chapels, monastic institutions, 897 ; / St. Chad's church, Stafford, 896.
manufactures, 898; custom of bo- St. Chad, parish of, 811; his well, ib.
rough English, ib. ; distinguished St. Mary, parish of, 807.
characters, 900–907.

St. Michael, parish of, 812 ; remarka-
STAFFORDSHIRE, ecclesiastical di. ble cemetery, ib.

vision of, 717 ; churches and cha- St. Modwen, the celebrated, some ac-
pels of, ib. ; original inhabitants of, count of, 754 ; curious epitaph of,
whether the Iceni Ordivices is dis ib.
puted, 15. ; a decisive battle fought Sutton Coldfield, waste, 834.
in, 744; Charles Il. concealed in, Swinnerton village, a royal residence,
734; Sevich rebels pusted in at 929; manor, 929; mansion house,
Leek, id; ecelulastical history of, ib. ; .school house, 930; church,
10.; l'arijancut supported by, 728; ib.
10dabutants ul. Pagus, 725; as- Swilcar, remarkable vak tree, the
pour 01, 747 , Pict's survey of, 728 ; name of, 775.
woulu, 719, climate of, 730; ri-
vers viib-734; canals ol, ib.-

737; dies and sprungs of, ib.
7:13. wwerals ot, ib -741; agri-
cuitum and products of, ib.—746; Tame, the river, 753.
tuber pekation, and woodlands Tamworth, its situation, 822; royal
visai waste and unimprur. residence, ib. ; history, 823; mu-
is of id.; roads, bridges,

nicipal government, ib. ; castle,
de vele.; manufactures and com. market, ib. 824; church, ib. ; hos-
rette of, ib.—145 ; peculiar cus pital, 826; grammar school, ib.;
Ras of, ih.-749; market towns manufactures, ib. ; population, ib.;
sed r.shes of, ib.-753.

meeting houses, ib.
Sard, Earl of, 853.

Taienbill, parish and village of, 760,
Ne, Captain, his statue, 800).

803; former lords of the chief manor
Sir John, 820.

761 ; parish church of, ib; ham.
Sir John Thomas, 1110.

less of, ib. ; origin of the name,
Sir Humphrey, 909, 1111. 864 ; severe battle fought near, ib. ;
Sansley, 1172.

college at, ib.
Stanton, township 1006; population, | Teau, river, 738.

ib.; birth place of Gilbert Sheldon, The Blue bills, 1035.

archbishop of Canterbury, ib. Theophania, daughter of Thos. Ko-
Stuckley park, 1131.

ningsby, her monument, 802.
Srone, market town, 946 ; population, Three Shire Stones, 1174.

ib. ; religious foundations, ib.; Thorpe Cloud hill, 732.
church, 947; free and charity Throwley, 1172.

school, 948; alms house, ib. Thorpe Constantine, village, 821 ;
Stonefield, station of the Duke of Cum church, ib.

berland in 1715, 1070; singular Tixal Hall, seat of Thomas Clifford,
dislike of the people to a military Esq. 907 ; heath, 909.
life, ib. 1071.

Tollet, Mr. agriculturist, 931.
Stoke, 953.

Totmanslow, hundred of, 955.
Stour, river, 736.

-- village, 1173.
Stourton castle, 852.

Toulmio, Di. Geo. Hoggart, an ele.
Stow parisb, 943.

gant writer, 1023.
Stretch, Mr. Samuel,"1154.

Townshend, Marquis, 824.
Streiton village, 873 ; mansion house Trentham, 935; Marquis of Stafford's

of Mr. Monckton, forinerly be. seat, ib. 936 ; ancient nunnery, ib.
Jonged to the family of Congreve, Trees, large trunks dug up at various

times and places, 1054, 10.13; Dr.
St. Catharine, her shrine, 811.

Plot's opinion respecting, ib.
St. Chad, his shrine, 799.

Trent, the river, 730.


