Proper Leffons. according to thy good pleasure: The First, Jorh. 1. to the end of We yield thee unfeigned thanks the ninth verfe.

for that thou want pleased, as Te Deum.

on this day to place thy Ser. The Second. Rom. 13.

vant our Sovereign Lord King

GEORGE, upon the throne of Jubilate Deo.

these Realms. Let thy wisdom 1 The Suffrages next after ebe Creed be his guide, and let thine

Shalifiand tbus: arm strengthen him; let juftice, Priest. 'o Lord, thew thy mercy truth, and holiness, let peace upon us ;

and love, and all those virtues Answer. And grant us tby fal- that adorn the Christian Provation,

fession, flourish in his days; diPrich. O Lord, save the King; rect all his counsels and endea.

Answer. Wbo puttet bis trih vours to thy glory, and the in tbce,

welfare of his people ; and give Prieft. Send him help from us grace to obey him cheerfully thy holy place;

and willingly, for conscience Answer. And evermore migbtily fake; that neither our finful paldefend him.

fions, nor our private interests, Priest

. Let his enemies have may disappoint his cares for the no advantage against him; publick good : let him always

Answer. Let not the wicked ap- possess the hearts of his people, proach to kurt him.

that they may never be want Priest. Endue thy ministers ing in honour to his person, and with righteousness;

dutifu) submission to his auAnswer. And make thy chosen thority: let his Reign be long people joyful.

and prosperous, and crown him Priefl. O Lord, save thy peo- with immortality in the life to ple';

come, through Jesus Chrift our Answ. And bless thine inberit- Lord. Amen. Prief: Give peace in our time, 9 In the end of the Litany, wbicb

pall always be ujed upon this Answ. Because there is none Day, after the Collect (We other that fig beeib for us, but only humbly beseech thee, O Fa. tbou, O God.

ther, &c.] pall tbe following Priest. Be unto us, O Lord, a Prayer for tbe King and Royal ftrong tower;

Family be used Anfw, from the face of our onemies.


Lord our God, who up: Prieff, O Lord, hear our things in heaven and earth, reprayer; Answ. And let our cry come unto

ceive our humble prayers, with

our hearty thankfgivings for Ibee,

our Sovereign Lord GEORGE, 5 Infead of the forft Colleet at as on this day set over us by

Morning Prayer, pall be used thy grace and providence, to this following Colleet of Thanks be our King; and fo together giving for bis Majefty's Accéj- with him bless our gracious Jion to ibe Tbrone,

Queen Charlotte, their Royal A , Prince of

over all the kingdoms of Wales, the Princess the world, and disposeit of them ager of Wales, and all the



O Lord;

thee in health, peace, joy and Bledechristian Princes to the

Royal Family; that they all ever tbe Epiftle, instead of the Colleet trusting in thy goodness, protect for the King and that of the .ed by thy power, and crowned Day, shall be used this Prayer with thy gracious and endless for the King, as supreme Governor

of this Church

Lord, honour; and may live long and happy lives upon earth, defence of thy faith, and haft and after death obtain everlast- made it their duty to promote ing life and glory in the king- the spiritual welfare, together dom of heaven, by the merits with the temporal intereft of and mediation of Christ Jesus their people ; We acknowledge our Saviour, who, with the Fa. with "humble and thankful ther and the holy Spirit, live hearts thy great goodness to us, eth and reigneth, ever one God, in setting thy servant our mort world without end. Amen. gracious King over this Church

and Nation : Give him, we beq Tben spall follow this Collect seech thee, all those heavenly

for God's, protection of the King graces that are requisite for so. against all bis enemies. high a truft ; Let the work of MO

