the Established Church.

Invitations to messenger full of blessings to the homes join the Society had in the course of of many isolated receivers. the year been sent out to 136 persons, of The Society is also anxious to pubwhich 48 had accepted membership, 23 lish Swedenborg's theological works in had declined, and 65 not yet answered. Swedish, and has issued a proposal to Some who had been prevented to join as do so in monthly parts, to be sent ont members, the Committee have entered as with and as supplements to the magilsympathisers. These were 12 in number, zine. This has likewise been heartily and among them a Doctor of Theology. responded to, and the first part, contain

Sunday services have been regularly ing the beginning of the “Doctrine of carried on from the 3d October 1875 to the New Jerusalem concerning the Sacreil the end of May last. Mr. Boyesen had Scriptures,” neatly printed, was sent out been at Stockholm one month last with the July number. autumn, and another month in the Most of Swedenborg's theological spring. During his absence, Mr. C. J. works were published in Swedish early Manby had acted as leader.

in the century. These translations are, The account of the Treasurer of the however, very imperfect, and in no wise Society shows that the receipts from the worthy of the inspired author. A society 28th April last year till the 1st July in for the translating and publishing of this had amounted to 2690 “kronor" Swedenborg's theological works was (about £150), and the expenses to therefore formed in the town of Kris2265 “kronor,” leaving a balance of tianstad about eighteen years ago, and about £23 in hand. The Society had through its instrumentality the Divine paid Mr. Boyesen about £39 as a Love and Wisdom, seven volumes of stipend. Mr. Boyesen had also made the Arcana Cælestia, and some of the missionary visits the parish of smaller works, were published in excelTärna, in the province of Westmanland, lent editions. Owing, however, to the and to the towns of Göthenborg and death of the translator, Dr. Seven, the Kristianstad.

work was stopped, but the Stockholm The Swedish newspapers have inserted Society hopes now to take it up announcements of the services free of again. charge, and some of the leading papers Two important matters are now occuhave contained notices of Mr. Boyesen's pying the attention of the young Society, lectures.

viz., to obtain the necessary Government But the New Society has not limited sanction for forming a separate church, its activity to maintaining worship. It and to engage Mr. Boyesen as minister. has also started a monthly periodical, Mr. Boyesen, although speaking Danish, called Skandinavisk Nykyrk-tidning, or which differs considerably from the “Scandinavian New Church Tidings," Swedish language, has succeeded in winthe first number of which appeared on ning the attention and affection of his the 1st January, and of which seven Swedish hearers, and his presence pernumbers have now reached us. This manently in Stockholm, we feel assured, magazine has met with a most encour. would lead to the firm establishment of aging reception, and deserves it, for it the New Church in Stockholm, from is most ably edited by Mr. Manby, to which, as a centre, it is hoped the new whose zeal and activity much of the new truths would radiate all over Sweden. movement in Sweden is due. The paper There can be no doubt that there seems to be modelled on the New Jeru- exists in Sweden at the present time a salem Messenger. Each number contains great desire for something better in a translation of a sermon by some well- spiritual things than is provided by the known English or American minister, Lutheran Church. The fields are whitensuch as the Rev. S. Noble, the Rev. ing for harvest, and we pray the Lord Chauncey Giles, and others, reviews, to send labourers into His harvest. The biographical sketches, notices, letters, engagement of Mr. Boyesen will, howetc. Among the letters are several from ever, entail considerable expense for the clergymen in the State Church, express- Society. Its members are mostly in ing sympathy, and transmitting contri- small circumstances. There, as elsebutions of money. The magazine has where, the Lord comes to the poor in already more than 300 subscribers, and the world's eyes. We would, therefore, there is no doubt that it comes as a remind the readers of the Repository that



