fanje came to Jesus hy night, also Theweth unike us the great and said unto him, Rabbi, we benefit we reap thereby. For know that thou 'art a teacher which caure Saint Peter the Acome from God: for no man postle, when upon his first can do these miracles that thou preaching of the Gospel many doeft, except God be with him. were pricked at the heart, and Jesus' answered and said unto said to him and the rest of the him, Verly verily I say unto Apostles, Men and brethren, thee, Except a man be born a what mall we do? replied and gain, he cannot see the king. faid unto them, Repent, and be dom of God. Nicodemus saith baptized every one of you for unto him, How can a man be the remission of sins, and ye born when he is old ? can he shall receive the gift of the Holy enter the second time into his Ghoft: for the promise is to mother's womb, and be born? you and your children,a nd to Jelus answered, Verily verily I all that are afar off, even as say unto thee, Except a man be many as the Lord our God shall born of water and of the Spirit, call. And with many other he cannot enter into the king. words exhoried he them, faydom of God. That which is ing, Save yourselves from this born of the flesh is fleth ; and untoward generation. For (as that which is born of the Spirit the same Apostle testifieth in is spirit. Marvel not that I said another place) even Baptism unto thee, Ye must be born a. doth also now save us (not the gain. The wind bloweth where putting away of the filth of the it lifeth, and thou hearest the Aesh, but the answer of a good found thereof, but canft not tell conscience towards God) by whence it cometh, and whither the resui rection of Jesus Chriit. it goeth: lo is every one that is Doubt ye not therefore, but born of the Spirit.

earnestly believe, that he will

favourably receive these present 9 After which he shall say ibis persons, truly repenting and co

Exhortation following: ming unto him by faith; that Eloved, ye hear in this Gof- he will grant them remifiion of our Saviour Christ, that except them the Holy Ghost; that he a man be born of Water and of will give them the blessing of ethe Spirit, he cannot enter into ternal life, and make them partathe kingdom of God. Whereby kers of his everlasting kingdom, ye may perceive the great ne

Wherefore we being thus percessity of this Sacrament, where suaded of the good will of our it may be had. Likewise imme- heavenly, Father towards these diately before his ascension into persons, declared by his Son jéheaven (as we read in the last sus Chrift ; let us faithfully and chapter of Saint Mark's Gospel) devoutly

, give thanks to him, he gave command to his discić and say,

Lmighty and world, and preach the Gospel to every creature : He that he give thee humble' thanks, for lieveth and is baptized, Thall be that thou haft vouchsafed to faved ; but he that believeth call us to the knowledge of thy not, Thall be damned, which grace and faith in thee; Increate



ples, saying, Goye inte acope Algoa, Heavenly Father, we

Baptism of such as are of riper years. t'iis knowledge, and confirm Beef. Dosta ime Fatheresa

. this faith in us evermore : Give thy Holy Spirit to rhefe persons, mighty, Maker of heaven and that tbey may be born again, earth and be made heirs of everlasting And in Jesus Christ his only, silvation, through our Lord Je. hegotten Son our Lord? And fus Christ, who liveth and reign- that he was conceived by the eth with thee and the Holy Spi- Holy Ghoft; born of the Vir. rit, now and for ever. Amen. gin Mary, that he suffered un

der Pontius Pilate, was crucifi. Then the Priest ball speak to ed, dead, and buried; that he the Perfons to be baptized on went down into hell, and also this wife:

did rise again the third day;

that he ascended into heaven, Wedne beloved, who are

come hither, defiring to and fitteth on the right hand receive holy Baptism, ye have of Ged the Father Almighty; heard how the congregation and from thence shall come a hath prayed that our Lord Je- gain at the end of the world, fus Christ would vouchfafe to to judge the quick and the dead receive you and bless you, to

And dort thou believe in the release you of your fins, to give Holy Ghoft; the holy Cathoyou the kingdom of heaven and

lick Church; the Communion everlafting life. Te have heard of Saints; the Remission of fins; also that our Lord Jesus Chrift the Resurrection of the filesh; hath promised in his holy word and everlasting Life after death?

