HGod, after they great good


He shall call the heaven 20 Thou fatest, and spaket from above : and the earth, that against thy brother : yea, and ne may judge his people.

haft Mandered thine owh mo75 Gather my saints together ther's son. into me : those that have made a 21 These things haft thou covenant with me with facrifice. done, and I held my tongue;

6 And the heavens shall de- and thou thoughtest wickedly, lare his righteousness : for God that I am even such a one as is judge himself.

thy self : but I will reprove 7 Hear, O my people, and I thee, and set before thee the will speak : I myself will testify things that thou hast done. Againit thee, O Israel; for I am 22 O consider this, ye that Jod, even thy God.

forget God : left I pluck you 8 I will not reprove thee he. away, and there be none to de cause of thy facrifices, or for thy liver you. burnt-offerings : because they 23 Whoso offereth me thanks : were not alway before me.! and praise, he honoureth me :

9 I will take no bullock out and to him that ordereth his of thine 'house : nor he-goat conversation right will I fhew out of thy folds.

the salvation of God. 10 For all the beasts of the forest are mine : and so are the PSAL. 51. Miserere mei, Deus. cattle upon a thousand hills.

AVE mercy 11 I know all the fowls upon the mountains : and the wild ness: according to the multitude peaits of the field are in my fight. of thy mercies do away mine

12 If I be hungry, I will not offences. ell thee : for the whole world 2. Waih me throughly from s mine, and all that is therein. my wickedness : and cleanse me

13 Thinkest thou that I will from my fin. eat bulls felh ; and drink the 3 For I acknowledge my plood of goats ?

faults : and my fin is ever be14 Offer unto God thankf- fore me. çiving: and pay thy vows unto 4 Against thee only fiave I he most Higheit;

finned, and done this evil in tliy 15 And calt-upon me in the fight that thou mightest be ime of trouble ; so will I hear justified in thy saying, and clear hee, and thou shalt praise me. when thou art judged.

16 But unto the ungodly said 5. Behold, I was shapen in God : Why dost thou preach wickedness : and in fin hatli my my laws, and takest my cove- mother conceived me. nant in thy mouth;

6 But lo, thou requirest truth 17 Whereas thou latest to be in the inward parts : and thalt reformed and hast cast my make me to understand wisdom words behind thee?

fecretly. 18 When thou sawest å thief, Thou shalt purge me with thou consentedst unto him: and hyssop, and I shall be clean : haft been partaker with the thou shalt waih me, and I mall adulterers,

be whiter than inow. 19 Thou hast let thy mouth 8 Thou shalt make me hear speak wickedness : and with of joy and gladress : that the thy tongue thou hast set forth bones which thou hast brokerı deceit.

may rejoice.


9 Tuis

9. Turn thy face from my fins : 5 Thou hast loved to spake and put out all my misdeeds. all words that may do hurt : 0

10 Make me a clean heart, O thou false tongue. God : and renew a right fpirit 6 Therefore shall God de. within me.

stroy thee for ever : he shall take 11 Cast me not away from thee, and pluck thee out of thy thy presence : and take not thy dwelling, and root thee out of Holy Spirit from me.

the land of the living. 12 O give me the comfort of 7 The righteous also fall see thy help again : and stablish me this, and fear : and shall laugh with thy free Spirit.

him to scorn; 13 Then shall I teach thy ways 8 Lo, this is the man that unto the wicked : and finners took not God for his ftrength: fhall be converted unto thee, but trusted unto the multitude

14 Deliver me from blood- of his riches, and strengthened guiltiness, O God, thou that art himself in his wickedness. the God of my health : and my 9 As for me, I am like a green tongue shall sing of thy righte- olive-tree in the house of God: ousness.

my trust is in the tender mercy 15 Thou shalt open my lips, of God for ever and ever. O Lord : and my mouth nali 1o I will always give thanks Thew thy praise.

unto thee for that thou hast 16 For thou desirest no facri- done : and I will hope in thy fice, elfe would I give it thee : Name, for thy saints like it well. but thou delightest not in burntofferings.

EVENING PRAYER. 17. The sacrifice of God is a


a broken and PSAL. 53. Dixit infipiens. thou not despise.

