The Royal Navy: A History from the Earliest Times to the Present, 第 5 巻

This seven-volume work gives an in-depth history of the Royal Navy from its earliest days to the late 19th century. The text remains in print today.


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123 ページ - Captains are to look to their particular line as their rallying point. But, in case signals can neither be seen or perfectly understood, no captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of an enemy.
123 ページ - The whole impression of the British Fleet must be to over-power from two or three Ships a-head of their Commander-in-Chief, supposed to be in the Centre, to the Rear of their Fleet.
123 ページ - Something must be left to chance ; nothing is sure in a Sea Fight beyond all others. Shot will carry away the masts and yards of friends as well as foes ; but I look with confidence to a Victory before the Van of the Enemy could succour their Rear...
99 ページ - If the two fleets are both willing to fight, but little manoeuvring is necessary. The less the better. A day is soon lost in that business.
123 ページ - I should, therefore, probably make the second in command's signal to lead through, about their twelfth ship from their rear (or wherever he could fetch, if not able to get so far advanced), my line would lead through about their centre...
162 ページ - I have not only to lament, in common with the British Navy, and the British Nation, in the Fall of the Commander in Chief, the loss of a Hero, whose name will be immortal, and his memory ever dear to his country, but my heart is rent with the most poignant grief for the death of a friend, to whom, by many years...
462 ページ - The court is of opinion, that the conduct of Captain Willoughby was injudicious in making the signal, ' Enemy of inferior force,' to the Sirius, she being the only ship in sight, and not justifiable, as the enemy evidently was superior. But the court is of opinion, that his Majesty's late ship Nereide was carried into battle in a most judicious, officer-like, and gallant manner...
87 ページ - Feeling, as I do, that I am entirely responsible to my King and country for the whole of my conduct, I find no difficulty at this moment, when I am so unhappy at not finding the French fleet, nor having obtained the...
476 ページ - I must now account for the Flora's getting away after having struck her colours. At the time I was engaged with that ship, the Bellona was raking us ; and when she struck, I had no boat that could possibly take possession of her.
100 ページ - Rear-Ships of the Enemy would act as they please, and our Ships would give a good account of them, should they persist in mixing with our Ships. The other mode would be, to stand under an easy but commanding sail, directly for their headmost Ship, so as to prevent the Enemy from knowing whether I should pass to leeward or windward of him. In that situation, I would make the signal to engage the Enemy to leeward, and to cut through their Fleet about the sixth Ship from the Van, passing very close;...