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And note, That every Parishioner shall communicate at sbe lealt tbree times in the year, of which Easter to be one, And

yearly at Eafter every Parishioner shall reckon with the Parfon, Vicar, or Curate, or bisor their Deputy, or, Deputies, and pay to them or him all Ecclefiaftical Duties,

accustomably due, then and at obat time to be paid. 1 After the Divine Service ended, the Money given at the Offertory shall disposed of to such pious and cbari:able

uses, as the Minister and Cburcbavardens small think fit. Wberein if they disagree, it shall be disposed of as the Ordinary shall appoint. of the Lord's Supper, that the Communicants should

it receive the same kneeling ; (which Order is well meant for a lig" nification of our humble and grateful acknowledgement of the 5 benefits of Christ therein given to all worthy Receivers, and

for the avoiding of such profanation and disorder in the holy. & Communion, as might otherwise ensue:) Yet, left the same

kneeling should by any Persons, either out of ignorance and infirmity, or out of malice and obftinacy, be misconstrued and

depraved ; It is hereby declared, That thereby no Adoration is “ intended, or ought to be done, either unto the Sacramental « Bread or Wine there bodily received, or unto any Corporal « Presence of Christ's natural Flesh and Blood. For the Sacra * mental Bread and Wine remain still in their very natural sub* Atances, and therefore may not be adored, (for that were Ido. " Jatry, to be abhorred of all faithful Christians :) And the natural • Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ are in Heaver and not " here; it being against the truth of Christ's, natural Body, to be

at one time in more places than one."



To be used in the Church.
T THE People are to be admonished, that it is met convenient, that Bap-

tism should not be administered hut upon Sundays, and other Holzdays, when the most number of People come together : as well for tbai ibe Congregation there present may testify the receiving of them, that be nervly baptized, into tbe number of Christ's Churcb; as also because in the Baprism of Infants, every man present may be put in remembrance of his own profeffion made to God in his Baptijm, For qubicb caufe also it is expedient, tbat Baptism be ministered in the Vulgar Tongue. Nevertheless (if neceffity fo require), Children may be baptized upon any other day. 1 And note, That there shall be for every Male Child to be baprized, trvo

Godfatbers and one Godmorber : and for every Female, one Godfather

and twa Godmotbers, 9 W ben there are Children to be baptized, the Parents shall give knowledge

thereof over night, or in the Morning before the beginning of Morning Prayer, to the Curare. And then the Godfathers and Godmothers, and tbe People with the Children, must be ready at the Font, either immediately after ebe laft Lefon ar Morning Prayer, or else immediately after tbe last Lellon at Evening Prayer, as the Curate by bis difcretion ball appoint.


And tbe Priest coming to the Font (whicb is tben to be filled witb pure

Water) and standing there, shall say, H baptized, or no? ATH this Child been already to the land of everlasting life

there to reign with the world

without end, through Jesus If tbey answer No: Then shall Christ our Lord. Amen. Dearly albeheve dare conceived helper her all that file to the for

Early beloved," forasmuch Ameliya or ai nhat need and born in fin, and that our fuccour, the life of them that Saviour Christ saith, None can believe, and the refurrection of enter into the kingdom of God, the dead; We call upon thee except he be regenerate and for this Infant, that be coming born anew of water and of the to thy holy Baptism, may reHoly Ghoft; J beseech you to call ceive remission of bis sins by upon God the Father, through spiritual regeneration. Receive oi'r Lord Jesus Christ, that of bim, O Lord, as thou hast prohis bounteous mercy, he will mised by thy well-beloved Son, grant to this Child that thing saying, Alk, and ye shall have which by nature ke cannot have; seek, and ye shall find; knock, that be may be baptized with and it shall be opened unto you Water and the Holy Ghost, So give now unto us that afk ; and received into Christ's holy let us that feek, find; open the Church, and be made a lively gate unto us that knock; that member of the same.

this Infant may enjoy the ever

lasting benediction of thy hea. 1 Tben shall the Priest say,

venly washing, and may come Let us pray.

to the eternal kingdom which God, who of thy great our Lord. Amen.