there exists a Committee of Foreign cull the preceding intelligence, gives the Missions, which is already assisting Mr. following notice of the "Visiting Boyesen, but which requires more sup- Organization," recently instituted in port of the Church at large. Now is the this Society :—“In accordance with the time to come forward and help our resolutions passed upon this subject at Swedish friends, while they are full of the last quartely meeting of the Society, hope and zeal. In Stockholm Sweden- the minister and deacons have held borg first saw the light, and Sweden meetings to divide the lists, and arrange gave the world the apostle of the Lord's for the number of visitors required to New Church. The Treasurer of Confer- engage in the work. This having been ence, Mr. Gunton, 15 Oseney Crescent, to extent accomplished, the London, N, W., is the Treasurer of the minister, deacons, matrons, and visi. Committee. Finally, I ought to add tors met together at tea on 25th May that I write this from my own impulse, last, to consult as to the best methods without the knowledge of our fellow- to be adopted to render the effort a believers in Sweden.

Much regret was felt at the

serious illness of one of the deacons, FREDERICK L. Cöster.

which prevented his presence and co19 Carleton Road, Tufnell Park, N.

operation; but some important pre.

liminary business was transacted, and BIRMINGHAM.–From the Manual of several minor regulations were decided this Society we learn that the work on, for the guidance of the visitors connected with the erection of their themselves. It is hoped that by this new church continues to make pro. means every member of the Society and gress.

It is now so far advanced that congregation will be visited once every in a short time the Committee will be quarter, though it is believed that all able to make their arrangements for the will make due allowance for any partial opening services. New gifts continue failure in this new and almost untried to be made. Among these are a small field of Christian labour." neatly decorated stained-glass window for the tower, having the appropriate BLACKBURN.—On Sunday, August inscription, “Keep thy foot when thou 13th, the annual sermons in aid of the goest into the house of God;" furniture funds of the Sunday School were for the matron's room, by an anony,nous preached in the Temple by the Rev. Dr, friend; Holland blinds for the school. Bayley, of London, in the morning and room and house; regulator clock for the evening, and in the afternoon by Mr. committee room ; timepiece for the H. Cameron, the newly-appointed mini. mninister's vestry; and a piano for use ster. The collections realised £20 16s. in the Sunday School. The font is now On Monday evening a recognition tea ordered, and is thus described :—“The meeting was held in the schoolroom, body of the font, designed to form an which was attended by a goodly num. octagon, is wrought in Caen stone, sup- ber. After tea an adjournment to the ported upon eight alabaster shafts, chapel took place, where a public meetwhite and red alternated. Round the ing was held. The Rev. Dr. Bayley, of top runs a fringe of foliage. On four London, presided, and was supported sides of the basin the following subjects on the platform by Messrs. Cameron, will be represented in sculpture :— The Ramage, Tansley, G. H. Smith, Dr. baptism of our Lord; the little child as W. H. Pilkington, Mr.

Parkinson. an example to the disciples; the Lord To the right of the platform sat the blessing little children; and the finding Chapel Committee. The Chairman, in of Moses. On the remaining four sides, his opening, address, expressed his quatrefoils will be wrought and carved, pleasure at being present with them containing leaves of the vine and fig, that night and at the progress the and the flowers of the rose and field. New Church was making at Black. lily; and the whole basin will rest upon burn. He dilated upon the usefulness a clustered capital, carved to represent of Sunday Schools, and exhorted the water-lilies. The face of the work will friends of the school connected with he richly moulded and placed upon a that place of worship to strive to enstep, made in the form of a Greek large its utility and to extend its

The Manual, from which we borders, He was sure that in Mr.


Cameron they had got a minister worthy trust that you will find amongst us a of the people connected with the house band of willing helpers. Be assured, of God. He had long had his eye sir, it is our earnest and solemn deter. upon Mr. Cameron, having seen how mination, by every honourable means capable and how earnest he was. They in our power, to strengthen your hands; had got the right man in the right to attend well to the duties attached to place, and he (the chairman) hoped they our various offices ; and we are satisfied would sympathise with him in his work, that the result will be an advancement cheer him, and encourage him, and in our regenerate life, both individually blessings would attend their efforts. and collectively. We also trust that Mr. T. Pemberton read an address of the mutual love, which is the true bond welcome, which, after stating the of brotherhood and the sign of Chris. unanimity with which Mr. Cameron tianity, may be fully exercised and was elected, and the cordiality of their enjoyed by us all. In this way, the welcome, continued :-“You, sir, are future state of our Society, and your now our recognized leader and minister, career as its minister, will be a bright, and we hope that you may long be happy, and prosperous one ; and our spared to co-operate with us in the sincere and earnest prayer is, that we great and good work of leading us, as may all enjoy the felicity of those a Society, to purity of life—the object whom the Lord Jesus Christ delights to of all true religion. As minister and bless.” Mr. Cameron

