hesitate to admit the value of these reve- knowledge, using your reason, and leadlations, and for the reasons stated in the ing a useful, moral life, His advice is following letter to the editor which ap. emphatically-Beware of intercourse peared in a subsequent issue of the with spirits.—ADVISOR.” paper :

“Sir, -In your very considerate and PÈRE HYACINTHE AND SWEDENBORG. temperate review of Angelic Revela. „On the night of Friday, the 23rd of tions in your last issue, you state that June, a large public meeting was held the editor is a Swedenborgian. This is, in St. James's Hall, under the joint no doubt, correct as to the writer in auspices of the British, Continental, and question; but you will oblige the readers General Federation for the Abolition of of Swedenborg in general by stating Government Regulation of Prostitution that as a body they greatly disapprove and the National Association. At this of the practices of Spiritism, and they meeting Père Hyacinthe,

6 the most do this on the principles of Swedenborg eloquent man in Europe," delivered an himself. He teaches that the spirits in impressive and eloquent address, in the closest communion with any individual course of which he is reported to have are those in similiar states, views, and said :--"A man whom I name with principles to his own. With a Quaker respect, because his intentions are good, there are Quaker spirits ; with a fana- and because with great errors he unites tical person, fanatical spirits; with a great truths, a reformer and a revelator, Roman Catholic, Roman Catholic spirits. —Emanuel Swedenborg,-has written Hence, Davis the infidel, Mrs. Girling magnificent things concerning conjugal the enthusiast, and Alexis the Roman love and family life; nevertheless, in Catholic, have all had spirit communi- virtue of this sophism of which I have cations echoing their own views. Spirits spoken, he has, with terrible scholastic retain for some time after death the subtlety, developed the idea that under views and states they take with them certain circumstances a married man from this world, because the mind can- may, in conscience, before God, ally not be instantaneously changed, and himself to another woman. they remain near to those in this world It is pleasant to find that a man of so who are like themselves.

much ability and commanding influence "The phenomena of Spiritism confirm as Père Hyacinthe is so far acquainted Swedenborg's teachings in these respects, with the writings of Swedenborg as to but in practice they are most dangerous. speak of him with respect as one of the Sometimes the most hurtful errors are recognized teachers of the world ; and it uttered with apparently angelic author- is much to be regretted that he should ity; lies of every kind are introduced, not have mastered Swedenborg's posiand blasphemies of the foulest character tion on this important but most painare infused by those beings in the dark, ful and perplexing subject. The tenfrequently with the most baleful results. dency and aim of Swedenborg's teaching

" When, on the other hand, Divine is to overthrow the terrible evil which Providence intends to enable any person arises from the disorderly connection of to see the spiritual world, in order that the sexes by an exposition of the true great enils may be accomplished, He origin of sex, of the relation of the sexes prepares the individual, and the gift of to each other, of the spiritual nature and open vision comes without his seeking exalted purity of marriage, and, where it, as in the cases of Moses, Isaiah, men abuse their freedom and will not live Ezekiel, Mary, John, and, we may add, in a state of order, the importance of Swedlenborg. To seek intercourse with keeping so near to the married state, that spirits through tables, hats, séances, and conversion to its chaste condition may the like, is to do that which is so often be most easily accomplished. It is a forbidden in Scripture, namely, to total misconception of Swedenborg's commune with familiar spirits. Abun- teaching to suppose that “a married dant mischiefs in the history of Spirit- man may, in conscience before Goil, isin vindicate the wisdon of the Divine ally himself to another woman. Conprohibition.

science before God is the state of religious “Swedenborg's rule is-Seek to im- perception and sensitiveness in the soul, prove yourself by reading and meditating which renders every form of adultery on the Word of God, by increasing your repulsive, and leads to its rejection. The




speech of Père Hyacinthe was published ployed to mitigate the afflictions of the in the Shield, the organ of the Associa- sufferers, in which persons of all creeds tions on behalf of which he was speak- and conditions can take part. The ing. Several communications on the London correspor.dent of the Eastern subject were forwarded to the editor, Morning Vews of September 11th has from one of which, signed H. B., we the following allusion to one of these :give the following extract :

