ing mines, coal-pits, and lands he could not speak a word of Eng. from water.

lih. Private letters from Prague men The following uncommon accition an adventurer, who keeps dent is said to have happened at a himself concealed in that city, place near Appledore, in Devonwho, after living by his wits for Thire, to the surprize of the inhamany years, endeavours to im- bitants : a shoemaker's wife being pose himself upon fome zealous in labour, there were in the room and credulous Jews for their Mef- with her a midwife, nurse, and two fiah. There has been a strict, tho'assistants; a little after the good fecret, fearch after him, and there woman was delivered, she fell down is no doubt that if he falls into the as in a fit. One of the asistants, hands of justice, he will be treated who was supporting her, immedias he deserves.

ately followed ; next the midwife The prize offered by the Impe- fell, and then the nurse, after droprial academy of sciences at Peterf- ping the unclad infant on the floor. burg for the best dissertation on the The only person remaining ran question thay had proposed on tbe haftily down stairs to call a doctor, jexes of plants, has been unani. and the broke her thigh. The mously adjudged to the celebrated mystery is explained thus : there M. Linæus, who confirms the dif- being no chimney in the room, a ference of sex in plants by folid pan with charcoal was introduced, reasoning.

and from the fuffocating fumes of The following tragi-comical oc- the charcoal, these disorders are currence is said to have happened supposed to have risen; but, howto a Spanish gentleman lately arriv- ever, the amazing fits foon wore ed in London. Being greatly ena- off, and no hurt is like to accrue, moured with the London demoi- unless to the poor woman whose felles, he visited a house in Hedge. thigh was broke. lane, near the Haymarket, but had A late justice of the peace for the caution before he retired with the county of Norfolk, who lived his lady, to consider the substance to upwards of ninety, has ordered of his pocket, where was 31 thirty it in his will, to be buried in his fix milling pieces, which accord. wedding shirt, with his cloaths and ing to the custom in fome foreign wig ; his filver buckles in his shoes, countries, where of two evils they a cane in his hand, and black ribchuse the least, and as it were, to. bands round his wrist. lerate such houses under certain Naples, January 20. The 8th regulations, he very wisely gave instant at night, Mount Vesuvito the old lady of the house to us began to throw up in the take care of; but before he re. air, with uncommon violence, turned, her ladyfip was moved to trees, stones, and bituminous matanother part of the town, and he ter. In the morning of the 9th, hot havnig a farthing left, was this eruption ceased. On the 12th must severely treated by his lady, a very terrible noise proceeded from who tore his cloaths almost off the mountain, and soon after it was his back; and wha: heightened discovered, that the whole top was the confusion of the whole was,



fallen in. At present it sends out fire then proceeded to a number neither lava, fire, nor smoke : and shops occupied by some tradesmen, instead of a vulcano, one would on the south-fide of the market, take it for a cultivated hill. The and consumed them also. The wind owners of the lands on it are la- rising about this time, carried the bouring there with the same un fakes of fire over the houses to concern, as if there had never wards King-itreet, and the warebeen an eruption; yet the damage houses and stores on the Town. caused by the last, amounts to a dock, and Long - warf, wherein million of ducats. The proprie- were the greatest quantities of the tors of the lands on it propose to

richest merchandize in the town. raise a fund to indemnify such as Although the flames and flakes of thall hereafter suffer by eruptions. fire fell on many houses and stores, They reckon that the cultivated yet no dwelling - house was çon. lands amount to 200,000 square sumed ; though one or two near toises; and they compute that the market were considerably datwenty fous yearly for each toise maged.


were slates on will be sufficient. This matter is houses discovered to be of so much at present before the ministry. advantage as at this time; for when

Boston, Jan. 19. We have had great flakes of fire fell thereon, an extreme cold season, whereby they immediately ran off without our harbour has been for two or doing any damage. The loss of three days almost filled with ice. Faneuil market must be great to We have, within that time, had this town: it was built near twenty several alarms by fire, which were years ago, at the folc expence of foon extinguished; but Tuesday the late generous Peter Faneuil, evening · lait, a. violent fire broke Esq. This capacious hall, which out in one of the shops opposite the bore the founder's name, could north side of Faneuil Hall Market,' contain 1000 of the inhabitants at on Dock-square, which entirely a meeting. There were convę. consumed all the row of wooden nient apartments for the officers of buildings from the shore-house, oc the town to transact their respective cupied by the hon. Tho. Hubbard, businesses therein; besides two ofEfq; to the Swing-bridge. These fices, at the east end of the lower buildings belonged to the town, floor, one of which was occupied as and were leased to a number of a navai office, the other as a notary tradesmen, some of whom had their public's, the other part was very whole stock therein, most of which commodious for a market. The was either consumed or loft. There records, papers, &c. with such were several schooners in the dock, other things as could be removed, but they received little damage ; were moftly faved. nor did the fire proceed to the north There were near twenty trader. fide of the dock : on the contrary, men deprived of shops by this fire, it communicatd itself to that stately which must make it extremely difedifice Faneuil Hall Market, the ficult in this winter season, especiwhole of which was foon entirely ally when it is considered that

