The Lord Mayor, seated in a superb work of art, late from the Potteries, attended by Alderman

The Fellows of all the Societies.
The Band of the Hotstream Guards.

The Members of Crockford's.

The Members of Arthur's.

The Members of White's. The Members of the Senior and Junior

United Service Clubs, in full Regimentals (as many of them

as had any).

Christopher North,
riding a cock-borse on his crutch.

Captain Marryat, holding his two per children, Peter Simple and Japhet, by the band, and regarding them with a look of Metropolitan


Mr. Henry Colburn, in a vone-oss-shay, with the New Monthly

haltered before him. The King of Bavaria,

arm-in-arm with himself. The King of the Sandwich Islands, arm-in-arm with Tydus-Pooh-Pooh.

The Undergraduates of Oxford.
The Undergraduates of Cambridge.
The Literary Aides-de-Camp of Oliver

The Band of the Queen's Own.

Sheridan Knowles,
mounted on a Hunchback.
Wonderful People of both Sexes.
The Banner of Philosophy,

borne by T. Carlyle.

The Banner of Poetry, borne by William Wordsworth.

The Banner of Wit, borne by Theodore Hook. The Banner of Humour,

borne by T. Hood.
The Banner of Eloquence,

borne by Sir R. Peel.
The Banner of Chivalry,
borne by Sir Francis Burdett.

doubt left that therein sate the
• bright presence" of

The Twelve Wonders of the Literary

World, namely, the Twelve bound Volumes of

FRASER'S MAGAZINE, borne in the following order: Vol. I. by W. Fraser.

II. .. H. Fraser.
III, .. the Rev. Dr. Croly.
IV. .. Allan Cunningham,

V... Morgan Rattler.
VI. .. John A. Heraud.
VII. .. the Tiger.
VIII. .. Quaffy punchovics.
IX. .. Frank Sheridan.

X. ., the Ghost of Father Prout.
XI... Nimrod.

XII. .. Lockhart. Next came the Artists, the Political Economists, and the Gentlemen of the Fourth Estate, arranged with that precision known by the term higgledy piggledy. In their case, indeed, no other arrangement could have been adopted; for being all jealous of each other, it would have been worse than useless had any attempt at classification been made. Thus they were left to " their own discretion;" a perilous resource, we admit, but in the present instance unfollowed by any injurious consequences. The rear of this procession was most appropriately brought up by the undeveloped gerins of the Westminster School, all fushed with enthusiasm in the royal cause of ReGINA. Of the effect produced by this humanising march, we shall say nothing. And for this reason, the language is yet unformed from the several fragments of Europe, Asia, and Africa (as to America, it has no gift of tongues whatever), by which the effect in question could hope to find its full expression. One instance, however, we feel compelled to give, because it is of a nature so simple that a child can, and of course

I yet most


truncheon, and with a lordly voice Here the Royal Representation was tried“ Halt!" The Barons of the interrupted by the great bellof St. Paul's, Cinque Ports came to a stand imme- which pays loll when regal spirits pass dately; and King Charles thus ad- away. This Power of Sound reminded dressed the Queen of Periodicals: Charles of “ the head and front of his

" Fair and Royal Cousin ! 'unac- offending,” in overstepping the line of customed as I am to public speaking, demarcation which had been drawn

between him and the breathing forms * Burst the bonds of sleep asunder,

of things, by the ruffianly axe of repubAnd hail you with a royal peal of

licanism. With a softening voice, he

thus took farewell : I offer you my warmest congratulations

“I am summoned, O Queen! and on this auspicious day. Accept them

loyal Geutlemen. Let me then bid with your native and regal grace."

adieu for ever to the pageantries of Here there was a rustle in the palan

earth. It is true, no king is crowned, gain , indicating a strong sensation on

no parliament is opened, few prothe part of her majesty. The king then

rogued, and none (now) dissolved, and thus continued :

without the stimulating influences of "Never, since Hubert le Sueur first

kingly state passing under my view; placed me in this commanding position

but they merely agitate, without break- not even on that interesting occasion

ing, my closely-woven slumbers. But when Grinling Gibbons re-erected me,

your Literary Majesty, and your irreafter having been buried in the bed

pressible supporters, may well formed by the River of brass — never • Create a soul beneath the ribs of death.' bave I felt the strong necessity of speaking so powerfully as at the present

I therefore wave you on your way remoment. It is the voice of Fate, big joicingly. Farewell -- remember me!" with destiny, and bearing a meaning

So saying, his Majesty resumed his as mysterious as the far-famed inven

fixed attitude; and when Echo brought tion of Friar Bacon's brazen head.

for the second time the pathetic · FareListen, queenly lady, and you, ye

well -- remember me !' to Regina's sons of a soil which drank the blood

palanquin, a voice, soft as the silken from my grey discrowned head :' of curtains, replied,

