thy protection it may be free fand talents. But forasinuch as from all adversities, and devout- he had not to pay, his lord com ly given to serve thee in good manded him to be sold, and his w rks, to the glory of thy Name, wife and children, and all that througli Jesus Christ our Lord. he had, and payment to be made. Amen.

The servant therefore fell down The Epiftle. Phil. 1. 3.

and worshipped him, saying,

Lord, have patience with me, I Terek, bryn cod

remembrance of you, always lord of that servant was moved in every prayer of mine for you with compassion, and loosed all, making request with joy, for him, and forgave him the debt. your fellowship in the Guspel But the fame servant went out, from the first day until now :

and found one of his fellow ser being confident of this very vants, who owed him an hun. thing, that he which hath begun dred pence: and he laid hands a good work in you, will per- on him, and took him by the form it until the day of Jesus throat, saying, Pay me that thou Chrift : even as it is meet for Owert. And his fellow-fervang me to think this of you all, be- fell down at his feet, and be. cause I have you in my heart, fought him, saying, Have pas inarmuch as both in my bonds, tience with me, and I will pay and in the defence and confir- thee all. And he would not : but mation of the Gospel, ye are all

went and catt him into prison, partakers of my grace. For God till he should pay the debt. So is my record how greatly I long when his fellow fervan's saw after you all in the bowels of Je- what was done, they were very sus Christ. And this I pray, that forry, and came and told unro your love may abound yet more their lord all that was done. and more in knowledge, and in Then his lord, after that he had all judgement ; That ye may called him, said unto him, o approve things that are excel thou wicked servant, I forgave lent; that ye may be sincere and thee all that debt, because theg without ofence till the day of desiredit me: Mouldest not thou Christ; beiog filled with the also have had compassion on thy fruits of righteousness, which fellow-fervant, even as I had are by Jesus Christ, unto the pity on thee? and his lord was glory and praise of God.

wroth, and delivered him to the The Gospel. S. Matth. 18.21. tormentors, till he should p.zy PETER faid unto Jesus, Lord, all that was due unto him. so against me, and I forgive him? ther do also unto you, if ye from til leven times.? Jesus faith un.

your hearts forgive not every one to him, - I fay not unto thee, his brother their trespasses. Until feven times'; but until leventy times, seven. Therefore is

Tbe tbree and twentieth Sunday the kingdom of heaven likened

after Trinity. unto a certain king, who would take account of his servants.

The Colle Et. And when he had begun to

O reckon, one was brought unto strength, who art the auhim, who owed him, ten thou. thor of all godliners; Be ready,


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who walk to

we beseech thee, to hear the de. things which are Cesar's; and
vou prayers of thy Church; and unto Ged, the things that are
grant that those things which God's. When they had heard
we ask faithfully, we may obtain these words, they marvelled,
effectually, thrcugh Jesus Christ and left him, and went their
our Lord. Amen.

The Epiftle. Phil. 3. 17. The four and twentieth Sunday
Rethren, be followers toge:

after Trinity.
ther of me, and mark them

The Collect. an entar p'e. For many walk,

af de have us for o Loore, we beleech thee ahof whom I have told you often, offences; that through thy bounand row tell you even

weeping titul goodness we may all be dethat they are the enemies of the livered from ihe bands of those crofs of Christ, whose end is de- fins, which by our frailty we ftrución, whore God is their have committed. Grant this, belly; and whese glory is in their heavenly Father, for Jesus Thaine, who mind earthly things. Chrift's fake, our blessed Lord For our conversation is in hea and Saviour. Amen. ven ; from whence also we look The Epifile. Col. 1. 3;

ile Savicur the Lord Jesus Wiley father of our Lord Chriftwho Thall change cur vile body, that it may be fashi? Jesus Christ, praying always for oned like unto his gloricus bo- you; since we heard of your dy, according to the working faith in Christ Jefus, and of the whereby he is able even to sub. love which ye have to all the due all things unto himself.

saints; for the hope which is The Gospel. S. Matth. 22. 15.

