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For as in Adam all.die: even fo fepulchre. Then the runneth in Christ all thall be made alive. and cometh to Simon Peter, and 1 Cor. 15. 20.

to the other disciple whom JeGlory be to the Fatber, and to fus loved, and faith unto them, the Son: and to the Holy Ghost; They have taken away the Lord

As it was in the beginning is out of the sepulchre, and we now, and ever shall be : world know not where they have laid without end. Amen.

him. Peter therefore went forth, The Colleet.

and that other disciple, and came Almighty God, who through both dependente, so they can fus Chrift haft overcome death, difciple did out-run Peter; and and opened unto us the gate of came first to the sepulchre. And everlahing life ; we humbly be he atooping down, and looking feech thee, that as by thy speci- in, faw the linen clothes lying; al grace preventing us, thou doft yet went he not in. Then.com put into our minds good de. eth Simon Peter following him, fires ; fo by thy continual help and feeth the linen clothes lie;

and went into the sepulchre, we may bring the same to good and the napkin that was about effect, through Jesus Christ our -Lord; who liveth and reigneth his head, not lying with the li

with thee and the Holy Ghost, nen clothes, but wrapped togeever one God; world without ther, in a place by itself. Then end. timen.

went in also that other difciple

which came first to the fepulchre, The Epiftle. Col. 3: 1: and he saw and believed. For as If air from the seek those things which are that he must

again above, where Chrift fitteth on dead. Then the disciples went athe right hand of God. Set your way again unto their own home. affection on things above, not on things on the earth: for ye are dead, and your life is hid Monday in Easter-rweek, with Christ in God. When Chrift,

The Colle7.

Lmighty then mall ye also appear with hiin in glory. Mortify therefore sus Christ has overcome death, your members which are upon and opened unto us the gate of ihe earth; fornication, unclean- everlasting life ; we humbly beness, inordinate affection, evil feech thee, that as by thy special concupiscence, and covetour

grace preventing us, thou doft ness, which is idolatry : For put into our minds good desires ; which things fake the wrath of ro by thy continual help we may God comech on the children of bring the same to good effect, disobedience. In the which ye through Jesus Christ our Lord also walked some time, when ye who liveth and reigneth with lived in them.

thee and the Holy Ghost, riever Tbe Gospel. S. John 20. 1. one God, world without end, THE fint day of the week Amen. cometh

For the Epiftle.' Acts 10.343 unto the sepulchre, and feeth and faid, of a truth perthe stone taken away from the ceive that God is no respecter

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who is our life, hall

appeach Athine only-begotten Son Je

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of persons; but in every nation, have one to ancther as ye walk, he that feareth him, and work and are sad? And one of them, eth righteousness, is accepted whose name was Cleopas, anwith him. The word which God swering, said unto him, Art sent unto the children of Israel, thou only a stranger in Jerusa. preaching peace by Jesus Chrift: lem, and hatt not known the (he is Lord of all) that word, I things which are come to pass say, ye know, which was pub- there in these days ? And he Irid lilled througlicut all Judea, and unto them, What things ? And began from Galilee, after the they said unto him, Concerning Baptism which John preached : Jesus of Nazareth, which was a how God anointed Jelus of Na- prophet mig:ity in deed and zareth with the Holy Ghoit, and word, before Cod and all the with power; who went about people: and how the chief priests. doing good, and healing all that and our rulers delivered him to were oppressed of the devil : for be condemned to death, and God was with him. And we are have crucified him But we witnesses of all things which he trusted that it had been he did, both in the land of the which she uld have redeenied Ifa, Jews and in Jerusalem; whom rael ; and beside all this, to-day they new, and hanged on a tree: is the third day lince these things Him God raised up the third were done. Yea, and certain day; and thewed him penly: women also of our company not to all the pecple, but unto made us astonished, which were witnesses chosen before of God, early at the sepulchre; and when even to us, who did eat and they found nut his body, they drink with him after he rose came, saying, that they had also from the dead. And he com- seen a vifion of angois, which manded us to preach unto the said that he was alive. And cerpeople, and to testify that it is tain of them which were with he which was ordained of God, us, went to the sepulchre, and to be the judge oi quick and dead. found it even for as the women To him give all the prophets had said ; but bim they raw not, witness, that through his Name, Then he said unto thein, O fools, whosoever believeth in him Mall and now of heart to believe zlí receive remission of fins.

