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of December 29th the following quota- the works of the distinguished author, tion from the Nuova Epoca, published and which have been most precious to and edited in Florence, by Professor me; and much more do I promise to Loreta Scotia :—“As we have before myself when we shall have the other stated and explained, the progress of sublime treatise of Swedenborg transour doctrines will never be rapid or lated, that is, “The Divine Love and extraordinary in any part of the world. Wisdom,” and which I wish for as soon However, the encouragement which we as possible. - Believe me, etc. have received during the last five years

“'D. d'A.' in which we have laboured to diffuse in “ This letter of our brother d' A. exour beloved country the new light, has presses candidly his convictions, and been sufficiently gratifying to us.

We therefore we feel it our duty to bring will resume in a few words : Five years it to the knowledge of our readers. ago there was in Italy but one Italian “ These are, in brief, the results who knew and professed the doctrines which we have to notice of the labours of the New Jerusalem, and this Italian of five years, and though they may seem was ourself; to-day more than one small, yet, considering the difficulties of hundred of our compatriots have heard the times in which we live, we neverof Swedenbo

have read some of his theless should feel much satisfaction. works, and have come, in consequence,

“T. L. W.” to a knowledge of the precious and sublime truths in the revelations. NEW ZEALAND.-A receiver of the Seventy-five public libraries and one doctrines of the New Church, residing at hundred and sixty-two ecclesiastics Wanganui, New Zealand (Mr. Battle, have received in gift the three works formerly a member of the Camberwell of our author translated into Italian, Society, London), communicated to the besides the one hundred and more Wanganui Evening Herald of November copies which have been sold. Our 26th, 1875, the paragraph concerning the periodical, in four years of existence, “ London Association of Correctors of has had more than one hundred Italian the Press," which appeared in our August subscribers, among whom thirty have Number last year (page 404). We comtaken a serious interest in the study of mend Mr. Battle's action to the notice the new doctrines, and five have fully of New Churchmen similarly isolated, received them, as is shown by the as one means whereby they may forward letters which have been written to us, the dissemination of New Church truth. and which we still preserve. Among these last we find that of Signor D. BUILDING FUND.-We commend to d' A., of Bari, of whom, during the last the attention of our readers the followfew years, we have spoken, upon more ing notice of this fund, which we than one occasion, in this periodical. extract from Argyle Square Manual He, besides having taken a double sub- of January

"This Institution was scription for our journal, has four times founded in 1866 to aid Societies of the bought the Italian translated works of New Church, in connection with the Swedenborg, for distribution and read- Conference, by means of loans free of ing amongst his friends; and recently interest, in the building, purchase, or we have riceived from him the follow- alteration of places of worship and ing, bearing the date of the 9th inst. school-houses, and in the payment of of this month, from Bari :

debts which may exist upon such build"Mr. Editor, -- I write to the ings; the borrowers being required to present amount enclosed, the postal secure the safety of the amount lent, and value of 13f., of which 8f. will be to repay the same at the rate of not less retained for the renewal of the two sub- each year than one tenth of the whole. scriptions for the Vuova Epoca, for the Moreover, proof must be furnished that new year, 1876. The remaining 5f. you at least half of the cost of the underwill have the goodness to accept for taking for which assistance is desired, another volume of the valuable work has been actually raised by the parties entitled “Heaven and Hell.”

proposing to borrow, before their ap“I have not now time to repeat plication for a loan is entertained. A what immense consolation and pleasure plan of help more judicious, thus better my soul has experienced from reading calculated fulfil the important



F. W.


uses for which the institution was spent. The Rev. J. Ashby occupied the established, it would perhaps be im. chair, and, after opening the meeting possible to devise. The finances are, of with a few appropriate remarks, called course, never exhausted; all moneys upon the various singers and performers contributed remaining the property of on the piano, and speakers, who each in the Church without waste or diminution, turn interested those present until the and affording a continual means of meeting was brought to a close with

votes of thanks to all who had contri“The General Conference haring, buted to the pleasure of the evening. by Minute 44 of its last Session, in. Our old member and familiar friend, Mr. vited all the Societies of the Church to Edward Austin of South London, reset apart a special Sunday during the ceived a hearty welcome, and contrimonth of January, for a collection on buted one of his usual energetic and behalf of the Building Fund, our Com- able speeches, full of good advice and enmittee have arranged that on the 16th couragement. He also preached an exinstant, the proceeds of the Offertory, cellent, concise, and practical discourse both Morning and Evening, shall be on the evening of the following Sunday devoted to this object.”