· Remember thee? * England, with all thy faults, I love Ay, thou poor Ghost, while memory holds

thee still!' - therefore this warning! The period

In this distracted globe!'” you live in, gentlemen of England, is This homage being paid to the “ a portentous one. The institutions and tyred majesty of Britain,” the living principles, in support of which I lived literature of the same island proceeded and died, are menaced with dangers, on its way. As it continued its career, -impending, but not inevitable. By a the members of the Union and ConTesolute and combined resistance, you servative Clubs joined and fell in, may stem the tide, and roll back its the Marquis of Cnandos leading the raging course upon those vain mortals nobles and gentles of the latter. Up those mad ambition it is to ride the Waterloo Place, and curving by the whirlwind and direct the storm. To Quadrant, the party arrived in Regent every one of you, gentlemen, I say, then, Street; and forthwith the wreaths of Read Fraser's Magazine i

that enough

a seat




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Aares up

wonderful courtesy - yet no, not won- eyes till the Queen, " at whose bright derful, for “it's a way they have in the presence darkness fades away,” should army" when “a lady's in the case;” the descend from her car of state. The stalwart heroes from the Regent's Park voluntary eclipse was immediate. For Barracks were seen advancing slowly the first time in their lives, as regards to meet the “chiefs and ladies bright," many of the multitude, their eyes were who, in the language of Bob Mont- “ turned in upon themselves ;” and, gomery,“ kept going on, not stopping," from their physical contortions, it was up the finest street in Europe. The pretty manifest that their spiritual conmilitaires made a dead halt at some victions were neither consolatory nor half dozen doors from 215, and ranging otherwise, but of most perplexing themselves right across the street, ef- neither-one-thing-nor-the-otherness. fectually prevented any interruption “ Blind - man's buff," however, was of the proceedings from that quarter. soon over. Ilow her Literary Majesty Thus guarded in front, protected in left the palanquin, what was her attire, the rear, and appropriately flanked by the meaning look, the Minerva eye, the “ meadows of margin” through Venus form, heavenly grace, and earthly which such a “ type of perfection" glory,--all this must be unrevealed, as REGINA will always gracefully unless Holman, the blind traveller, “ meander," so long as snap-dragon should make a disclosure, which he

”in blue, emulous of spirits promised Oliver Yorke he would in conflagration, the living stream roll- not make. The mystery being comed on. Well, good, kind, unpurchase- pleted, the Champion of Literature able, but purchasing readers! we all gave in a whisper his instructions to arrived in grand corporal and spiri- the Gentleman Usher of the Birch Rod, tual trim at that part of Regent Street who immediately extended the eviwhence, once a month, the lovely dence that he is “ up to twig," and brow of Regina beams on a public shouted to the countless assemblage, beloved (Platonically). This was, perhaps -- for it is impossible to be

Open your Eyes!" certain -- the most interesting part of which, wonderful to relate! they all the morning's proceedings. Every did. And “slowly, not sadly," they Fraserian sounded his trumpet in a wound within the doorway of the flourish of indomitable power; and palace, which, having numbers for the Literary Champion, rising in his two hundred and fifteen abreast, gave stirrups, commanded every man, wo- the fullest facility for entrance and acman, and child present, to close their commodation. This paves the way for

THE GRAND FRASERIAN FESTIVAL. How shall we enter on a description given by Mr. Walker with a gusto of this delightful scene ? Even by

worthy of the most glorious gastrotrusting to the daughters of Memory, nomes ever congregated at the Rocher who never yet betrayed us— bless their de Caucale, where, we need scarcely faithful recollections !

add, we shall be most happy to see Any minute detail concerning the Mr. Walker to dinner as soon as the viands, wine, and provender generally, raw head and bloody bones of Fieschi would be unworthy of our purely in- are consigned to the tomb of bygone “ One

Particulars, like comparisons, could, in The table was round, and round the seck a case, be “ oderous," or we could table sate those divine women whose mention a name or two, “an' if we influence o'er-mistresses the too suswould." However, there sate the mer- ceptible heart of mortal man. 17-80-round of beauty's royalty; and unbroken line of honourable dead," though the speechification was for the says Hartley Coleridge, speaking of mosi part limited to the men-folk, yet Newcastle's inundated infantry at Marthe Muse of Dryden appeared, bearing ston Moor. One unbroken wreath of ao embroidered seroll, which she sus- living loveliness, say we, speaking of fended in mid-air, above the ladies' the glorious galaxy that graced the Fratable, pointing, with her rosy finger, to serian festival. We swear, “ by our the following inscription:

gracious selves," that, unless we dis" If they were dumb-had Nature gazed

miss the idea of these fascinating beings, so long,

we shall never get on. Well, one efPleased with her work, that she forgot

fort ; and now to our great account. the tongue,

After “ Non nobis Domine had been She'd smiling say, • They still shall gain executed, with less than usual barbarity the prize;'

by the Professionals, Oliver rose. Far I on, bare transferr'd it to their eyes.” around the breathless ball silence en

twined her magic cord of taciturnity to The impression produced by this bright vision was overpowering. And

the tune of the Thirsting of the Rape;"

the sound of which only served to here, before narrating further, let us honour the discrimination of the mo

deepen the noiselessness, making the dern Pythagorean, who determined,

“ silence audible,”-a phrase which that the table at which the ladies sate

we shall explain when ihe shade of should be round,not," said that

Milton condescends to interpret“ darkstrewd and cheerful Caledonian, “ be

ness visible.” These phrases leave a cause I wish to institute an order of beauty which must be felt, not squeezed Ladies of the Round Table," but be

through a definition-press. Such are

often the phrases of Fraser's Magazine. cause there can be no contending for precedence among the sensitive and

As we have said already, Oliver rose. softer portion of humanity, as must

“ We may say this of his manner and his irresistibly happen, were the table of

mien, any other shape whatever. “So a

That to be lov'd they need but to be round table was accordingly provided, which made all square.

