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****LL those Blessings which we now

enjoy, and hope hereafter to receive from Almighty God, are purchased for us, and must be ob.

tained through the Merits and Intercession of the Holy Jesus, who has * instituted and ordained Holy Mysteries, as

Pledges of his Love, and for a continual "Remembrance of his Death and Passion, to

our great and endless Comfort.Luke xxii, 19. I Cor. xi. 24. But then we must rememthe is? ber, that these Benefits and Bleffings, which Priss the Son of God has purchased for us, are no

where promised, but upon Condition that we ourselves are first duly qualified for them.

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Discourse to enquire ; wherein I shall endea Death. And herein I hope to remove all those Fear Self-E and Scruples which arise in our Minds, aboud by "curring our own Damnation thereby," tfdf, I shall take Occasion to explain that Parto that no Duty of a Sacramental Preparation ; namely, ment of C

Q. " What is required of them who com bought “, repent them truly of their former Sins, fted Caution a 4 A Companion to the Altar. The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, is a fou lemn Ratification of our Baptismal Covenant, wherein God for his Part hath faithfully promised « Pardon and Remiffion of Sins to all

true Penitents,” and we for our Parts are therein solemnly bound to be faithful and obe. dient unto Him, 2 Tim. ii. 19. Before then we can promise to ourselves any Benefit or Advan Sitesh tage from the Participation of this solemn Rie and Covenant between God and us, we mui Repent endeavour (what in us lies) to posess our Soul them ar with all those divine Qualifications which this Sacrament of the Lord's Supper requires te render us worthy Partakers thereof.

And what those are, it is the Design of this vour to Mew what that Preparation of Heart Charity and Mind is, which must dispose us for a word with all thy Participation of the blessed Sacrament

eating and drinking unworthily, and of ingroundless and unwarrantable ; and to do this our Church CATECHISM, designedly

in tended for our Instruction, with relation to thi “to the Lord's Supper?”

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* lively Faith in God's Mercy through Christy, “ with a thankful Remembrance of his Death, “ and to be in Charity with all Men.” This is that Sacramental Preparation which our Church (in as few Words as is possible) hath provided for our Companion or Guide to the holy Altar. The Duty then of a devout Communicant confifteth in these Six following Particulars : 1. Self-Examination; to examine themselves. 2. Repentance towards God'; whether they repent them truly of their former Sins.

3. Holy Purposes or Resolutions of a new Life ; stedfastly purposing to lead a new Life. 4. Faith in God's Mercy through Christ; to have a lively Faith, &c. 5. A thankful Remembrance of his Death. 6thly and lastly, Unseigned Love or Charity for all Mankind; and to be in Charity with all Men.

The first Part then of a Communicant's Duty is Self-Examination : A Duty not only enjoined by human Authority, but likewise commanded by St. Paul. But let a Man examine himself, and. so let him eat of that Bread, and drink of that Cup, 1 Cor. xi. 28. Intimating, that no Man should presume to eat of that Bread, and drink of that Cup, without a previous Preparation, if he mean to escape that fame Judgment of Condemnation which these Corinthians brought upon themselves for their irreverent, sinful and disorderly Behaviour at this Sacrament; and this was the Occasion of St. Paul's Caution and Reproof: He that eateth and drinketh unworthily', says the Apostle, eateth and

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us, as the wife Man adviseth, Remember the cessary Feast holy, and adorned with the Wedding require the Society of that celestial Company, which this Du as worthy Communicants; that he who knowot be real

drinketh Damnation * to himself, not discernin C.
the Lord's Body, ver. 29.
{ * Note, This Word Damnation, does not signify eterea

Condemnation, but on the contrary fome temporal Punith
ment or Judgment, (as you have it in the Margin of your
Bible) such as Sickness or Death, with which the City of
Corinth was afflicted, for their great Abuse and Profanator
of this folemn Institution; so that the Sins here reprosty

(nåmely, Gluttony, Drunkenness and Faction, vertrof hi
21,22.) and the Damnation here threatned, hath no R-
lation to us, unless it could be proved, that

of us were ever guilty of the fame Wickedness with these Corinthias; which I believe no Man ever was, or would be suffered se

FI approach the Lord's Table after such a disorderly

as they did, if Men were so lewd and profane. ] But that our Preparation may be so well permite quires formed by us as to prevent the like Danger, le know, End, and we fhall never do amiss, Eccl

. vii. 1a eterna Firš then, That we may come to this heavenly Garment, Matt. xxii. 11. we must search out more i Hearts, and examine our Consciences, not only becauf till we fee our Sins, but until we hate

themi pot exis and instead of those filthy Rags of our Righte Death ousness, we must adorn our Minds with pure cramen and pious Dispositions ; even that clean Limone of pico the Righteousness of the Saints, Rev. xix. & With these Ornaments are holy Souls fitted for are to be met with at this Solemnity. 2dis fochish Another End or Design of this strict Prepara proces tion, is, That we may be accepted by God you to the Secreis of all our Hearts, neither is there an

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Creature that is not manifest in his Sight, but all things are naked and opened unto the Eyes of him with whom we have to do, Jer. xvii. 10. Heb.iv. 13. may approve of the Sincerity of our Repentance; and the King, who comes in to view the Guests, Matt. xxii. jlmay (though ftrictly speaking we are not fo) count is worthy of his Favour and Countenance. And how to attain fo great a Besiing, thefe following Infiructions will help and allift us.

First, We are directed to repent us truly of an our former Sins. This is that Preparation which Christ himself re

Repentance. quires of us, Matt. iii. 2, 3. A Duty, you know, which our sinful Lives make always necessary for our Consideration, if ever we expect eternal Happiness hereafter, Luke xiii. 3. But more especially the Dignity of this Sacrament requires that it should be enquired into with more than ordinary Care and Circumspection, because without fincere Repentance, we cannot expect any Benefit or Advantage from the Death and Paffion of Christ, which in this Sacrament we commemorate, and have the Merits of it conveyed to us by this sacred Memorial. Supposing then that this is sufficient to convince you of the Necessity and Importance of this Duty, that upon it depends our Welcome to this heavenly Feast unto which we are called; I proceed now in the Second Place to inform you, That if our Repentance or Return to God be real and sincere, it will produce these following good Effeets in us.


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