poor blacks again," said Tailtackle, clamation" mark these two menwho still lingered on deck; small down with them !" space for remark, for the slaver again Bang turned towards me with all fired his broadside at us, with the the coolness in the world_" What, same cool precision as before. those chaps on the end of the long

“ Down with the helm, and let her stick ?” come round,” said I ; " that will do- “Yes-yes,” (1 here spoke of the master, run across his stern-out larboard foreyardarm,) " yes, down sweeps forward, and keep her there with them.” He lifted his piece as -get the other carronade over to steadily as if he had really been leeward—that is it-now, blaze away duck-shooting. while he is becalmed-fire, small- "I say, Gelid, my lad, take you arm-men, and take good aim.” the innermost.”

We were now right across his “ Ah !” quoth Paul. They fired stern, with his spanker boom within and down dropped both men, and ten yards of us; and although he squattered for a moment in the waworked his two stern-chasers with ter, like wounded waterfowl, and great determination, and poured then sank for ever, leaving two small whole showers of musketry from his puddles of blood on the surface. rigging, and poop, and cabin-win- “ Now, master,” shouted I, " now dows, yet, from the cleverness with put the helm up and lay him alongwhich our sweeps were pulled, and side-there-stand by with the grapthe accuracy with which we were nels-one round the backstay—the kept in our position, right athwart other through the chainplate therehis stern, our fire, both from the can- 80,—you have it.” As we ranged unnon and musketry, the former loaded der his counter—“ Mainchains are with round and grape, was telling, I your chance, men-boarders, follow could see, with fearful effect.

me.” And in the enthusiasm of the Crash-" There, my lads, down moment I jumped into the slaver's goes his maintopmast-pepper him main channel, followed by twentywell, while they are blinded and eight men. We were in the act of confused among the wreck. Fire getting over the netting when the away-there goes the peak, shot enemy rallied, and fired a volley of away cleverly, close by the throat. small arms, which sent four out of Don't cease firing, although his flag the twenty-eight to their account, be down-it was none of his doing. and wounded three more. We gainThere, my lads, there he has it again; ed the quarter-deck, where the Spayou have shot away the weather fore- nish captain, and about forty of his topsail sheet, and he cannot get from crew, shewed a determined front, under you.”

cutlass and pistol in hand-we charTwo men at this moment lay out ged them, they stood their ground. on his larboard foreyard-arm, appa- Tailtackle, (who, the moment he rently with the intention of splicing heard the boarders called, had jump; the sheet, and getting the clew of ed out of the magazine, and followed the foretopsail once more down to me,) at a blow cut the Spanish capthe sheaf-block; if they had suc- tain down to the chine; the lieuteceeded in this, the vessel would nant, or second in command, was again have fetched way, and drawn my bird, and I had disabled him by out from under our fire. Mr Bang a sabre-cut on the sword-arm, when and Paul Gelid had all this time been he drew his pistol, and shot me firing with murderous precision, through the left shoulder. I felt no from where they had ensconced pain, but a pinch, as it were, and themselves under the shelter of the then a cold sensation, as if water larboard bulwark, close to the taf- had been poured down my neck. fril, with their three black servants Jigmaree was close by me with a in the cabin, loading the six mus- boarding-pike, and our fellows were kets, and little Wagtail, who was no fighting with all the gallantry inhegreat shot, sitting on the deck, hand- rent in British sailors. For a moment ing them up and down.

the battle was poised in equal scales. Now, Mr Bang," cried I, "for At length our antagonists gave way, the love of Heaven" -and may Hea- when about fifteen of the slaves, naven forgive me for the ill-placed ex- ked barbarians, who had been ranged with muskets in their hands on the who were speedily driven down the forecastle, suddenly jumped down main hatchway, leaving one half of into the waist with a yell, and came their number dead, or badly woundto the rescue of the Spanish part of ed, on the blood-slippery deck. But the crew.