to a large congregation, after which the

members and friends were invited to DERBY.—This Society has recently stay and decide whether they would been engaged in interesting and useful adopt, or not, the New Liturgy for use work. The weekly class, held in the in this Society, which, after many quesautumn and winter for the purpose of tions and considerable discussion, was reading and studying the Scriptures or unanimously adopted. the works of Swedenborg, presided over by the Rev. Joseph Ashby, has been EDINBURGH.-Through the medium more numerously attended than for of the Scottish Association we have been many years. Strangers frequently at- favoured with a visit from the Rev. tend, and apparently derive much satis- W. C. Barlow, B.A., of Paisley. faction;

some express themselves much Wednesday evening. Feb. 10, he depleased and attend the Sabbath services. livered in our place of worship a lecture Mr. Ashby has also delivered a short on “Death and Resurrection: the Last course of Sabbath evening lectures, the Judgment and Individual Judgment;" subjects being announced by a few hand. Friday evening on “Heaven: its Nature, bills. The attendance upon each occa- Enıployments, and Blessedness;" on sion has been considerably above the Saturday evening on “ Hell :

its average. These lectures were followed Everlastingness and Place in the Divine by school sermons, which were preached Government;" and on Sabbath, the by the Rev. C. H. Wilkins, of Notting. 13th Feb., he preached twice-subjects, ham, who kindly exchanged pulpits morning, “The Proper Use of Doctrine;' with the Rev. Joseph Ashby. The clear evening, “The Beginning of Regeneraand able manner in which Mr. Wilkins tion. All the subjects were very lucidly treated his subjects, and the subjects and forcibly treated, and gave much being exceedingly appropriate to the satisfaction both to our own people and occasion, afforded the Derby friends to the public. much pleasure.

The school children occupied seats in front of the pulpit, JERSEY.—The lectures delivered by and added much to the service by the Mr. Pulsford at St. Peter's and his disexcellent manner they sang the hymns .cussion with Mr. Le Feuvre were not specially set apart for them, and by the unproductive of results. The Wesleyans, liberality of their Superintendent the to check, if possible, the impression collections were considerably above the made on some of the members of their average. On Christmas Day service was body, most industriously circulated a held in the church in the morning, tract containing the Rev. J. Wesley's which was prettily decorated with holly, most unfair strictures on Swedenborg: evergreens, &c., in remembrance of the On the other hand, Mr. Pulsford, at season and the fast departing year. In the request of the friends at St. Peter's, the afternoon a goodly company assem- published his discourse on the Trinity: bled to tea in the school-room, after A very large number was distributed which a very enjoyable evening was in the locality. An old friend of the Church in the neighbourhood liberally doubtless, prove fully as deserving of paid for the publication, and in conjunc- support as the last named occasion. tion with the zealous supporters of the The lecture the following week, Feb. doctrines at St. Peter's, defrayed all the 11th, on Thomas Brassey, by Robert expenses incurred by this effort. In Appelbee, Esq., will need no recomNovember, Mr. Pulsford delivered his mendation to those fainiliar with the final lecture at St. Peter's. In this lecture thorough ability of the lecturer to treat he ably exposed the groundlessness and his subject, and rightly appreciating his bitterness of Wesley's attack, passing in great kindness in coming from a distant review successively the several objections suburb for our delight and edification. against Swedenborg, raised by him. We are also promised during the present Upwards of two hundred persons attend- month, a musical and elocutionary ened this lecture. Early in October the tertainment, and a discussion on Phre. Church Committee resolved that a bazaar nology, so that no efforts have been should be held in behalf of the Church. wanting to render the current proIn pursuance of this resolution, a meet- gramme varied and interesting. Among ing of the congregation was held, at the most important of the engagements which a committee of ladies was appoint. of the Society during the inonths of ed to procure materials, and to carry March and April, we note lectures by T. out the details of the bazaar. The A. Reed, Esq., on shorthaud (March 31); Committee accordingly set to work with by the Rev. Mark Wilks, “Notes and great energy and zeal. They derived Readings from Browning's Classical great assistance from a Scotch lady and Poems" (March 17th); by Dr. Stocker, gentleman who have lately joined the on “Coal and its uses” (March 31st); congregation, and whose contributions and by S. B. Dicks, Esq., on “The brought in rather more than one-third Lise and Writings of Dean Swift ” (April of the whole sum realized. The bazaar 21st). These, with two entertainments was held on the 20th of January, and a and various debates, &c., promise abuntea given in connection with it, which dant and profitable intellectual activity was more numerously attended than, during the remainder of the winter. with one exception, any held here for

