they have heard the words of 10 If I say, Peradventure the thy mouth,

darkness shall cover me : then 5 Yea, they shall sing in the shall my night be turned to ways of ine Lord : that great is day. the glory of the Lord.

11 Yea, the darkness is no 6. For though the Lord be darkness with thee, but the high, yet hath le respect unto night is as clear as the day : the lowly : as for the proud, he the darkness and light to thee beholdeth them afar off.

are both alike. 7 Though I walk in the midst 12 For my reins are thine : of trouble, yet Malt thou re- thou hast covered me in my fresh me : thou shalt stretch mother's womb. forth thy hand upon the furi. 13 I will give thanks unto cusness of mine enemies, and thee, for I am fearfully and thy right hand shall save me. wonderfully made : marvellous

8 The Lord thall make good are thy works; and that my his loving-kindecfs toward me : soul knoweth right well. yea, thy mercy, O Lord, endur 14 My bones are not hid from cth for ever, despise not then thee: though I be made secretly, the works of thine own hands. and fashioned beneath in the

earth. MORNING PRAYER. 15 Thine eyes did see my subPSAL. 139, Domine, frcbafti. stance, yet being imperfect : and

Lord, thou hali fearched in thy book were all my mem

me out, and known me : bers written; thou knowett my down-fitting,

16 Which day by day were and mine up-riting; thou un- fashioned : when as yić there derstandert my thoughts long was none of them, before.

17 How dear are thy counsels 2. Thou art about my path, unto me, O Cod: o how great and about my bed : and spiest is the sum of them! out all my ways,

18 If I tell them, they are 3 For lo, there is not a word more in number than the land: in my tongue : but thou, o when I wake up, I am present Lord, knoweft it altogether. with thee,

4 Thou hast fashioned me 19 Wilt thou not say the behind and before : and laid wicked, O God : depart' from thine hand upon me..

me, ye blood-thirsty men. 5 Such knowledge is too won 20 For they speak unrightederful and excellent for me : 1 ously against thee : and thine cannot attain into it.

enemies take thy Name in vain. 6 Whither shall I go then from 21 Do not I hate then 0 thy Spirit : cr whither shall I Lord, that hate thee : and am go then from thy presence ? not I grieved with those that

7 If I climb up into heaven, rise up against thee? thou art there : if I go down to 22 Yea, I hate them right hell, thou art there also.

sore : even as though they were 8 If I take the wings of the mine enemies. morning : and remain in the ut 23 Try me, o God, and seek termost parts of the sea; the ground of my heart : prove

9 Even there also all thy me, and examine my thoughts. hand lead me : and thy right 24 Look well if there be any hand shall hold me,

way of wickedness in me : and


lead me in the way everlast. PSAL. 141. Domine, clamavi. ing.

ORD, I call upon thee, hatte PSAL. 140. Eripe me, Domine, my voice, when I cry unto thee. DE! Eliver me, O Lord, from the 2 Let my prayer be set forth

evil man : and preserve me in thy fight as the incense : and from the wicked man;

let the lifting up of my hands 2 Who- imagine mischief in be an evening facrifice. their hearts · and stir up ftrife 3 Set a watch, O Lord, be. all the day long.

fore my mouth : and keep the 3 They have sharpened their door of my lips. tongues like a serpent : adders 4 O let not mine heart be inpoison is under their lips. clined to any evil thing : let me

4 Keep me, O Lord, from the not be occupied in ungodly hands of the ungodly : pre- works, with the men that work serve me from the wicked men; wickedness; left I eat of such who are purposed to overthrow things as please them. my goings.

5 Let the righteous rather 5 The proud have laid a snare smite me friendly: and reprove for me, and spread a net abroad me, with cords : yea, and set traps

6 But let not their precious in my way

balms break my head 1 yea, 6 Í said unto the Lord, Thou will pray yet against their wickart my God : hear the voice edness, of my prayers, O Lord.

7 Let their judges be over7 O Lord God, thou strength thrown in ftony places : that of my health : thou hast covered they may hear my words, for my head in the day of battle. they are sweet.

8 Let not the ungodly have 8 Our bones lie scattered he. his degre, O Lord : let not his fore the pit : like as when one mischievous imagination prof- breaketh and heweth wood upper, left they be too proud. on the earth.

