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him for the punishment of evil- and affections of finful men; dcers, and for the praise of them Grant unto thy people, that they that do well. For ro is the will may love the thing which thou of God that with well-doing ye commandest, and desire that may put to filence the ignorance which thou dost promise : that of foolish men : as tree, and not so among the fundry and mani. using your liberty for a cloke of fold changes of the world, our maliciousness : but as the ferhearts may surely there be fixed, vanis of God. Honour all men; where true joys are

to be love the brotherhcod ; fear God'; foirnd, through Jefus Christ our honour the king.

Lord, Amen,
The Gospel. S. John 16. 16.
ESUS said to his disciples, A

The Epifle. $. James 1. 17. little while and ye shall not

Very good gift and every pero see me ; and again, a little while and ye mall see me : because I go cometh down from the Father to the Father, Then said some of lights, with whom is no vaof his disciples among them- riableness, neither thadow of selves, What is this that he faith turning. Of his own will beunto us, A little while and ye gat he us with the word of Niall not see me, and again a of first fruits of his creatures

truth, that we should be a kind little wbile and


Thall see me; and, Because I go to the Father? Wherefore, my beloved brethThey said therefore, What is this ren, let every man be (wift to that he faith, A little while ? we hear, now to speak, now to cannot tell what he faith. Now wrath : for the wrach of man Jesus knew that they were de- worketh not the righteousness of lirous to ask him, and said unto God. Wherefore lay apart all filthem, Do ye enquire among

thiness and fuperftuity of naught yourselves of that I said, A little tiness, and receive with meek. while and ye Niall not see me;

ness the ingrafted word, which is and again, a little while and ye able to save your souls, Mall see me ? Verily verily I say I ke Gospel. S, John 16. 5. unto you,That ye shall weep and


ESUS said unto his disciples, lament, but the world shall re Now I go my way to him joice : and ye shall be forrowful, that fent me; and none of you but your forrow shall be turned akeh me. Whither goeft thou? into joy. A woman when me But hecause I have said there is in travail hath forrow, ben things onto you ; sorrow hath cause her hour is come : but as filled your heart. Nevertheless

, foon as she is delivered of the I tell ycu the truth; it is expechild, fie remembereth no more dient ior you that I go away: the anguish, for joy that a man for it I go not away, the Comis born into the world. And ye torter will not come unco you now therefore have sorrow : but but if i depart, I will end kind I will see you again, and your unto you. And when he is comie, heart Mall rejoice, and your joy he will reprove the world of tin, no man taketh from you.

and of righteouiness, and of

judgement: Uriin, because they i he fourth

Sunday after Easter, beli ve rot on me; of righteour-
The Collect.

ness, because I go to my Father, cand order the unruly wills judgement, because the prince


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The fifth Sunday after Easter. The Afcenfion Days of this world is judged. 'I have : The Gospel. S. John 16. 23. fer many things to say unto you; V Brily verilyn Faymuntanyon, Howbeit, when he, the Spirit of Father in my name, he will give truth, is come, he will guide it you. Hitherto have ye asked you into all truth: for he ihall noihing in my name: Alk; and not speak of himself; 'but what- ye shall receive, that your joy soover he thall hear, that shall may be full. These things have he speak: and he will thew you I spoken unto you in proverbs : things to come. He mall glorify the time cometh when I shall me : fcr he shall receive of mine, no more speak unto you in proand shall Mew it unto you. Ali yerbs, but I shall fhew you plainthings that the Father hath are ly of the Father. Ač that day mine: therefore said I, that he ye shail ask in my name ; and I Thall take of mine, and shall say not unto you, That I will Thew it unto you.

pray the Father for you : for the

Father himself loveth you, be.
Tbe fisib Sunday after Eafter. cause ye have loved me, and
The Colleft,

have believed that I came out
things do come; Grant to the Father, and am come into
us thy humble servants, that by the world? again, I leave the
thy holy ir:fpiration we may world, and go to the Father.
think those things that be good, His disciples faid unto him, Lo,
and by thy merciful guiding now speakest thou plainly, and
may perform the same, through fpeakeit no proverb: Now are
our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

we sure that thou knoweit all The Epifte. S. James 1. 22. things, and needeft not that any

