ever, and Captain Ne received chip thrown overboard struck fire his orders.

from the water, as if it had been a “ Captain N-, my boy," quoth piece of iron cast on flint; and when Bang towards evening, “ the best of you looked over the quarter, as I friends must part-we must move- delight to do, and tried to penetrate good-night-we shall be off to-night into the dark clear profound beneath, -good-by”- and he held out his you every now and then saw a burst hand.

of pale light, like a halo far down in “ Devil a bit,” said N-; “Bang, the depths of the green sea, caused you shall not go, neither you nor by the motion of some fish, or of what your friends. You promised, in fact Jack, no great natural philosopher, shipped with me for the cruise, and usually calls blubbers ; and when Lady has my word and honour the dolphin or skip-jack leapt into that you shall be restored to her the air, they sparkled out from the longing eye, sound and safe—so you still bosom of the deep, dark water must all remain, and send down the like rockets, until they fell again flour brig to say you are coming." into their element in a flash of fire.

To make a long story short, Massa This evening the corvette had shewAaron was boned, but his friends ed no lights, and although I conjecwere obdurate, so we all weighed tured she was not far from us, still I that night; the Tinker bearing up could not with any certainty indicate for Jamaica, while we kept by the her whereabouts. It might now be wind, steering for Gonaives in St about three o'clock, and I was standDomingo.

ing on the aftermost gun on the starThe third day we were off Cape board side, peering into the imperSt Nicholas, and getting a slant of vious darkness over the taffere), with wind from the westward, we ran up my dear old dog Sneezer by my side, the Bight of Leogane all that night, nuzzling and fondling after his affecbut towards morning it fell calm; tionate fashion, while the pilot, Peter we were close in under the high- Mangrove, stood within handspike land, about two miles from the shore, length of me. The dog had been and the night was the darkest I ever growling, but all in fun, and snapping was out in any where. There were at me, when in a moment he hauled neither moon nor stars to be seen, off, planted his paws on the rail, and the dark clouds settled down, looked forth into the night, and gave until they appeared to rest upon our a short anxious bark, like the solitary mast-heads, compressing, as it were, pop of the sentry's musket, to alarm the hot steamy air down upon us the mainguard in outpost work. until it became too dense for breath- Peter Mangrove advanced, and put ing. In the early part of the night his arm round the dog's neck. “What it had rained in heavy showers now you see, my shild ?" said the black and then, and there were one or two pilot. faint flashes of lightning, and some Sneezer uplifted his voice, and heavy peals of thunder, which rolled gave a long continuous bark. amongst the distant hills in loud “ Ah !" said Mangrove sharply, shaking reverberations, which gra- “ Massa Captain, something near we dually became fainter and fainter, -never doubt dat de dog yeerie until they grumbled away in the dis- something we can't yeerie, and see tance in hoarse murmurs, like the someting we can't see.” low notes of an organ in one of our I had lived long enough never to old Cathedrals; but now there was despise any caution from what quarneither rain nor wind-all nature ter soever it proceeded. So I listened seemed fearfully hushed; for where still as a stone. Presently I thought we lay, in the smooth Bight, there I heard the distant splash of oars. I was no swell, not even a ripple on placed my band behind my car, and the glass-like sea; the sound of the listened with breathless attention. shifting of a handspike, or the tread Presently I saw the sparkling dip of of the men, as they ran to haul on a them in the calm black water, as if a rope, or the creaking of the rudder, boat, and a large one, was pulling sounded loud and distinct. The sea very fast towards us.

“ Look outin our neighbourhood was strongly hail that boat,” said I. phosphorescent, so that the smallest ahoy," sung out the man. No answer,

« Boat

“ Coming here ?" reiterated the sea. no fears, as, dark as it was, our men, man. No better success. The boat who held together, knew where to or canoe, or whatever it might be, strike and thrust; but when the torwas by this time close aboard of us, rent of rain descended in bucketswithin pistol-shot at the farthest-no full, the former broke away, and time to be lost, so I hailed myself, were pursued singly into various and this time the challenge did pro- corners about the deck, all escape duce an answer.

being cut off from the swamping of “ Sore boat-fruit and wegitab." their boat. Still they were not van

“ Shore boat, with fruit and vegec quished, and I ran aft to the binnacle, tables, at this time of night—I don't where a blue light was stowed away, like it,” said I.“ Boatswain's mate, one of several that we had got on call the boarders. Cutlasses, men- deck to burn that night, in order to quick, a piratical row-boat is close point out our whereabouts to the to.” And verily we had little time to Firebrand. I fired it, and rushing lose, when a large canoe or row- forward cutlass-in-hand, we set on boat, pulling twelve oars at the few- the gang of black desperadoes with est, and carrying twenty firemen, or such fury, that after killing two of thereabouts, swept upon our larboard them outright, and wounding and taquarter, hooked on, and the next king prisoners seven, we drove the moment upwards of twenty unlook- rest overboard into the sea, where ed for visitors scrambled up our the small-armed men, who by this shallow side, and jumped on board. time had tackled to their muskets,