The profits of the tea LONDON (Camberwell).—The twelfth and bazaar were about fifty pounds ; of annual meeting of this Society was held which the Committee of Management on Friday, January 21st. Tea was prohanded over ten pounds to the treasurer vided as usual, and for a scanty gatherof the Society, the rest they presented ing, but the subsequent fairly large at the meeting after the tea, to Mr. Puls- attendance proved the members to posford. The presentation was made in sess an earnest and intelligent interest the name of the congregation, by Mr. in the conduct of their Society's atfairs. M‘Arthur Moir, in an appropriate The report of the retiring committee speech, which was feelingly responded was chiefly occupied with the happy to. Mr. Pulsford is daily winning for circumstance—the extinction of the himself the affection and respect of his Society's building debt, which occurred people, and proves himself to be a true in 1875, and which was celebrated by a teacher of the doctrines, and one whose very pleasant meeting fully described in

our columns in April last. The trea

surer reported favourably upon the LONDON (Argyle Square). — Mutual Society's financial condition, there being Improvement and Junior Members' So- a balance in hand after meeting all curciety. - The managers of this Institution rent expenses of £20. Reports varying have issued a programme of their Friday in tenor, but in the main satisfactory, evening meetings until the end of April, were then received from the president of neatly printed on a folding card for con- the junior members' section, the chairvenience of reference. Encouraged by man of the theological meeting, the the remarkable success of the Spelling superintendent of the Sunday school, Bee on the 21st of January--when the and the librarian. All these officers school-room was crowded to inconveni. spoke hopefully of the prospects of their ence—they have arranged for a Prize various departments. A hearty vote of Competition in impromptu speaking, to thanks was awarded to Mr. Thom upon take place on the 4th inst., which will, his relinquishing the office of treasurer,

several years.

work is in his heart and life.

held by him from the commencement of slight degree, to forward this desirable the Society. A like compliment was state of things. The meeting then paid to the retiring leader of the choir, terminated.” Mr. Barratt. It was resolved to increase the stipend of the minister, the resolu. LONDON (Camden Road). -A course tion being accompanied by a hearty of lectures on the Doctrines of the New expression of esteem, to which Mr. Church, by the minister, the Rev. Dr. Austin cordially responded. There being Tafel, was commenced at this church on no time to adequately discuss the desira- the 6th of February, and will be conbility of adopting the new Conference tinued until the 19th of March. A syllaLiturgy, which had for several Sundays bus of the lectures, giving an outline been experimentally used, it was resolved of the treatment of the several doctrines to defer the matter until the next discussed has been issued, and will conquarterly meeting, the deacons being vey to its readers a general idea of empowered to continue at their discre- some of the more prominent doctrines tion the provisional use of the new of the Church. The following brief Liturgy. These and other questions, notice of the first lecture appeared together with the usual routine busi- in the North Metropolitan Press of ness

, occupied the attention of the meet- February 12th: “On Sunday evening ing until a late hour.

last a course of lectures on the doctrines The South London Press of February of the New Jerusalem Church was begun 5th gives the following paragraph at the handsome place of worship which “The ordinary meeting of the Mutual it has adjoining the Athenæum, in the Improvement Society connected with Camden Road. The opening lecture the above place of worship, on Thurs- was, as might be expected, on the docday, was signalized by the fact that the trine of the Godhead; and the view lecturer for the evening was the Rev. advocated by the lecturer as the one Thomas Dunkerley, minister of the which is peculiarly distinctive of the Unitarian Chapel, Stamford Street, body is that, in the words of the Apostle, Blackfriars. The minister of the church, 'In Him (Jesus Christ] dwelt the fulness Mr. E. Austin, who presided, in wel. of the Godhead bodily. The argument, coming Mr. Dunkerley, and introducing which was very largely supported by him to the audience, congratulated all quotations from both the Old and New present upon their participation in this Testaments, was that God is One. The wholesome exchange of Christian cour- numerous Old Testament references tesy between representatives of, in some almost invariably connect the attributes respects, antagonistic religious bodies. of Redeemer and Saviour with Jehovah. The lecturer having gracefully claimed The well-known predictions of the Lord's for himself the position of being coming is that the Son which shall be honoured by the invitation to address born is the Mighty God, the Everlasting his present hearers, proceeded to the Father, the Prince of Peace. The consideration of his theme, which was New Testament statements were also “Ballad Literature." Space forbids us adduced that 'I and the Father are giving details of what was a very able one;' 'I am in the Father, and the exposition of the subject, which was Father in Me'; "The Father that exceedingly well received by the audience. dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works'; At the close of the paper the chairman 'He that hath seen Me hath seen the expressed his high appreciation of the Father.' The preacher also at some catholic spirit displayed by Mr. Dun- length illustrated the view he sought kerley, and intimated his desire for a to inculcate by an examination of the repetition of the visit. The lecturer, in trine in man, man having been created the course of his reply, remarked that by God into His own image and he had heard on the present occasion likeness, and showed that every man what was news to him-viz., that New has a soul, a spiritual body, and while Churchmen were regarded with even in this world a natural body. There is greater dislike by the so-called “ortho- and must be in God the same trine ; but dox,” than were Unitarians. However as this trine in man does not make that might be, the mere fact that both three persons, neither in God does it bodies experienced the disesteem of the make three persons; and as we see the bulk of their fellow Christians should be man when we see his body, so those who a bond of union between thein, and he saw Jesus Christ saw the Father, as He rejoiced in having been able in some Himself said ; and in His body which He glorified and made Divine we can still New Church doctrines had been known approach Him in our worship, and and professed by many persons during a receive the Holy Spirit which now period of fifty years, it was not until 8th streams forth from Him to regenerate February 1861 that a society was properand save mankind.—Next Sunday even- ly formed under the direction of the late ing the subject of Dr. Tafel's lecture Rev. Woodville Woodman. Since that will be • Faith and Redemption." date the services have been conducted

