And on

able, that in the parish where he mited time, the duties payable on died, there is neither a tradesman tallow, hogs lard and grease imnor an alehouse.

ported from Ireland. George Lehman, of Camentz, in And, to 40 other public and pri. Upper Silesia, aged 113,

vate acts.

After which his majesty was pleaMARCH fed to make a most gracious speech

to both houses, recommending a 2d.

The flow of the tide was so law for making the commissions of

little, that the starlings of Lon- the judges perpetual, during their don bridge were not covered at good behaviour, notwithstanding high-water, a thing not known in any future demise of the crown; the memory of man. Probably. which speech, with the addresses owing to an earthquake in some of both houses thereupon, and his distant part of the globe.

majesty's most gracious answers, the Theodore Gardelle, was com reader will find in the article of mitted to Newgate for the mur

State Papers. der of Mrs. King, who kept a

The next day the judges, having lodging house in Leicester-Fields. waited on his majesty with their For an account of this murder and address


this occasion, were the murderer, see our article of most graciously received. Characters for this year.

the 5th, the house of commons It is said that numbers of persons came to the following resolutions, have been immediately relieved in nem. con. vix. apopletic fits, by flashing, with a That provision be made for conlauncet or penknife, the tempora- tinuing the commissions of judges, ry artery; the common practice of notwithstanding the demise of his bleeding in the arm, frequently, majesty, or of any of his heirs and not reaching the cause time enough fucceffors. That his majesty shall to save life.

be enabled to grant, and establish the Extract of a letter from Newry. salaries of judges, in such manner,

“ Last week our gabbards and as to be absolutely secured to them lighters began to navigate the new during the continuance of their canal from this town to Fadam commisfions. And, that such part Point, where the large ships lie, of the salaries of judges, as is now and it is allowed by all people to be payable out of the yearly rent, or compleatly finished. It was began fum, granted for the support of his about two years ago, and executed majesty's houshold, and for the hoby Mr. Golberne of Chester, with nour and dignity of the crown, be, the money granted by parliament from, and after, the

from, and after, the demise of his for that purpose.”

present majesty, (whom God long His majesty went to the preferve) charged upon and payable 3d. house of

gave the out of, all or any, such duties or royal affent to

revenues, granted for the uses of his An act for the better securing and majesty's civil government, as shall encouraging the trade of his ma fubfift after the demise of his ma. jesty's sugar colonies in America. jesty, or any of his heirs and fuc

An act to discontinue, for a li- cessors : and a bill pursuant to these

peers and


resolutions was ordered to be pre- over Deptford-bridge, and back pared immediately.

again, in an hour and three quar4th.

At a previous meeting of ters, for a wager of 20 1. They

the livery held at Guildhall, were allowed two hours and a half. for the nomination of candidates at The wager was between a gardener the general election of members to and a farmer; the gardener frying represent the city of London in the they performed it. eniuing parliament: it was unani. Three persons were killed,

6th. mously agreed, “ That the grateful and others bruised, by the fall, and respectful thanks of the livery of of a wall a: Old-Windsor. London be given to Sir John Bar At the aslızes at Oxford, pard, knight, for his eminent and Ifaac Darkin, alias Dumas,

7th. disinterested services to this city, &c. was capitally convicted, for both as a magistrate and as one of robbing Mr. Robert Gammon on their representatives in Parliament, the king's highway, near Nettleduring a course of eight and thirty bed, of his watch and money. See years: for the dignity, justice and an account of him among our Chat humanity with which he supported racters for this year. his former station; and for the ho The court went into third

Sth, nour, weight and influence derived mourning for his late majesty to his constituents from his con- of blessed memory. duct in the latter ; where the inte Being the anniversary feast

12th. grity of his heart, his moderation, of the Magdalen charity, a and gentleness of manners, were no sermon was preached before the go: Jess conspicuous and persuasive than vernors, &c. at St. Bride's, by the the solidity of his judgment and Bishop of Offory, and the collection the powers of his natural elo. at church and dinner amounted to quence.”