E ye doers of the word, and man : by this your own selyes. For if any be from God. Jesus answered them, á hearer of the word, and not a Do ye now believe ? Behold, the doer, he is like unto a man be- hour cometh, yea, is now come, holding his natural face in a that ye malí be scattered every glass : for he behoideth himself, man to his own, and shall leave and goeth his way, and Araight me alone : and yet I am not a. way forgetteth what manner of lone, because the Father is with man he was But whoso look- me.' These things I have spoken eth into the perfe&t law of liber- unto you, that in me ye might fy, and continueth therein; he have peace. In the world ye being not a forgetful hearer, snall have tribulation; but be of but a doer of the work, this man good cheer; I have overcome the Ihall be blessed in his deed. If world. any man among you seem to be religious, and bridleth nor his tongue, but deceiveth his own

The -scension day. heart, this man's religion is vain.

The Collect. Pure religion, and undefled be RANT, we heseech thee, fo:e Grd and the Father, is this, To visit the father lefs and wi we do believe thy only-begotten dows in their affliction, and to Son our Lord Jesus Christ to keep himsef unfpotted from the have ascended into the heavens worid,

so we may also in heart and

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mind thither ascend, and with Ye men of Galilee, why stand him continually dwell, who liv. ye gazing up into heaven ? This eth and reigneth with thee and fame Jesus which is taken up the Holy Ghost, one God, world from you into heaven, fall fo without end. Amen.

come in like manner as ye have For the Epiftle. Acts 1. 1.

seen him go into heaven. TH

'HE former treatise have I The Gospel. S. Mark 16. 14. made, o Theophilus, of all JE

ESUS appeared unto the ele. that Jesus began both to do and ven, as they sat at meat, and teach, until the day in which upbraided them with their un he was taken up, after that he belief and hardness of heart, bethrough the Holy Ghoft had cause they believed not them given commandments unto the which had seen him after he Apostles whom he had chofen: was risen. And he said unto to whom also he shewed him- them, Go ye into all the world, felf alive after his passion by and preach the Gospel to every many infallible proofs, being creature : He that believeth and feen of them forty days, and is baptized, hall be saved ; but speaking of the things pertain- he that believeth not, thall be ing, to the kingdom of God: damned. And these signs shall and being assembled together follow them that believe in with them, commanded them my Name Mall they caft out that they should not depart devils; they shall speak with from Jerufalem, but wait for the new tongues ; they hall take promise of the Father, which, up serpents; and if they drink Iaith he, ye have heard of me.

any deadly thing, it shall not For John truly baptized with hurt them; they shall lay hands water; but ye shall be baptized on the sick, and they shall rewith the Holy Ghost not many

So then after the Lord days hence. When they there had spoken unto them, he was fore were come together, they received up into heaven, and fat asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt on the right hand of God. And thou at this time restore again they went forth and preached the kingdom to Israel? And he every where, the Lord working said unto them, It is not for

you with them, and confirming the to know the times or the sea- word with signs following. fons, which the Father hath put in his own power : but ye

thall Sunday after Afcenfion-day.

The Collezi. Holy Gholt is come upon you had estaketed thine only Son

God the King of who and ye shall be witnesses unto me, both in Jerusalem, and in all Jesus Christ with great triumph Judea, and in Samaria, and unto unto thy kingdom in heaven the uttermost part of the earth. We beseech thee, leave us not And when he had spoken these comfortless; but send to us thine things, while they beheld, he Holy Ghost' to comfort us, and was taken up, and a cloud receiv- exaltus unto the same place ed him out of their light. And whither our Saviour Christ is while they looked stedfastly to- gone before; who liveth and ward heaven, as he went up, be- reigneth with thee and the Holy hold, two men ftood by them in Ghoft, one God, world without white apparel ; which also said, end. Amen.



tud another without grudima W Hwas fully come, they were


The Epiftle. I S. Pet. 4.7: ment in all things, and evermore

: hand; be ye therefore sober, through the merits of Christ Jeand, watch unto prayer. And lus our Saviour, who liveth and above all things have fervent reigneth with thee, in the unity Charity among yourselves ; for of the fame Spirit, one God, charity shall cover the multi- world without end. Amen. , tude of sins. Use hospitality one

For the Epistle. Acts 2. 1.