la by Christ mercy didft fave Noah and his family in the ark from perish- 1 Tben fball the people fand up, ing by water; and alfo didit

and the Priest fnall say, safely lead the children of Israel Hear the words of the Gofpel thy people through the Red written by Saint Mark, in the Sea, figuring thereby thy holy tenth Chapter, at the thirBaptism; and by the Baptism teenth Verse. of thy well beloved Son Jesus HEY brought young child in , THO

ren to Christ, that he should fanctify

, water to the mystical touch them: and his disciples rewashing away of tin; We be- buked thofe that brought them. feech thee for thine infinite But when Jesus saw it, he was mercies, that thou wilt merci- much displeased, and said unto fully look upon this Child; wash them, Suffer the little children bim and fan&tify bim with the to come unto me, and forbid Holy Ghoft, that be being deli- them not; for of such is the vered from thy wrath, may be kingdom of God. Verily I say received into the ark of Christ's unto you, Whosoever tall not Church; and being itedfast in receive the kingdom of God as faith, joyful through hope, and a little child, he thall not enter rooted in charity, may so pass therein. And he took them up the waves of this troublesome in his arms, put his hands upon world, that finally be may come them, and blessed them.

1 After

1 After the Gospel is read, tle 4. Then fall the Arieft speak un

Minister pall make this brief. to tbe Godfathers and Godmo-
Exhortation upon the words of tbers on tbis wise:

Early beloved, ye have
Eloved, ye hear in this Gol DE

brought Ibis Child here to be pel the words of our Savi: baptized ye have prayed that our Christ, that he commanded our Lord Jesus Christ would the children to be brought unto vouchsafe to receive bim, to rehim ; how he blamed those that lease bim of bis fins, to fan&tify would have kept them from bim with the Holy Ghost, to him ; how, 'he exhorteth all men give him the kingdom of heato follow their innocency, Ye ven, and everlasting life. Ye perceive how by his outward have heard also that our Lord gesture and deed he declared his Jesus Christ hath promised in good will toward them; for he his Gospel to grant all these embraced them in his arms, he things that ye have prayed for : laid his hands upon them, and which promise he for his part blessed them. Doubt ye not will most surely keep and pertherefore, but earnestly believe, form. Wherefore after this prothat he will likewise favourablý mise made by Chrift, ibis' Inreceive this present Infant; that fant must also faithfully for bis he will embrace him with the part, promife by you that are arms of bis mercy; that he will bis Sureties (until become of age give unto bim the blessing of e to take it upon himself) that be ternal life, and make bim par- will renounce the devil and all saker of his everlasting king- his works, and constantly bedom. Wherefore we being thus lieve God's holy, Word, and opersuaded of the good will of bediently keep his commandour heavenly Father towards ments. this Infant, declared by his Son I demand therefore, Jesus Christ; and nothing doubt OST thou, in the Name of ing, but that he favourably alloweth this charitable work of devil and all his works, the vain our's in bringing this Infant to pomp and glory of the world, his holy Baptism; let us faith- with all covetous desires of the fully and devoutly give thanks fame, and the carnal desires of unto him, and say,

the flesh, so that thou wilt not Almighty and everlasting follow, nor be led by them?

God, heavenly Father, we Answer. I renounce them all. give thee humble thanks, that

Minister. thou haft vouchsafed to call us OST thou believe in God


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and faith in thee: Increase this of heaven and earth? knowledge, and confirm this And in Jesus Christ his orily. faith in us evermore. Give thy begotten Son our Lord ? And Holy Spirit to this Infant, that that he was conceived by the be may be born again, and be Holy Ghoft; born of the Vir

made an beir of everlasting, fal- gin Mary; that he suffered unHivation, through our Lord Jesus der Pontius Pilate, was crucifi

Christ, who liveth and reignethed, dead, and buried; that he with thee and the Holy Spirit, went down into hell," and also now and for ever. Amen. did rise again the third day ;



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that he afcended into heaven, giveness of our fins, did shed and fitteth at the right hand of out of his most precious fide God the Father Almighty; and both water and blood; and from thence shall come again at gave commandment to his disa the end of the world, to judge ciples, that they should go teach the quick and the dead? all nations, and baptize them,

And doft thou believe in the In the Name of the Father, and Holy Ghoft; the hoły Catho- of the Son, and of the Holy lick Church the Communion Ghoft : Regard, we befeech of Saints; the Remission of fins; thee, the supplications of thy the Resurrection of the fileth Congregation; sanctify this Waand everlasting life after death ter io the mystical walhing a.

