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over our soul : the deep waters ry, the whole glory whereof of the proud had gone over our we do afcribe to thee, who art fcul.

the only giver of victory. And But praised be the Lord: who we beseech thee, give iis grace hath not given us over as a prey to improve this great mercy to unto them.

thy glory, the advancement of The Lord hath wrought : a thy Gospel, the honour of our mighty falvation for us.

Sovereign, and, as much as in We gat not this hy our own us dieth, to the good of all manfword, neither was it our own kind. And we beseech thee, arm that saved us : but thy give us such a sense of this great right hand, and thine arm, and mercy, as may engage us to a the light of thy countenance, true thankfulness, such as may becaule thou hadi a favour untó appear in our lives, by an hum

ble, holy, and obedient walking The Lord hath appeared for before thee all our days, through us : the Lord hath covered our Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom heads, and made us to stand in with thee aird the Holy Spirit, the day of battle.

a's for all thy mercies, fo in parThe Lord hath appeared for ticular for this victory and deus : the Lord hath overthrown liverance, be all glary and hoour enemies, and dared in nour, world without end. 1.12-n. pieces those that rose up against

2 Cor. 13. 14 us.

HE grace of

our Lord Therefore not unto us,

Jesus Chrift, and the love Lord, not unto us : but unto of God, and the fellowship of thy Name be given the glory. the Holy Ghost, be with us all

The Lord hath done great evermore. Amen. things for us : the Lord hath dene great things for us, for which we rejoice.

At the barial of their Dead Our help ftandeth in the Name of the Lord: who hath made

at Sea. heaven and earth.

1 The Office in the Common Prayer. Blefled be the Name of the book may be used; only infead Lord : from this time forth for of ihese words [We therefore evermore,

commit his body to the ground, Glory be to the Father, &c. earth to earth, &c.] jay, As it was in the beginning, Sc.


E therefore commit his

body to the deep, to be 1 After this Hymn may be sung the turned into corruption, looking Te Deum,

for the resurrection of the body

(when the sea thall give up her & Then this Col.eft.

dead,) and the life of the world O

reign commander of all sus Christ; who at his coming the world, in whose hand is mall change our vile body, that power and might, which none it may be like his glorious body, is able to withstand; We bless according to the mighty workand magnify thy great and glo- ing whereby he is able to subricus Name for this happy victo. due all things to himself,

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be used yearly upon the Fifth Day of November ; for the happy Deliverance of King JAMES I. and the Three Estates of England, from the most traiterous and bloody intended Mafsacre by Gunpowder : And also for the happy arrival of his Majesty King WILLIAM on this day, for the Deliverance of our

Church and Nation. I The Minister of every Parish shall give warning to his Parishioners

publickly in the Church at Morning Prayer the Sunday before, for the due observation of the said Day. And after Morning Prayer, or Preaching, upon the said Fifth of November, shall rrad pub. lickly, diflinétly, and plainy, tbe Act of Parliament made in the tbird year of King James the First, for the obfervation of ir. The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-duys in all

things; except where it is bereafter orberwise appointed. 1 If this Day fball

, bappen to be Sunday, only the Collee7 proper för tkat Sunday fha!l be added to tbis Office in its place. # Morning, Prayer shall begin with They have privily laid their These Seniences.

net to destroy me without a TH

HE Lórd is full of com- cause: yea, even without a cause

paffion and mercy : tong- have they made a pít for my suffering, and of great goodness. foul. Pfal. 35.7. Pfal. 103:8.

They kave laid, a net for my He will not alway be chiding : feet, and prilled down my soul : neither keeperh he his anger for they have digged a pit before me, ever. ver. 9.

and are fallen into ibe mådft of it He hath not dealt with us af- themselves. Psal. 57. 7. ter our lins : nor rewarded us Great is our Lord, and great according to our wickednesses. is his power : yea, and his wis

dom is infinite. Psal. 147. 5. I Instead of Venite exultemus, The Lord Jetreib up ihe meek :

mall ibis Hymn following be and bringer b the ungodly down to used: one verse by rke Priest, and tbe ground. ver. 6. another by the Clerk and People. Let thy hand be upon the

Give thanks unto the Lord, man of thy right hand : and

for he is gracious : and upon the Son of man, whom his mercy endureth for ever. thou madeft so strong for thine Pfal. 107. 1.

own self. Pfal. 8o. 17. Let them give thanks, whom And so will not we go back from tbe Lord raih redeemed : and thee : 6 let us live, and we shall delivered from tbe band of the call upon thy Name. ver. 18.

