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Printed for R. GRIFFITHS:
And Sold by T. Becket and P. A. De Hondt, in the Strand.


' A B L E

то тнв TITLES, AUTHORS Names, &c. of the Books

and PAMPHLETS contained in this Volume.


at the End of the Volume.



For the Contents of the Foreign articles, see the last page of

this Table.

of General Redemption, confiA DDITIONAL Articles to the dered,

264 Specimen of a Celtic Voca. Awsiter On Sea bathing, &c. 311 bulary, 230 Ayliffe's Cafe,

156 ADDRESS to Proteftant Dissenters,40

B. to the Proprietors of In- D Attle of the Quills, 78 dia Stock, vo r 157 D. of Minden, 472

- Seaforable, to London BECCARIA on Public Oeconomy, and Middlesex,

466. to the People, 45% Bernard's Letters, to Lord HillAdye on Courts-Maria'423 borough,

320 ALBIN U s’s Tables réđúced; 128 ---

to the MinisAlcock on the Erdemical Colic try,

398 of Devon,

363 BILANCIA di Pandolph) ScornaALGAROTTI's Letterson Rusia, 454 becco,

17 AMERICA. See COLONIES. BLACKBURNE. See OCCASIONAL AMERICAN Traveller, 44 Remarks. AMINTAS, an Opera, 478 BLACKStone's Letter to the Ava ANACREON, Sappho, &c. trans- thor of The Question Stated, 77 lated,


Commentaries on ANGLICANUS, Theoph. his Pro- the Laws, Book IV. 292 testant Armour,

222 - -- Reply co Priestley ANOTHER Traveller! Vol. II. 396 inserted as above,

298 Estimate of the Times, BLESSINGS of Liberty Displayed, 481

394 ANSWER to The Question Stated, Bontius on the Diseases of the E. 158 Indies,


487 BRISBANE's Anatomy of Painting, · AntiQUITY of Horse-races, 484

545 Appeal to the World, 468 BROOK Es's Fool of Quality, Vol. ARGUMENTS againft she Doctrine IV.

318 A 2



BROTHERS, a Comedy. 478 Dickson's Agriculture, Vol. II.
BRUCIAD, an Epic Poem, . 382
Burton's Rhapsody, 156 DRAGONETTI on Virtues and Re-

109 nAptive, an Opera, 80

E Case of the Middlesex Elec- T Legy written at Amwell, 475 tion,

77 L ENQUIRY into the Study of CAVERHILL on the Gout, 168 the Ancient Languages, 482 Chappe's Travels into Siberia, 431 Essay on the Writing and Genius CHARLEVOIX's Hilt. of Paraguay, of Shakespeare,

130 486

on the Origin of Coileges, CHATHAM, Earl of, his political &c.

396 Conduct,


on the Middlesex ElecCOLLIGNAN'S Dialogues, . 355 tion,

397 Colman's Oxonian in Town, a on Animal Reproduction, . Comedy,

483 - Man and Wife, a Co. towards an History of Comedy, 394 mets,

484 COLONIES, British, Tracts relat- Essays on Clandestine Marriages, ing to, 49, 32, 398 &c.

35. COMETS. See Essay. See HAR- EXPLANATION of the Terms of MAN.

Art used in Medicine, 311 . COMMENTS. of Bull-face Double- EXPLANATIONS of difficult Texts fee, 157 of Scripture,

98 CONSIDERATIONS on the Times,

F. 78. L Air Trial of the important -- on the Expedi- f Question,

400 ency of a Corps of Light Trcops FATAL Obedience, a Novel, 479 in the East-Indies, : 390 Fame of Tyrantis

78 -- on the late: Da cision of the H. of Com. 463... Case,'.'.'