9 Let the mischief of their 9 But mine eyes look unto own lips fall upon the head thee, O Lord God: in thee is my of them : that compass me a- trust; O cast not out my soul. bout.

10 Keep me from the snare 10 Let hot burning coals fall that they have laid for me : and upon them : let them be cast from the traps of the wicked nto the fire, and into the pit, doers. that they never rise up again. II Let the ungodly fall into

II A man full of words shall their own nets together : and not profper upon the earth ; let me ever escape them. evil ihall hunt the wicked perfon to overthrow him.

EVENING PRAYER. 12 Sure I am that the Lord will PSAL. 142. Voce mea ad Dominuni. avenge the poor and maintain I coice : yea, even unto the Lord the cause of the helpless.

13 The righteous also Thall did I make my fupplication. give thanks unto thy Name : 2 I poured out my complaints and the juft Thall continue in befor: him ; and thewed him thy fight.

of my trouble,

M 5

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3 Wlien my spirit was in hea 7 Hear me, O Lord, and that viners, thou knewest my path: foon, for my spirit waxeth in the way wherein I walked faint : hide not thy face from have they privily laid a snare for me, left I be like unto them

that go down into the pit. 4 I looked also upon my 8 let me hear thy lovingright hand : and raw there kindness betimes in the mornwas no man that would know ing, for in thee is my trust:

thew thou me the way that I 5 had no place to fee un- should walk in ; for í lift up to : and no man cared for my my soul unto thée. Toul.

9 Deliver me, O Lord, from 6 I cried unto thee, O Lord, mine enemies : for I fee unto and said : Thou art my hope, thee to hide me, and my portion in the land of 10 Teach me to do the thing the living

that pleaseth thee, for thou an 7. Conlider my complaint : my God : let thy loving Spirit for I am brought very low.

lead me forth into the land of 8 O deliver me from my per. righteousness. secutorsfor they are too strong 11 Quicken me, O Lord, for for me.

thy Name's fake and for thy 9 Bring my soul out of pri- righteousness fake bring my fon, that I may give thanks out of trouble ; unto thy Name : which thing 12 And of thy goodness Nay if thou wilt grant me, then Thali mine enemies and destroy all the righteous resort -unto my them that vex my soul; for? company.

am thy servant. PSAL. 143. Domine, exandi. TEAR my prayer, O Lord, MORNING PRAYER.

PSAL. 144. Berediftus Dominus. hearken vinto me for thy truth


Leffed be the Lord my and righteousness fake.

strength : who teacheth my 2 And enter not into judge. hands to war, and my fingers to ment with thy servant for in fight; thy light Thall no mản living be

2 My hope and my fortress, juftified.

my castle and deliverer, my 3 For the enemy hath perfe- defender in whom I trust: who cuted my soul, he hath (mitten fubdneth my people that is un my life down to the ground : der me. he hath laid me in the darkness,

3 Lord, what is

man, as the men that have been long thou haft such respe&t unto him dead,

or the son of man, that thou to 4 Therefore is my spirit vex- regardeft him ! ed within me : and my heart 4 Man is like a thing

of within me is derolate,

nought : his time palleth away 5 Yet do I remember the like a shadow. time past, I muse upon all thy 5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, and works : yea, exercise myself come down : touch the moun in the works of thy hands. 6 Itretch forth my hands

tains, and they shall smoke.

6 Caft forth thy lightning, unto thee : my soul gafpeth un- and tear them : Thoot out thine to thee as a thirsty land.

arrows, and consume them.

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7 Send down thine hand 5. As for me, I will be talking from above : deliver me, and of thy worship : thy glory, thy take me out of the great war praise, and wondrous works; ters, from the hand of strange 6 So that men Thall speak of children;

the might of thy marvellous 8 Whóse mouth talketh of acts; and I will also tell of thy vanity: and their right hand is greatness. a right hand of wickedness.

The memorial of thine a. 9 I will sing a new song unto bundant kindness shall be shew. thée, o God: and fing praises un- ed : and men Mall sing of thy to thee upon a ten-stringed lute. righteousness.

10 Thou hast given victory 8 The Lord is gracious and unto kings : and hast delivered. merciful : long-suffering, and of David thy servant from the per great goodness. ril of the sword.