18 O be favourable and gra- God. cious unto Sion : build thou the 2 Corrupt are they, and bewalls of Jerusalem;

come abominable in their wick19 Then shalt thou be pleased edness : there is none that doeth with the facrifice of righteouf- good. ness, with the burnt-offerings, God looked down from hea. and oblations : then shall they ven upon the children of men : offer young bullocks upon thine to see if there were any that

would understand, and seek af.

ter God. PSAL. 52. Quid gloriaris?

4 But they are all gone out of WH

HY boastest thou thyself, the way, they are altogether

thou tyrant : that thou become abominable : there is canft do mischief;

also none that doeth good, no 2 Whereas the goodness of not one. God : endureth yet daily?

5 Are not they without un3 Thy tongue imagineth wick- derstanding, that work wickedness : and with lies thou cutt- edņess : eating up my people as est like a sharp rafor.

if they would eat bread they 4 Thou hast loved uprighte- have not called upon God. ourness more than goodness : 6 They were afraid, where and to talk of lies more than no fear was : for God hath righteousness,

broken the bones of him that


contrite heart, o God, salt Tin his heart : There is no



besieged thee; thou hast put 6 And I said, Q that I had them to confusion, because God wings like a dove : for then hath despised them.

would I fee away, and be at 7 Oh, that the salvation were rest. given unto Israel out of Sion : 7 Lo, then would I get me Oh, that the Lord, would deli- away far off : and remain in the ver his people out of captivity! wilderness.

8 Then should Jacob rejoice : 8 I would make haste to and Israel should be right glad. , escape : because of the stormy

PSAL. 54. Deus in nomine, wind and tempeft. SALE

AVE me, O God, for thy 9 Destroy their tongues, 0

Name's sake : and avenge Lord, and divide them : for I me in thy strength.

have spied unrighteousness and 2. Hear my prayer, O God : ftrife in the city. and hearken unto the words of 10 Day and night they go my mouth.

about within the walls thereof : 3. For ftrangers are risen up mischief also and sorrow are in against me: and tyrants, which the midst of it. have not God before their eyes, II Wickedness is therein : de. seek after my soul.

ceit and guile go not out of 4 Behold, God is my helper : their ítreets. the Lord is with them that up 12 For it is not an open ene. hold my soul.

my that hath done me this disne 5 He shall reward evil unto honour : for then I could have mine enemies : destroy thou borne it.. them in thy truth.

13 Neither was it mine ad6. An offering of a free heart versary that did magnify him. will I give thee, and praise thy self against me : for then perName, O Lord' : because it is adverture ! would have hid myso comfortable.

self from him: 7 For he hath delivered me 14 But it was even thou, my out of all my trouble: and mine companion : my guide, and eye hath seen his defire upon minė own familiar friend. mine enemies.

15 We took sweet counsel toPSAL. 55. Exaudi, Deus. gether : and walked in the house

and hide not from 16 Let death come laftily my petition.

upon them, and let them gó 2 Take heed unto me, and down quick into hell : for wickhear me : how I mourn in my edness is in their dwellings, and prayer, and am vexed.

3 The enemy crieth so, and 17 As for me, I will call upon the ungodly cometh on so fast: God : and the Lord Thall lave for they are minded to do me fome mischief, so maliciously are 18 In the evening and mornthey set against me.

ing, and at noon-day will I pray, 4 My heart is disquieted with and that instantly : and he shall in me and the fear of death is hear my voice. fallen upon me.

19 It is he that hath delivered 5 Fearfulness and trembling are my soul in peace from the battle come upon me : and an horrible that was against me : for there dread hath overwhelmed me. were many with me.

20 Yea,

HEAR my prayers on God: of God as friends,

among them.



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20 Yea, even God that endur.

8 Thou tellest my fittings ; eth for ever Mall hear me, and put my tears into thy bottle bring them down : for they will are not these things noted in not turn, nor fear God.

thy book? 21 He laid his hands upon, 9 Whenfoever I call upon fuch as be at peace with him : thee, then mall mine enemies and he brake his covenant. be put to fight : this I know;

· 22 The words of his mouth for God is on my side. were fofter than butter, having 10 In God's word will I re. war in his heart : his words joice : in the Lord's word will were smoother than oil, and yet I comfort me. be they very swords.