Ans. All this i stedfastly believe, have prayed for; which promise Queft. With this faithia he for his part will most surely keep and

Answ. That is my desire. herefore after this promise Queff

. W "dently keep God's made by Christ, ye must also faithfully for your part promise holy will and commandments, in the presence of these your

and walk in the same all the Witnefies, and this whole con- days of thy life? gregation, that ye will renounce

Answ. I will endeavour so to the devil and all his works, and do, God being my helper. constantly believe God's holy Word, and obediently keep his

1 Tben fall tbe Priest fay, Commandments.

Merciful God, grant that

the old Adam in tbefe pere Tben shall the Priest demand of fons may be ro buried, that the each of the Persons io be baptiz- new man' may be raised up in ed, Jeverally, these Questions them. Amen. following:

Grant that all carnal affec. Quef. .

OST thou renounce tions may die in them, and thac works, the vain pomp and glo- rit may live and grow in tbem. ry of the world, with all covet- Anien. ous defires of the same, and the Grant that tbey may have carnal desires of the Aesh, so power and ftrength to have victhat thou wilt not follow, nor tory, and to triumph against be led by them ?

the devil, the world, and the Answ. I renounce them all,

terh. Amen.


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Grant that they being here be shall not be annamed to con deafcated to thee hy our Office fess the faith of Christ crucified, and Ministry, may also be en and manfully to fight under his dued with heavenly virtues, banner against fin, the world, and everlastingly rewarded, and the devił; and to continue through thy mercy, o blessed Christ's faithful foldier and serLord God, who doft live and vant unto bis life's end. Amen. govern all things, world withoutend. Amen.

I Then all the Prief say,

Eeing now, dearly beloved whore' mort dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ, for the for are regenerate, and grafted in. giveners of our fins, did shed to the body of Christ's Church, out of his most precious fide let us give thanks unto Almighboth water and blood, and gave ty God for these benefits, and commandment to his disciples, with one accord make our that they should go teach all nations, and baptize them, in the percayene unto him, that ybey may

the rest of their life accordName of the Father, and of the ing to this beginning. Son, and of the Holy Ghoit; Regard, we beseech thee, the Tben shall be said the Lord's fupplications of thy congrega. Prayer, all kneeling tion : fanctify this water to the mystical washing away of lin: O and grant that the persons now

heaven, Hallowed be thy to be baptized therein, may re- Name; Thy kingdom come; ceive the fulness of thy grace, it is in heaven: Give us this

Thy will be done in earth, as and ever remain in the number of thy faithful and elect chil. day our daily bread; And fordren, through Jesus Christ our give us our trespasses, as we Lord. Amen.

forgive them that trespass a

gainst us; And lead us not into 9 Tben fall tbe Priest take each temptation, but deliver us from

person to be baptized by the evil. Amen.
right band, and placing bim

inveniently by the Font, accorda Whared the humble the Godfathers and Godmothers ther, that thou hast vouchlafed the Name; and then mall dip to call us to the knowledge of him in the water, or pour was thy grace, and faith in thee; ter upon him, saying,

Increase this knowledge, and N.

I baptize thee, In the confirm this faith in us everof the Son, and of the Holy born again, and made beirs of

these persons, that being now Ghost. Amen. I Then spall the Priest say,

everlasting salvation, through

our Lord Jesus Christ, they may "E receive this person in continue thy servants, and at* Here the Chriit's fock; and fame Lord Jesus Chrift thy Son, a Cross upon the do* sign bim with who liveth and reigneth with Person's forebead. the sign of the thee in the unity of the same Crofs ; in token that hereafter Holy Spirit everlastingly. Amen.

Tben all sending up, the Prieff (And ther. Speaking to the new frall use this Exportation fol baptized Perfons, be shall pro"lowing ; speaking to the Godfa ceed, and say,) tbers and Godmuthers firft. AN FOrasmuch as these persons have

ND as for you, who have

now by Baptism, put on promised in your presence Chrift, it is your part and duty to renounce the devil and all his also, being made the children of works, to believe in God, and God, and of the light by faith in to serve him; ye must remem. Jesus Christ, to walk anfwera. ber that it is your part and du. bly to your Chriftian calling, and ty to put them in mind what a as becometh, the children of solemn vow, promise, and pro- light: remembering always that fession they have now made be- Baptism representeth unto us fore this congregation, and e our profession; which is to fol. specially before you tbeir chosen low the example of our Saviour witnesses. And ye are also to Christ, and to be made, like uncall upon them to use all dili- to him; that as he died, and rose gence to be rightly instructed in again for us; fo mould we, who God's holy Word, that so they are baptized, die from fin, and may grow in grace and in the rise again unto righteousness, knowledge of our Lord Jesus continually mortifying all our Christ, and live godly, righte. evil and corrupt affections, and ousy, and soberly in this present daily proceeding in all virtue world,

and godliness of living. 1 It is expedient that every Perfon, thus baptized, jould be confirmed

