the same fpiritual drink. For my lord taketh away from me they drank of that spiritual rock the stewardship; I cannot dig, that followed them: and that to beg I am ashamed. I am re.. rook was Christ. But with many solved what to do, that when of them God was not well pleaf. I am put out of the stewardship, ed: for they were overthrown they may receive me into their in the wilderness. Now these houses. So he called every one things were our examples, to of his. lord's debtors unto him, the intent we mhould not luft and said unto the first, How after evil things, as they also much cwest thou unto my lord? lusted. Neither be ye idolaters, And he said, An hundred mea: as were some of them : as it is sures of oil. And he said unto written, The people sat down him, Take thy bill, ard fit down to eat and to drink, and rose up quickly, and writé fifty. Then to play. Neither let us commit said he to another, And how fornication, as some of them much owest thou? And he said, committed, and fell in one day An hundred measures of wheat, three and twenty thousand. Nei- And he said unto him, Take thy ther let us tempt Chrift, as some bill and write fourscore. And of them also tempted, and were the lord commended the unjust destroyed of ferpents. Neither steward; because he had done murmur ye, as some of them wisely; for the children of this also murmured, and were de- world are in their generation ftroyed of the destroyer. Now wifer than the children of light, all these things happened unto And I say unto you, Make to them for ensamples : and they yourselves friends of the mam. are written for our admoni- mon of unrighteousness; that tion, lipon whom the ends of when ye fail, they may receive the world are come. Wherefore you into everlasting habitations, let him that thinketh he standeth take heed left he fall. There The tenth Sunday after Trinity, hath no temptation taken you

Tbe Colle 7. but such as is common to man:

E tly

0 but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able'; but

will that they may obtain their per

ers of thy humble servants, and with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may things as fhall please thee, thro'

titions, make them to ask such be able to bear it.

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
The Gospel. S. Luke 16. 1.

The Epistle. I Cor. 12. 1.
There was a certain rich

brethren, I have the same was accused unto him, you ignorant. Ye know that we that he had wasted his goods. were Gentiles carried away unto And he called him, and said these dumb idols, even as ye unto him, How is it that I hear were led. Wherefore I give this of thee? Give an account you to understand, that no man of thy ftewardship: for thou speaking by the Spirit of God mayest be no longer reward. callech Jesus accursed: and that Then the steward said within no man can say, that Jesus is himfelf, What shall I do? for the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost.


L Lord te open to the pray

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man, which had a steward; and Coreering spiritual şiftsy

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Now, there are diversities of The eleventh Sunday after Triniry. 'gifts, but the same Spirit. And

The Collect. nistrations, but the fame Lord. mighty most chief

God he who detare dhe thietAnd there are diversities of ope- ly in thewing mercy and pity; rations, but it is the fame God Mercifully grant unto us such which worketh all in all. But the a memfure of thy grace, that we manifestation of the Spirit is running the way of thy comgiven to every man to profit mandments, may obtain thy withal. For to one' is given by gracious promises, and be made the Spirit the word of wisdom; partakers of thy heavenly treato another, the word of know. Ture, through Jesus Christ our ledge, by the fame Spirit; to Lord. Amen. another, faith by the fame Spirit; to another, the gifts of heal

. Bethel corpel which I preach

The Epifile. 1 Cor. 15. I. ing, by the same Spirit; to another, the working of miracles; ed unto you, which also ye have to another, prophecy; to anoi received, and wherein ye itand; ther, difcerning of fpirits; to a- by which also yė are saved, if yé nother, divers kinds of tonglies; keep in memory what I preachto another, the interpretation of ed unto you, unless ye have betongues. But all these worketh lieved in vain. For I delivered that one and the self-fame Spirit, unto you first of all that which dividing to every man severally I also received, how that Christ as he will

died for our sins according to
The Gospel. S. Luke 19. 41. the Scriptures : and that he was
-ND when he was come buried, and that he rofe again

