Minifter. Send bim help from Lord of life and death, and of thy holy place;

all things to them pertaining, 'Answ. 'And evermore mighti- as youth, strength, health, age, Iy defend bim.

weakness, and lickress. WhereMinister. Let the enemy have fore, whatsoever your fickness no advantage of him ;

is, know you certainly, that it Answ. Nor the wicked ap- is God's visitation. And for proach to hurt him.

what cause foever this fickness Minister. Be unto him, O Lord, is sent unto you, whether it be a ftrong tower,

to try your patience for the exe Answ. From the face of bis ample of others, and that your enemy,

faith may be found in the day of Minister. O Lord, hear our the Lord, laudable, glorious and prayers ;

honourable, to the increase of Answ. And let our cry come of glory and endless felicity; or unto thee.

else it be sent unto you to corMinister,

rect and amend in you whatsoe. LORD, look down from ver doth offend the eyes of your O

heaven, behold, visit, and heavenly Father; know you relieve this thy servant. Look certainly, that if you truly re. upon him with the eyes of thy pent you of your fins, and bear mercy, give him comfort and your fickness patiently, trusting fure confidence in thee, defend in God's mercy, for his dear Son him from the danger of the ene- Jesus Chritt's fake, and render my, and keep him in perpetual unto him humble thanks for peace and safety, through Jesus his fatherly visitation, fubmitChrist our Lord. Amen.

ting yourself wholly unto his TEAR us, Almighty and most will, it shall turn to your profit, our; extend thy accustomed right way that leadeth unto e. goodness to this thy servant who verlasting life. is grieved with fickness. Sancti, q If the person visited be very fich, fy, we beseech thee, this thy

then the Čurate may end bis Exfatherly correction to bim, that

bortation in this place, or else the sense of his weakness may

proc:ed. add strength to his faith, and reriousners hot his tarepentance

. The theoretirements of pathe That if it shall be thy good plea- Lord: For (as St. Paul faith in fure to restore him to his former the twelfth Chapter to the Hehealth, be may lead the residue brews) whom the Lord lovech of his life in thy fear, and to

he chasteneth, and scourgeth thy glory: or else give bine grace fo to take thy, vifitation, If ye endure chastening, Cod

every son whom he receiverh. triat after this painful life end- dealeth with you as with fons; ed, he may dwell with thee in for what ron is he whom the life everlasting, through -Jefus father chasteneth not? But if ye Christ our Lord. Amen.

be without chastisement, where V Tben pall the Minister exkort of all are partakers, then are ye ibe fick Perfon afier this form, bastards, and not fonso Puror other like

thermore, we have had fan Early beloved, know this, thers of our Aeth, which cor.

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revarence : Mall 'we not muchment. Therefore I fhaltrelcarle
rather be in fubjection unto the to you the Articles of our Faith,
Father of spirits, and live? For that you may know whether you
they verily for a few days cha- do believe as a Christian man
ftened us after their own plea- should, or no.
fure, but he for our prette, that I Here the Minifter shall rehearse
we might be partakers of his the Articles of the Faith ; Saying
holiness. These words, good thus;
brother, are written in holy

JOST thou believe in God instruction, that we should pa- er of heaven and earth? tiently, and with thanksgiving

And in Jesus Christ his only. bear our heavenly Father's cor- begotten Son our Lord? And rection, whensoever by any that he was conceived by the manner of adversity it shall Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin please his gracions goodness to Mary; that he suffered under visit us. And there Thall be no Pontius Pilate, was crucified, greater comfort to Christian dead, and buried; that he went persons, than to be inade like un- down into hell, and also did rife to Christ by suffering patiently again the third day; that he a. adversities, troubles and fick: fcended into heaven, and fitteth nesses. For he himself went not

on the right hand of God the Fa. up to joy, but first he suffered ther

Almighty ;


from pain, he entered not into his thence niall come again at the glory before he was crucified. end of the world, to judge the So truly our way to eternal joy quick and the dead? is to suffer here with Christ :

And dont thou believe in the and our door to enter into eter: Holy Ghoft; the holy catholick nal life is gladly to die with Church ; the communion of Christ; that we may rise again Saints; 'the remission of fins ; from death, and dwell with the resurrection of the filesh ; and him in everlasting life. Now everlasting life after death?' therefore taking your fickness, which is thus proħtable for you,

