The Laird of Lag: A Life-sketch

D. Douglas, 1886 - 271 ページ

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192 ページ - I am clear it has been a rental of back-ganging tenants. "Stephen," said Sir John, still in the same soft, sleekit tone of voice - "Stephen Stevenson, or Steenson, ye are down here for a year's rent behind the hand - due at last term." Stephen: "Please your honour, Sir John, I paid it to your father.
191 ページ - Alan, my companion mimicked, with a good deal of humour, the flattering, conciliating tone of the tenant's address, and the hypocritical melancholy of the laird's reply. His grandfather, he said, had, while he spoke, his eye fixed on the rental-book, as if it were a mastiffdog that he was afraid would spring up and bite him.) 'I wuss ye joy, sir, of the head seat, and the white loaf, and the braid lairdship.
185 ページ - Are ye come light-handed, ye son of a toom whistle ? ' said Sir Robert. ' Zounds ! if you are ' My gudesire, with as gude a countenance as he could put on, made a leg, and placed the bag of money on the table wi' a dash, like a man that does something clever.
211 ページ - Wi' that, my father readily agreed that the receipt should be burnt, and the Laird threw it into the chimney with his ain hand. Burn it would not for them, though ; but away it flew up the lumm, wi' a lang train of sparks at its tail, and a hissing noise like a squib.
181 ページ - And so he became a Tory, as they ca' it, which we now ca' Jacobites, just out of a kind of needcessity, that he might belang to some side or other.
196 ページ - ... word in his wame — thief beggar, and dyvour, were the saftest terms; and to the boot of these hard terms, Laurie brought up the auld story of his dipping his hand in the blood of God's saunts, just as if a tenant could have helped riding with the laird, and that a laird like Sir Robert Redgaundet.
183 ページ - ... wasna pleased. And he was sic an awsome body, that naebody cared to anger him ; for the oaths he swore, and the rage that he used to get into, and the looks that he put on, made men sometimes think him a devil incarnate. Weel, my gudesire was nae manager — no that he was a very great misguider — but he hadna the saving gift, and he got twa terms' rent in arrear. He got the first brash at Whitsunday put ower wi...
198 ページ - But there may be some under the earth," said the stranger. "Come, I'll be frank wi' you; I could lend you the money on bond, but you would maybe scruple my terms. Now, I can tell you, that your auld Laird is disturbed in his grave by...
201 ページ - There was the fierce Middleton, and the dissolute Rothes, and the crafty Lauderdale ; and Dalyell, with his bald head and a beard to his girdle ; and Earlshall, with Cameron's blude on his hand ; and wild Bonshaw, that tied blessed Mr. Cargill's limbs till the blude sprung; and Dumbarton Douglas, the twice-turned traitor baith to country and king.
202 ページ - ... right spule-blade, to hide the wound that the silver bullet had made. He sat apart from them all, and looked at them with a melancholy, haughty countenance ; while the rest hallooed, and sung, and laughed, that the room rang. But their smiles were fearfully contorted from time to time ; and their laughter passed into such wild sounds, as made my gudesire's very nails grow blue, and chilled the marrow in his banes.