near, he beheld the city, the third day according to the and wept over its saying, if Scriptures : and that he was seen thou hadft known, even thou, of Cephas, then of the twelve. at least in this thy day, the After that he was seen of above things which belong unto thy five hundred brethren at once peace! but now they are hid of wliom the greater part rea from thine eyes. For the days main unto this present, but some fhall come upon thee that thine are fallen asleep. After that he enemies Malí cast trench about was feen of James; then of all thee, and compass thee round, the Apostles. And last of all he and keep thee in on every side, was seen of me also ; as of one and shall lay thee even with the born out of due time. For I am ground, and thy children within the least of the Apostles, that thee : and they shall not leave am not meet to be called an Ain thee one stone upon another: poftle, because I persecuted the because thou knewest not the Church of God. But by the time of thy visitation. And he grace of God I am what I am: went into the temple, and he and his grâce which was began to cast out them that fold itowed upon me, was not in therein, and them that bought, vain; but I laboured more a laying unto them, it is written, bundantly than they ail: yet not My house is the houfe of pray- I, but the grace of (od which er; but ye have made it á den of was with me. Therefore whethieves. And he taught daily in ther it were I or they, so we the temple:

preach, and fo ye believed,


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The Gopel. S. Luke 18.9. eth, bur the spirit giveth life. JESE

ESUS. Ipake this parable un- But if the ministration of death,

to certain which truited in written and engraven in itones, themselves that they were righ- was glorious, so that the child. teous, and despised others: Two ren of Israel could not stedfastly men went up into the temple behold the face of Mofes, for the to pray; the one a Pharisee, and glory of his countenance, which the other a Publican. The Pha- glory was to be done away; risee stood and prayed thus with how mall not the ministration himfelf; God, I thank thee that of the spirit be rather glorious ? I am not as other men are, ex- For if the ministration of contortioners, injuft, adulterers, or demnation be glory, much more even as this Publican: I fast doth the ministration of righttwice in the week, I give tithes eousness exceed in glory. of all that I poffefs. And the Pub

The Gospel. S. Mark 7. 31. biçanlift moins much as his eyes J E Sales de parties and ridon, unto heaven, but smote upon

came unto the sea of Galilee, his breaft, saying, God be mer- through the midst of the coasts ciful to me a finner. I tell you, of Decapolis. And they bring this man went down to his

unto him one that was deaf house juft.fied rather than the and had an impediment in his other; for every one that ex. speech: and they beseech him alteth' himself shall be abased : änd he that humbleth himself he took him aside from the mul

to put his hand upon him. And Ihall be exalted.

titude, and put his fingers into

his ears, and he spit, and touchThe twelfıb Sunday after Trinity. ed his tongue. And looking up The Collect.

to heaven, he sighed, and faith God, who art always more

. And straightway ready to hear, than we to pray, and art wont to give more than of his tongue was loosed, and

ears were opened, and the string either we defire or deserve ; Pour he spake plain. And he charged down upon us the abundance them that they should tell no of thy mercy, forgiving us those

man : but the more he charged things whereof our conscience is them, so much the more a great afraid, and giving us those good deal they published it, and were things which we are not worthy beyond measure astonished, fayto ak, but through the merits ing, He hath done all things and mediation of Jesus Christ well: he maketh both the deaf thy Son our Lord. Amen.

to hear, and the dumb to speak, Tbe Epiftle. 2 Cor. 3.4. UCH trust have we through The thirteenth Sunday after

Trinity that we are sufficient of our.

The Collect,

A Lonighty rand percifal Cod, ourselves; but our sufficiency is of whose only gift it comof God, who also hath made us ech, that thy faithful people do able ministers of the New Te unto thee true and laudable ferftament, not of the letter, but vice; Grant, we beseech thee, of the Spirit; for the letter killo that we may fo faithfully serve


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thee in this life, that we fail And he answering said, Thou not finally to attain thy heaven- falt love the Lord thy God with ly promises, through the merits all thy heart, and with all thy of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 'soul, and with all thy strength,