many confumed, excepting the brick of those, who lost their shops, in walls, which are left Itanding, The March last, are not yet supplied

with proper places to carry on their teen negro captains swore to the respective businesses.

observance of this treaty in the The two gold medals given Christian manner : but the negroes 23d.

annually by his grace the in fifted, in their turn, that the duke of Newcastle, chancellor of other should swear in their manner : the university of Cambridge, for accordingly each of them had a the bek ciaftical learning, were ad- small incision made in his arm, and judged to Mr. Poft of Queen's col. blood being received in a kind of lege, and Mr. Maddison, of St. cup, in which was a little water Peter.s College, batchelor of arts, and earth, the Dutch christians, as

A gentleman, who had under. well as the heathens, drank of the taken to ride one horse 100 miles strange mixture : after which a nein 13 hours for 200 guineas, start- gro priest pronounced a folemn im. ed from Whitechapel church, and precation againt the breakers of rode twice to Market End, and the treaty. back again (which is 100 miles) A highwayman having in 12 hours.

committed several robberies

25th. There lately appeared a most on the Highgate road, the north shocking instance of the bad use stages, to pretect their passengers, often made of private mad-houses; have employed a guard to attend in a cause brought before a supreme them till day-light, when they court of justice, where it was most generally think themselves fafe ; clearly proved, that an unnatural but this day two thieftakers, in father, in order to gratify his cruel hopes of entrapping the highwaydifpofition, and to cut off his only man, and apprehending him for the daughter from her birth-right, cauf- fake of the reward, set out early ed her to be conveyed to one of in the morning in a post-chaise, like these infernal manfions, and to be travellers, upon the same road, kept under the itrieteft confinement with a view of being attacked by (though in her perfect senses) and the highwayman at the usual place, where she would have, no doubt, When they had got to the bottom foon ended her days, had not her of Highgate-hill, they pass’d one friends, by a molt providential ac- of the stages already mentioned, , cident, discovered the place of her and observing the guard riding toconfinement, and stirred in her be- wards the coach with fire-arms, half.

concluded him to be the highwayThey write from Amsterdam, man of whom they were in par. that the Dutch governor of Suri- fuit, and firing a blunderbuss at nam, finding himself unable to re- him, shatrered his arm in a terduce the rebellious negroes of that rible manner, and killed a servant colony by force, hath wisely fol. who rode upon the top of the stage. lowed the example of governor Information of this affair being gi. Trelawney, at Jamaica, and con. ven to a proper magiftrate, 'warrants cluded an amicable treaty with were issued out for apprehendthem; in consequence of which alling the thief takers, one of whom the negroes of the woods are ac is already committed to Newgate, knowledged to be free, and all that and the other is said to have ab. is part is buried in oblivion. Six. fconded.





The mill at the Red-house Malta, who are always at war with

Deptford, with a quantity of the Turks have as peremptorily four, &c. was consumed by fire, refused to restore her ; on which acdamage 2000l. it was occasioned count the Ottoman court are preby the violence of the wind, which paring a fleet, and threaten to atdrove the mill with such velocity tack the island of Malta ; in which that it could not be stopped. case the court of Spain will proba

They write from Milan of bly send their fieet to defend it, as

the 27th ult. thai the farmer the Turks have always protected general at Mantua endeavouring the pirate-towns of Barbary againit to raise several duties, especially on the Spaniards. flesh, the citizens got to their arms, The following letter has been wrote and shot nine excisemen dead upon to Sir Walter Blackett, Bart, in the spot; upon which all the rest Charles-ftreet, St. James's square, of the collectors Aed immediately viz. to the monastery of St. Francis for SIR.

Fahtý 26th. 1961, refuge.