Glory be to the Father, &c. Many a time have they fought As it quas in the beginning, &c. againft me from my youth up : q Proper Psalms. 64. 124. 125.* may Ifiael now say. Pfal. 129. 1. 9 Proper Lefjons.

Yeu, many a time have they The first. 2 Sam. 22. vexid me from my youth up : but

Te Deum. they have not prevailed against me.

The second, Ads 23.

y los

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enemiy. ver. 2.

ver, 2.

be used.

A Copy alo, most ugracious these shall be inserted and used God, of our unfeigned for tbe King.

thanks, for filling our hearts aPrieft. O Lord, fave the King; gain with joy and gladness,

People, Who putteth his trust after the time that thou hadi in thee.

amicted us, and putting a new Prieft. Send him help from fong into our mouths, by bringthy holy place;

ing his Majesty King William People. And evermore migh- upon this Day, for the deliver. tily defend him.

ance of our Church and Natio Prieft. Let his enemies have on from Popish Tyranny and no advantage against him; arbitrary power. We adore the

People. Ler not the wicked ap- wisdom and juftice of thy Proproach to hurt him.

vidence, which fo timely inter9 Instead of tbe for A Colleet at pored in our extreme danger, Morning Prayer ball tbeje two and disappointed all the designs

of our enemies. We befeech Almighty God, who haft in feite en tercers fucha lively and

all ages Shewed thy power then, and haft since that time and mercy, in the miraculous done for us, that we may not and gracious deliverances of thy Church, and in the protection grow secure and careless in our of righteous and religious Kings thy great and undeferved goodand States professing thy holy nefs: but that it may lead us to and eternal truth, from the wicked conspiracies, and ma- repentance, and move us to be licious practices of all the ene

the more diligent and zealous in mies thereof: We yield thee which thou haft

all the duties of our Religion, our unfeigned thanks and praise, bus manner preserved to us.

a marvel for the wonderful and mighty Let truth and justice, brotherly deliverance of our gracious kindness and charity, devozion Sovereign King James the First; and piety, concord and unity, the Queen, the Prince, and all with all other virtues, so fourthe Royal Branches, with the ith among us, that they may be Nobility, Clergy, and Commons of England, then afsema make this Church a praise in

the Itability of our times, and bled in Parliament, by Popish the earth. All which we humtreachery appointed as theep to the naughter, in a moft bar. bly bey for the sake of our bleu

ed Lord and Saviour. Amen, barous and savage manner, bea yond the examples of former 9 In the end of the Lirany, (tebich ages. From this unnatural con Shall always kis Day be used) spiracy, not our merit, but thy after the Colleet [We humbly mercy; not our foresight, but beseech thee, o Father, &c.) thy providence delivered us : hall this be said wbićb foto And therefore not unto us, O Toweth. Lord, not unto us, but unto the Aliy father, who of thy gra

Lmighty God and heaven. glory, in áll churches of the cious' providence and tender saints, from generation to ge. mercy towards us, didft prevent neration, through Jesus Christ the malice and imaginations of our Lord, Amen.

our enemies, by discovering and


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confounding their horrible and wonderfully deliver us from the wicked enterprize, plotted, and same; Be thou ftill our mighty intended this day to have been protector, and fcatter our ene executed against the King and mies that deliglit in blood. Inthe whole State of England, for fatuate and defeat their counthe fubversion of the Govern- fels, abate their pride, affwage ment and Religion established their malice, and confound their among us: and didft likewise devices. Strengthen the hands upon this Day wonderfully con- of our gracious Sovereign King duct thy fervant King William, GEORGE, and all that are put and bring him fafely into Eng- in authority under him, with land, to preferve us from the judgement and justice, to cut attempts of our enemies to be- off all such workers of iniquity, reave us of our Religion and as turn Religion into Rebellion, Laws: 'we most humbly praise and Faith into Faction; that and magnify thy most glorious they may never prevail against Name for 'thy unspeakable us, or triumph in the ruin of goodness towards us, expreffed thy Church among us: but that in both these acts of thy mercy. our gracious Sovereign and his We confefs it has been of thy realms being preserved in thy mercy alone that we are not true Religion, and by thy mer confumed: for our fins have ciful goodness protected in the cried to heaven against us, and fame; we may all duly serve our iniquities justly called for thee, and give thee thanks in vengeance upon us. But thou thy holy congregation, through haft not dealt with us after our Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. fins, nor rewarded us after our iniquities; nor given us over, 1 In the Communion-Service, ine as we deserved, to be a prey to Read of tke Collect