9 The fick Perfn fall answer; patiently; I exhort you in the

All this I Itedfastly believe. Name of God, to remember I Tben pall the Minister examine the profession which you made whether be repent him truly of unto God in your Baptism. And bis fins, and be in charity with forasmuch as after this life all i be world; exhorting bim to there is an account to be gi. forgive from the bottom of bis ven unto the righteous Judge, beart all persons that bave of: by whom all must be judged fended him, and if be bath ofwithout respect of persons; I fended any other, to ask them require you to examine your forgiveness; and where ke kalla self and your eltate, both to "done injury or wrong to any man, ward God and man: so that that be make amınds to the utaccusing and condemning your tormuft, of his power, self for your own faults, you be bath not before disposed of, bis may find mercy at our heavenly goods, let him tben 'be admoFather's hand for Christ's sake, nished to make bis Will, and and not be accused and con to declare bis Debts what be demned in that fearful judge. Aweth, and what is owing unta

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And if

kim, for the better discharging of this fick member in the unity of tis Conscience, and the qu:ete the Church; consider bis connefs of his Executors. Bút men trition, accept bis tears, affwage pould often be put in remem- bis pain, as shall feem to thee brance io iake order for the set- most expedient for bim. · And tling of, ibeir temporal estates, foraimuch as be putterh bis full

whilft they are.in kealth. trust only in thy mercy, impute* I Thefe words before rebearsed not unto him bis former fins

may be said before the Minijier but strengthen bim with thy blerbegin his Prazer, as ke shall sed Spirit ; and when thou art Jee cause.

pleafed to take him hence, take I'The Minister pould not omit bim unto thy favour, through the

earneftly to move Jucbo fick per- merits of thy moft' dearly belos Jons as are of ability, io be libe- ved Son Jesus Christ our Lord. ral to ibe poor.

Anien. Here fall tke

fuck ferson be mov- & Then ft all the Minifer say this ed to make a special Con'espion of

Psalm. bis fins, if he feel bis Conscience Inte, Domine, spravi. PSAL, 71, Priell shall abfolve bim (if ke put to confusion but rid me, terAfter which Confelion, the IN thee, O Lord, have I put kumbly and beartily defire it) and deliver me in thy righteoul, after this jort.

ness : incline thine ear unto me, UR Lord Jesus Christ, who and save me.

hath leit power to his Be thou my Itrong hold, Church to absolve all finners whereunto I may alway resort who truly repent and believe in thou hast promised to help me, him, of his great mercy forgive for thou art my houfe of de thee thine offences, and by his fence, and my castle. authority committed to me, I Deliver me, o my God, out abfolve thee from all thy fins, of the hand of the ungodly In the Name of the Father, and out of the hand of the unrighie. of the Son, and of the Holy ous and cruel man. Ghost. Amen.

For thou, O Lord God, art the And then the Priest Mall say my hope, even from my youth

thing that I long for ; thou art ibe ColieEt following:

Through thee have I been hol: Let us pray:

den up ever fince I was born : according to the multitude my mother's womb; my praise the sins of those who truly re I am become as it were pent, that thou remembereit monster unto many but my them no more; Open thine eye sure trust is in thee. 23 of mercy upon this thy servant, O let my mouth be filled with who moft earnestly desireth par- thy praise : that I may fing of don and forgiveness. Renew in thy glory and honour all the day bin (inost loving Father) what- long. foever bath been decayed by tlie Caft me not away in the time fraud and malice of the devil, or of age: forfake me not when by bis own carnal will and frail- my strength faileth me. 10 a ness ; preserves and continue" for, mine enomnies speak de


of thy mercito do tho put away man she always of the weer

oefs only:

gaing me, and they that lay evermore thy defence, and make wait for my soul, take their thee know and feel that there counsel together, saying : God is none other Name under heahath forsaken him, persecute ven given to man, in whom and him, and take him for there is through whom thou mayest renone to deliver him,

ceive health and salvation, but Go not far from me, O God: only the Name of our Lord Je'my God, hafte thee to help me. sus Chrift. rimen.

Let them be confounded and 1 And after that shall say, let them be covered with home UNTO God's

gracious mercy

and protection we commit cand dishonour that seek to do thee. The Lord bless thee, and me evil.

keep thee: The Lord make his As for me, I will patiently a- face to shine upon thee, and be bide alway: and will praise gracious unto thee. - The Lord thee more and more.

lift up his countenance upon My mouth shall daily speak of thee, and give thee peace boch thy righteousness and lalvation : now and evermore. Amen. , for I know no end thereof.

