The correspondents, an original novel in a series of letters

London, 1775 - 264 ページ

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168 ページ - Nor peace, nor ease, the heart can know, That, like the needle true, Turns at the touch of joy or woe, But turning, trembles too.
88 ページ - under which is a white marble tablet where on one side is written in capital letters 'You speak of Mrs Macaulay, She is a kind of prodigy, I revere her abilities, I cannot bear to hear her name sarcastically mentioned, I would have her taste the exalted pleasure of universal applause, I would have statues erected to...
135 ページ - Actaea, daughter of the neighbouring stream, . This cave belongs. The fig-tree and the vine, Which o'er the rocky entrance downward shoot, Were placed by Glycon. He with cowslips pale, Primrose, and purple lychnis, deck'd the green Before my threshold, and my shelving walls With honeysuckle cover'd. Here at noon, Lull'd by the murmur of my rising fount, I slumber ; here my clustering...
29 ページ - Celia is her favourite heroine, and it is to Rosalind and Celia that Lady Mary Walker points in her Letters from the Duchess de Crui.1 We must not, however, expect the claim that a woman is something per se to fill a large space in the novel at this period. The aim of every honest woman, said Mrs.
208 ページ - With uncouth rhimes and fhapelefs fculpture deck'd, Implores the paffing tribute of a figh. Their name, their years, fpelt by th' unletter'd Mufe, The place of fame and elegy fupply: And many a holy text around fhe ftrews, That teach the ruftic moralift to dye.
136 ページ - Lull'd by the murmur of my rising fount, I slumber; here my clustering fruits I tend; Or from the humid flowers, at break of day, Fresh garlands weave, and chase from all my bounds Each thing impure or noxious.
29 ページ - ... but I shall for ever love and honour his memory, because he is the only poet (that I know of) who has delineated to perfection the character of a female friend. Now, if to this some manly critic should wittily object, that Shakespeare created many imaginary beings, I will readily allow that, because it does not affect this character. We wonder at the fairies, at the witches, at Ariel, at Caliban, but do we wonder at Celia? No, she is generally passed over with inattention, which alone is sufficient...
27 ページ - My theatrical taste . . . has undergone several revolutions. When I was about half my present age, I admired nothing but pantomime, and the agile tricks of Harlequin, though, at the same time, prompted by childish vanity, I affected to despise them. Soon after that period, my taste really altered. Romeo and Alexander became my heroes. I was pleased •with alternate sighing and storming; and the most extravagant scenes of the most...
88 ページ - I would have statues erected to her memory ; and once in every age I could wish such a woman to appear, as a proof that genius is not confined to sex ; but at the same time — you will pardon me — we want no more than one Mrs.
136 ページ - ... fount, I flumber : here my cluftering fruits I tend ; Or from the humid flowers, at break of day, Frefh garlands weave, and chace from all my bounds Each thing impure or noxious. Enter- in, O ftranger, undifmay'd. nor bat nor toad Here lurks : and if thy breaft of blamelefs...