ed the belly, filled it with un- minster-abbey, to the memory of flack'd lime, and then buried the the late worthy Dr. Joseph Wilcox, body.

bishop of Rochester and dean of From the report of the state of the Weitminster. It is ornamented on

sity hospitals which was read each side of the base with the figures this day in St. Bride's Church, of Piety and Hope; and above the before the governor, it appears base, in relief is a north view of the that the numbers were as follows: abbey: on a scroll held by two St. Bartholomew's.

cherubims, is a Latin inscription, Cured and discharged from this setting forth his foveral ecclefiaftical hospital.

employments during the reigns of In-patients


the two last kings : on one side is Out patients relieved with the mitre, and higher is his coat of advice, &c.

In order to cast the greater Trufles given by a private hand to 45 lustre on this monument, the Gothic Truffes given by the hospital to 38 pillars of the abbey, on each fide of Buried this year


it, are coloured black. Remaining under cure, in->

The Ajax Indiaman, of 26 guns,

405 patients

and 100 men, commanded by Capt. Out-patients

H1 Lindsey, very richly laden, is ta

ken by one of the French king's In all

6920 ship's of war. St. Thomas's Hospital. St. James's. His majesty Cured and discharged from having been pleased to ap

25th. this hospital


point the Right Hon. John earl of Buried this year


Bute to be one of the principal secreRemaining under cure 478

taries of state : his lordship was this Out patients

219 day by his majesty's command, sworn

one of his principal secretaries of Total 7968 state, and took his place at the Chrift's Hospital.

council board accordingly. Children put forth apprentices, and

Cambridge, March 21. discharged out of this hospital On Wednesday night the 24th

last year, 1 2 whereof were instruct. inst. upwards of 300 persons ar. ed in the mathematicks, 104 fembled in a barn of Laurence Buried the last year


Cooke's, at Bottiham Load, a hamRemaining in this hospital 946 let belonging to Bottilham, in this Bfidewell Hospital.

county, to hear one Broun, a meVagrants, &c. relieved and thodist preacher, who was some time discharged,


fince a fhepherd. About nine Maintained,

80 o'clock in the evening fire was Bethlem Hospital. cried; the hurry and confusion was Admitted into this hospital, - 169 so great, that many were trampled Cured

143 under foot, who were pulled out of Buried

30 the barn for dead, but some time af. Remaining under cure 260 ter recovered ; great numbers were

A beautiful monument of alabaf hurt and bruised, and carried home ter and marble is finished in Weft. in carts the next day; they lay


200 men,

near fix foot deep one upon ano- up again close to the enemy, when ther. The men lost hats, wigs, and the engagement was renewed for an thoes; the women their short cloaks, hour, when the Entreprenant heerpart of their gowns, pockets, stock- ed off, and bore away: that the inga, and thoes, and were used with Vengeance being a second time difmany other indecencies

. The abled in her malts and rigging, was author of this fright, some say, was some time in wearing: that at a person on the outside of the barn length she wore, and captain Nightwho broke a hole in the clay wal! ingale got again within piftol ihot behind the preacher, through which of the enemy, and renewed the enhe put a pipe, filled with tobacco gagement, which continued for an lighted, and puffing it, the smoke hour and a half, when the enemy was perceived, which occasioned the called for quarter. The Enterprealarm of fire.

nant had 5 men killed, and 24 Admiralty office. His ma- wounded. The Vengeance had fix 27th,

jesty's ship the Vengeance, of killed and 27 wounded most of 26 guns, (9 and 4 pounders) and them dangerously, and two of them

