Cullings from Crabbe: With a Memoir of His Life and Notices of His Writings

T. Taylor, 1832 - 62 ページ

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4 ページ - There children dwell who know no parents' care; Parents, who know no children's love, dwell there! Heart-broken matrons on their joyless bed, Forsaken wives, and mothers never wed; Dejected widows with unheeded tears, And crippled age with more than childhood fears; The lame, the blind, and far the happiest they! The moping idiot and the madman gay.
21 ページ - And here the poet meets his favouring muse. With awe, around these silent walks I tread; These are the lasting mansions of the dead :— " The dead," methinks a thousand tongues reply; " These are the tombs of such as cannot die ! " Crown'd with eternal fame, they sit sublime, " And laugh at all the little strife of time.
34 ページ - And halted on a boundless plain; Where nothing fed, nor breathed, nor grew, But silence ruled the still domain. Upon that boundless plain, below, The setting sun's last rays were shed, And gave a mild and sober glow, Where all were still, asleep, or dead; Vast ruins in the midst were spread, Pillars and pediments sublime, Where the grey moss had form'da bed, And clothed the crumbling spoils of time.
16 ページ - Shame knew him not, he dreaded no disgrace ; Truth, simple truth, was written in his face...
4 ページ - Ye gentle souls, who dream of rural ease, Whom the smooth stream and smoother sonnet please; Go! if the peaceful cot your praises share, Go look within, and ask if peace be there; If peace be his, that drooping weary sire; Or theirs, that offspring round their feeble fire; Or hers, that matron pale, whose trembling hand Turns on the wretched hearth th
3 ページ - Labour's fair child, that languishes with wealth? Go then! and see them rising with the sun, Through a long course of daily toil to run; See them beneath the dog-star's raging heat, When the knees tremble and the temples beat ; Behold them, leaning on their scythes, look o'er The labour past, and toils to come explore ; See them alternate suns and showers engage, And hoard up aches and anguish for their age...
17 ページ - In times severe, when many a sturdy swain Felt it his pride, his comfort, to complain; Isaac their wants would soothe, his own would hide, And feel in that his comfort and his pride. At length, he found, when seventy years were run,. His strength departed and his labour done ; When...
13 ページ - And deeply plunges in th' adhesive ground; Thence, but with pain, her slender foot she takes, While hope the mind as strength the frame forsakes ; For when so full the cup of sorrow grows, Add but a drop, it instantly o'erflows. And now her path but not her peace she gains, Safe from her task, but...
50 ページ - Give me to ease my tortur'd mind, Lend to my woes a patient ear ; And let me — if I may not find A friend to help — find one to hear.
12 ページ - Now, through the lane, up hill, and 'cross the green, (Seen by but few, and blushing to be seen — Dejected, thoughtful, anxious, and afraid,) Led by the lover, walk'd the silent maid; Slow through the meadows...