Answ. All this I fedfastly be- way of lin; and grant that this lieve."

(bild now to be baptized there. Minifter.

in, may receive the fulness of TILT thou be baptized in thy grace, and ever remain in this faith?

the number of thy faithful and Answ. That is my desire. elect children, through Jesus Miniftor.

Chrift our Lord. Amen. thou then obediently keep God's holy will and I Then the Priest ball take the commandments, and walk in

Child into bis bands, and shall the same all the days of thy life?

Jay to the Godfatbers and Gode Answ. I will


Name this Child.
1 Tben fall the Priif jay,
Merciful God, grant that

9 Ard iken naming it after them (if

ebay hall certify bim that the

Child may well endure il) be, may be fo turied, that the new

fall dip it in the Water disman may be raised up in him. Amen.

crcerly and warily, saying, tions may die in him, and that of the Son, and of the Holy

Grant that all carnal affec- N Nabaptize thee in the all things belonging to the şpi- Ghoft. Amen. rit may live and grow in bim. Amen.

But if they certify that ibe Grant that he may have pow Child is weak, it ball juffice to er ard strength to have victory, pour water upon it, saying the and to triumph against the de aforesaid words, vil, the world, and the flesh. Amen.

N. Grant that whosoever is here of the Son, and of the Holy

Name of the Father, and dedicated to thee by our Office

Ghost. Amen. and ministry, may also be endued wiih heavenly virtues, and I Tben fhall tbe Priest say, everlastingly rewarded, through E receive ins who dcit live and govern ali

* Here the Christ's Hock; and things, world without end. Som en fuld make do * sign bim with Amen.

Child's foretead. the fign of the Lmighty everliving God, Cross; in token that hereafter

whose most dearly belové ke shall not be aframed to coned Son Jesus Chrift, for the for« fess the faith of Christ crucified,


Weitere teve congregation of

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and manfully to fight under his Thon xi ftending yep, the Priest banner, against fin, the world, jhall jay r the Gaffathers and and the devil; and to continue Godmerbers this exhortation pola Christ's faithful foldier and ser. lowing: vant unto bis life's end. Amen.

Orasmuch as this Child liath 1 Then shall the Priest

, jay, promised by you bis surebrethren, that this Child is all his works, to believe in God, regenerate, and grafted into and to serve him; ye must rethe body of Christ's Church, let niember that it is your parts us give thanks unto Almighty and duties to see that ibis Infane God for these benefits, and with be taught, so soon as be shall be one accord make our prayers able to learn what a solemn unto him, that this Cli!d may vow, promise, and profeslion be lead the rest of his life according hath here made by you. And to this beginning.

that he may know these things q Then shall be said, all kneeling, bim to hear Sermons, and chief

the better, ye shall call upon O heaven, hallowed be thy leaving home pered, the Lord's Name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done in earth, as it Prayer, and the Ten Commandis in heaven : Give us this day all other things which a Chri

ments in the vulgar tongue, and our daily bread; And forgive stian ought to know and believe us our trespasses, as we forgive to his foul's health ; and that them that trespass against us; ibis Child may be virtuously And lead us not into tempta- brought up to lead a godly and tion, But deliver us from evil,

a Christian life ; remembering Amen.

always that Baptism doth re1 Then fall the Priest say, present unto us our profession, W.

yield thee hearty thanks, which is to follow the example it hath pleased thee to regene- made like unto him; that as he rate this Infant with thy Holy died, and rofe again for us, so Spirit, to receive bim for thine should we who are baptized, die own Child by adoption, and to from fin, and rise again unto incorporate bim into thy holy righteousness; continually mor Church. And humbly we be- tifying all our evil and corrupe feech thee to grant, that be be- affections, and daily proceeding ing dead unto fin, and living in all virtue and godliners of unto righteousness, and being living. buried with Christ in his death, may crucify the old man, and

1 Tben skall be add, and say, utterly abolish the whole body


are to take care that this of fin; and that as be is made


Cbild be brought to the partaker of the death of thy Son, Buhop to be confirmed by him, be may also be partaker of his ro roon as he can say the Creed, resurrection; so that finally the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten with the residue of thy holy Commandments in the vulgar Church, be may be an inheritor tongue, and be further instructof thine everlasting kingdom, ed in the Church Catechism set through Chriit our Lord. Amen. forth for that purpose,

“ It

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