 11 and 12 at night,

6th At Bononia in Italy dame Jane a shock of an earthquake, atWilks, an English lady, aged 101 tended with a rumbling noise, was years. She went over from Eng- felt at Sturminster and several adland at the age of fifteen years jacent towns in that neighbourand four months. It is said she hood. has died very rich, and has left Died atEbrenbriestein, in his way to great part of her fortune to con- Munich, Clement Auguftus, elector vents, and ten thousand pounds to and archbishop of Cologn, bishop one, John Wilks, a distant rela- of Munfter, Paderborn, Osnaburg


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and Hildesheim, and grand master Danabe was froze over, and fast, of the Teutonick order.

in 24 hours, which was hardly The bishoprick of Osnaburg, by ever known before, the swiftness the treaty of Westphalia, in 1648, of the current of that river being was made an alternative between very great. the roman catholics and lutherans ; Came on in the court of

7th and in consideration that the house King's-bench a hearing in reof Brunswick had, for the sake of gard to an information againft capt. a general peace, made several va- Holland, for publishing a libel on luable sacrifices, the lutherans that Mr. Sutton, in the account of Miss were to have the alternative, were Bell's death (See our last volume po to be the younger princes of the 133.) when the court, upon exahouse of Brunswick-Lunenburg. mining evidence, ordered Mr. Sut

Last week, as some workmen ton to be tried at the next sessions were making a plantation in Shaw- at the old bailey. don, in Northumberland, they Advice was received at the Ad.. found two Roman urns with human miralty, that capt. Alexander Wood bones in them; the shapes of them in his majesty's ship the Minerva of were globular, but a little oblong, 32 guns and 220 men was arrived and were made of a blueith earth, at Spithead, after taking the Warabout eighteen inches in dia- wick, formerly belonging to his meter. This way of burial was majesty, pierced for 60 guns, but practised among the Romans, and now carrying but 34, and 295 men, deemed a grand manner of in- 74 of them soldiers, bound with terment. They must have lain at ammunition, stores and provisions, Jeaft 1400 years in the earth. to the French settlements in the Near these urns were also found East Indies. Both ships had about an arca - lapidea, or stone chest, 14 men killed and 30 wounded. which, it is supposed, there had An account was received been more urns in.

10th This they from rear admiral Holmes at also made use of for the prefer- Jamaica, dated November 11, that vation of the urns. Just by this being informed that five French there was likewise found an entire frigate were preparing to fail from foundation of a triangular fone cape Francois to old France, he building, with three rows of steps, made a proper disposition to his and also a Roman causeway. fleet to intercept them : that the

A gentleman at the court end enemy failed from the cape Oct. of the town has laid a wager of 16, and the next day were disa thousand guineas, that he will covered and pursued by the Hampproduce 29 horfcs that will run fhire, Boreas, and Lively. The 2900 miles in 29 days fuccef- commodore, after two smart enfively; that each horse Mall run gagements, was taken off the east 100 miles in each day, and the end of Cuba by the Boreas, as was whole to be ridden by one man. also the Valeur, after an action of

Letters from Ratisbon of the an hour and a half, by the Lively, 2och ult. Jan. advise, that the The three other frigates were purfroft was set in there very ex fued and attacked by the Hampceflive and sudden; that the river Shire. One of them having the

wind escaped into Port au Paix, the ruins were all happily dug out. and the two others being run on Two usurers were cast at

11th. More, on the Hampshire's ap: Guildhall by the same plainproach, were blown up. The Sy- tiff; one in 300 1. for exacting fix renne, Fleur de Lys, and Valeur, guineas to discount 100l, for fix were king's frigates, and landed weeks; the other for exacting two 613 veteran troops, with a briga- guineas to discount a gol, note for dier general in their way from fix days, being treble the sums France. They were all loaden with discounted, besides treble costs, indigo and sugar. The admiral according to the statute. gives the highest commendation of This day died Richard Nash, the conduct and spirit of the three Esq; generally called beau Nash, commanders, &c. who were en master of the ceremonies at, and the gaged, and of the diligence and friend and patron of Bath, where attention of those who were not, he was interred in the abbey church and has annexed the following ac with grateful folemnity. This gencount.

tleman had a warm and a generous The Sirenne, 32 guns, and 128 heart, and felt for, and relieved, men, was taken by the Boreas, capt. the distresses of his fellow creaUvedale, of 28 guns,and 170 men. tures. He was in the 87th year

Duke de Choiseuil, of 32 guns, of his age. See his character more and 180 men, escaped.

at large in an epitaph on him atPrince Edward, of 32 guns, and tributed to doctor K-g of Ox180 men, and the Fleur de Lys of ford, among our characters for this 32 guns, and 180 men, were de- year. stroyed by the Hampshire, capt. The sheriffs of London Norbury, of so guns, and 350 waited on the king with a

petition from the court of common. The Valeur, of 20 guns, and council, praying his majesty to grant 160 men, was taken by the Lively, a commission for the mayor, alderhon. capt. Maitland, of 20 guns, men, and common-council men, and 160 men.

and their successors, to be the com10th.

In the morning, between mislioners of the lieutenancy for

one and two o'clock, a dread- the city of London. His majesty ful fire broke out at Mr. Cope's, was pleased to receive the sheriffs baker, in Thames-street, opposite very graciously, and they had the College-hill : which consumed the honour to kiss his majesty's hand. fame, and his dwelling-house ad Being the day appointed by

13th. joining, with many houses and authority for a general faft, ware-houses between that and Join- the same was duly observed as ers-hall, which was full of whale. usual ; the collection made at Mr. bone, the property of several mer Whitfield's tabernacle, for the sufchants in London, and of exceed- ferers by the fire ar Boston, in Newing great value ; and communi. England, and the plundered procated to Sir Charles Blunt's, Bart. teftants in the New March of Branwhere it was got under. It is denburgh, amounted to upwards computed to have done 60,000l. of 500 l. damage. Several persons buried in There are letters from Stock.