All this took place so suddenly made short work of them, guided as that there were not ten of my people they were by the sparkling of the ready to receive them, but those ten dark water, as they struck out and were the prime men of the ship. swam for their lives. The blue light “ Surrender, you scoundrels-sur- was immediately answered by anrender. You have boarded a man-of- other from the corvette, which lay war. Down with your arms, or we about a mile off; but before her boats, shall murder you to a man.”

two of which were immediately But they either did not understand armed and manned, could reach us, me, or did not believe me, for the we had defeated our antagonists, and answer was a blow from a cutlass, the rain had increased to such a dewhich, if I had not parried with my gree, that the heavy drops, as they night glass, which it broke in pieces, fell with a strong rushing noise into might have effectually stopped my the sea, flashed it up into one entire promotion. “Cut them down, board- sheet of fire. ers, down with them—they are pi- We secured our prisoners, all rates,” shouted I; “heave cold shot blacks and mulattoes, the most villainto their boat alongside—all hands, nous-looking scoundrels I had ever boatswain's mate-call all hands." seen, and presently it came on to We closed. The assailants had no thunder and lighten, as if heaven and firearms, but they were armed with earth had been falling together. A swords and long knives, and as they most vivid flash-it almost blinded fought with desperation, several of me. Presently the Firebrand burnt our people were cruelly haggled; another blue light, whereby we saw and after the first charge, the combat that her maintopmast was gone close ants on both sides became so blend- by the cap, with the topsail, and uped, that it was impossible to strike per spars, and yards, and gear, all a blow, without running the risk of hanging down in a lumbering mass cutting down a friend. By this time of confused wreck; she had been all hands were on deck; the boat struck by the levin brand, which alongside had been swamped by the had killed four men, and stunned cold shot that had been hove crash- several more. By this time the cold ing through her bottom, when down grey streaks of morning appeared in came a shower from the surcharged the eastern horizon, and presently clouds, or waterspout-call it which the day broke, and by two o'clock in you will —that absolutely deluged the the afternoon, both corvette and decks, the scuppers being utterly un- schooner were at anchor at Gonaives. able to carry off the water. So long The village, for town it could not be as the pirates fought in a body, I had called, stood on a low hot plain, as if the washings of the mountains on the tipping off his bumper of claret, and left hand side as we stood in bad receiving the Captain's report, he been carried out into the sea, and made his bow and departed. formed into a white plateau of sand; I returned to the Wave, and next all was hot, and stunted, and scrub- morning I breakfasted on board of by. We brought up inside of the the Commodore, and afterwards we corvette, in three fathoms of water. all proceeded on shore to Monsieur My superior officer had made the B's, to whom Massa Aaron was private signal to come on board and known. The town, if I may call it dine, which, in the assured intimacy so, had certainly a very desolate apin which we were now linked, could pearance. There was nothing stirring; not on any plea be declined. I dress- and although a group of idlers, ed, and the boat was lowered down, amounting to about twenty or thirty, and we pulled for the corvette, but did collect about us on the end of the our course lay under the stern of wharf, which, by the by, was terribly the two English ships that were lying out of repair, yet they all appeared there loading cargoes of coffee. ill clad, and in no way so well fur

“Pray, sir,” said a decent-looking nished as the blackies in Jamaica; man, who leant on the tafferel of one and when we marched up through of them—“Pray, sir, are you going on a hot, sandy, unpaved street into board of the Commodore ?”

the town, the low, one-story, shab. “I am," I answered.

by-looking houses were falling in“I am invited there too, sir; will to decay, and the streets more reyou have the kindness to say I will sembled river-courses than thobe there presently?"

roughfares, while the large car“ Certainly-give way, men." rion crows were picking garbage on