, for the Day, our enemies; but hast in mercy

jhallt bis which followeth be used. and preserved us from death E Thighly

protector, we thing and destruction. Let the confi- unworthy servants do humbly deration of this thy repeated present ourselves before thy goodness, O Lord, work in us Majesty, acknowledging, thy true repentance, that iniquity power, wisdom, and goodness, may not be our ruin. And in

in preserving the King, and the crease in us more and more a Three Edates of the realm of lively faith and love, fruitful in England assembled in Parliaall holy obedience; that thou ment, from the destruction this mayelt still continue thy favour, Day intended against them. with the light of thy Gospel, Make us, we beseech thee, tru. to us and our posterity for ever- _ly thankful for this, and for all more; and that for thy dear other thy great mercies towards Son's fake, Jesus Christ our only us: particularly for making this Mediator and Advocate. Amen.

Day again memorable, by a q Infead of the Prayer [In time fresh instance of thy 'loving

of War and Tumults,] fall be kindness towards us. We bless used this Prayer following: thee for giving His late Majesty

Lord, who didit this day dif- King William a safe arrival here, O

cover the snares of death and for making all oppofition were laid for us; and didnt fall before him, till he became


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our King and Governor. We and entered into a village of the beseech thee to protect and Samaritans, to make ready for defend our Sovereign King him. And they did not receive GEORGE, and all the Royal him, because his face was as Family, from all treasons and though he would go to Jerusaconspiracies; preserve him in lem. And when his disciples thy faith, fear and love; prof. James and John faw this, they per his reign with long happi- said, Lord, wilt thou that we ness here on earth; and crown command fire to come down him with everlasting glory here- from heaven, and consume after, through Jesus Christ our them, even as Elias did? But only Saviour and Redeemer. he turned and rebuked them, Amen.

and said, Ye know not what The Epifle. Rom. 13. 1. manner of spirit ye are of. For

ET every soul be subject un- the Son of man is not come to there is no power but of God : them. And they went to anothe powers that be are ordain- ther village. ed of God. Whosoever therefore After the Creed, if bere be na refifteth the power, refifteth the

Sermon shall be read one of the ordinance of God; and they that refft Mall receive to themselves This sentence is to be read at the

fix Homilies again Rebellion. damnation. For rulers are not a

Offertory terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid W men should do to you,

Hatsoever ye would that of the power? da that which is do ye even fo to them : for this good, and thou shalt have praise is the law and the prophets. of the fame. For he is the mini- S. Mattb.7. 12. fter of God to thee for good. But 1 After the Prayer for tbe Church if thou do that which is evil,

Militart, this following Projet be afraid; for he beareth not

is to be used. the sword in vain : for he is the minister of God, a revenger to


cellent 'in all the earch, execute wrath upon him that and thy glory above the hea doeth evil. Wherefore ye must vens; who on this Day didît mi. needs be subject not only for raculouAy preserve wrath, but also for conscience and State from the secret con. fake. 'For, for this cause pay trivance and hellish malice of ye tribute also : for they are Popish Conspirators; and on God's ministers, attending con- this day also didft' begin to Render therefore to all their from the open tyranny and op tinually upon this very thing. give us a mighty deliverance dues; tribute to whom tribute pression of the same cruel and is due; cuítom to whom custom; blood-thirsty enemies: We bless fear to whom fear; honour tó and adore thy glorious Majefty whom honour,

as for the former, ro for this thy The Gospel. S. Luke 9.51. late marvellous loving-kindA

ND it came to pass, when nefs to our Church and Nation, he Naould be received up, he gion and Liberties. And we ftedfastly set his face to go to humbly pray, that the devout Jerusalem, and sent messengers sense of this thy repeated mercy, before his face : and they went may renew and increase in us !

our Church



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