I as your Mos herly well withar Mr. Willy Sutton, after a trial of take this Liberty to Acquaint-you nine hours, for the murder of Miss with the Dark difine’s Laid against Bell, was acquitted at the Old Bailey. your Houour's Person as I Viery

The sessions ended at the Strangely heard of it by great Aco

Old-Bailey, when one recei- cedent I think it my Duty to tell ved sentence of transportation for 14 you your Life is ABsalutly agreed years, 14 for 7 years, and one was

upon to Bee taken away upon the ordered to be whipped.



have taken the Vails His excellency Mark Milbanke, from your Servts thair is A Cartin Esq; his late majestys ambassador Earl or Tow that is to Share the to the emperor of Morocco, and fame fate I find when A Convenient commodore of the squadron em- OPertunity Sarves thair is Likewise ployed all last summer upon the Sir James Lowther & C. in the List coast of Barbary, is arrived at which I am Much Affraid will End Portsmouth in his majesty's ship in Evel Concider your honours Life Guernsey, with the Leghorn con & Fortunes is all at Stake Drop voy under his command, after have that wrong Prosieding & So Advise ing compleated the redemption of you’r Friedds I muft Concl'd with captain Barton, and the crew of the Telling you I have no interest in it Litchfield man of war, and his ma- . my Celfe But interle for


honr jesty's other subjects, slaves in those Person & the welfare of the Engdominions, and establishing a peace lush Nation with the aforesaid monarch, infi I am with All Dutifull nitely more advantageous than ever

Respects yours fubfifted with his ancestors,

A Trewarth. The Grand Signior has peremptorily demanded reftitution of the For the discovering the persons Turkish man of war mastered by concerned in the threats mentioned the christian llaves on board, and in the faid letter, the king has probrought into Malta the 6th of Nov. mised his pardon, and Sir Walter laft; (See our Chronicle for last Blackett offers a reward of an hun." year, (p. 152.) and the knights of dred pounds.



your Jobb."

The following threatening letter fix 18 and 24 pounders, and a has been wrote to Mr. William third, flanking the entrance into Goddard, of Watford, in the coun- the bay, of two batteries of two ty of Hertford, viz.

guns each, twelve and fix pound“December 4, 1760° ers; that the attack was carried on Mr. Gorrord if you intend to go fo briskly from both fhips, that an in the manner as you go an you notwithstanding a vigorous defence may gess watt I mean you fall of several hours, they filenced all Thorley have a brase of Bollots thru the enemy's guns, demolished, and your head or your Body, as ever beat down into the sea, both forts you are borne for if I cant have you and batteries, and cut out and by Night I will have you by Day carried off all the said four priyou thant tell hu aurt you you zes: that afterwards they attackdamd onder minden Roge thar is ed another fort on the faid island no ways to manage you But that I of fix 24 pounders, and after beatthink you have run your Rase long ing down and demolishing the anuff in this Toune but now you same, entered the harbour, where have got in to good hands to due they lay four days, firing morning

and evening guns all the time; His majesty's pardon, and a re- and at their departure, cut out and ward of 201. is offered to any per- carried off with them three more of son that shall discover the author of the enemy's ships: that in their the above letter.

several attacks, tho' the enemy Letters from Guadalupe, dated made a stout defence, the Temple the end of September last, and con- had but one man killed and two firmed by others to the admiralty wounded, besides the first lieuteoffice, mention, that his majesty, nant, who had loft his thigh by a ships the Temple, capt. O'Bryen, cannon shot. On board the Grifand Griffin, capt Taylor, being fin the cockswain of the Temple some short time before on a cruiże, was killed, and only five men in concert, off the Grenados, re- wounded. ceived intelligence that his ma Died lately. At Munich in Bavajesty's floop of war the Virgin, ria, one john O'Farrel in the 99th (which had been formerly taken by year of his age, feventy feven of the enemy, her commander, capt. which he was a soldier in the servi St. Loo, being killed in the en- ces of several foreign princes, and gagement) was then lying, toge- died in the elector of Bavaria's. ther with three privateers of 12 In France, madame Clifton, an guns and 165 men each, under pro- English lady, dame of honour to tection of three forts, in a bay be- the queen of James 11. aged 103. longing to Martinico, and were At Nancy in Lorrain, Dr. Cha preparing to fail in company to- Broomgood, an able physician, gether on a cruize. Upon which aged 103. He practifed till with capt. O'Bryen resolved to go in in ten years of his death, quest of them; accordingly both In the the faid commanders got close with Godsto their ships in shore, and came up de with the faid forts, one of eight 24 and 32 pounders, another of

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