Presently we were alongside the the very crown of the causeway, corvette, and the next moment we without apparently entertaining the stood on her deck, holystoned white least fear of us, or of the negro chiland clean, with my stanch friend dren who were playing close to them, Captain N—and his officers, all in so near, in fact, that every now and full fig, walking to and fro under the then one of the urchins would aim a awning, a most magnificent naval blow at one of the obscene birds, lounge, being thirty-two feet wide at when it would give a loud discordthe gangway, and extending fifty feet ant croak, and jump a pace or two, or more aft, until it narrowed to with outspread wings, but without twenty at the tafferel. We were all, taking wing. Still many of the women, the two masters of the merchant- who were sitting under the small men, decent respectable men in piazzas, or projecting eaves of the their way, included, graciously re- houses, with their little stalls, filled ceived, and sat down to an excel. with pullicate handkerchiefs, and lent dinner, Mr Bang taking the lead pieces of muslin, and ginghams for as usual in all the fun; and we were sale, were healthy-looking, and apjust on the verge of cigars and cold peared comfortable and happy. As grog, when the first lieutenant came we advanced into the town, almost down and said that the Captain of every male we met was a soldier, all the port had come off, and was then rigged and well dressed, too, in the on board.

French uniform; in fact, the remark“ Shew him in,” said Captain able man, King Henry, or Christophe, N— and a tall, vulgar-looking took care to have his troops well fed blackamoor, dressed apparently in and clothed in every case. On our way the cast-off coat of a French grena. we had to pass by the Commandant, dier officer, entered the cabin with Baron B-'s house, when it occurhis chapeau in his hand, and a Ma- red to Captain N— that we ought dras handkerchief tied round his to stop and pay our respects; but Mr woolly skull. He made his bow, and Bang being bound by no such etiremained standing near the door. quette, bore up for his friend Monsieur

“You are the Captain of the port?" BG's. As we approached the house said Captain N-, in French. The - a long, low, one-story building, man nodded. “Why, then, take a with a narrow piazza, and a range of chair, sir, if you please.”

unglazed windows, staring open, with He begged to be excused, and after their wooden shutters, like ports in a ship’s side, towards the street-we world, instantly recalled him to time found a sentry at the door, who, and circumstances; and when the when we announced ourselves, car- young officer looked at him, and reried arms all in regular style. Pre- garded him with some surprise, he sently a very good-looking negro, in bowed, and invited him, in the best a handsome aide-de-camp's uniform, French he could muster, to drink appeared, and, hat in hand, with all wine. The aide.de-camp was, as I the grace in the world, ushered us have said, jet-black as the ace of into the presence of the Baron, who spades, but he was, notwithstanding, was lounging in a Spanish chair half so far as figure went, a very handasleep, but on hearing us announced some man-tall and well framed, he rose, and received us with great especially about the shoulders, which amenity. He was a fat elderly negro, were beautifully formed, and, in the so far as I could judge, about sixty estimation of a statuary, would proyears of age, and was dressed in very bably have balanced the cucumber wide jean trowsers, over which a curve of the shin; his face, however, pair of well-polished Hessian boots was regular negro-flat nose, heavy were drawn, which, by adhering close lips, fine eyes, and beautiful teeth, to bis legs, gave him, in contrast with and he wore two immense gold earthe wide puffing of his garments rings. His woolly bead was bound above, the appearance of being under- round with a pullicate handkerchief, limbed, which he by no means was, which we had not noticed until he as he was a stout old Turk.

took off his laced cocked hat. His After a profusion of bows and coat was the exact pattern of the fine speeches, and superabundant French staff uniform at the timeassurances of the esteem in which plain blue, without lace, except at his master King Henry held our mas- the cape and cuffs, which were of ter King George, we made our bows scarlet cloth, covered with rich emand repaired to Monsieur B's, broidery. He wore a very handsome where I was engaged to dine. As for straight sword with steel scabbard, Captain N he went on board and the white trowsers, and long that evening to superintend the re- Hessian boots, already described as pairs of the ship.

part of the costume of his geneThere was no one to meet us but ral. Monsieur B- and his daughter, a Mr Bang, as I have said, bad raltall and very elegant brown girl, who lied by this time, and with the tact had been educated in France, and did of a gentleman, appeared to have the honours incomparably well. We forgotten whether his new ally was sat down, Massa Aaron wbispering in black, blue, or green, while the claret, my lug, that in Jamaica it was not stimulating bim into self-possession, quite the thing to introduce brown la was evaporating in broken French. dies at dinner; but, as he said, “Why But his man Pegtop had been pushed not? Neither you nor I are high caste off his balance altogether; his equaCreoles—so en avant.Dinner was nimity was utterly gone. When the nearly over, when Baron B—'s young officer brushed past him, at the aide-de-camp slidinto the room. Mon. first go off, while he was rinsing some sieur B-rose. “ Captain Latour, glasses in the passage, his sword you are welcome--be seated. I hope banged against Pegtop's derière as you have not dined ?"

