Annalen der Physik und Chemie

J.A. Barth, 1863
Publishes original papers in the areas of experimental, theoretical, applied and mathematical physics, and related areas.


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93 ページ - The flame of sulphur and nitre contains a red ray which appears to me of a remarkable nature. This red ray appears to possess a definite refrangibility, and to be characteristic of the salts of potash, as the yellow ray is of the salts of soda, although, from its feeble illuminating power, it is only to be detected with a prism.
107 ページ - On the other hand vapour of sodium in an atmosphere round a source must have a great tendency to retain in itself, ie to absorb and to have its temperature raised by light from the source of the precise quality in question. In the atmosphere around the sun, therefore, there must be present vapour of sodium, which, according to the mechanical explanation thus suggested, being particularly opaque for light of that quality, prevents such of it as is emitted from the sun from penetrating to any considerable...
104 ページ - Rechte, dafs eine Strahlung ebensowohl von dem Inneren der Körper, als von ihrer Oberfläche ausgeht. Er knüpft hieran die Frage: »are we to suppose each particle of each substance to have at a given temperature an independent radiation of its own , equal, of course, in all directions? A priori«, fährt er fort, »this is the most probable supposition, and it seems likewise to be conformable to experiment.
107 ページ - D of the solar spectrum with the double bright line constituting the spectrum of the spirit-lamp burning with salt. I remarked that there must be some physical connexion between two agencies presenting so marked a characteristic in common. He assented, and said he believed a mechanical explanation of the cause was to be had on some such principles as the following : — Vapour of sodium...
103 ページ - Rufsfläche bei derselben Temperatur ausgehen. Hieraus und aus ähnlichen Erscheinungen, die Platten von Glas und Glimmer zeigen, folgert er: »that every body which sifts heat in its passage through its substance, is rnore opaque ivith regard to heat radiated by a thin slice of its own substance, than it is tvith regard to ordinary heat.
93 ページ - Of all salts the muriates succeed best, from their volatility. The same colours are exhibited also, when any of the salts in question are put in powder into the wick of a spirit-lamp...
94 ページ - April 27, 1861. bei seinem Berichte nicht erwähnte) Aussprüche derselben Beobachter, die in denselben Abhandlungen vorkommen, aus welchen die vorigen Citate genommen sind, wird den vorher angeführten Schlüssen geradezu widersprochen und die Basis dieser Analyse völlig in Frage gestellt. Herschel sagt in seinem Artikel Light, fast unmittelbar vor den oben angegebenen Worten ') : „In gewissen Fällen, wenn die Verbrennung sehr stark ist, z. B. wenn man in die Flamme einer Oellampe mit dem Löthrohr...
541 ページ - Verbrennungsproducte sich ändert, und zwar vermindert sich das Quantum Stickoxydgas in dem Maasse als sich der Druck vermehrt. Es scheint somit die Desoxydation der Stickstoffverbindung während der Verbrennung um so vollständiger vor sich zu geben, je grösser die Arbeit ist, welche die Schiesswolle während ihrer Verbrennung zu verrichten hat.
93 ページ - The colours thus communicated by the different bases to flame, afford in many cases a ready and neat way of detecting extremely minute quantities of them.