was perfectly pastor, we have reason to believe that sensible that that kind welcome had you will take especial interest in giving been in a great measure caused by the wise counsel and sweet consolation to work which each of them had underthe sick and afflicted ; that you will taken to perform. It was a high and help the wayfarer and the weary ; that holy privilege to be a minister in the you may be enabled to strengthen Lord's Church, but it was an office in the feeble ; and in numerous ways per- which there were considerable difficulform such other and essential uses as ties in fulfilling the duties to the shall tend to the spread of our heavenly satisfaction of a man who has thought doctrines in our Society, and the in- deeply and seriously upon the subject. crease of virtue and piety in this impor. It was a position in which very few tant town and neighbourhood. As a indeed would not feel that they had wise and prudent minister, you will many shortcomings. They had to attend, doubtlesss take great interest in the as pastors, to the minds of the young Sunday School, and by your presence people of the congregation, to watch the and example, help the younger branches formation in their minds of the princiin our vineyard to grow in the know- ples of love and truth, so that their lives ledge and fear of the Lord. We, as a may be brought into a state of order, Church, are fully aware of the fact that purity, and love, and that they may for this desirable and happy end to be act according in liberty and according realised, it will be one of our great to reason. Other duties of the pastor duties to regularly and diligently attend were to minister to the wants of the your ministry, and the various ordi- grown-up portion of the congregation to nances of the Church ; to listen, not administer consolation to those on beds only with our outward ears, but with of sickness or of death, to minister to affection as well, to the teachings of them at their weddings and at their the Divine Word. This, no doubt, baptism, to enter into all their states will be a constant blessing for you and conditions, to watch over them in regularly to offer for our acceptance; their sorrows, to rejoice with thein in and we hope that we may be as ready their joys, and to help thein in every and willing to receive as you to impart. possible way he could. This would While, however, we are venturing to be not only his duty, but it would be his suggest to you certain lines of action, most earnest endeavour to accomplish we are not to be unmindful of our own the work; and he trusted that the Lord duties to you, as well as to the Church Jesus Christ would give him strength to which it is our high privilege to and wisdom to perform those most im. belong. We are sensible of the neces- portant duties; and he knew that He sity of the earnest support which you would give him aid to accomplish it if may fairly claim at our hands; and we he applied to Him for help in a right


spirit, if he learned to obey His most “Mount Calvary." The American element holy and pure laws, both externally and is not so predominant in this collection as internally, both naturally and spiri. in others of a like character, but some of tually. He asked them, therefore, to the airs, notably “Safe in the arms of help him in this most important work. Jesus,” are eminently suggestive of negro 'f he attended to his duties faithfully, organ. Mr. Austin, the minister of the

melodies. Mr. C. P. Alvey presided at the and they attended to their duties faith- Church, read the portions of Scripture confully, not only would they be able to necting the various musical pieces, and at build up a church within them, but the close pronounced the benediction. A they would be able to build up a church collection was made

at the doors in aid of about and around them, and then the the funds of the Sunday School. The people would say, Let us go up to this Church was fairly well fillerl, the congrehouse of the Lord, for see how these gation consisting, evidently to a great Christians love one another. Appropri. extent of friends aud relatives of the ate addresses followed from Mr. Gunton, youthful performers.--South London 05Revs. P. Ramage, F. Tansley, Messrs.

