The Royal Kalendar, Or, Complete and Correct Annual Register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the Year ...

J. Debrett., 1817


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4 ページ - Chancellor of the Exchequer. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. Lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench. Master of the Rolls. Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer. Judges and Barons of the degree of the Coif of the said Courts, according to Seniority.
4 ページ - Coife of the said Court, according to Seniority Bannerets made by the King himself in person under the royal standard displayed in an army royal in open war, for the term of their lives, and no longer Esquires of the Knights of the Bath Esquires by Creation Esquires by Office Viscounts
21 ページ - Edward III., mounted the throne, and died in 1483. The short usurpation of Richard III. was followed by the accession of Henry VII. descended from John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, fourth son of Edward III. ; on his marriage with Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV. the family was again united : Henry VII. dying in 1509, left three children, a son and two daughters, the youngest of whom married James IV.
5 ページ - Body. Gentlemen of the Privy Chamber. Esquires of the Knights of the Bath. Esquires by Creation. Esquires by Office. Younger Sons of Knights of the Garter. Younger Sons of Bannerets of both kinds. Younger Sons of Knights of the Bath. Younger Sons of Knights Bachelors. Gentlemen entitled to hear arms.
135 ページ - И. cap. 22, s. 1. No Commissioners of the Revenue in Ireland, or of the Navy or Victualling Office, or any deputies or clerks in any of i In- said offices, or in any of the fallowing offices ; viz.
21 ページ - HI. who died in 1272, and was followed by his son, Edward I. who died in 1307. At his death Edward II. ascended the throne, and was succeeded by Edward 111. whose eldest son, Edward the Black Prince, dying before his father, in 1376, he was succeeded, in 1377, by his grandson, Hichard II.
36 ページ - BEER MEASURE. 2 pints make. . . . 1 quart 4 quarts 1 gallon 8 gallons 1 firkin of ale 9 gallons 1 firkin of beer 2 firkins 1 kilderkin 2 kilderkins .... 1 barrel...
11 ページ - Places for the last time. Sow Turnips, and all Sorts of Cabbage-Lettuce, and transplant Cos and Silesia Lettuces which were sown last Month. It is now a good Time to Bleed and take Physic; abstain...
5 ページ - Younger Sons of Knights of the Bath. Younger Sons of Knights Bachelors. Gentlemen entitled to bear Arms. Clergymen, Barristers at Law, Officers in the Navy and Army, who are all Gentlemen by profession. Citizens. Burgesses, &c. The QUEEN. The PRINCESS or WALES. PRINCESSES, Daughters of the King. PRINCESSES and DUCHESSES, Wives of the King's Sons. Wives of the King's Brothers.
62 ページ - BRIDGEMAN, Earl of BRADFORD, county of Salop, Viscount Newport, in the said county, Baron Bradford, in Salop, and a Baronet.