that the prophets have spoken ! The Golp:l. S. Luke 24. 13. ought not Christ to have sufferB Ehold two of his disciples ed these thing, and to enter in.

went that same day to a to his glory? And beginning at village called Emmaus, which Mcses, and all the prophets, le was from Jerusalem about three. expounded unto them in all the score furlongs. And they talked Scriptures the things concerning together of ali these things which himself And they drew nigh had happened. And it came to unto the village, whither they pals, that while they commured went; and he made as though, together, and reasoned, Jesus he would have gone further : but himself drew near, and went they constrained him, saying, with them. But their eyes were Abide with us; for it is towards holden, that they. Thould not evening, and the day isfar spent. know him Anri he said unto And he went in to carry with them, What manner of como them. And it came to pais, as he munications are there that ye sat at meat with them, he took


bread, and blessed it, and brake, And when they had fulfilled all and gave to them. And their that was written of him, they eyes were opened, and they took him down from the tree, knew him; and he vanished cut and laid him in a sepulchre. But of their light. And they f.id one God raised him from the dead: to another, Did not our heart and he was seen many days of burn within us, while he talked them which came up with him with us by the way, and while from Galilee to Jerusalem, wha. he opened to us the Scriptures ? are his witnesses unto the peoAnd they rose up the same hour, ple. And we declare unto you and returned to Jerusalem, and glad tidings, how that the pro. found, the eleven gathered toge. mise which was made unto the ther, and them that were with fathers, God hath fulfilled the them, saying, The Lord is risen fame unto us their children, in indeed, and hath appeared to that he hath raised up Jefus aSimon. And they told what gain; as it is also written in the things were done in the way, second pfalm, Thou art my Son, and how he was known of them this day have I begotten thee. in breaking of bread.

And as concerning that he raised

him up from the dead, now no Tuesday in Eaper-week. more to return to corruption, Tbe Collect.

he said on this wife, I will give A Lmighty God who through you the fure mercies of David.

Wherefore he faith alfo in ano. thy only-begotten Son Je- ther pfalm, Thou shalt not sufsus Chriit hait overcome death, and opened unto us the gate of fer thine Holy One to see coreverlasting life ; We humbly bea ruption. For David, after he had feech thee, that as hy thy special will of God, fell on neep, and

served his own generation by the grace preventing us, thou dost put into nur minds good desires ; law corruption : but he whom

was laid unto his fathers, and To by thy continual help we may God railed again, faw no corbring the same to good effect: ruptian. Be it known unto t'vrouzh, Jesus Christ our Lord; w!30 liveth and reirneth with you therefore, men and brethren, thee and the Holy Ghost, ever

that though this man is preachone God, world without end. ed unto you the forgiveness of

fins : and by him all that believe omen,

are justified from all things, For the Epifle. Acts 13. 26. from which ye could not be Me

of the stock of Abraham, Beware therefore left that come and whosoever among you fear- upon you which is fpoken of in et God, to you is the word of the prophets ; Rehold, ye defpithis falvation fent. For they fers, and wonder, and perish : fbiar dwell at Jerusalem, and for í work a work in your days, their rulers, bc:aufe they knew a work which ye shall in no wisé him not, nor yet the voices of believe, though a man declare the prophets which are read ?. it unto you. very fabbath-day, they have ful. fillet them in condemning him

The Gospel S, Luke 24. 36. And though they found no cause ESUS himself stood in the Pilare that he movid be Nain. 'to them, Peace be unto you. But

they ·

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they were terrified and affright, The Epifle. 1. S. John 3:4. ed, and supposed that they had W 7 Haisoever is born of God,