laid up for you in heaven, where;

of ye heard before in the word TE

HEN went the Pharisees, of the truth of the Gospel; which

and took counsel how they is come unto you, as it is in all Avight entanele hiin in his talk. the world, and bringeth forth And they fent out unto him fruit, as it doth also in you, lince their disciples, with the Hero- the day ye heard of it, and knew dians, saving, Master, we know the grace of God in truth i As that ihou art true and teachest ye also learned of Epaphras our the way of God in truth, nei. dear fellow-fervant, who is for ther careft thou for any man : you a faithful minister of Chrift; for thou regardest not the per- who also declared unto us your fon of men. Tell us therefore, love in the Spirit. For this cause What thinkest thou? Is it laws we also, since the day we heard ful to give tribute unto Cefar, or it, do not cease to pray for you, not? But Jesus perceived their and to defire that ye might be wickedness, and said, Why tempt filled with the knowledge of his ye me, ye hypocrites ? Shew me will in all wisdom and fpiritual ihe tribute-money. And they understanding ; that ye might brought unto him a peny. And walk worthy of the Lord unto he faith unto them, whose is all pleasing ; being fruitful in ethis image and fuperfcription very good work, and increafThey say unto him, Cesar's, ing in the knowledge of God; Then faithi he unto them, Ren- strengthened with al! might 20cm... therefore 'unto Cesar ithecording to his glorious power,

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unto-all patience and long-suf For the Epiftle. Jer. 23. 56 fering, with joyfulness; giving Ehold, the days come, faith thanks unto the Father, which the Lord, that I will raise hath made us meet to be par- unto David a righteous Branch, takers of the inheritance of the and a King Mall reign and profsaints in light.

per, and fall execute judgement The Gospel. S Matth. 9.18.

and justice in the earth. In his

Judah things unto John's disci- Ifrael mall dwell safely; and this ples, behold, there came a cer

is his Name wherehy he shall tain ruler, and worshipped him, be called, THE LORD OUR saying, My daughter is even now

RIGHTEOUSNESS. Therefore dead: but come and lay thy hand behold, the days come, faith the upon her, and the halllive. And Lord, that they thall no more say, Jefus arose, and followed him, The Lord liveth who brought and so did his disciples. And be- up the children of Israel out of hold a woman which was dif the land of Egypt; but, The eased with an iffue of blood Lord liveth, who brought up and twelve years, came behind him, who led the seed of the house of and touched the hem of his gar

Israel out of the north country, ment. For Me faid within her and from all countries, whither self, if I may but touch his

I had driven them; and they

garment, I shall be whole. But je. shall dwell in their own land. sus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter,

The Gospel. S. John 6.5. be of good comfort, thy faith hath made thee whole. And the

W His eyes, and faw a great woman was made whole from company come unto him, he that hour. And when Jesus came faith unto Philip, Whence shall into the ruler's house, and saw we buy bread that these may the minstrels and the people eat? And this he said to prove making a noise, he said unto hin: for he himself knew what them, Give place: for the maid he would do. Philip answered is not dead, but fleepeth. And him, Two-hundred peny-worth they laughed him to scorn. But of bread is ot sufficient for when the people were put forth, them, that every one of them he went in and took her by the may take a little. One of his dir hand, and the maid arose. 'And ciples, Andrew, Simon Peter's the fame hereof went abroad in- brother, saith unto him, There to all that land,

is a lad here which hath five barley-loaves, and two small

fithes : but what are they among The trenty-fifih Sunday after so many? And Jerus said, make

the men fit down. Now there The Colleet.

was much grass in the place. So

, Lord, the wills of thy faith- about five thousand. And jerus ful people, that they plenteous- took the loaves, and when he ly bringing forth the fruit of had given thanks, he distributgood works, may of thee be ed to the disciples, and the disciplenteoully rewarded, through ples to them that were set down; Jelys Christ our Lord. timer, and likewise of the fishes, as



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much as they would. When they the Jew and the Greek: for the were filled, he said unto his dif- fame Lord over all is rich unto ciples, Gather up the fragments all that call upon him. For whothat remain, that nothing be foever shall call upon the Name loft. Therefore they gathered of the Lord shall be saved. How them together, and filled twelve then thall they call on him in baskets with the fragments of whom they have not believed ? the five barley-loaves, which And how shall they believe in remained over and above unto him of whom they have not them that had eaten. Then those heard ? And how máll they hear men, when they had seen the without a preacher? And how miracle that Jesus did, faid, This shall they preach except they be is of a truth that prophet that sent! As it is written, How should come into the world. beautiful are the feet of them If there be any more Sundays before and bring glad tidings of good

that preach the Gospel of peace, of those Sundays that

were omitted things ! But they have not all after the Epiphany, Mall be taken obeyed the Gospel. For Efaias in, to supply so many as are bere faith, Lord, who hath believed wanting. And if there be fewer, the overplus may be omitted : Provided,

our report? So then faith com*bat this last Colleet, Epitle, and eth by hearing, and hearing by Gospel, mall always be used upon the word of God. But I fay, tbe Sunday next before Advent.

