A Topographical and Historical Account of the Town of Kelso, and of the Town and Castle of Roxburgh

J. Fairbairn, 1825 - 352 ページ

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75 ページ - the town. The Highlanders came into the town presently after, from the Scots side, with their bagpipes playing, led by old Mackintosh, but they made a very indifferent figure, for the rain and their long marches had extremely fatigued them, though their old brigadier, who marched at the head of them, appeared very well.
292 ページ - complimented him with possessing " the true theatric genius of Shakspeare and Otway, refined from the unhappy barbarism of the one, and licentiousness of the other,
295 ページ - he received the unanimous thanks of both Houses of Parliament, for the wisdom and ability with which the military resources of the British empire in India, under his lordship's government, had been applied in the reduction of the power of the enemy in the eastern seas;
147 ページ - Another memorable prophecy bore, that the old kirk at Kelso, constructed out of the ruins of the abbey, should fall when ' at the fullest.' At a very crowded sermon, about thirty
147 ページ - never since had an opportunity of tumbling upon a full congregation. I hope, for the sake of a beautiful specimen of SaxoGothic architecture, that the accomplishment of this prophecy is far
65 ページ - as he can; for his majesty doth now clearly see, and is fully satisfied in his own judgment, that what passed in the gallery• betwixt his majesty, your lordship, and myself, hath
77 ページ - Whereas, by the decease of the late King James the Seventh, the imperial crowns of these realms did lineally descend to his lawful heir and son, our sovereign James the Eighth; we, the lords, &c., do declare him our lawful king over Scotland, England,
147 ページ - ago, a piece of lime fell from the roof of the church. The alarm for the fulfilment of the words of the seer,
294 ページ - and by the King's particular command, had the distinction granted to him, of bearing, with his family armorial bearings, in chief, the arms of the island of Corsica. In 1799
147 ページ - universal; and happy were they who were nearest the door of the predestined edifice. The church was in consequence deserted, and