I had some conversation with Miss “In most of his arguments 1 heartily Albert last evening, just after she had concur ; but I was sorry to find him been making what was in every sense of committing a 'great error'in saying of the word her maiden speech at the illustrious Swedenborg that he sanc. Cannon Street Hotel, on the subject of tions concubinage. This could only the Bulgarian atrocities. Miss Albert have arisen from his imperfect acquaint- has lived several years in Turkey, and ance with what Swedenborg has said on showed me the letter she had received the subject. In reality it is no more from Dr. Washburne, the rector of the true than it would be to say the Bible American College in Constantinople, sanctions it. It is quite true that Among his pupils Dr. Washburne had God permits it, as he does many other several Bulgarian youths, who on atrocious and deplorable evils. But turning to their province wrote him full does He not thereby, in some inscrutable descriptions of the atrocities. way, prevent the commission of some letters, it appears, were all submitted to still greater evil ? Men are free agents; Sir Henry Elliot, who took no notice of and God will not infringe our freedom. them. Miss Albert represents the Turks Swedenborg's work, Conjugial Love and as being, generally speaking, well acits chaste Delights ; also Adulterous quainted with the doctrines of ChrisLove and its Sinful Pleasures, is perhaps tianity, even to the extent of underthe most exhaustive treatise ever written standing the difference between Catholics on the subject. I read it, when a very and Protestants. The general oljection young man, nuore than sixty years ago ; they urged was the stereotyped one of and the effect it produced on me was the Theist, that we believe in three Gods; most salutary. It gave me an exalted but this lady succeeded in puzzling them notion of women and of the sanctity of somewhat with her form of faith. marriage, which time has not in the is a Swedenborgian ; and on her deslightest degree weakened. I have read scribing the doctrines of that body to it repeatedly since with ever-increasing her Mahometan friends they almost delight. I would not think of recom- claimed her as a convert. Miss Albert mending it to young people, of either is busily engaged in getting up women's sex, who entertain loose notions on such meetings on the subject of the atrocities.

They would probably abuse it, She breaks ground first at Quebec Hall, as many do certain parts of the Bible. but wishes to make it a woman's ques. But I felt it my duty to place it in my tion all over London. daughter's hands at eighteen; and 1 have never regretted doing so.

She in five years,

SUSTENTATION FUND.— We noticed . To the pure all things are jure.'"

in our last the institution of this lund

by the General Conference. BULGARIAN ATROCITIES. — The moral not able at the time to give the list of sense of the country has been shocked subscriptions, which we find is not quite by the revelation of the fearful outrages equal to the report which had reached which have been perpetrated by the us. We give this list now, and hope to Turks in Bulgaria. This terrible wicked. be able to report continued increase in ness is a sad evidence of the nature of its amount in our future numbers. The man when neither restrained by the Committees appointed to act in various bonds of conscience nor the pressure of districts have not yet, we believe, comexternal authority. To prevent the re. menced their labours. The time most currence of such barbarous cruelties convenient for the holding of public must be the aim of European statesmen ; meetings is approaching, and although to elevate the people above the condition inany of our Societies have important which renders such practices possible, questions occupying their attention and the aim of all Christian philanthropists. needing pecuniary efforts, yet we hope Meanwhile there are many agencies em- this most important work will not be


We were

overlooked. As a Christian community, the Society from year to year, and this in there is no subject before us of so great all probability is again circulated through importance to the growth of the Church new channels, even if not in all cases and its extended usefulness, as an ade- printed. There is no doubt that it is quate support of our ministers. We this publicity, combined with nunierous cannot reasonably hope to obtain the notices and reviews of recent editions of full energies of a man who is crippled Swedenborg's works and those which and perplexed with worldly care and are collateral to them, that prompts anxiety. If he is to give full attention such remarks as the following which to his ministry, he must at least be appeared in The World of the 16th raised above absolute need ; and at pre- August, in a notice of Professor Parsons' sent this is all the Conference can hope Outlines :- * Nothing more need be said to accomplish.

than that it is a clear, careful,

and concise summary of the views of Promises for Investment to August 24,

a man who has exercised more influence 1876,

upon human thought than is generally Mr. Geo. Benson, Manchester,


£200 0 0 Several provincial editors and proMr. Sam. Gee, Kersley, do. 2000 O prietors having offered to review any Mr. And. Eadie, Glasgow, do, 200 0 0 work the Committee might think proper Mr. R. M. Paterson, Paisley,

to send to them, copies of either the do.

200 0 0 True Christian Religion or the ApocaMr. Thos. Downes, Glasgow,

lypse Revealed were sent.

The use do.