Tbe Epifle. Gal. 3. 16. and with all thy mind, and thy

O Abraham and his feed neighbour as thyself. And he He faith not, And to feeds, as fwered right: this do, and thou of many; but as of one; And shalt live. But he, willing to to thy seed, which is Christ. And justify himself, said unto Jesus, this I say, That the covenant And who is my neighbour? And that was confirmed before of Jesus answering, faid, A certain God in Christ, the law, which man went down from Jerufawas four hundred and thirty lem to Jericho, and fell among years after, cannot disannul, thieves, which stripped him of that it hould make the promise his raiment, and wounded him, of none effect. For if the inhe- and departed, leaving him half ritance be of the law, it is no dead. And by chance there more of promise: but God gave came down a certain priest that it to Abraham by promise. way, and when he saw him, he Wherefore then serveth the paried by on the other side. And law? It was added because of likewise a Levite, when he was tranfgressions, till the feed at the place, came and looked Thould come to whom the pro- on him, and passed by on the mise was made; and it was or other side. But a certain Samadained by angels in the hand of ritan, as he journeyed, came a mediator. Now a mediator is where he was; and when he not a mediator of one : but God saw him, he had compassion on is one. Is the law then against him, and went to him, and the promises of God? God for- bound up his wounds, pouring bid; for if there had been a law in oil and wine, and let him given which could have given on his own beast, and brought life, verily righteousness should him to an inn, and cook care of have been by the law. But the him. And on the morrow, when Scripture hath concluded all he departed, he took out two under sin, that the promise by pence, and gave them to the faith of Jesus Christ might be hoft, and said unto him, Take given to them that believe. care of him, and whatsoever thou

The Gospel. S. Luke 10. 23. spendert more, when I come aB Lerred are the eyes which gain, I will repay thee. Which

see the things that ye fee; now of these three, thinkelt For I tell you that many pro- thou, was neighbour unto him phets and kings have desired to that fell among the thieves ? And fee those things which ye see, he said, He that thewed mercy and have not seen them; and on him. Then said Jesus unto. to hear those things which ye him, Go, and do thou likewise, hear, and have not heard them.. And behold, a certain lawyer.

The fourteenthi Sunday after stood up, and tempted him,

Trinity. saying, Master, what' mall I do

The Collect. ton to him that is written and Alciative audito exse relating the law? How readest thou ? crease of faith, hope, and cha


rity i


rity; and that we may obtain ed, turned back, and with a fou 1 that which thou dost promise, voice glorified God, and fell make us to love that which thou down on his face at his feet, dost command, through Jesus giving him thanks: and he was Christ our Lord, Amen.

a Samaritan. And Jesus anThe Epistle. Gal. 5; 16. fwering faid, Were there not I

and ye shall not fulfil the lust nine ? There are not found that of the Beth. For the Aesh luft- returned to give glory to God, eth against the Spirit, and the fave this stranger. And he faid Spirit against the Aesh: and unto him, Arise, go thy way, thy these are contrary the one to faith hath made thee whole. the other; so that ye cannot do the things that ye would. But The fifteenth Sunday after if ye be led by the Spirit, ye are

Trinity. not under the law. Now the

The Collect. works of the Aeth are manifest, which are these, adultery, for

EEP, we beseech thee, o nication, uncleanness, lascivi. hatred, variance, emulations, cannot but

fall, keep us ever by ousness, idolatry, witchcraft, perpetual mercy: And because

the frailty of man without the wrath, strife, feditions, herefies, envyings, murders, drunken- thy help from all things hurtners, revellings, and such like: ful, and lead us to all things proof the which I tell you before, fitable to our salvation, through as I have also told you in time Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. past, that they who do such The Epifle. Gal. 6. II. things hall not inherit the king E see how large a letter I Spirit is love, joy, peace, long- mine own hand.

As many as suffering, gentleness, goodnels, defire to make a fair Thew in faith, meekness, temperance :

the flesh, they constrain you to against such there is no law. be circumcised; only left they And they that are Christ's have should suffer persecution for the crucified the flesh with the af- cross of Christ. For neither they fections and lufts.

themselves who are circumToe Gospel. S. Luke 17. 11. cised keep the law; but defire

ND it came to pass, ás Je- to have you circumcised, that he passed through the midst of But God forbid that I should Samaria and Galilee. And as glory fave in the cross of our he entered into a certain village, Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the there met him ten men that world is crucified unto me, and were lepers, which stood afar I unto the world. For in Chrift off. And they lifted up their Jesus neither circumcifion availvoices, and said, Jesus master, eth any tlting, nor uncircumhave mercy on us. And when cision, but a new creature. And he saw them, he said unto them, as many as walk according to Go, thew yourfelvés unto thé this rule, peace be on them and priests. And it came to pass, mercy, and upon the Ifrael of that as they wents they were

God. From henceforth let no cleansed. And one of them, man trouble me: for I bear in when he saw that he was heals my body the marks of the Lord


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