440 1. 2 s. 3d. Mr. Paterson having waited on A pretended ghoft, which has Sir John with the above resolution, lately appeared in the cloisters of he returned the following compli- Westminiter Abbey, St. John's ment.

church-yard, Milbank, Malham“ It was altogether the favouritreet, &c. was seized on Wednesof the citizens of London, unde. day evening, and found to be a served, that raised me to any dig- servant to one of the gentlemen nity. - In my endeavours to pro- belonging to the abbey, wrapped mote their interest to the utmost of up in a large white sheet, with the my abilities, I only did my duty. corners hanging over his head, in This their last kind acceptance of imitation of feathers. He had ftruck my services, does me particular such a terror into the credulous inhonour, for which I return them habitants thereabouts, that those my last thanks.”

who could not be brought to be5th.

A poor woman at Topsham lieve it a ghoft, ertered into a

in Devonshire, was delivered subscription, to give five guineas of four children.

to the person, who would seize Last Saturday four Welsh women him, in order to remove the superwalked from the foot of Westmin- ftitious error adopted by their weakfter bridge to the Boot and Crown minded neighbours.


The following odd affair lately of age, and was formerly married ; happened at a church near town; his wife is about 44, and was nea couple presented themselves to be ver married till June laft: fe is a Harried, and producing their li. little woman, and of a slender cette, the parson observed fe to be make.” darcek eight years ago, and upon The following proposal is under expressing his surprize, the han confideration, viz. that Eppingacquainted him, that the night be- Forest be cantoned into enclosures, fore he was to have been married, (and those enclosures planted with he was obliged to go abroad, which oak, the chief bulwark of this nahad prevented his being married tion) for the benefit of fattening for the above space of time, but lean cattle for the use of his mawas then come to finish the affair. jesty's navy; the expence would be

Corfe Castle, Dorfet, March 4. but small, if any; for the under On Saturday last a remarkable ac wood and other timber would partcident happened at Mr. H. Stick- ly, if not quite, pay the charges; land's, -at Chalwell Farm near this or it might be burned into chara town; as he and his family, con coal for the use of his majesty's fisting of a wife and five children, powder mills. were drinking tea in the afternoon, It is said that in a house at Amhe observed, after drinking two or sterdam, occupied by some merthree dishes, that the tea looked chants. lately become bankrupts, of a darker colour than usual, and there was a most elegant and wellhad no Advour' in it, upon which, furnished room, the Hoor of which after various furmises of what should was inlaid with English crownbe the reafon, the kettle was ex- pieces; and which has been only amined," wherein, to their great used on extraordinary occasions, and astonishment, they found a large for the fight of strangers. toad, boiled to that degree, that Three men and three women the legs were feparated from the having taken a whim into their body, upon this alarming circum- heads to divert themselves gratis, stance, they all seemed greatly in- during the carnival at Paris, ardifpofed, concluding themselves fumed the titles of dukes and duchpoisoned, and fent directly for an esses, and thereby obtained many apothecary, who very prudently things necessary to their pleasures ; gave each of them a large dose of but the fraud being at length disa falad oil, which both purged and covered, they have been exposed vomited them plentifully, and on the pillory for thee days; and thereby, 'tis prefumed, happily re on the 14th ult. the last day of their covered them, as they all seem out public shame, they were conducied

to the Greve with two papers fixed Extract of a letter from the minifter to each, proclaiming them harpers

of Glencairn, dated March 4. and impostors. The men were af

“ Laft week a farmer's wife in terwards whipped and branded, and this neighbourhood was delivered sent to the gallies for nine years ; of four boys at a birth; one of them and the women were condemned to died foon after he was born, the the hospital for the same term other three I baptized on Sunday The molt diftinguished person of laft. . The farmer is about 70 years the band was a student in surgery. VOL. IV.



of danger,

The fieur de Mirabeau, a mem tices held their meeting here this ber of the French academy, and day about the militia; and as many author of several learned and in- of the fellows, who lately made a genious pieces, was taken up lately disturbance at Newcastle, threatened by order of the French king, and to be here, four companies of the sent to the caftle of Vincennes, for Yorkshire militia came to town last a book which he lately published, night to prevent any mischief. This entitled, The theory of the finances: morning thousands came into town written on the principles of the in the most desperate manner : we great Fenelon, archbishop of Cam- heard them fay, as they went by bray, and author of Telemachus; the windows, they did not regard a work penned with too much spirit the militia; they were forty of them and freedom for a country, where to one soldier, and if they dared to ministers can with impunity sacrifice fire, they would not leave a man of the real happiness of the subject to them alive. At the same time the the imaginary grandeur of the so- cryer was going about the town, by vereign.