TUTBURY, Mary Queen of Scots, | Warwick, Earl of, 887.

residence of, 728; free borough Wassailing, an ancient custom, 804.
of, without a right of sending Weaver, the river, 735.
members to Parliament, 762; Wedgewood, Josiah, Esq. 553.
market of, ib. i wool stapling, - Josiab, celebrated pot-
the business of, ib. ; cottou manu ter, an account of his improve-
factory of, 768; free school of, ments and experiments, 1062-
ib.; famous castle of, ib.; priory 1064; evidence before the house
of, 770; phænomenon at, 774; of Commons, 1066, 1067, 1068;
parish and village of Hanbury ad memoir of, ib. 1969.
joining to, 772; bull-running, ori- | WEDNESBURY, market town, 841,
gin of, 766; castle, 1125, 1129; 1195 ; manufactures, 842; church,
lordship of, 1128.

ib. ; market day, ib. ; population,


Wednesfield village, 843; battle at,

between Edward the elder and the
Uno, the fasting girl of, 1141.

Danes, 844.
Upper and lower Tean, hamlets in Weeford, village and parish of, 827 ;
the parish of Checkley, 990; the

barrow, ib. i church, 828; Little
well in the wall, ib.

Aston, ib.
UTIOXETER town, 955; bridge, ib. ;

Weston village, 1025; Thor's cave,
market, 956 ; irou forges, ib. ;

where the Druids are supposed to
healthiness, ib. ; (Etocetum of An-

have offered human sacrifices,
toninus, Camden's conjecture prov-

poetically described by Dr. Dar-
ed to be a mistake in, 957, conse-

win, 1026.
quently must be erased, and the

West Bromwich, 840 ; Sandwell
Saxon Vitok-cestre substituted,

park, ib. ; birth place of Walter
957 ;) Hollingbury Hall in this pa.

Parsons, 841.
rish, ib. ; lordship, ib.; market,

| Whiston, 814.
958; population, ib. ; church, ib.;

White Ladies, 1154.
chapels, ib. ; free schools, ib.

| Whitgrave Thos. Esq. his tomb, 867;

protector of Charles II. ib.
Whittington, 819.

Whichnour, church of, 780.
Vernon, Sir John and Lady, their Willoughby, Sir Henry, 828.

Wilkes, Dr. historian, 841.
monument, 821.

Willowbridge, 928; its water spring,


Wingfield, Lord Cromwell, buried

at llam church, 1037; bis epitaph
Walker, Mr. his account of Rusball,

b. 1038.
1102; his account of Wednesbury, Withering, Dr. his observations on

food and wages, 999.
Wall and Chesterfield villages, Ro-Wittenhall, Edward, bishop of Cork,

van station, 829; tenuple, ib. ; 909.
castle, ib. ; wall, 830.

Wirley and Essington (anal, 736.
Walmesley Hugh, Esq. his monu- | Wolsey, Cardinal, 827.
ment, 797.

Wollaston, Wm. a distinguished wri.
Walsall, town and borough of, ter, memoir of, 918.

835; manufactures, 836; popula. Wotton-under-Weever-hill, township,
tion, ib. ; market, ib. ; manor, 837;1 1010; Moorland districts, curious
church, ib. ; Dissenting chapels, distich upon, ib.
838; grammar school, ib.

Wotton, a Ronan via dicinalis, 923.
Walter, Earl of Essex, 878.

WOLVERHAMPTON town, 857 ; no-
first Viscount Hereford, 943. Qastery, ib.; origin of the name,
Vol. XIII.



ib. ;

ib. ; trade, 8.58 ; population, 859 ; | Wright, Richard, his museum, 806. carials passing near, ib.; collegiate Wrottesley, village, 864; its antichurch, ib. ; St. John's, 861 ; quities, ib. ; enormous stones, 865; chapels, ib. ; population of the peculiar fruit, ib. parish, ib.; free school, ib.; two wolfruna, the pious relict of Ald. charity schools, ib. ; hospital, ib.; helm, Duke of Northampton, workhouse, ib. ; curious customs 857. of, ib.