9 The Lord is loving unto II Save me, and deliver me every man : and his mercy is from the hand of strange child over all his works. ren: whose mouth talketh of 10 All thy works praise thee, vanity, and their right hand is. O Lord : and thy saints givé. a right hand of iniquity.

thanks unto thee. 12 That our fons may grow up 11 They shew the glory of as the young plants and that thy kingdom : and talk of thy our daughters may be as the po- power; lished corners of the temple. 12 That thy power, thy glo

13. That our garners may be ry and mightiness of thy kingfull and plenteous with all man- dom ; might be known unto, ner of tore : that our sheep men, may bring forth thousands and

13 Thy kingdom is an everten thousands in our streets.

lafting kingdom : and thy do14 That our oxen may be minion endureth throughout all strong to. labour, that there be ages. no decay: no leading into cap 14 The Lord upholdeth all tivity, and no complaining in such as fall : and lifteth op all. our Atreets.

those that are down. 15 Happy are the people that 15 The eyes of all wait upon are in such a case : yea, blessed thee, O Lord : and thou givest are the people who haye the them their meat in due feaLord for their God.

fon. PSAL. 145. Exaltabo te, Deus. 16 Thou openest thine hand : I

Will magnify thee, O God, and fillest all things living with

my King: and I will praise plenteousness. thy Name for ever and ever., 17. The Lord is righteous in

2 Every day will I give thanks all his ways; and holy in all his unto thee : and praise thy Name works, for ever and ever.

18 The Lord is nigh unto all 3 Great is the Lord, and mar; them that call upon him: yea, vellous, worthy to be praised: all such as call upon him faitha there is no end of his great- fully.

19 He will fulfil the desire of 4 One generation mall praise them that fear him : he also thy works unto another ; and will hear their cry, and will declare thy power.

help them,



20 The

20 The Lord preserveth all and pleasant thing it is to be them that love him : but fcat- thankful. tereth abroad all the ungodly. 2 The Lord doth build up

21 My mouth mall speak the Jerusalem : and gat! er together praise of the Lord : and let all the out-cafts of Israel. Herh give thanks unto his holy 3 He healeth those that are Name for ever and ever, broken in heart : and giveth

PSAL. 146. Lauda, anima mea. medicine to heal their fickness.
RAISE the Lord, O my 4 He telleth the number of

soul; while I live will I the stars : and calleth them all praisc thé Lord : yea, as long by their names. as I have any being I will fing 5 Great is our Lord, and praises unto my God.

great is his power : yea, and 2 O put not your trust in prin- his wisdom iś infinite. ces, nor in any child of man : 6 The Lord fetteth up the for there is no help in them. meek: and bringeth the un

3 For when the breath of godly down to the ground. man gceth forth, he mall turn

7 O sing unto the Lord with again to his earth: and then all thanksgiving : fing praises uphis thoughts perish,

on the harp unto our God; 4 Blefed is he that hath the 8 Who covereth the heaven God of Jacob for his help: and with clouds, and prepareth rain whore hope is in the Lord his for the earth : and maketh the God;

grass to grow upon the moun. 5. Who made heaven and tains, and herb' for the use of earth, the sea, and all that there- men in is : who keepeth his promise


Who giveth fodder unto the for ever ;

cattle : and feedeth the young 6 Who helpeth them to right ravens that call upon him. that suffer wrong : who feedeth 10 He hath no pleasure in the the hungry.

Atrength of an hörse : neither 7 The Lord looseth men out delighteth he in any man's legs. of prison : the Lord giveth fight 11 But the Lord's delight is to the blind.

in them that fear him : and put 8 The Lord helpeth them their trust in his mercy. that are fallen : the Lord careth 12 Praise the Lord, O Jerusafor the rightecus.

lem : praise thy God, o šion. 9 The Lord careth for the 13 For he hath made fast the strangers; he defendeth the fa bars of thy gates: and hath blefl. therless and widow: as for the ed thy children within thee. way of the ungodly, he turneth 14 He maketh peace in thy it upside down.

borders : and filleth thee with 10 The Lord thy God, O the flour of wheat. Sion, Tha'l be King for ever 15 He sendetli forth his commore : and throughout all gene- mandment upon earth : and his rations.

word runneth very fwiftly.

16 He giveth snow like wool: EVENING PRAYER. and feattereth the hoar-frost like PSAL. 147. Laudate Dominum.

athes, O Praise the Lord; for it is a

17 He castech forth his ice good thing to sing praises like morsels : who is able to a. unto our God ; yea, a joyful bide his frost?

18 He

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