civil note to Mr. Alderman Curtis, requesting him to second the motion he should make on Tuesday, for leave to bring in a bill « for the better supplying his Majesty's Ministers with ideas in the present embarrassing posture of their affairs with the public.!!

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Fi: A Year of the

2 Price One Shilling in Republic, One SATURDAY, June 10, 1800. { Specie; or, Five Shiland Indivifible. »

Slings in Paper.


I will be presented, for the first time, a new Opera, called,

Or, The Triumph of CiviSM over RELIGION.

Under the direction of Citizen PRIESTLEY. ,
The Music by the celebrated Authors of Ca Ira, and

the Marsellois Hymn.

* This was in the newspaper called the Times in the year 1794 in the form of a new journal, and as a speculation upon the ftate, to which we might be brought by a revolution in England. In the original this article filled a folio page.


After the Opera will be performed the favourite Ballet,

which had such a popular run at Paris, called, The MARCH OF THE CLERGY TO BEDLAM. ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY, Citizen Paine (be

ing his first public appearance in this nation fince the year 1792); ARCHBISHOP OF YORK, Citizen Skirving (being his first public appearance since his return from Botany Bay); BISHOP OF DURHAM, Citizen Winterbottom; and BISHOP OF LONDON, Citizen Fytche Palmer (being his first public appear:

ance since his return from transportation.) A. Pas Deux will be introduced between the first and

second Act, called Sedition on Foot, by Citizen Ha. milton Rowan, and the Female Citizen Deifin.

The Characters will be all dressed in the modern Sans Culotte fashion, and the whole will conclude with the enthusiastic Song and Chorus of Ca Ira. .

Pit, 5s. in Money, or il. in Paper Currency; First Gallery, 4s. in Money, or 16s. in Paper.- Second GalJery, 2s. 6d. in Money, or ios, in Paper.

*** It is expected that Ladies and Gentlemen will come full dressed to the Pit in red Caps and Bonnets; and that the Patriotic Sans Culottes will scrape their shoes at the door, and wear clean shirts. A Woman attends at the door to take care of the Female Citizens" Pattens. Those of the first requisition, who come in chaise-carts, are desired to order the carter to fet down with the horses heads towards the Permanent Guillotine at Charing-Cross.

Good Small Beer, Gin, and Water, and other elegant refreshments, will be prepared in the Anti-room.

Vivant Equality and Republicanism. THEATRE OF THE SANS CULOTTES,

1 ci-devant ROYALTY THEATRE, Saltpetre-bank, Wapping.

This Evening the Theatre will open for the first time, ... with an entire new Entertainment, called, THE CHIMNEY SWEEPER's APOTHEOSIS.

Tke The Music and Scenery entirely new. The whole to conclude with a Solo on the Salt-box;. and the favourite Marseillois Hymn, with Marrowbones and Cleavers.


· of the City of London, will be held this day, the IIth of June, at One o'Clock precisely, at the London Tavern. The Dividend to be made to the Creditors will be then finally determined upon. The Head Clerks of all the bankers killed in the late massacre will be allowed to present the accounts of their ci-devant Prin. cipals.

NY CITIZEN wishing to purchase that spot of

Ground on which stood the Houses lately demolished in Horne Tooke Square, (ci-devant Grosvenor Square) are desired to send in their Proposals to Citizen HARDY, President of the Committee for the Sale of the Effects of the Nobility. CITIZEN HOPPING, of Aldgate, Shoe-maker,

informs the Public, that in order to supply the deficiency of leather, which at the present moment is become very scarce, he offers to their notice, his new invented Shoes, made of wood, in which he has endeavoured to combine, as much as possible, elegance with convenience. He is just arrived from Paris, where he worked for several Members of the Convention, and means to remain but a short time in this Capital.

TO PROPRIETORS. To-morrow will be published, by Order of the Execu

tive Power, A Very accurate EXPLANATION of the PRIN. 1 CIPLES upon which the FORCED LOAN is to be established.

D 2


It may be agreeable, in the mean time, to many Proprietors, to know, that by the most exact arithmetical calculations, the FORCED LOAN will not, in the first instance, absorb more than 13-20ths of their capital; and that, if it should be found necessary afterwards to make some triling addition, by way of voluntary Loan, it can never exceed 16-20ths of their whole property.

This interesting Publication is to be found at Citizen Eaton's.


CARLTON HOUSE, now Barrere-Place, and who is just arrived from Paris, informs all Republican Citi· zens that he has just taken and fitted up in the Sans Cu:

lotte style, that large House, formerly called White's, in HORNE TOOKE Street, ci-devant St. James's Street, where there will be an Ordinary every day on the cheapest scale, from 12 at Noon until 11 at Night. Soup Maigre, Frogs fricafé, Garlic Broth, and other Carmagnol Soups at all hours. Shins of Beef and Ox Cheeks baked at I o'Clock, with Leek and Parsley Pies, in the Cornish style. Buttock of Beef boiled, à la mode de Paris, and roast Mutton at 2 o'Clock, with hard Dumplings and Pease Pudding. Excellent small French Wines, which are much wholesomer than heavy Portér. The Bread is made with leaven, in order to give it a fine French acidity.

TO PARENTS and GUARDIANS. THE Female Citizen HONORA GOODWILL 1. informs the Public, that she has taken a house in a healthy situation, near Hounslow, which she has fitted up for the reception of a few young Ladies, and educating them in the truest principles of pure Republicanism. Parents who choose to trust their children to her care, may be persuaded great attention will be paid to prevent their minds from being tinctured with any foolish religious superstition: Nature's laws. alone will be their

guide, and Reason and Philosophy the sole object of their daily worship. Such being the outlines of the plan, The hopes she may promise that the young persons entrusted to her care, will in a very short time acquire that Republican energy, so preferable to the filly timidity, which was one of the female characteristics during the reign of despotism.



PRESIDENT CITIZEN TELWELL. President" It is my duty, Citizen Legislators, to lay before you some letters of importance, which I have received this day; you will there see to what a height the public spirit has arrived, and the astonishing progress which our regeneration has made in every part of Great Britain." The Secretary then read: “CITIZEN PRESIDENT,

Nottingham, June 8. “I am this moment arrived from a patriotic expe. dition, the success of which has filled the minds of all the friends of the people with joy and exultation.

« Too long has the soil of Nottinghamshire groaned under the oppressive weight of four immense edifices, and its humble inhabitants been insulted by their disa gusting magnificence. Welbeck, Thoreshy, Clumber, and Worklop, could no longer be permitted to exist in the land of equality. A band of chosen Sans Culottes proceeded from Nottingham, and, with an energy worthy of the confidence placed in them, passed the plane of the revolution over these ostentatious and useless manfions. The flames did the rest.

« I send to the Convention, as a patriotic gift, all the plate of the ci-devant proprietors, that could be preserved in the general coufusion. “D*NN*N,

“Mayor of Nottingham.”


• D3

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