“ Further description needeth none.' just mention, for the guidance of those But the curious in such matters may #bo, under similar circumstances, may

find him depicted at full length in be at a loss to procure a round table, Byron's Vision of Judgment, where the that, some few years ago, the Emperor bard describes the ghost of Junius. In, Charles the Fifth settled a precedential a voice, blending the depth of manhubbub between two dames of high de- hood with the softer intonations of gree, by deciding, that the uglier should woman, he thus addressed his joyeur go first.-a decision which made the convives : two adorables most“ backward in com

• Fairest of creation, last and best !' ing forward;" to end which embarrass

(Gracefully bowing to the round table.) ment, they walked arm in arm, and, as was wittily observed by Baron Von And you, my brother contributors Quizemale, the mortal feud was ami- to the beautiful columns of ' REgiNA,' Cably arranged by a recourse to arms. I have to request your attention for a This slight parenthesis may be past few moments while submitting to you gier by those who, on perusal, pro- what I believe to be a laudable innonounce it mal-à-propos. To resume. vation on the established forms of


We may

This table, which was made to the order of REGINA, was furnished by Messrs. Jobostone, Jupp, and Co. We should bave some difficulty in describing it. It is called a " Patent Circular Expanding Table," and is, beyond question, the most com

The principle of the

eila Lind that human invention hos vet produced



convivial intercourse. You are all of Along a bare and open valley, you well aware, that loyal subjects The Ettrick Shepherd was my guide. and buveurs très illustres make the

Wben last along its banks I wander'd, king ! their first toast on occasions

Through groves that had begun to shed like the present. The practice is a Their golden leaves upon the pathways, good one; and nothing but the con- My steps the Border Minstrel led. viction that a better may be proposed The mighty Minstrel breathes no longer, induces me to deviate from the esta

'Mid mouldering ruins low he lies ; blished custom which commences with And death, upon the braes of Yarrow, the King ! and concludes with the Has closed the Shepherd-Poet's eyes. Ladies ! Under the existing regula. Nor has the rolling year twice measured, tion, no sooner has the latter toast

From sign to sign, his steadfast course, been disposed of than the fair objects Since mortal power of Coleridge of it retire; and, of course, revelry, Was frozen at its marvellous source. unredeemed by eloquence, wit, or harmony, succeeds. Thus is a salu

The rapt one, of the Godlike forehead,

The heaven-eyed creature, sleeps in tary compliment construed into a sentence of exile- the banishment being And Lamb, the frolic and the gentle, inflicted not on those who depart, but Has vanished from his lonely hearth. on those who remain behind. Joyous

Like clouds that rake the mountain and gallant gentlemen ! let us reform

summits, this altogether! Let us mark the out

Or waves that own no curbing hand, set of this evening's fleeting career by How fast has brother followed brother an act of homage to those before whom From sunshine to the sunless land! manhood's crest inclines with a defer

Yet I, whose lids from infant slumbers ence, self-dignifying. And so far from

Were earlier raised, remain to hear your hearty cheers being received by

A timid voice, that asks in whispers, the lovely auditors as a summons to “Who next will drop and disappear ?" depart: the glad sounds will assure them of the delight their presence sheds

Our haughty life is crowned with darkaround them. Gentlemen, bumpers !


Like London, with its own black wreath, I give you—the Ladies !"

On which, with thee, O Crabbe, forthWe need not say that this appeal looking was nobly responded to. Quaffy: I gazed from Hampstead's breezy heath; punchovics then gave- :-“ To ladies' eyes, a round, boy!” in capital style :

As if but yesterday departed, after which,“the King !" “ the Queen!”

Thou, too, art gone before ; yet why

For ripe fruit seasonably gathered “ the Royal Family !" “ the Duke of Wellington !” “ the Ghosts !” were

Should frạil survivors heave a sigb ? severally given. This last toast called No more of old romantic sorrows up the poet Wordsworth, who recited For slaughter'd youth and love-lorn the following beautiful stanzas with the

maid, grace and fervour for which his reading

With sharper grief is Yarrow smitten,

And Ettrick mourns with her their is so remarkable :

Shepherd dead !”

The demonstration of feeling elicited Upon reading in the Newcastle Jourital

by this noble lament was worthy of the notice of the death of the poet, James Hogg.

the good taste of the Fraserians. A subdued murmur of delight ran through


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