Dr. Pilkington, J. Parkinson, Mr. G. H,
Smith, and the Rev. J. M‘Ewan Stott

On July 30th, at 21 Bute Terrace, (ofChapel Street Congregational Church), Queen's Park, Glasgow, Mrs. J. F. who gave an earnest welcome to Mr. Potts, of a daughter (Alice Kittie). Cameron, and promised him sympathy and support.


Joseph Williams, Esq., one of the memLONDON (Camberwell). --Service of Song.

bers of the Palace Gardens Society, Ken--Encouraged by the success which has in sington, London, and formerly of Bristol, two previous years attended the perform- passed into the eternal world on Saturday,

Mr. Williams ance of a service of sacred song at the New Aug. 5th, in his 81st year. Jerusalem Church, Flodden Road, Camber- has been a consistent New Churchman more well, the promoters of the former gather than fifty years, and always rejoiced at ings arranged to hold another of these every sign of the prosperity of the Church.

He retired from business many years popular meetings in the same place of worship on Wednesday evening, July 19th. ago, and for some years resided at different The service performed on this occasion was places for a few months at a time, espeone of the excellent series published by cially when he thought a little encouragethe Sunday School Union, entitled “Im- ment and help could be of use. manuel,” the whole of which was practi- Bath, Acerington, Lowestoft, St. Heliers,

He and his excellent wife thus stayed at cally rendered, with

the exception of a few Paris, and ultimately they settled down in lines of a hymn by Dr. Bonar, which were London, first at Argyle Square, and then omitted on account of their conveying an idea foreign to the theology of the New

at Kensington. Church. The well-known air from Han

He had a strong affection for his native del's “ Messiah," “Oh, Thou that tellest,

city Bristol, and had a great wish to see a was sung with rare correctness and exqui- disappointed at the slow progress of the

good New Church Society there. He was site taste by Mrs. Lindley. The same accomplished artiste also rendered in an cause, but has shown his feeling for it by equally excellent manner the well-known a bequest of £1500, which in due time wilt pieces from the " Messiah,'

;" He shall feed aid the good cause with the Bristolians. His Hock," and "He was despised," which is shown by the bequest of £1000 to the

His love for the New Church generally were introduced at appropriate points of the narrative. The service itself was per- tive departments of

Conference, to be realized in due time for formed by the children attending the Sun

use particularly day School attached to the Church, assisted specified. by the choir, and the skill with which the

There are also some bequests as kird music was rendered reflected great credit remembrances for some of the ministers. upon the leader, Mr. Camp Penn, jun. benevolent, unassuming Christian ; and

Mr. Williams was a faithful, upright, The only faults noticeable in the per- having completed a mature life, full of mencing each piece, and some incertitude loving-kindness and gentle wisdom, passed as to the pointing of 'a chant. The music like a child sinking to rest to his bette of the service is well adapted to interest young singers and please their hearers, Notice to Correspondents. -Several comeach of the pieces being tuneful and ear- munications for the Miscellaneous Departcatching. Perhaps the most striking are ment are unavoidably delayed until our “ It is I,” and the quaint ancient hymn, next Number.


J. B.

[blocks in formation]

It has been maintained that every one should teach the doctrines of the Church to which he belongs; it may be well, therefore, to ascertain what is the teaching of the New Church upon this subject.

According to the Arcana, “The several Churches in the Christian world are distinguished by their doctrinals, and the members of those Churches have hence taken the names of Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Calvinists, or the Reformed and Evangelical Protestants, with many others. This distinction of names arises solely from doctrinals, and would never have had place if the members of the Church had made love to the Lord and charity towards their neighbour the principal point of faith. Doctrinals would then be only varieties of opinion concerning the mysteries of faith, which they who are true Christians would leave every one to receive according to his conscience; whilst it would be the language of their hearts, that he is a true Christian who lives as a Christian, that is, as the Lord teaches. Thus one Church would be formed out of all these diverse ones, and all disagreements arising from mere doctrinals would vanish; yea, all the animosities of one against another would be dissipated in a moment, and the kingdom of the Lord would be established on earth.”1

1 Arcana Coelestia, art. 1799.

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