[blocks in formation]





THAT HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED IN Illustration of the Topography, Antiquities, fc. of the


Towards the middle of the seventeenth century, Sir Edward Bysshe, a native of Surrey, announced his intention of publishing a Survey, or History of this County. It is certain that he made some collections for the purpose as some fragments of them are interspersed in his notes on Upton De studio militari, Lond. 1654. fol.; but the office of Garter King at Arms, to which the Parliament appointed him in 1645, though five years before, he, with other members, had voted it illegal, diverted him from the prosecution of his design.

The plan of a History of Surrey was, however, resumed before the death of Sir Edward Bysshe by Aubrey, who was furnished with a requisition to all justices, mayors, and other officers in general, to assist him in making an actual survey of the county, and to give him free access to all such public registers and other books as might promote the geographical and historical description of the kingdom, which Ogilby was authorized by the royal warrant to prepare. Aubrey accordingly perambulated the whole county, and his labours were revised, corrected, and published by Dr. Rawlinson, under the title of: The Natural History and Antiquities of the County of Surrey, begun in the year 1673, by John Aubrey, Esq. F. R. S. and continued to the present time. Illustrated with proper sculptures, Lond. 1719.” 5 vols. 8vo. A second edition appeared in 1723, brought down to that time, by Dr. Rawlinson.

A few years afterwards appeared the “ Antiquities of Surrey, collected from the most ancient Records, with soine Account of the present State and Natural History of that County. By N. Salmon, LL. B. Lond. 1736.” 8vo.

Such were the only publications that had appeared respecting this district in general, when the late Rev. Mr. Manning began to form collections for a work which should truly deserve the name of a County History. On this undertaking, for which he was eminently qualified by his critical skill in the Saxon language, and his general learning, he bestowed unwearied attention for thirty years, till ihe loss

of sight suspended, and death put a final period to, his labours. He had formed a plan differing in one respect from that of any preceding writer on the subject. He began with the Terra Regis in Domes day; and after illustrating it by a commentary, he intended to deduce the history of those particular estates to modern times. He had hunself drawn a map of all the places in, the County mentioned in that venerable record, (which is given in the first volume,) and had caused to be engraved on copper a fuc simile of the whole of it which relates to this county ; he had written an introduction ; he had drawn up and transcribed nearly all this part. For the rest of the county he had made Jarge collections; but these were left merely in the form of notes, with the exception of a very few parishes, which he had begun to digest. In this situation were his papers at the time of his death, when an application was made to the late Mr. Gough to superintend the publication, but declined by him. Under these circumstances the task was undertaken by William Bray, Esq. a gentleman particuJarly well qualified for the task, froin having attended from an early part of life to the history of bis native soil, and the opportunities which he possessed of giving considerable information, as well from his own collections as from the British Museum, and who has personally visited nearly all the churches in the county. Under his superintendence the first and second volumes have appeared, under the title of The History and Antiquities of the County of Surrcy, compiled from the best and most authentic Historians, valuable to cords and Manuscripts in the Public Ofices and Libraries, and in Private Hands. With a fac simile copy of Domesday, engrared on thirteen plates. By the late Rev. Owen Manning, S. T. B. rector of Peperharrow, and cicar of Godalming in thut County. Continued to the Present Time. By Willian Bray of Shire, Esq. Fellow and Treasurer of the Society of Antiquaries of London. Pol. I. 1804. Vol. II. 1809." folio. These volumes are illustrated witb numerous views and plans; and the third, which will complete the work, is expected to appear early in 1813.

" General View of the Agriculture of the County of Surrey. Drawn up for the Board of Agriculture, and Internal Improve. ment. By William Stevenson, 1309." 8vo. With a map shewing the different soils of the county.

" A Report on the State of the Heaths, Commons, and Conimoa Fields," 410. was drawn up by Mr. James Malcolm in 1794, by desire of the Board of Agriculture. The same writer has published

A Compendium of Modern Husbandry, principally written during a Surrey of the County of Surrey, made at the desire of the Board of Agriculture. By James Muicolm. Lond. 1805.” In 3 vols. 8vo.

Skrine, in his Account of the Rivers of Great Pritain, has introduced descriptions of some of the most prominent scenes in this


A pretty copious account of such of the parishes of Surrey as lie in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis will be found in "The Exvirons of London, being an Historical Account of the Towps, Fit


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