they still made a desperate defence, I thought we were lost. Our people, by firing up the hatchway. I hailed all but Tailtackle and Jigmaree, held them to surrender. back. The Spaniards rallied, and “ Zounds,"cried Jigmaree, “there's fought with renewed courage, and it the clink of hammers; they are knockwas now, not for glory, but for dear ing off the fetters of the slaves." life, as all retreat was cut off by the “ If you let the blacks loose," I parting of the grapnels, or warps, sung out in Spanish, “ by the Heathat had lashed the schooner along- ven above us, I will blow you up, al. side of the slaver, for the Wave had by though I should go with you! Hold this time forged ahead, and lay across your hands, Spaniards! Mind what the brig's bows, in place of being on

you do, madmen!" her quarter, with her foremast jam- “ Oń with the hatches, men,” med against the slaver's bowsprit, shouted Tailtackle. They had been whose spritsail - yard crossed our thrown overboard, or put out of the deck between the masts. We could way; they could nowhere be seen. not therefore retreat to our own ves- The firing from below continued. sel if we had wished it, as the Spa- “ Cast loose that carronade there; niards had possession of the waist clap in a canister of grape-50-now and forecastle; all at once, however, run it forward, and fire down the a discharge of round and grape hatchway.” It was done, and taking crashed through the bowsprit of the effect amongst the pent up slaves, brig, and swept off three of the black such a yellarose-oh God! oh God! auxiliaries before mentioned, and I never can forget it. Still the mawounded as many more, and the niacs continued firing up the hatchnext moment an unexpected ally ap- way. peared on the field. When we board. "Load and fire again." My people ed, the Wave had been left with only were now furious, and fought more Peter Mangrove; the five dockyard like incarnate fiends broke loose negroes ; Pearl, one of the captain's from hell, than human beings. gigs, the handsome black already in- “Run the gun up to the hatchway troduced on the scene; poor little once more." They ran the carronReefpoint,who, as already stated, was ade so furiously forward, that the badly hurt; Aaron Bang, Paul Gelid, coaming or ledge round the hatchand Wagtail

. But this Pearl without way was split off, and down went price, at the very moment of time the gun, carriage and all, with a when I thought the game was up, crash, into the hold. Presently smoke jumped on deck through the bowport, appeared rising up the fore hatchcutlass in hand, followed by the five way. black carpenters and Peter Man- They have set fire to the brig; grove, after whom appeared no less overboard !-regain the schooner, or a personage than Aaron Bang him- we shall all be blown into the air self, and the three blackamoor valets, like peels of onions!" sung out little all armed with boarding-pikes. Bang Jigmaree. But where was the Wave? flourished his cutlass for an instant. She had broke away, and was now a

“Now, Pearl, my darling, shout to cable's length ahead, apparently fast them in Coromantee,-shout;” and leaving us, with Paul Gelid and forthwith the black quartermaster Wagtail, and poor little Reefpoint, sung out,“ Coromantee Sheik Coco- who, badly wounded as he was, had loo, kockernony populorum fiz;" left his bammock, and come on deck which, as I afterwards learned, being in the emergency, making signs of interpreted, is, “ Behold the sultan their inability to cut away the halCocoloo, the greatostrich, with a fea- yards; and the tiller being shot ther in his tail like a palm branch; away, the schooner was utterly unfight for him, you sons of female manageable. dogs.” In an instant the black Spa- “ Let fall the foresail, men-down nish auxiliaries sided with Pearl, and with the foretack-cheerily now Bang, and the negroes, and joined get way on the brig, and 'overhaul in charging the White Spaniards, the Wave promptly, or we are lost,"




cried I. It was done with all the and rose like a balloon, rolling slowly coolness of desperate men. I took upwards, until it reached a little way the helm, and presently we were above our mast-heads, where it meltonce more alongside of our own ed and spread out into a dark pall, vessel. Time we were so, for about that overhung the scene of death, as one hundred and fifty of the slaves, if the incense of such a horrible and whose shackles had been knocked off, polluted sacrifice could not ascend now scrambled up the fore hatchway, into the pure heaven, but had been and we had only time to jump over- again crushed back upon our devoboard, when they made a rush aft; ted heads, as a palpable manifestaand no doubt, exhausted as we were, tion of the wrath of Him who hath they would have massacred us on the said—“ Thou shalt not kill.” spot, frantic and furious as they evi- For a few moments all dently were from the murderous silent as the grave, and I felt as if fire of grape that had been directed the air had become too thick for down the hatchway.

breathing, while I looked up like anBut the fire was as quick as they other Cain.