by lay friends, and principally by Mr. LONDON, Devonshire Street, Islington. S. T. Negus, the leader. For upwards -We learn from a correspondent that of twelve months, however, it has been the Rev. Mr. Bruce has arranged to felt that the requirements of the Church preach at this Church on the Sunday would be better met, and its work admornings. Mr. Bruce has also given a vanced, if a resident minister could be series of Sabbath evening lectures, which obtained, particularly as Northampton have been well received by the con- presented a good field for New Church gregation. Speaking of these services operations. The principal difficulty, a our correspondent says, -"Mr. Bruce's pecuniary one, was fortunately surevening lectures were admirable, and his mounted by the liberal responses of the morning sermons delight us exceedingly. members and friends, together with a He preaches extempore, and expresses grant generously made by the Com. beautiful thoughts in most appropriate mittee of the Students and Ministers words. His sermons abound in spiri. Aid Fund. Under these circumstances tual instruction, and deserve a much an arrangement was entered into with larger audience than they obtain.". The the Rev. T. K. Payten, which we have Sunday scholars connected with the reason to hope will be productive of Society had their annual treat on the much good. On January 3rd, a Re9th of February. Between fifty and cognition Meeting was held, and with a sixty children were present, and all view of proving that the New Church seemed to enjoy themselves very much. entertains none but kindly feelings toOn the 4th of February the junior mem- wards other denominations of Christians, bers had a social meeting in the Boys' the Secretary issued invitations to the Schoolroom. Mr. Bateman presided at dissenting ministers of the town. None the commencement of this meeting, but of them, however, attended, although having to leave early, his place was sup- we believe several would have done so plied by Mr. Woodford. There was a had their engagements permitted. The goodly assemblage of young people and general feeling, nevertheless, as their friends. The evening was chiefly pressed in the several letters read at the occupied with music and recitations, meeting, could not be said to be favour. and yielded a pleasant evening's enter able to the New Church. Mr. Negus tainment. This Society has followed and Mr Berry gave a very interesting what seems to be a growing practice account of the rise and history of the in New Church Societies, the institu. Society, tracing its career through all tion of Thanksgiving Services. Two those vicissitudes which generally mark were held at the College Chapel, on the growth of New Church Societies. Sunday, September 25th. The chancel They, with other speakers who followed, of the church was decorated in a manner presented a cordial welcome to Mr. likely to keep the objects of the special Payten, and expressed their convictions services prominently before the congre. that the new minister was a man well, gation. The attendance at both morn. and indeed in every way fitted to be the ing and evening services was exception- exponent of the truths of the New ally good, and the offertories proportion. Jerusalem, and that his ministrations ately increased. The music for the day would tell not only on the Society but was arranged with a view to preserving in the town at large. Mr. Payten, in unity of feeling in the worship, and a very lucid and impressive manner and contributed greatly to the attainment particularly in reply to a letter which of this generally desired end.

had been read objecting to our views of

the Godhead and the Atonement, gave a NORTHAMPTON.- We have much plea- summary of the doctrines taught by the sure in reporting that the Society in this New Church, proving not merely their town is making progress. Although freedom from danger, but their strict


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