200 0 0 made of the books will be best seen by Rev. Dr. Bayley,

100 0 0 the following extracts :Mr. Thos. Isherwood, Hey

The Potteries Examiner printed the wood, in five years, 100 0 .0 paragraph in full, and on receiving a Dr. Pilkington, J.P., Clayton

copy of the Apocalypse Reveuled, the le-Moors,

100 00 editor inserted a long and favourable Mr. G. H. Johnstone, Bir

notice of that book in a subsequent mingham,

25 00 issue. We quote a few sentences only: Mr. Geo. Pilkington, Accring

Some think that the views of Bible ton, this year, paid,

0 0 Christians everywhere are undergoing Mr. Wm. Standring, Fails

a vast and important change, and that, worth,

0 0 from our D. D's. to the humblest folMr. J. Mottram, Southport, pd. 10 10 0 lowers of the God-Man, each and all are Mr. Jas. Horrocks, Bolton, 10 0 0 endeavouring to rise higher and higher Miss Tickle, Bolton, paid, 1000 still into the knowledge of Him, whom Mr. John Parkinson,

5 0 o to know is life eternal. Amongst every Mr. Graham, Bolton,

o denomination and sect, and in every Mr. Peake, Bolton,

0 0 district ... there are those who turn

with pleasure and satisfaction to the rich For immediate use.

soul pastures, in the opinion of his Mr. George Meek,

£100 0 0 adınirers, to be found in such works as Mr. George Benson, in five

the True Christian Religion, the Apocayears,

5000 lypse Revealed, etc. The Committee are Mr. Samuel Gee, do.

50 0 O doing a great and good work in their Mr. George Pilkington, paid, 5 0 0 liberal efforts to disseminate, in their

view, the true Christian light, spiritual SWEDENBORG SOCIETY.-A newspaper truths and immortal principles revealed paragraph, containing an abstract of the through the great philosopher of Sweden, report and the resulutions passed at who, apart from his inighty grasp of the annual meeting, was sent to the Divine truths, stands, in the opinion of editors of the newspapers and periodicals many, head and shoulders in most reof the United Kingdom, who number spects above his contemporaries in the nearly 2000. The results in the larger very front rank as a thinker, a reasoner, number of cases cannot of course be and a scientist.” It will be evident that known, beyond the fact that the editors the writer of the above holds the docby this means receive definite infor. trines taught by Swedenborg in high mation as to the aims and progress of estimation. At the same time due cau






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tion is used in penning an article suit- paragraph has been sent, the Committee able for the general reader.

has had a suitable circular prepared The North Wilts Herald, in a notice of making the offer, which will be sent out the True Christian Religion, remarks :- during the present month. The time “The fact is, there has been a prejudice indeed seems rapidly approaching when against the writings of Swedenborg. some knowledge of the philosophy and the word Swedenborgianism has usually theology of Swedenborg will form part presented some fearful picture to the of the répertoire of every educated man. minds of men and women who have not The discovery by Mr. Stanley of a white had the courage to read for themselves, race in Africa, which is distinct from but were content to accept verdicts from those hitherto associated with that con. critics about as well informed as them- tinent, for instance, will naturally bring selves. His (Swedenborg's) exposition into the foreground the remarkable of and comments upon the Decalogue statement which Swedenborg, makes would astonish many who have never with regard to a Gentile people inhabitread for themselves. We recently had ing Central Africa, of a high moral and sent to us a little publication called religious character. The applications Penuel, which was said to be issued in for the Apocalypse Revealed to Septemthe interests of spiritual holiness, and to ber 14th number 442. The following advocate a higher Christian life. Sweden. is a complete list of the subscriptions borg wrote in the same spirit many years which have been received by the 'I'reasago, and without that unctious spirit of urer towards the £500 which it was self-satisfaction which characterizes the estimated the presentation would require teaching of Penuel. : : . The day will beyond the Society's resources:yet come when the writings of the Swedish mystic and philosopher will exert Rev. A. Clissold,

£100 0 0 the influence they deserve." The notice Miss Clissold, of the Apocalypse Revealed which ap. Dr. Wilkinson, peared in the Figaro is described by Lady Bethune,

5 0 0 its writer as taking an exclusively liter- Mr. S. Jeggins,

5 0 0 ary view of this book. ... First we are Mr. Gilbey, struck by the coldness of the author. Mrs. Slight,

0 10 0 He deals with the glowing verses of St. Mr. Jos. Grimshaw,

10 0 0 John in the manner of a lawyer. His Mr. Jas. Fletcher,

5 0 0 imagination seems never to be excited. Mr. Bateman, Even when he ceases to comment and Miss Hawkins, gives a memorable relation he is Lady Hopetoun, extremely dull, and an ordinary writer of Mr. Meredith, fancy tales would excel him in imagina- Mr. Swift, sen., tion. On the other hand, his method Dr. Stocker, is excellent. ... The comments on the Mr. E. Shaw,

0 10 0 Apocalypse are far superior to the memor- Rev. J. F. Potts, able relations, which are neither argu- Society at Cape of Good Hope, mentatively forcible nor allegorically by E. R. Ford, leader, effective. . . . Clearly the pen of Sweden. Mr. W. Hicks, borg was not wont to stop because the Mr. J. Broadfield. flow of thought had stopped. Verse Mr. T. Ellinthorpe,