he stooped down over his work. He “Why, no,” said the negro officer, started and looked round, and mere. as he drew a chair, while he ex- ly exclaimed-“ Eigh, Massa Niger changed glances with the beautiful wurra dat!" But now, when, standEugenie, and sat himself down close ing behind his master's chair, he saw to El Senor Bang.

the aide-de-camp consorting with " Hillo, Quashie! Whereaway, my him whom he looked upon as the Jad? a little above the salt, an't you ?'' greatest man in existence, on terms ejaculated our Amigo; while Pegtop, of equality, all his faculties were who had just come on shore, and was paralysed. “Pegtop,” said I," band standing behind his master, stared me some yam, if you please.” Ile and gaped in the greatest wonder- looked at me all agape, as if he had ment. But Mr Bang's natural good been half strangled. breeding, and knowledge of the " Pegtop, you scoundrel," quoth


Massa Aaron," don't you hear what fragments, as if it bad been the blastCaptain Cringle says, sir?"

ing of a stone quarry. “Oh yes, Massa;” and thereupon Zounds, this is too much,”the sable valet brought me a bottle claimed Bang, as he rose and kicked of fish sauce, which he endeavoured the poor fellow out again, with such to pour into my wine-glass. All this vehemence, that his skull, encounterwhile Eugenie and the aide-de-camp ing the paunch of our friend the Bawere playing the agreeable-and in ron, who was entering from the street very good taste, too, let me tell you. at that instant, capsized him outright,

I had just drank wine with mine and away rolled his Excellency the host, when I cast my eye along the Général de Division, Commandant passage that led out of the room, and de l'Arrondissement, &c. &c., digging there was Pegtop dancing, and jump- bis spurs into poor Pegtop's traning, and smiting his thigh, in an ecs- som, and sacring furiously, while the tasy of laughter, as he doubled him- black servant roared as if he had self up, with the tears welling over been harpooned by the very devil. his cheeks.

The aides started to their feet-and Oh, Lord! Oh!-Massa Bang one of them looked at Mr Bang, and bow, and make face, and drink wine, touched the hilt of his sword, grindand do every ting shivil, to one dam ing the word “ satisfaction" between black rascail niger! - Oh, blackee his teeth, while the other ordered more worser dan me, Gabriel Peg- the sentries to run the poor fellow, top—Oh, Lard !-ha! ha! ha!” whose mirth had been so uproariThereupon he threw himself down ous, through. However he got off in the piazza, amongst plates and with one or two progues in a very dishes, and shouted and laughed in safeplace; and when Monsieur Ba perfect frenzy, until Mr Bang got explained how matters stood, and up, and thrust the poor fellow out of that the “ pauvre diable," as the doors, in a pelting shower, which black Baron coolly called him, was soon so far quelled the hysterical a mere servant, and an uncultivated passion, that he came in again, grave creature, and that no insult was as a judge, and took his place behind meant, we had all a hearty laugh, his master's chair once more, and and every thing rolled right again. every thing went on smoothly. The At length the Baron and his black aide-de-camp,who appeared quite un- tail rose to wish us a good evening, conscious that he was the cause of and we were thinking of finishing the poor fellow's mirth, renewed off with a cigar and a glass of cold his attentions to Eugenie; and Mr grog, when Monsieur B —'s daughBang, M. BS, and myself, were ter returned into the piazza, very again engaged in conversation, and pale, and evidently much frightenour friend Pegtop was in the act of ed. “ Mon père,” said she-while handing a slice of melon to the black her voice quavered from excessive officer, when a file of soldiers, with agitation-"My father-why do the fixed bayonets, stept into the piazza, soldiers remain?” and ordered arms, one taking up his

We all peered into the dark pas. station on each side of the door. Prc- sage, and there, true enough, were sently another aide-de-camp, boot- the black sentries at their posts beed and spurred, dashed after them; side the doorway, still and motionand as soon as he crossed the thresh- less as statues. Mounsieur B, hold, sung out, Place, pour Mon- poor fellow, fell back in his chair at sieur le Baron."

the sight as if he had been shot The electrical nerve was again through the heart. touched—“ Oh-oh-oh! Gara- My fate is sealed—I am lost, mighty! here comes anoder on dem," ob, Eugenie!” were the only words roared Pegtop, sticking the slice of he could utter. melon, which was intended for “ No no,” exclaimed the weeping Mademoiselle Eugenie, into his own girl, “ God forbid - the Baron is a mouth, to quell the paroxysm, if pos- kind-hearted man-King Henry cansible, (while be fractured the plate not-no, no-he knows you are not on the black aide's skull,) and imme- disaffected, he will not injure you.” diately blew it out again, with an Here one of the black aides-de-camp explosion, and a scattering of the suddenly returned. It was the poor


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