IL Yea, in God have I put 23 Ó cast thy burden upon my trust : I will not be afraid the Lord, and he shall nourith what man can do unto me. thee : and shall not suffer the 12 Unto thee, O God, will I righteous to fall for ever. pay my vows : unto thee will

24 And as for them : thou, I give thanks. O God, thalt bring them into 13 For thou hast delivered my the pit of destruction.

foul from death, and my feet 25 The blood-thirity and de. from falling : that I may walk ceitful men thall not live out before God in the light of the half their days: nevertheless, my living. trust thall be in thee, O Lord.

PSAL. 57. Miserere mei, Deus.

E merciful unto me, O God, MORNING PRAYER. PSAL. 56. Miferere mei, Deus. soul trufteth in thee : and under

E merciful unto me, O God, the shadow of thy wings shall vour me : he is daily fighting be overpast. and troubling me.

2 I will call unto the most 2 Mine enemies are daily in high God : even unto the God hand to swallow me up : for that shall perform the cause they be many that fight against which I have in hand. me, O thou molt Highest. 3 He ihall send from heaven:

3 Nevertheless, though I am and save me from the reproof sometime afraid yet put I my of him that would eat me up. trust in thee.

4 God shall send forth his 4. I will praise God because mercy and truth : my soul is of his word : I have put my among lions ; trust in God, and will not fear 5 And I lie even among the what feth an do unto me. 'children of men, that are set on

5 The; daily mistake my fire : whore teeth are spears and words : all that they imagine arrows, and their tongue a sharp is to do me evil.

fword. 6 They hold all together, and 6 Set up thyself, O God, above keep themselves close: and mark the heavens : and thy glory my steps, when they lay wait above all the earth. for my foui.

7 They have laid a net for 7. Shall they escape for their my feet, and preffed down my wickedness : thou,'o God, in roul : they have digged a pit bethy displeasure Malt cast them fore me, and are fallen into the down.

midst of it themselves.


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8 My heart is fixed, 0-God, 9 The righteous shall rejoice, my heart is fixed; I will sing, when he seeth the vengeance : and give praise.

he shall wash his footsteps in 9 Awake up my glory; a

the blood of the ungodly. wake lute and harp: I my. 10 So that a man fall say, self will awake right early. Verily there is a reward for the

10 I will give thanks unto righteous : doubtless, there is a thee, O Lord, among the peo. God that judgeth the earth, ple : and I will sing unto thee among the nations.

EVENING PRAYER. 11 For the greatness of thy mer

PSAL. 59. Eripe me de inimicis. cy reacheth unto the heavens ;

Eliver me from mine eneand thy truth unto the clouds. 12 Set up thyself, O God,

mies, O God : defend me above the heavens : and thy from them that rise up against glory above all the earth.

2 deliver me from the wickPSAL. 58. Si vere utique. ed does : and save me from RE your minds set upon the blood-thirsty men...

3 For lo, they lie waiting for gation : and do ye judge the my soul : the mighty men are thing that is right, o ye sons of gathered against me without men?

any offence or fault of me, O 2. Yea, ye imagine mischief Lord. in your heart upon the earth : 4 They run and prepare themand your hands deal with wick- felves without my fault : arise édness.

thou therefore to help me, and 3 The ungodly are froward e. behold. ven from their mothers womb :

5 Stand up, O Lord God of as soon as they are born, they hosts, thou God of lírael, to vigo astray, and speak lies. fit all the heathen : and be not

4 They are as venomous as merciful unto them that offend the poison of a serpent : of malicious wickedness. like the deaf adder that stoppeth 6 They go to and fro in the

evening : they grin like a dog, ş Which refuseth to hear the and run about through the city; voice of the charmer : charm he

7 Behold, they Ipeak with never so wisely.

their mouth, and swords are 6 Break their teeth, O God, in their lips : for who doth in their mouths ; smite the jaw, hear? bones of the lions, O Lord: let

8 But thou, O Lord, salt them fall away like water that have them in derision and runneth apace; and when they thou shalt laugh all the heathen Thoot their arrows, let them be

to fcorn. rooted out. 7 Let them consume away

9 My strength will I ascribe

unto thee : for thou art the like a snail, and be like the un: God of my refugę. timely fruit of a woman : and

10 God seweth me his goodlet them not see the fun.

ness plenteously: and God shall 8 Or ever your pots be made let me see my desire upon mine hot with thorns : 'fo let indig- enemies. nation vex him, even as a thing 11 Slay them not, left my that is raw.

people forget ic : but scatter



her ears;


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