2 0 0 after verse is treated with fulness, and Society at Accrington, yet the idea of the author trying to make Mr. Billings, much of his matter is never suggested.” Mr. T. Catchéside,

0 10 6 The coldness and want of imagina- Mr. W. Dawson,

1 0 0 tion here attributed to Swedenborg is strangely in contrast with the opinion NATIONAL MISSIONARY INSTITUTION. of Mr. Proctor, who in a recent article -During the month of August Mr. in Belgravia credits him with an almost Gunton visited and preached at Embsay, superabundance of the latter power. Bolton, Southport, and Horncastle. At Under a strong impression that a good Embsay and Bolton he visited the Sunwork might be done by extending the day Schools, and addressed the scholars offer of the Apocalypse Revealed to all and teachers. At Embsay, he learned the editors to whom the newspaper that the Society had legally conveyed

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10 0 0

0 10 0 10 0 0

30 00 2 0 0


its property, church, schools, and cot- herd.” Their earthly loss inay, perhaps, tages, to the Conference. At Bolton he lead them to look more entirely to the added four names to the list of contri. Good Shepherd who gave His life for the butors to the “Ministers' Sustenation sheep. And He, in His own time, may Fund,” and at Southport, two. The provide for them a pastor after His own Horncastle Society, which strongly heart, who will lead them in the paths desired the services of Mr. J. R. Boyle of righteousness for His Name's sake. before he went to Melbourne, has now The meeting for worship and instrucarranged for Mr. Boyle's services. Mel- tion is still held at the residence of Dr. bourne and Lowestoft are in need of Poisson, 18 Rue des Grands Augustin,

An arrangement has been at 3 o'clock on Sunday afternoons. I made for Mr. Hancock to visit Lowes- mention both the place and time of toft for Sundays 17th and 24th. meeting thus particularly, because Paris

is so often visited by Englishmen, and THE AUXILIARY NEW CHURCH Mis- the presence of brethren from other SIONARY AND TRACT Society under countries is so kindly welcomed, that it took this year, as on two former occa- is desirable none should be prevented sions, to supply reports of the meeting joining in their service by ignorance of of the General Conference the London its existence. The unity of the brethren and provincial press. The following is promoted by the intercourse of the statistics name the newspapers whose various members of the Church of insertion of paragraphs has come under different nations and their associated the notice of the Society, the figures worship. We are benefited, spiritually, added in some cases representing the by assembling with the “ two or three, number of issues in which such para- or the dozen or fifteen, who may come graphs appeared. Birmingham Daily together in a foreign land to worPost; Bolton Evening Guardian; Chris- ship our Saviour God; and they are tian Age; Christian World ; Daily strengthened and refreshed by our News (5); Daily Telegraph ; East presence and sympathy. For myself Lancashire Echo; Echo (4); Evening and wife I can heartily testify to the Standard ; Hour (3) ; Kensington News; good derived to ourselves from the kind Manchester Guardian ; Manchester reception and fraternal greeting of our Critic; Morniny Post (4) ; Noncon- French fellow-religionists, and they say formist; Sheffield Post; Western Daily that our visits do them great service. Mercury; Western Morning News (2); On Sunday 13th instant (August), Western Weekly News. It is believed after some preliminary conversation in that this list would have been largely reference to their great loss by the increased had not the unusually pro- decease of M. Harlé, I addressed longed session of Parliament, and other them on the parable of the unjust matters of striking public interest, mono- steward from the 16th chapter of polized the Press during Conference the Gospel according to St. Luke.

On week.

Sunday 20th, I took as a text Rev.

xxi. 24. Their service is usually conSCOTLAND.—We are informed by a structed in the simplest manner possible. correspondent that the annual meeting It consists of reading the Word, the of the New Church in Scotland will be Lord's Prayer, a commentary on the held in the New Jerusalem Temple, Word, or sermon, and the benediction. Cathedral Street, Glasgow, on Thursday, They have no singing, lest it should the 26th of October, at 5 P.M. New bring them into trouble with the Church friends who may be in the Romanists and the State. I am glad, locality at that time are kindly invited however, to say that there is, practically, to be present.

more religious freedom than there was a

year ago. The definitive establishment Paris.—Having paid another visit to of the Republican Government, and the the little flock in Paris, I cannot do spread of liberal opinions in the Chambetter than employ a portion of my last ber of Deputies, have loosened the evening in that beautiful city in giving bonds of Separatists in France, and your readers some account of their present think the time is rapidly hastening position. The removal of good M. Harlé when our brethren may have a service has left them “as sheep without a shep- which will warm their affections as well

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