overcometh the world; them, why are ye troubled ? and and this is the victory that over! why do thoughts arise in your cometh the world, even our hearts ? Behold my hands and faith. Who is he that overmy feet, that it is I myself : han- cometh the world, but he that die me, and fee: for a spirit believeth that Jesus is the Son of hath not flesh and bones, as ye God? This is he that came by see me have. And when he had water and blood, even Jesus thus spoken, he shewed them his Christ; not by water only, but hands and his feet. And while by water and blood : and it is they yet believed not for joy, the spirit that beareth witness, and wondered, he said unto because the spirit is truth. For them, Have ye here any meat there are three that bear record and they gave him a piece of in heaven, the Father, the Word, a broiled fiih, and of an honey- and the Holy Ghost: and these comb. And he took it, and did three are one. And there are eat before them. And he said three that bear witness in earth, unto them, These are the words the spirit, and the water, and which I spake unto you, while thoblood : and these three agree I was yet with you, that all in one. If we receive the wit. things must be fulfilled which ness of men, the witness of God were written in the law of Mo- is greater: for this is the witnels ses, and in the prophets, and of God which he hath teftified in the psalms concerning me. of his Son. He that believethy Then opened he their under on the Son of God hath the wită ftanding, that they might un- ness in himself: he that believe derstand the Scriptures; and eth not God, hath made him a faid unto them, Thus it is writ- lyar, because he believeth not ten, and thus it behoved Christ the record that God gave of his to suffer, and to rise from the Son. And this is the record that dead the third day; and that re- God hath given to us eternal life; pentance and remiffion of sins and this life is in his Son. He that fhould be preached in his Name hath the Son, hath life; and he among all nations, beginning at that hath not the Son, hath not Jerusalem. And ye are witnesses life. of these things.

The Gospel. S. John 20. 19.

H E same day at evening,

being the firft day of the The firf Sunday after Eafter.

week, when the doors were shut,

where the disciples were affem dah is The Collect,

bled for fear of the Jews, came

in , given thine only Son to die faith unto them, Peace be unto for our sins, and to rise again for you. And when he had fo faid, our justification, Grant us fo to he tewed unto them his hands put away the leaven of malice and his side. Then were the dif and wickednefs, that we may ciples glad when they saw the alway serve thee in pureness of Lord. Thien faid Jesus to them living and truth, through the again, Peace be unto you ; As merits of the fame thy Son Jefus my Father hath senų me, even Christ our Lord. Amen.

so send. I you, and when he had

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The second and third Sundays after Eafter. faid this, he breathed on them, sive that is an hireling, and not

life for the and said unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost: Whole-soever the shepherd, whose own the sms ye remit, they are remitted sheep are not, feeth the wolf unto them; and whose-soever coming, and leaveth the theep, fin's ye retain, they are retained. and feeth; and the wolf catch

eth them, and scattereth the The second Sunday after Eaffer. theep. The hireling fleeth, beThe Colleft.

cause he is an hireling, and carA Lmighty God, who haft giv- eth not for the Theep. I am the

en thine only Son to be un- good shepherd, and know my to us both a facrifice for fin, and lieep, and am known of mine. also an ensample of godly life;.

As the Father knoweth me, eGive us grace, that we may al- yen fo know I the Father: and I ways most thankfully receive lay down my life for the Deep. that his inestimable benefit, and And other theep I have, which also daily endeavour ourselves to

are not of this fold; them also I follow the blessed steps of his must bring, and they Thall hear molt holy life, through the same my voice; and there shall be one Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

fold and one shepherd.
Ibe Epifle. I S. Pet. 2. 19.

Tte tbird Sunday after Eafter.
THIS is thank-worthy, if a

The Collect
Grong foldyre Feriet har

fuffering Almighligi obe newest
it, if when ye be buffeted for the light of thy truth, to the in,
your faults, ye hall take it pa. tent that they may return into
tiently. But if when ye do well, the way of rightcousness, Grant
and suffer for it, ye take it paci- unto all them that are admitted
ently; this is acceptable with into the fellowship of Christ's
God. For even hereunto were Religion, that they may eschew
ye called : because Christ also those things that are contrary,
suffered for us, leaving us an ex to their profession, and follow
ample, chat ye should follow his all such things as are agreeable
Heps : who did no fin, neither to the fa ne, through our Lord
was guile found in his mouth: Jesus Christ. Amen.
who, when he was reviled, re The Epiftle. 1 S. Pet. 2. II.
viled not again; when he suffer-
committed himself to him that abstain from Heshly lufts, which
combie edhreatened not; but D Early beloved, I beseech you

as strangers and pilgrims, judgeth righteously :. who his war against the soul; having own self bare our fins in his own your conversation honest among body on the tree; that we be- the Gentiles; that whereas they ing dead to fin, mould live unto speak against you as evil doers, righteousness by whose stripes they may by your good works, ye were healed. For ye were as which they shall behold, glorify sheep going aftray; but are now God in the day of visitation. returned unto the shepherd and Submit yourselves to every or Bishop of your Souls.

dinance of man for the Lord's The Gospel. S. John 10. 11. fake : whether it be to the king, E SUS said, I am the good as fupreme: or unto governors;

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