The Game of Ombre

private circulation, 1878 - 120 ページ

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68 ページ - tries his wily arts And wins (oh ihameful chance!) the Queen of Hearts. At this the blood the virgin's cheek forfook, A livid palenefs fpreads o'er all her look; She fees and trembles at the approaching ill, Juft in the jaws of ruin and
66 ページ - to encounter two adventurous knights, At Ombre fingly to decide their doom: And fwells her breaft with conquefts yet to come. Straight the three bands prepare in arms to join, Each band the number of the facred Nine. Soon as
68 ページ - forth, the King unfeen Lurk'd in her hand, and mourn'd his captive Queen: He fprings to vengeance with an eager pace, And falls like thunder on the proftrate Ace.
68 ページ - unwieldy fpread; That long behind he trails his pompous robe, And, of all monarchs, only grafps the globe ? vi. The Baron now his Diamonds pours apace; The embroider'd King who
68 ページ - her victim died, Spite of his haughty mien and barbarous pride : What boots the regal circle on his head, His giant limbs, in
6 ページ - In fome lone ifle, or diftant northern land ; Where the gilt chariot never marks the way, Where none learn Ombre, none e'er tafte Bohea.
67 ページ - plays no more, o'erlooks the cards. Her joy in gilded chariots, when alive, And love of Ombre, after death furvive.
68 ページ - different nations fly, Of various habit, and of various dye) The pierced battalions difunited fall, In heaps on heaps ; one fate o'erwhelms them all.
67 ページ - THINK not when Woman's tranfient breath is fled That all her vanities at once are dead: Succeeding vanities
53 ページ - Oth. A liberal hand: The hearts of old gave hands: But our new heraldry is—hands, not hearts. SHAKESPEARE,