HEN As every man hath received the gift, even fo minister the same all with one accord in one place: one to another as good stewards And suddenly there came a of the manifold grace of God: found from heaven, as of a ruih. if any man speak, let him speak ing mighty wind, and it filled as the oracles of God: if any all the house where they were man minister, let him do it as fitting. And there appeared un, of the ability which God giveth; to them cloven tongues like as that God in all things may be of fire, and it sat upon each of glorified through Jesus Christ; them and they were all filled to whom he praise and dominion with the Holy Ghost, and befor ever and ever, timen.

gan to speak with other tongues, The Gospel. $. John 15.26. as the Spirit gave them uitter

come, whom I will send at Jerusalem Jews, devout men, unto you from the Father, even out of every nation under heathe Spirit of truth, which pro- ven. Now when this was noised ceedeth from the Father, he abroad, the multitude came to shall testify of me. And ye also gether, and were confounded, hall bear witness, because ye because that every man heard have been with me from the bes them speak in his own language. ginning. These things have I And they were all amazed, and ipoken unto you, that ye should marvelled, saying one to ano. not be offended. They mall put ther, Behold, are not all these you out of the synagogues : yea, which speak Galileans? And the time cometh, that whosoá how hear we every man in our ever killeth you will think that own tongue wherein we were: he doeth God service. And these born ? Parthians, and Medes, things will they do unto you, be- and Elamites, and the dwellers cause they have not known the in Mesopotamia, and in Judea, Father nor me: But these things and Cappadocia, in Pontus and have I told you, that when the Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in, time shall come, ye may remem- Egypt, and in the parts of Libya ber that I told you of them. about Cyrene, and strangers of

Rome, Jews and profelytes, JOH WHIT-SUNDAY. Cretes and Arabians; we do hear The Colleer.

them speak in our own tongues Gli e ach the hearts of thy VOD, who as at this time, the wonderful works of God.

1 beGolpl. S. John 14. 15. faithful people, by the sending

ESUS said unto his disciples,

If ye love me, keep my: Spiritį Grant us by the same commandinents. And I will Spirit: to have a right judge. pray the Father, and he hall


they were terrified and affright, The Epifle. 1 S. John 3: 4. ed, and supposed that they had 7 Hatsoever is born of God, seen a spirit. And he said unto them, why are ye troubled ? and and this is the victory that over why do thoughts arise in your cometh the world, even our hearts ? Behold my hands and faith. Who is he that overmy feet, that it is I myself: han- cometh the world, but he that dle me, and see : for a spirit believeth that Jesus is the Son of hath not, fes and bones, as ye God? This is he that came by see me have. And when he had water and blood, even Jesus thus spoken, he shewed them his Christ ; not by water only, but hands and his feet. And while by water and blood : and it is they yet believed not for joy, the spirit that beareth witness, and wondered, he said unto because the spirit is truth. For them, Have ye here any meat ? there are three that bear record' and they gave him a piece of in heaven, the Father, the Word, a broiled fith, and of an honey- and the Holy Ghost: and these comb. And he took it, and did three are one. And there are eat before them. And he said three that bear witness in earth, unto them, These are the words the spirit, and the water, and which I spake unto you, while thoblood: and these three agree I was yet with you, that all in one. If we receive the wit. things must be fulfilled which ness of men, the witness of God were written in the law of Mo- is greater: for this is the witnels ses, and in the prophets, and of God which he hath testified in the psalms concerning me. of his Son. He that believeth Then opened he their under on the Son of God bath the wita standing, that they might un- ness in himself: he that believe deritand the Scriptures ; and eth not God, hath made him a said unto them, Thus it is writ- lyar, because he believeth not ten, and thus it behoved Christ the record that God gave of his to suffer, and to rise from the Son. And this is the record that dead the third day; and that re- Cod hath given to useternal life; pentance and remiffion of fins and this life is in his Son. He that fhould be preached in his Name hath the Son, hath life; and he among all nations, beginning at that hath not the Son, hath not Jerusalem. And ye are witnesses life. of these things.

The Gospel. S. John 20. 19.

HE fame day at evening, The firf Sunday after Eafter.

week, when the doors were thut,

where the disciples were assemeratek The Collect,

bied for fear of the Jews, came given thine only Son to die faith unto them, Peace be unto

in for our sins, and to rife again for you. And when he had so said, our justification ; Grant us fo to he thewed unto them his hands put away the leaven of malice and his side. Then were the dif and wickedness, that we may ciples glad when they faw the alway serve thee in pureness of Lord. Then said Jesus to them living and truth, through the again, Peace be unto you ! As merits of the fame thy Son Jefus my Father hath send me, even Christour. Lord. Amen.

so send i you, and when he had



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