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Those gatea

holm, that since the return of Died the right bon.Sir Ricb. Mr. Schultz, who, on the recom Annelley, Bart. earl of Angle.

14th. mendation of the board of health, fey, baron Altham, in Ireland, aged was sent to England in 1754, to 75;

Mr:"M'Kercher soon after his inform himself of every thing re- decease, took possession of the manor lating to the innoculation of the of Newport Pagnel, and the toll of small pox,

that operation gains the market, for the young lord ground daily; the free masons have Anglesey, fon to the unfortunate erected an hospital for inoculation James Annefley, who died laft at Gothenbourg, and another will year; and allow of the Anglefea foon be established at Stockholm estates in the counties of Warwick, The board of health is diftinct from Caermarthen, and Pembroke er the royal college of physicians. It The wife of a labouring was established in 1719. The bu- man,


near Kingston, in Surfiness of the commissioners is, in ry, was delivered of three girls. times of contagion, to take the At a court of commonpropereft methods for stopping the council, part of the London

18th progress of epidemical diseases. work-house was agreed to be apAll projects and establishments that plied for, and fitted up, for the have anys relation to medicine,-fall reception of the prisoners in Ludunder their cognizance. Those which they approve of, they sup. Letters from Bristol mention, port with all their influence, and that there is arrived there in a ship procure for them the king's pro- lately come from America, an Intection and patronage.

dian woman about 21 years old, There are letters from Salaman- taken at Lake Champlain ; that ca in Spain, that an English gen. for fine features and hape, few in tleman on his travels was mar- England can equal her: She is ried there the 24th of December very curious in painting, and is to a Spanish lady, aged 14 years, configned to an officer's lady in daughter to John Byde Colo, with Scotland, whose husband has a coma fortune of two hundred thousand mand now in America, under the Spanish dollars ; and that he had brave general Amherst. embraced the Roman catholic reli Winbourn, Doriet, Feb. 7. Frigion

day night, between eight and nine We may

form a judgment of the oclock, when it was extremely immenfe trade the Dutch have ac dark, as I was returning home in quired during the war, from the my coach with the canvases up, I following list of the fleet which was suddenly surprized with the failed from the Texel the 26th ult. moft extraordinary appearance of whichs confitted of


fail for light I ever beheld; which renFrance, 20 for Lisbon, 22 for Ca- dered every object fo visible (not diz, 30 for the Streights, 10 for only on the spot where we were, England, 8 før Curacoa, 17. for but for miles round) that my ferEułtatia, 17 for Surinam, and 10 vants, who, but just before, could for East-India, all under convoy of scarce perceive the heads of the men of war.

hories they rode on, could now


fee to take a pin from the ground; the whole tenement. Finlay and and, what rendered it the more Harvie were miraculously preserved, alarming, it happened when I was but Fraser the owner of the shop, but two fields distance from my was killed by the explosion, which house, and appeared as if rising burst out at the door and windows, from the top of it, in two large and carried the lintel stones of both pillars of about seven feet high; to the opposite side of the street. from whence I. conjectured the The most shocking part of this fa. roof was on fire, and ordered my tal affair was, that Laurence Calservant to drive on, as fast as pof- der, merchant, James Bowie, maltfible; in the interim, so light man, James Grant, taylor, John was every thing round the house, Adam, and James Ross, being in that I could plainly fee into the the shade at the door of the hop, Jooms, thro' every window in view, were carried off with such impeand when I came near, I jumped tuofity, that Bowie and Grant were out of the coach, enpecting to dashed to pieces, and killed against find the whole building in flames; the walls of the houses on the

opbut, in an instant, to my second posite side of the street. They were great surprize, the light vanished, found quite dead, and almoft na. without leaving a spark behind, ked, their cloaths being almost enor doing the least damage. I since tirely burnt off them. Calder was hear this surprizing phænomenon, found alive, in the most dismal conor meteor, or whatever the natu dition, his head terribly bruised, ralists please to call it, was seen at one of his legs cut quite open, and fix miles distance, and lasted for on- the foot hanging by a ligament only half a minute; but its continua- ly; he expired in a few hours: tion over the house, I judge to be Ross is yet alive, but his recovery near five minutes, and when it disap. uncertain. It can hardly be acpeared, it seemed to move forward, counted for, how Finlay and Har. and sink down below the roof. vie were preserved within the top;

The following very melancholy but certain it is, they too likewise accident lately happened at Elgin in must have perished, had not the Scotland : One Harvie, a journey town's people, at the hazard of their man dyer, having bought of Wil- lives, from the broken and totterliam Fraser, merchant, some gun ing walls, dug them from beneath powder, Harvie, to try the powder, the rubbish, and in that manner loaded a pistol in the shop, with an saved their lives. There is no other intention to fire it. At the very damage done to the adjoining or instant he was about to fire, one opposite houses, but some of the James Finlay came into the shop, windows and casements broken. and called out to him, to stop, as A grant has passed the great he knew a barrel of gun powder seal to John Wood, of Wed. was just by them ; but his alarm nesbury in Staffordshire, for his new pnhappily came too late; the pistol invented method of making malflashed in the pan, and a spark few leable iron from pig or sow mettal. into the cask, which contained about Also to Jonathan Greenal of Parr forty pounds weight, and which in. in the county of Lancaster, for his Nantly blew up, and brought down new-invented fire engine for drain


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