Where Meadows Meet the Sea: A Collection of Sea Songs and Pastoral Lays

Kessinger Publishing, 2005/03/01 - 328 ページ
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1892. From an introductory passage: The poetry of the sea has been abundant in our century. Every great singer has essayed to express the deep but vague emotions aroused in us by the unanswering waters. Reveries, descriptions, pictures of fancy, dreams of imagination, stirring ballads, and matchless songs have been born of the mysterious influence. Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats; Tennyson, Browning, Swinburne, and Whitman, the beginning and the end of the last romantic period of song, with all the band of true poets between, have celebrated the sea in adequate verse; and even lesser bards have uttered memorable strains in its praise. It is, in truth, a perennial source of artistic inspiration and poetic charm, as it is a living element of human delight and health. Here, then, are gathered into a volume's space some of the sweetest and noblest of these songs of the ocean, commingled-as beach with sea-among pictures that open vistas and suggest beauties omitted in the less definite medium of the printed page.

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