By the Bishop, so soon after bis Baptism as conveniently may be ;

that so be may be admitted to the Holy Communion. $ If any persons not baptized in their Infancy,

shall be brought to be baptized before tbey come to years of discretion to answer for them selves ; it may suffice to use the office for Publick Baptism of Infants, or (in case of extreme danger) the office for Private Baptism, only changing the word (Infant) for (Child ör Person) as occafion quirerb.

A CATECHISM; that is to say, an Instruction,

to be learned of every Person, before he be brought to be confirmed by the Bishop. Question. ,

First that I should renounce the THAT is your Name? devil and all his work's, the WHAT

Answer. N. or M. pomps and vanity of this wickQuest. Who gave you this ed world, and all the finful lusts Name?

of the fieth. Secondly, that I Answer. My Godfathers and fould believe all the Articles of Godňothers in my Baptism; the Christian Faith. And thirdwherein I was made a member ly, that I should keep God's of Christ, the Child of God, and holy Will and Commandments, an inheritor of the kingdom of and walk in the same all the heaven,

days of my

life. Queff

. What did your Godfathers and Godmothers then that thou art bound to believe,

Queft. Doft thou not think for you?

and to do, as they have promisAnjw. They did promise and ed for thee? nev three things in my name :



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Answ. Yes verily; and by ments. Tell

how many God's, help so I will. And I there be ? heartily thank our heavenly Ainsw. Ten.. Father, that he hath called Queft. Which be they? me to this state of salvation,


pray God to give

in the twentieth Chapter of me his grace, that I may conti- Exodus, saying, I am the Lord nue in the same unto my life's thy God, who brought thee out end.

of the land of Egypt, out of the Catechift. Rehearse the Arti- house of bondage. cles of thy belief.

1. Thou shalt have none other

gods but me. Answer.

11. Thou Malt not make to I

Believe in God the Father Al- thyself any graven image, nor

mighty, Maker of heaven and the likeness of any thing that is earth:

in heaven above, or in the earth And in Jesus Christ his only beneath, or in the water under Son our Lord; Who was con- the earth. Thou shalt not bow ceived by the Holy Ghoft, born down to them, nor worship of the Virgin Mary, Suffered them: for I the Lord thy God under Pontius Pilate, Was cru- am a jealous Cod, and visit the cified, dead, and buried; He fins of the fathers upon the childescended into hell; The third dren, unto the third and fourth day he rose again from the dead; generation of them that hate He ascended into heaven, And me; and Mew mercy unto thotfitteth on the right hand of God sands in them that love me, and the Father Almighty; from keep my commandments. thence he shall come to judge III. Thou shalt not take the the quick and the dead.

Name of the Lord thy God in
I believe in the Holy Ghoft; vain :' for the Lord will not
The holy catholick Church í hold him guiltless that taketh
The Communion of Saints; Thé his Name in vain.
Forgiveness of fins; The Resur IV. Remember that thou keep
rection of the Body; And the holy the Sabbath day. Six days
Life everlasting. Amen. salt thou labour, and do all

uf. What dost thou chief- that thou hast to do : but the ly learn in these Articles of thy seventh day is the Sabbath of belief?

the Lord thy God: In it thou Answ. First, I learn to believe malt do no manner of work, in God the Father, who hath thou, and thy fon and thy made me, and all the world. daughter, thy nian-servant, and

Secondly, in God the Son, thy maid-Servant, thy cattle, who hath redeemed me, and all and the stranger that is within mankind.

thy gates. For in fix days the Thirdly, in God the Holy Lord made heaven and earth, Ghost, who fanctifieth me, and the sea, and all that in them all the eleet people of God. is, and reíted the seventh day :

ueft. You said that your wherefore the Lord blefied the Godfathers and Godmothers seventh day, and allowed it. did promise for you, that you y. Honoui tlay father and thy thould keep God's command. mother, that thy days may be


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