The cloud of smouldering Presently, about one hundred and smoke that was rising like a pillar of fifty of the slaves, men, women, and cloud from the fore hatchway, was children, who had been drawn down now streaked with tongues of red by the vortex, rose amidst numberflame, which, licking the masts and less pieces of smoking wreck, to the spars, ran up and caught the sails and surface of the sea ; the strongest yellrigging. In an instant, the flames ing like fiends in their despair, while spread to every part of the gear the weaker, the women, and the aloft, while the other element, the helpless gasping little ones, were sea, was also striving for the mastery choking, and gurgling, and sinking all in the destruction of the doomed around. Yea, the small thin expiring vessel; for our shot, or the fall of cry of the innocent sucking infant the carronade into the hold, had start- torn from its sinking mother's breast, ed some of the bottom planks, and as she held it for a brief moment she was fast settling down by the above the waters, which had already head. We could hear the water rush- for ever closed over herself, was ing in like a mill stream. The fire there.—But we could not perceive increased-her guns went off as they one single individual of her white became heated-she gave a sudden crew; like desperate men, they had heel-and while five hundred human all gove down with the brig. We beings, pent up in her noisome hold, picked up about one half of the split the heavens with their piercing miserable Africans, and-my pen death-yells, down she went with a trembles as I write it — fell necesheavy lurch, head foremost, right in sity compelled us to fire on the the wake of the setting sun, whose remainder, as it was utterly imposlevel rays made the thick dun sible for us to take them on board. wreaths that burst from her as she Oh that I could erase such a scene disappeared, glow with the hue of for ever from my memory! One the amethyst; and while the whirl- incident I cannot help relating: We ing clouds, gilded by his dying radi- had saved a woman, a handsome ance, curled up into the blue sky, clear-skinned girl, of about sixteen in rolling masses, growing thinner years of age. She was very faint and thinner, until they vanished away, when we got her in, and was lying esen like the wreck whereout they with her head over a port-sil), when a arose,--and the circling eddies, crea- strong athletic young negro swam to ted by her sinking, no longer spark- the part of the schooner where she led and flashed in the red light,- was. She held down her hand to and the stilled waters where she had him; he was in the act of grasping gone down, as if oil had been cast on it, when he was shot through the them, were spread out like polished heart from above. She instantly silver, shining like a mirror, while all jumped overboard, and, clasping him around was dark blue ripple,-a puff in her arms, they sank, and disapof fat black smoke, denser than any peared together. « Oh, woman, we had yet seen, suddenly emerged whatever may be the colour of your with a loud gurgling noise, from out skin, your heart is of one only !” said the deep bosom of the calmed sea, Aaron,

Soon all was quiet; a wounded tastic tricks played by the worm of black here and there was shriek- a day-by weak man, in his little ing in his great agony, and strug- moment of power and ferocity. I said gling for a moment before he sank something-ill and hastily. Aaron into his watery grave for ever; a was close beside me, sitting on a few pieces of wreck were floating carronade slide, while the surgeon and sparkling on the surface of the was dressing the pike wound in his deep, in the blood-red sunbeams, neck. He looked up solemnly in my which streamed in a flood of glo- face, and then pointed to the blessed rious light on the bloody deck, and luminary, that was now sinking in shattered hull, and torn rigging of the sea, and blazing up into the rethe Wave, and on the dead bodies splendent heavens—Cringle, for and mangled limbs of those who had shame-for shame-your impatience fallen; while a few heavy scattering is blasphemous. Remember this drops of rain fell sparkling from a morning-and thank Him”-here he passing cloud, as if Nature had wept looked up and crossed himselfin pity over the dismal scene; or “ thank Him who has mercifully as if they had been blessed tears, brought us to the end of this fearful shed by an angel, in his heavenward day, that you have seen the sun set course, as he hovered for a moment, once more.and looked down in pity on the fan

Thou art gone to the past, wicked Year,

Dark period of trouble and dread!
The curse of a nation has stamp'd thy career,
Thou hast left her, in tumult, in shame, and in fear;

Her anathema rests on thine head!
Then begone to the past, wicked Year!
Oh, ne'er from the records of Time

Oblivion thy foul page shall sever ;
To futurity, mark’d, through each country and clime,
As the reign of disorder, dishonour, and crime,

A rebuke and a hissing for ever,
Thou shalt live to the outstretch of time!
Thou hast left us a token of woe,

Thou hast open'd the floodgates of wrath,
Thou hast trampled the noble, exalted the low,
The throne and the altar reel under thy blow;

Thy successor shall tread in thy path,
And redeem thy dark earnest of woe !
Oh! what hast thou left us, dark Year ?

