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Oliver Vorke

to all Men greeting.–Not of our mere motion, but by command of the incomparable Regina, que herewith issue our Writ of Summons to such of our loving Subjects, in all parts of the World, as have contributed to the delectation and instruction of the rest, desiring that they should all meet, in full Parliament assembled,



loving subjects, of Her Majesty's gracious regards and intentions. In order, however, that all such then present as may be desirous of delivering eloquent acknowledgments of Her Majesty's great condescension, may come with set Orations worthy of their character and erudition, We think it fitting to set forth beforehand the terms of the said Royal Address, as intrusted to Our custody, in Her Majesty's own most inimitable caligraphy.


My Lords and Gentlemen,

Looking forward to the commencement of the seventh year of our reign, and anticipating that in its progress, and at its conclusion, it will prove indeed a season of jubilee – a period of great popular joy-a year of festivity -- we deem the present a fitting time for the twofold task of retrospection and of promise. When we, fortified by your applauding voices, assumed the throne which we have sought to fill to general satisfaction-and, as we hear, not vainly

– we found the realm of Letters suffering famine from the want of periodical nourishment. About every four weeks, indeed, a New Monthly Supply was sent abroad; but it was destined for the Drawing-room, and not the Library. Men's stomachs yearned for more substantial fare— they were wearied with milk, and wished for strong meat. We determined that better diet, in both sorts, should forth with be made and provided. For this purpose we gave command, that certain edible animals, passing under the general denomination of “ luckless or pluckless wights,” should be cut up provisionally, and “mangled like carcasses for the hounds" of the kingdom, as an appropriate reward for their natural keenness of scent and practised agility in the hunt; and that others of nobler thews and sinews, and of braver mettle, should be “ carved as a feast fit for the gods.” And by these means, a clearance was made of much that had been suffered to cumber the land, and yet, in its several ways, and after its different kinds, was good for aliment. Moreover, we planted Vineyards of our own; and the people drank of the genuine juice of the grape, and were refreshed. New wines, also, were invented by us ; such, for example, as “ True and Fearless Criticism,”. “ Right Philosophical Principles,” and “ Political Facts :”


which it bath been our hap to be engaged, we trust that we have never shewn signs of withdrawing from the fight; but, on the contrary, have grieved only when we have encountered foemen unworthy of our steel-cravens who squeal and gibber under our infliction, or run howling and smarting under their wounds to crave the salves of “old father antic, the law," when our hand has been mighty to hurt. Of these persons we take no heed — none whatever. Let them perish in their own devices ! For us it suffices, that, under all circumstances, under good report and evil report, the “ Spirit of Allegiance” to the CHURCH, the King, and the ConsTITUTION, has Dever refused to answer to our call; and the “ Spirit of the Age" has not seldom changed the course of error for that of justice at the bidding of Regina. In the face of opposition, unparalleled in literary annals, we have persevered and prevailed, and shall prevail more. Our cheer hath hitherto been good, henceforth it shall be better. Gentlemen,

Let us, therefore, turn your attention to the future. We would lay upon you the burthen of further endeavour; we recommend you to consider well the ample resources which are at your disposal, to make report thereof at an early day, and thereafter such arrangements for future governance as the Wisdom of Parliament may suggest. My Lords and Gentlemen,

Justified by experience, we confide these important interests to your zeal and intelligence, under the deepest conviction that you will perform your several trusts with integrity, courage, and discretion.

The time appointed in the Prescript accompanying the above Epistle

for holding the said Parliament was Monday, the twenty-eighth of December, being the day of Innocents; and on that day accordingly it was held. The Contributors of REGINA all assembled, Oliver Yorke having been duly elected to the Chair, as Keeper of the Conscience of REGINA, and Speaker of her Commons.


ALL THE FRASERIANS. Among whom we noticed the most distinguished persons in this world, and in the world of shadows. To begin with the latter, we The names of the living lights of literature we shall deal with alphabetically, that being the most impartial mode of arrangement. Accordingly, we subjoin the following train of


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That, in the above list, many noble and eminent names have been omitted, is possible; for, in so large a space as Westminster Hall, a

inted it may be naturally

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