order of the justices, to desire all They write from Naples, that the inhabitants to keep within doors; early in the morning of the 7th for in case any person entered the past, twenty-four nuns of the mo town in a riotous manner, the minastery of the holy Ghost, after litia should be ordered to fire, This beating the porter and forcing the desperateness on one hand, and rekeys from him, marched out with solution on the other, gave us a a crucifix carried before them, and presage of what we were to expect. proceeded direly to the palace to About ten the gentlemen were complain to the king, that they conducted by the militia from the were almost starved for want of vic- Globe to the Moot-hall, and the taals: the officer on duty admitted men were drawn up before the gate, them into the court-yard, and ta. to prevent any of the mob going king their memorial, carried it to into the hall. The major told them the prince de San Necandro, who, all their complaints should be heard, upon reading it, ordered the nuns if they would be peaceable. And to be reconducted with a proper they remained pretty orderly, till a guard to their convent, and repri- large body of pitmen came into the manded their superior. The young town about twelve o'clock, who king waking soon after, and being were resolved to break through to informed of what happened, was the hall. The commanding officer so much chagrined that he had was very patient for a long time, missed seeing the young ladies, that even though one of those villains he ordered his guards to be put un. knocked down one of the militia. der arrest for not informing him; men, who is fince dead. But at however, in about three hours it last the rioters forced the line of the was taken off, and orders issued, militia, shot ensign Hart, a very that the nunnery should not be mo- amiable young gentleman about lelted, but a strict enquiry should twenty, dead, and killed two.pri. be made into the management of vate men. Upon this the commandthat monastery.

ing officer, ordered his men to fire Hexham, Northumberland, over the heads of the rioters; but 16th, March 9, 17.1.

they, exasperated by the death of The deputy-lieutenants and juf


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One of their officers, and two of tinual fire, 'till I believe there was their fellow milicia-men when once not a creature left in the marketthey began, were not to be kept place.” within bounds: Think what a By other letters dated the next shocking found ! for near ten mi. day, there is an account, that the nutes, tellow subjects firing one rioters were quelled without doing upon another! and what à hor.

any more mischief; but a letter of rible scene did I behold afterwards, the 12th from Berwick says, that some carried by dead in carts, after they dispersed, all the coal. others on horfes ; and many were workers gave over their labous, led along just dying of their wounds, and it was supposed that a body of and covered with blood! and to many thousands were formed by that hear the dreadful shrieks of the time: where it willend, God knows; women, whore husbands or fons so variable is the multitude, that a were among the rioters; was enough measure brought about a few years to pierce a heart of stone. A poor ago by their clamour, appears now widow, with eight children, and to them the most oppressive that big with another, going into the ever a free nation was subjected to ! market, to look after her son, was Forty-two persons were killed on shot dead, and her son was shot this occasion, and forty-eight through the thigh, and they say wounded, several of them men of cannot live. Another woman who considerable property. was with child, was shot through The number of the rioters were the belley, as she was standing at a between 6 and 7000, armed with window. Besides these I have men clubs with six or seven inches of tioned, there are several ill who pointed iron at the end of them, came from Britley, Gungerton, and the number of the militia only Acton, Wall, and some from the about two hundred. Shire. There are sixteen also now Lord Ligonier has ordered some lying dead in the church-yard to be light borse to go immediately to owned, niost of whom are pitmen. Hexam, to prevent any further Many have been found upon the mischief. And Sir Walter Blacket, road, who had been wounded, and Sir Bellingham Grayham, 'and sewere making their escape. Among veral other gentlemen, immediately the militia there is only one grena. fet out for the same place, to quiet dier killed, besides those I men the minds of the people, and to entioned. They reckon in all above deavour to bring the ringleaders to 100 killed and wounded, but I am justice; but there suffered but one afraid the number will be greater,

man on the occasion, who was exe. for they are continually finding cuted at Newcastle the beginning of more and more, who had run away October. after being wounded, and had died St. James's. His majesty by themselves in the holes where having this day thought fit they lived.

to diffolve the privy-council, and, The first firing dispersed the mob, at the same time, to appoint a new when hundreds ran into the river, one, consisting of the fame mem. being so terrified they would not

bers with the former council, togewait for the boat. But the mif- cher with Anthony earl of Shaftersortune was, the militia kept a con- bury, all the lords and others pre

16] 2



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