OST gracious God, who thee, bis God prosper in his haft set thy servant

hand; let his eyes behold the GEORGE our King upon the success of his designs for the throne of his Ancestors, we mort service of thy true Religion ehumbly beseech thee to protect ftablished among us; and make him on the fame from all the him a blessed inftrument of prodangers to which he be tecting and advancing thy truth exposed. Hide him from the wherever it is perfecuted and gathering together of the fro- oppressed : Let'hypocrify and ward, and from the insurrec- profaneness, surperstition and tion of wicked doers; Do thou idolatry fly before his face; weaken the hands, 'blaft the let not heresies and falle docdefigns, and defeat the enter

trines disturb the peace of the prizes of all his enemies; that Church, nor schisms and cause. no secret conspiracies, nor open

less divisions weaken it; but violences, may disquiet "his grant us to be of one heart and reign; but that being fafely one mind in serving thee our kept under the shadow of thy God, and obeying him accordwing, and supported by thy ing to thy will: And that these power, he may triumph over all blessings may be continued to oppofition: that fo the world after-ages, let there never be may acknowledge thee to be one wanting, in his house to his Defender and mighty De- fucceed him

in the government liverer in all difficulties and ad. of these Kingdoms, that our versities, through Jesus Christ posterity may see his children's our Lord. Amen.

children, and peace upon Israel.

So we that are thy people, and 1 Then the Prayer for the bigb feep of thy pasture, Hall give Court of Parliament, if fitting.

thee thanks for ever, and will

always be thewing forth thy 1 In the Communion Service, im- praise from generation to genemediately before the reading of ration. timen.


The Epiftle. 1 S. Pet. 2. 11. God's. When they had heard DE

Early beloved, I beseech these words, they marvelled, and

you as strangers and pil- left him, and went their way. grims, abstain from Aethly lufts 1 After the Nicene Creed, fall which war against the soul; foll.w the Sermon. having your conversation ho- 1 In ibe Offertory sball this Sena neft among the Gentiles : that tence be read. whereas they speak against you Let your light fo Mine before as evil.doers, they may by your men, that they may see your good works which they shall good works, and glorify your behold, glorify God in the day Father which is in heaven, of vifitation. Submit yourselves S. Marth. 5. 16. to every ordinance of man for After the Prayer [For the the Lord's fake : whether it be whole state of Christ's Church, to the king, as supreme ; or &c.], these Colleets following unto governors as unto them fall be used. that are sent by him for the I A Prayer for Unity, for the praise of them thacado O GOD the Father of our

Lord Jesus Chrift, our well. For so is the will of God, only Saviour, the Prince of that with well-doing ye may Peace; Give us grace feriously put to filence the ignorance of to lay to heart the great dan. foolish men: as free and not gers we are in by our unhappy using your liberty for a cloke of divisions. Take away all hatred maliciousness, but as, the fer- and prejudice, and whatsoever vants of God. Honour all men; elle may hinder us from godiy Love the brotherhood ; Fear Union and Concord : That as God; Honour the King. there is but one Body, and one The Gospel. S. Matth. 22. 16. Spirit, and one Hope of our

their disciples, with the one Baptism ; one God and FaHerodians, saying, Master, we ther of us all; so we may henceknow that thou art true, and forth be all of one heart, and teachest the way of God in of one foul, united in one holy truth, neither carest thou for bond of truth and peace, of faith any man; for thou regardest and charity; and may with one not the person of men. Ten mind and one mouth glorify us therefore, What thinkeft thee, through Jesus Christ our thou? Is it lawful to give tri- Lord. Amen. bure unto Cefar

, or not? But Greech thee, that the course Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye of this world may be so peace. me, ye hypocrites ? Shew me ably ordered by thy governance, the tribute-money. And they that thy Church may, joyfully brought unto him a peny. And serve thee in all godly quierhe faith unto them, Whose is ness, through Jesus Christ our this image and superscription ? Lord. Amin. Then faith he unto them, Ren

IRANT, we befeech thee, GR

Almighty God, that the der therefore unto Cerar, the words which we have heard things which are Cesar's; and this day with our outward ears, unto God, the things that are may through thy grace be fo


i grafted inwardly in our hearts, not, and for our blindness we

that they may bring forth in cannot ask, vouchsafe to give
us the fruit of good living, to us for the worthiness of thy Son
the honour and praise of thy Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Name, through Jesus Christ our
Lord. Amen.