219 Cook's Remarks in a Passage from Pavoukei Tragedy, the Bay of Honduras to Merida; .Feminë Captáve,

1;6 231 :*Fool Ol Dollits, Vol. IV. 318 Cooke on the Diseases of Child:48, Upkemedied, dren,

230 FREE Briton's Memorial, CORRESPONDENCE, with the Re- French Lady, a Novel, • viewers,

488 FRIENDSHIP, a Poem, Coriat Junior, Vol. II. 396

G. COURT of Thespis,

M ARRICK's Ode on dedicating C. Ri's Poems,

w a Building, &c. to ShakeCursory View of Arbitr. Power, speare,

234 467 - Vagary,

238 Curtis on the Teeth, 227 GARTON's Practical Gardener,239

GBBONS's Hymns,

234 T ALRYMPLE’s Letters to the GOLDSMITH's koman History,183

India Directors, 79 GODALL's introduction to the Dawson's Anfwer to Letters con- History of Scotland, 310 cerning Confessions, &c. Part Gordian Knot,

232 226 GOULAk D on the Preparations of DELICATE Diltress, 232 Lead,

311 Denham on Vapoor Baths, 227 Granger's Eographical History DescRIPTION of a Parliament, 79 of engiand,

206 De Vercy. See MEMOIRS. Gray's Cde, at the Inalla:ion of


te: Dapaveles Beverly of Abraham's

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the Duke of Grafton, 159 LELAND'S Sermons, GRENVILLE. See LETTER, See LETTER to a Young Gentleman OBSERVATIONS.

at Oxford, Grosley's Observations on Italy, to the Author of The

328, 412 Question Stated, ' H.

to the Monthly Review U Arman on Comets, 317 ers,

152 I HARROD's Patriot, a Trac - from a Member of Par. gedy,

319 liament to his Conftcuents, 233 Healde on the Use of Ol. Af

to Harwood, 224 phalti, in Ulcers, &c. 228

to che Proprietors of inHervey's Sermons at Biddeford, dia Stock,

471. o to the Author's of these Hill's Vegetable System, Vol. Monthly Review, XIV.


m. to Grenville, 404 HISTORY of Eliza Musgrove, 73 Letrers from an American in

- of Miss Sommerville, 76. England,

of Emily Montagu, 231 - supposed to have passed of Arabella Waldegrave, between St. Evremond and Wal282 ler,

304 - of Ancient Greece, 31. of Atticus Junius, &c. to of Magna Charta, 468

- 319 Hitt's Treatise on Fruit trees,

from Wilkes's CorreNew Edit.

155 fpondence, Vol. I. 377 Horse's Confiderations on John

to the Earl of Hillsbo. the Baptist,

223 rough, from Gov. Bernard, &c. Howard's Histor. Anecdotes, 66 HUDDLESTON on Infant Baptism, - 10 the Minittry, from 216 the same,


- from the Correspond *. IDEAL Beauty in Painting, 59 ence of Wikes, Beckford, Ju. 1 JERVY on the Scurvy, 229 nius, &c.

307 JOHNSON's Midwitry, 144 LLEWELYN's Remaiks on the bric Jones's Philosophy of Words, 231 tich Tongue,


LLOYD's Vindication of the A há. JUNIUS's Letters, 79, 319 nafian Creed, K.

Lockman's Business, Pleasure, and T IRkland's Reply to Maxwell, Prudence, on Fevers, 173 Love and Innocence,

319 KNOX, Hugh, his Discourses on Luves of Oihniel and Achsah, 272 Revealed Religion, &c, 217

M KNOX, Cape. his Journal of the M RS. MACAULAY'S Loofe Campaigns in North-America, V Remarks,

15% 365 MACFARLAN'S Specimen of nis

Latin Translation of Offian, 471 TADY's Miscellany, 480 MACLAINE': Supplement 10 Mo. 1. LAMBERT, Marchioness, her sheim,

Works, tranfisied, 231 MAI DEN's Account of King's Col. LANCHOR NE. Sze LETTERS be- lege,

483 sweer Si. Evremond and Mr. MARRIAT's Rights of both Unia


493 LA:T, D:. in his Chariot, 80 MARTINELLI. See Bitaxc!A




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