commanded by captain are fince dead. Nightingale, is arrived at Plymouth His majesty's fhip the Bedford with a prize named the Entrepre of 64 guns, commanded by capnant, pierced for forty-four, but tain Deane, has taken and sent innow carrying only 26 guns, (12 and to Plymouth the Comete French 6 pounders) with 203 men, being frigate of war, of 32 guns and equipped for war and merchandise, 250 men, which the Bedford fell and loaded with various kinds of in with on the 16th instant, 30 goods for St. Domingo, with which leagues S. W. from Ushant, and, The failed from Bourdeaux on the after a chase of nine hours, took 8th inftant. Captain Nightingale her. She failed from Breft on the gives the following relation of his gth inftant. engagement with the Entreprenant; A letter from Hampfire, in New That he got up close along fide of Jersey, dated the Icth ultimo, her at five o'clook in the afternoon contains the following remarkaof the 13th, when the action imme- ble piece of intelligence, “A few diately began, and continued for days ago seven or eight men dug three quarters of an hour, in which out of the side of a hill, from whence time the vengeance was five times ifiued a fine spring, 76 large rattle on fire, (twice, as was imagined, snakes, and 36 black snakes, all from the enemy's wads setting fire twined together in one bunch or to the main rigging, that the Ven- knot. The cold weather prevented geance's rigging and fails being their making any resistance, though then fo mnch Ihattered, that the ship the rattle snakes were so lively as to was not under command, the enemy be able to rattle pretty brikly, ran his bowsprit over her taffarel They cut the heads of the rattlefor boarding; that he was therein snakes off, and then skinned them. prevented, and the Vengeance theer- The digging was purposely after ed off, to repair her rigging and them, as great numbers had been fails. As soon as the ship was in seen near the spring the summer becondition, captain Nightingale got fore, and several men, women, and


children received their death by at the Old Bailey, when there were being bit by these venomous and only two persons brought before the destructive creatures.”

court, viz. Martin Alexander, de, All the French in Canada, of any tained in Newgate at the last Ad. ạistinction, went into mourning formiralty sessions, for robbing on the the late king; and governor Gage high seas a neutral tip, called the received the following address from City of Rotterdam, of divers quanthe officers of the militia, and of tities of linen, wearing apparel, &c, Montreal, on the loss of our fo. the property of Le Marquis de yereign.

Pignatelli; but no prosecution beThe address of the officers of the ing comenced against him, he

militia, and the merchants of was discharged.
Montreal, to general Gage, go Declarations were delivered
vernor of that place.

at London in the name and on Cruel destiny then has cut short the part of Vienna, Petersburgh, the glorious days of so great and Versailles, Stockholm, and Warmagnanimous a monarch. We are faw, proposing the assembling of a come to pour out our grief into the congress, in order to put an end to paternal bosom of your excellency; the present deitructive war, which the fole tribute of gratitude of a declarations, and the answers of the people, who will never cease to ex courts of London and Berlin thereult the mildness and moderation of to, &c. the reader will find among their new masters. The general the State Papers for this year. who conquered us has treated us At the Affizes at Huntingmore like victors, than vanquish- don, i convict received fen- 3 ift. ed, and has left us a precious tence of death ; at Bedford 1; at Pledge, by name and deed, of Oxford 1, viz. the famous Duhis goodness to us. What acknow- mas, alias Darking, (see p. 88.) ledgments are we not bound to at Reading 1 ;. at Aylesbury, 3, make for so many favours ? They who were all reprieved ; at Chelmtfhall be for ever engraved on our ford, 7;

4, of whom were reprievhearts in indelible characters. We ed; ai Dorchester 2 ; at Gloucesintreat your excellency to continue ter 1; at Winchester, 10; to us the honour of your protection. Hertford 1 ; at Worcester 1, who We will endeavour to deserve it by was reprieved ; at Bury, !; our zeal, and the earnest prayers Thetford, 1, who was reprieved ; we shall offer up to the Almighty at York, 1; Cambridge and SalisBeing for your Health and prefer- bury were maiden aflizes. vation.

At the affizes at Kingston in SurLeghorn, Feb 18. By letters ry, Mary Davis was indicted for the from Corfica we learn, chat the male. murder of her male infart, by cutcontents have lately made themselves ting its throat, and throwing it into masters of several forts, and bid fair the Thames, at Billingsgate. She to drive the Genoefe out of their had confessed before a magistrate ifiand.

that she could not be easy, having The sessions for the High murdered her child, which haunted goth. Court of Admiralty was held her day and niga., and appeared to

her * Gage in French signifies a pledge.



her wherever she went; that she Extract of a letter from Forta cut its throat on some rubbish near Augustus. A very uncommon the Grange-road, Southwark, and phænomenon happened here the afterwards threw the body into the 31st of March. About two in the Thames, and this confeffion The vo. afternoon, Loch Ness rose on a luntarily made and figned; but on sudden above two feet in perpendiher trial it appearing that at times cular height, and continued altershe was out of her mind, and that nately rising and falling, for the The never had had a child, and that space of three quarters of an hour. this confession was the effect of a Mr. Gwyn, commander of the diltempered brain, she was ac- king's galley, with several others, , quitted. This poor creature has were just by the galley, when by the been since suffered, it seems, to violence of the water, the broke from rạmble about the country, and per- her moorings, and drove into the plex other courts of justice with the loch : at the same time, by the same fame groundiess accusation of her- fhock, several boats were caft very self.