Have they not heard ? Yes ve.

rily, their sound went into all Saint Andrew's Day. the earth, and their words unto The Colleet.

the ends of the world. But I

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give such grace unto thy ho- Mofes faith, I will provoke you ly Apostle Saint Andrew, that to jealousy by them that are no he readily obeyed the calling of people, and by a foolish nation thy Son Jesus Christ, and fol- I will anger you. But Efaias lowed him without delay: Grant is very bold, and faith, I was unto us all, that we being called found of them that fought me by thy holy Word, may forth not; I was made manifest unto with give up ourselves obedi- them that asked not after me. ently to fulâl thy holy com But to Israel he faith, All day mandments, through the same long have I stretched forth my Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. hands unto a disobedient and The Epiftle. Rom. 10.9.

gain-laying people.

The Gospel S. Matth. 4. 18. mouth the Lord Jesus, and ESUS walking by the sea of God hath raised him from the Simon called Peter, and Andead, thou shalt be saved. For drew his brother, cafting a net with the heart man believeth into the sea; for they were fishunto righteousness, and withers. And he faith unto them, the mouth confession is made Follow me, and I will make unto salvation. For the scripture you fishers of men.

And they faith, Whosoever believeth on itraightway left their nets, and him shall not be ashamed. For followed him. And going on there is no difference between from thence he saw other two

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brethren, James the Son of Ze. after eight days again his aiscibedee, and John his brother, in ples were within, and Thomas 2 thip with Zebedee their fa- with them. Then came Jesus, ther mending their nets : and the doors being fut, and food he called th.m. And they im- in the midst, and said, Peace be mediately left their ship and their unto you. Then faith he to Thofather, and followed him. mas, Reach hither thy finger,

and behold my hands: and reach Saint Thomas the Apostle. hither thy hand, and thruit it The Colle&t.

into my lide ; and be not faith Almighty and everliving less, but believing. And Th mas

God, who for the more answered and said unto him, My confirmation of the Faith, didit Lord and my God. Jesus faith suffer thy huly Apostle Thomas unto him, Thomas, because thou to be doubtful in thy Son's re.

haft seen me, thou haft believe surrection : Grant us so per

ed : blessed are they that have fectly, and without all doubt to not seen, and yet have believed. believe in thy Son Jesus Christ, And many other signs truly did that our faith in thy sight may Jesus in the presence of his dit never be reproved. Hear us, ó ciples, which are not written in Lord, through the same Jesus this book. But these are written, Christ; to whom with

thee and that ye might believe that Jesus the Holy Ghost, be all honour is the Christ, the Son of God, and glory, now and for ever

and that believing ye might have more. Amen.

life through his Name. The Epiftle. Ephes. 2. 19. N more ftrangers and foreign

The Conversion of Saint Paul.

The Colle&t. ers, but fellow-citizens with GODwho through hold of God; and are buït upon portle Saint Paul, haft caused the foundation of the Apostles the light of the Gospel to thine and Prophets, Jesus Christ bim- throughout the world; Grant, self being the chief corner stone; we beseech thee, that we having in whom all the building fitlý his wonderful conversion in re. framed together groweth unto membrance, may sew forth our an holy temple in the Lord : in thankfulness unto thee for the whom ye also are builded to- rame, by following the holy docgether for an habitation of God trine which he taught, through through the Spirit,

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amer.. The Gospel. S. John 20. 24. For the Epiftle. Acts 9.1. THI Hornás, one of the twelve; Ahreatnings and laughter

called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came, against the disciples of the Lord, The other disciples therefore went unto the high priest, and said unto him, We have seen the desired of him letters to DamafLord, But he said unto them, çus to the synagogues, that it Except I shall see in his hands he found any of this way, whethe print of the nails, and put ther they were men or women, my finger into the print of the he might bring them bound un nails, and ihrust my hand into to Jerusalem. And as he joura his fide, I will not believe. And neyed, he came near Damal

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