I A Prayer for a sick Child. I of the Lord God tandem Almighty God and merci

ful Father, to whom 'amake mention of thy righteous lone belong

the issues of life and

death ; Look down from heaThou, o God, haft taught ven, we humbly befeech thee, me from my youth up until with the eyes of mercy upon now, therefore will I tell of thy this child now lying upon the wondrous works.

bed of fickness : vifit bim, o Forsake me not, o God, in Lord, with thy falvation ; de mine old age, when I am grey- liver bim in thy good appointed headed : until I have thewed time from bis bodily pain, and thy strength unto this generati- fave bis fout for thy mercies sake: on, and thy power to all them That if it Thall be thy pleasure that are

for to come.

to prolong bis days here on earth, Thy righteousness, O God, be may live to thee, and be an is very high, and great things instrument of thy glory, by are they that thou haft done : o serving thee faithfully, and do God, who is like unto thee ! ing good in bis generation or

Glory be to the Father, & c. elle receive him into those heaAs it was in the beginning, &c. venly habitations, where the . Adding this :

souls of thein that neep in the Saviour of the world, who Lord Jesus enjoy perpetual rest

by thy Cross and precious and felicity, Grant this, o Blood haft redeemed

Lord, for thy mercies fake, in (ave

us, US, and help us, we humbly befeech the same thy' Son our Lord Je: thee, O Lord,

fus Chrift; who livech and

reigneth with thee and the Holy I Then shall be Minifter say, Ghoit, ever one God, world HE Almighty Lợrd, Who is without end. Amen. b'm, i

a moft itrong tower to all I A Prayer for a fick perfor, them that put their trust in him, when there appeareib bué jinall to whom all things in heaven, in earth, and under the eartha O God of all comfort, cur

bope of recovery

Father of mercies, and do bow and obey, be now and



only help in time of need; We maculate Lamb that was pain fiy unto theě for succour in bee to take away the fins of the half of this thy fervant, here world: that whatsoever defileTying under thy hand in greatments it may have contracted weaknefs of body. Look gra- in the midst of this miserable ciously upon bim, O Lord; and and caughty world, through the the more the outward man de- lults of the fieth, or the wites of cayeth, strengthen bim, we be Satan, being purged and done feech thee, so much the more away, it may be preseyted pure continually with thy grace and and without fpoi before thee. Holy spirit in the inner man. And teach us who furvive, in Give bim unseigned repentance this and other like daily specta for all the errors of bis life pait, cles of mortality, to see how and Itedfast faith in thy Son Je- frail and uncertain our own con. sus, that bis fips may be done dition is, and fo to number our away by thy mercy, and bis par- days, that we may seriously ap. don sealed in heaven, before be ply our hearts to that holy and go hence and be no more feen. heavenly wisdom, whilft we We know, O Lord, that there live here, which may in the end is no word impossible with thee; bring us to life everlasting, and that if thou wilt, thou canst through the merits of Jesus even yet raise bim up, and grant Chriít thine only Son, our Lord. bim a longer continuance a- simen. mongst us. Yet forasmuch as q A Prayer for perfons troubled in all appearance the time of

in mind or in conscience. kis disclution draweth near, so fit and prepare bim, we beseech

Bleffed Lord, the Father of

O thee, against the hour of death, all comforts, we beseech thee

mercies, and the God of that after his departure hence look down in pity and compalin peace and in thy favour, bis fion upon this thy afflicted ferSoul may be received into thine vant. Thou writert bitter things everlasting kingdom, through againft bim, and makest him to the merits and mediation of possess his former iniqui'ies; Jesus Christ thine only Son, thy wrath Jieth hard upon him, our Lord and Saviour. A- and his foul is full of trouble :

But, O merciful God, who hast 1 A commendatory Prayer for a written thy holy Word, for our

fick person at ibe point of de- learning, that we through paparture.

tience and comfort of thy holy Almighty God, with whom Scriptures miglit have hope ;

do live the spirits of juft give bin a right understanding men made perfe& after they are of bimself, and of thy throars delivered from their earthly pri. aod promises, that be may nel. sons: We humbly commend ther cast away his confidence in the soul of this thy servant, our thee, nor place it any where but dear brother, into thy hands, as in thee. Give bim Arength a. into the hands of a faithful gainit all bis temptations, and Creator, and most merciful Sa- heal all bis diftempers. Break not viour: most humbly beseeching the bruised reed, nor quench thee, that it may be precious in the smoaking Aux. Shut not thy figlit. Wath it, we pray up thy tender mercies in difpleathee, in the blcod of that im- fure; but aiake blin to hear of



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