far upon dry land. In the middle Died lately, Benjamin Schultz, a of the loch, the water swelled up, proteftant misionary from the court like a mountain, and during the of Denmark, at Tranquebar, in the whole time appeared extremely East-Indies. He resided twenty- muddy and dirty. What makes it four years in the town of Naga- ftill more extraordinary, it was a patan. He translated the Old and perfect calm for several hours before New Testament, and the Psalms of and after. The motion was atDavid, into the language of the tended with a very uncommon holcountry, for the use of the natives. low found.". The same happened

Father Charlevoix, the celebrated during the last earthquake at LifJesuit misionary.

bon, but never before for 50 years. Farmer Hapgood, near Cray

Corke, March 31. . A quarter ford, in Kent, aged 101.

after twelve this day a shock of Anne Tyler, of Bewdly, in an earthquake was felt here in Shropshire, aged 101,

the Exchange, in the Merchants John Crawford, a farmer, in Coffee-house, and from the beNorthumberland, aged 104. ginning of the Red house Walk,

Mrs. Eliz. Williams of Wrex the East March, between the , ham, in Denbigshire, aged 103. gates only, just as it was in No.

The widow Dallett, of Boulogne,vember 1755: but allowed to have in France, aged 103.

been more violent by all that felt George Lockhart, jun. of Carn- it. It did not continue above one warth, Esq; at Paris.

minute, undulating from east to This day an earthquake was west, and vice versa. 31. felt in very different and re Dublin, April 7. A letter from mote parts of the globe, the ac Kinsale runs thus : " As to what counts of which, for the satisfac- is mentioned in the Cork newstion of our readers, we have col. paper, about the shock of an lected into one pois of view in the eathquake on Tuesday lalt, there order they arrived in London. might be one felt there : but



here I can't find that any person felt of Lisbon, Cape Finisterre, bearing any such thing. As'to what hap: E. S. E. about 80 leagues, at three pened here, it was about six o'clock quarters past eleven in the forenoon, in the evening ; near dead low- the weather quite calm, we were water the tide rose suddenly in our alarmed with two violent shocks Strand, about two feet higher than of an earthquake, which was felt it was, and went out again in the by all the merchantmen under space of four minutes with great our convoy, some of whom the vio. force, which repeated several times, lence of the shocks cause to make but the first was the greatest.” water: The first continued near a

Extract of a letter from Amster- minute and a half; the second not dam, April 15

- We have an so long : The shaking of the ship account from Paris, that a little was not unlike that occasioned by before the departure of the post letting go an anchor, and the cable for this country, an express ar- running

fast round the bits, or by rived there, in seven days, from a ship's striking on a funken rock, Madrid, with advice, that a vio- which many aboard thought to be lent shock of an earthquake had the case, till they recollected the been felt there, and along the coast shocks felt by ships at sea, during of Spain, on the 31st of March. the great earthquake at Lisbon the This news is confirmed by letters ift of November 1755, and which from Bayonne, which add, that a the shocks they now felt perfectly pretty smart ihock, which lasted resembled. three minutes, was felt there the Extract of a letter from Corun. same day. And from Bourdeaux na, March 31, " We had this they write, that a fhock of an day at noon à most violent shock earthquake was felt there on the ift of an earthquake, which lasted of April, about one in the after- some minutes : no houses fell

down at this place, but many re. “ These accounts have made us moved some feet from where they recollect the vibrations which we stood before. The conful's house, thought we observed here (at Am- which may be numbered amongst sterdam) on the 31st of March, be the strongest houses in all Europe, tween half an hour after one and has been moved at least four feet two in the afternoon, particularly forward to the sea, and its fronts in the fynagogue, where the branches towards the water fide have alfeemed to move ; and in the great tered their aspect in sea phrase) church at Maesland Slys, the better than two points of the combranches moved about a foot from pass.” the perpendicular ; and the vessels Lisbon, April 15. We had an in the harbour were agitated.” earthquake here the 31st ultimo,

A letter from on board his ma which lasted longer, and to the jesty's ship Gosport, in the Downs, apprehensions of the inhabitants dated April 16, says, “ On the 31st was much brikker than that which uli. in our passage here from Lil- overturned the city; but pafbon, being then in the latitude of sing in a direct line, did no other 44. 8. N. long. 5. 10. off the rock miichief than splicting most of the



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