THerace of God which

palleth all understanding, tain of all wisdom, who the knowledge and love of God, knoweft our neceffities before and of his Son Jesus Christ our we ask, and our ignorance in Lord : and the blessing of God asking i We beseech thee to Almighty, the Father, the Son, have compaffion upon our infir- and the Holy Ghost, be amongst mities; and those things which you, and remain with you al. for our unworthiness we dare ways. Amen.

GEORGE R. OUR Will and Pleasure is, That these Four Forms of

Prayer and Service, made for the Fifth of November, the Thirtieth of January, the Twenty-ninth of May, and the Twenty-fifth of October, be forthwith printed and published, and annexed to the Book of Common Prayer and Liturgy of the Church of England, to be used yearly on the said days, in all Cathedral and Collegiate Churches and Chapels, in all Chapels of Colleges and Halls within both our Universities, and of our Colleges of Eaton and Winn chefter, and in all Parish Churches and Chapels within that part of our Kingdom of Great Britain called England, the Dominion of Wales, and Town of


Berwick upon


Given at our Court at St. James's, the Seventh Day

of Ozlober, 1761. in the First Year of our Reign,

By His Majesty's Command,


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The Scom The Fire The Soccer The First The Seco

The First The Secca The Bo The Book

The Prez-
Four Proc
Twelde F

And the

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the very and eternal God, of VI. Of tbe Suficiency of the Hey The Book

was never any doubt in the

Agreed upon by the ARCHBISHOPS and Bishops of Jokuu, both Provinces, and the whole Clergy, in the Convocation holden at London in the Year 1562: for The Fira avoiding of Diversities of Opinions, and for the ftablishing of Consent touching True Religion. Res printed by his Majesty's commandment.

ARTICLES of RELIGION, 1. Of Faith in the Holy Trinity. IV. Of ibe resurre&tion of Christ. HERE is but One living , CHRIST did truly wife again

from death, and cook again The Pialwithout body, parts, or passions; his body, with flesh, bones, and of infinite power, wisdom, and all things appertaining to the goodness; the Maker and Pre- perfection of man's nature, server of all things both visible wherewith he ascended into and invisible. And in unity of heaven, and there litteth until this Godhead there he three he return to judge all men at Persons, of one substance, pow- the last day. er, and eternity ; the Father, the v. Of the Holy Ghof Son, and the Holy Ghoft.

THE Holy Ghost, proceed

. II. Of tbe Word or Son of God, ing from the father and which was made very Man. the Son, is of one substance, HE Son, which is the Word majetty and glory, with the

, from everlasting of the Father, eternal God. one substance with the Father, Scriptures for Salvation. took Man's nature in the womb


Toly Scripture containeth all of the blessed Virgin, of her sub

things necessary to Salvastance ; so that two whole and tion: so that whatsoever is not perfect natures, that is to fay, read therein, nor may be prova the Godhead and Manhood, ed thereby, is not to be requir

: were joined together in one ed of any man, that it hould Person, never to be divided, be believed as an article of the whereof is one Christ, very God, faith, or be thought requisite.com and very man; who truly

suffer necessary to Salvation.' In the ed, was crucified, dead, and bu- name of the holy Scripture we ried, to reconcile his father to do understand thore Canonica

) us, and to be a facrifice, not Books of the Old and New only for original guilt, but also Testament, of whose authority for actual sins of men. III. Of the going down of Christ Church. into bell.

of the Names and Number of ebe AS S Christ died for us, and

Canonical Books. was buried;, so also it is GEnefi"; to be believed, that he went

Exodus, down into Hell.


road for Aruction

doth it no bith any these folle The Third The Fourte

The Book o

The reft of

The Book E

Jefus abes

Borueb tbt

The Song Te: Story of Bel and

The Praye The First

The Second

All the Tehamen monly rece and accout VII. O


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