Wild thoughts of destruction and evil,
For the land, of thy seed, the black harvest shall bear,
Indignation and anguish, confusion and fear,

While fiends in thy harvest-home revel!
And this thou hast left us, dark Year.
Dost thou sink, unendear'd, to the grave ?

Hast thou died without glory, dark Year ?
Ask the yells of the madman, blasphemer, and knave,
Their hoarse lo pæans to thee as they rave,

And their plaudits resound o'er thy bier,
Meet homage to hallow thy grave!
Oh! would that Oblivion, dark Year,

Could smother thy deeds in her breast!
Then England, in hope, might renew her career,
Again look to Heaven, in faith, love, and fear,

For the blessings wherewith she was bless'de

But thy blight is upon her, dark Year!
SHARON, Jan. 1, 1833.

M. H.

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Well, I guess, squire, that I “ How much, squire, may it be ?" aint such a snag in the stream that Ah, Mr Peabody, she's too well you need have tried whether you stricken in years." could make a pancake of my head. “I guess not, for a spec.," replied Howsomever I am glad to see you;

the citizen. “I'd have you, squire, to but, I guess, yours is a pretty con- do think on't, for though she ben't so siderable disappointment; for our young as an angel, she aint quite so Tavy is, as you sees, almighty ob- everlasting." stinacious,"

Shortridge thought to himself that “Oh,” replied the young Glasgo- many a young man had shot at worse wegian, “ I think not of her; I have game, and half seriously said, changed my mind.”

“How old do you think she is ?” “ That there is a right good move," Why, in the way of such a trade," replied Peabody, “ for as she aint said Peabody, “I calculate a year or going to have you, you can't do bet- two don't signify nothing." ter than not have her; but, squire, I “But how can I make love to her?" have been making my calculations said Shortridge more gravely. “No,

- What would you think of the old no, it won't suit; it would be so ladye for a spec. ?”

queer ; it's no go.” Shortridge stepped two paces “Now, I say, squire, if you think back, and exclaimed—“Mrs Clatter- prudent, I'll be a goose to a gallon penny! are you in earnest ?” of punch that we'll make a match

Peabody coolly and seriously an- on’i in less than no time and jemini.” swered, " She's a shocking clever, “ But," replied Shortridge serinice woman, is that there old ladye, ously, “what would my acquaintance my cousin, though she ben't college say?" learned.”

This put mettle in the old man, “How could such an imagination,” and he replied with redoubled enerexclaimed the young man,

enter gyyour head ?"

“Why let them do their damndest. “ Because she is tarnation rich," Come, come, squire, don't be 'femireplied Peabody

nate; and if so be as you aint so Ah, you Yankees,” " said the son

bold as to speak for yourself, I'll be of the Lord Provost of Glasgow- 'sponsible for you, and speak to her

you Yankees are a money-seeking right away to see how the land lies, people; who but you would think while you make your own calculaof riches in affairs of the heart ?" tions."

The old man made no immediate This proposition, which seemed at reply to this, but, as if he snuffed a first so absurd, by iteration appeared smell in the air, said, “ Well, that's to the young man not quite so unslick ; but I guess it was an affair of likely as it at first seemed; and inthe purse that brought you a-court- stead of going back with Peabody to ing to our Tavy, and therefore, Fludyer Street, he walked with him squire, as one purse is as good as towards Buckingham Palace, disanother, so be they are of one big- coursing, as they went along, from ness, you might do worse than take less to more about the wealth of Mrs Dame Clatterpenny under the arm. Clatterpenny;

For good and substanYou came with her in that there ket- tial reasons, best known to himself, tle-ship, and I reckon you knows the Vermont farmer urged her mesomewhat 'bout her.”

rits with all his eloquence, and said “Yes,” replied Shortridge drily, not a word of the news that he had “ I know her worth."

received that morning from Mr Upon this Peabody turned round MʻGab, respecting his own priority briskly, and said

of claim, or the more formidable

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