times with two fine lads, his sons, one the forest. What think you of this of whom sings like a nightingale, cheese? Double Gloucester-and and the father is allowed on all hands in condition to a mite. Nor does the to be the best angler that was ever butter and bread (would-be gentility seen in Scotland. On the opposite simpers bread and butter) look unside-up-stairs-is the barrack-room, worthy of butter's brother. This is now famous on Loch Awe-side a gutty bottle of “ Barclay's Particuas the dormitory of our excellent lar.” Can you draw a cork with friends Tom Allan and Tom Sprot. your silk handkerchief ? So—'tis by Canvass curtains are hung in differ- sleight of hand. We question if there ent parts of this room from the roof, be livelier hour in the four-andto screen one individual from an- twenty than-Two. The stomach of other when at their toilette. The a man of a well-regulated mind is kitchen range is in a small addition then prompt without being importu. made to the back of the house—the nate; and we cannot give a more only plan for quiet--and so are the convincing proof of that in our own sleeping apartments of the family-- case than by carrying on this journal so that when all have gone to roost, of ours in the vicinity of that Lunch. we can well believe that you might The fried eggs are beginning to look hear a mouse stirring. have been rather stiffish, and the ham crunkled thus particular, because, should we at the turned up edges; but it is prolick these pages into the shape of an bable we shall not pay our respects to article, our account of Larach-a-ban them at this juncture ; and the truth may meet the eyes of some of our is, we are waiting for a sallad. There English brethren of the angle, who it comes_borne in breast high by as may have been deterred from ventu- pretty and amiable a young woman ring into the Highlands by stories, as one may see on the longest day of often too true, of the miserable ac- the year, and our only fear is that commodation at some of the most her smile may sweeten the vinegar. wretched of our out-of-the-way hut- Wait a few moments-my child-till inns. Here they will find every thing we have helped ourselves to lambequal to their heart's desire. We those pretty fingers plucked the sal. hold that a public is, in all essentials, lad—let them place it on our plate a private house, and with that feel- - the one in the middle if you please ing shall say no more of the family, -love-like a green rosette-bless than that husband, wife, and daugh- your sweet eyes-now some waterters are as well-mannered and plea- cresses wet from the spring-you sant people as we ever met with ; need not wait-dearest-but in a few that they all vie with each other in minutes look in to see what the old making their guests happy; that every man is about-good bye-Beauty. thing in the house is good ; and that Loch Awe! she is, in good truth, the the charges are so moderate that we loveliest of all thy Naiads. should be uneasy to think of them, Despatch is the soul of business. were we not assured that our host Our faults are too numerous to be and hostess were too sensible cul- mentioned, and were they to be all pably to neglect their own inte, jotted down, and summed up, fearrests. We have walked all Scotland ful would be the amount of the through—"lowland and highland, far items. But indolence would not be and near”—but never yet found plea- found in the catalogue. Our occusanter quarters than at Larach-a-ban. pations may be sometimes thought

In proof of the truth of what we trivial, but we are never idle; hu. are jotting, here comes lunch. We man eye never saw us paring our breakfasted, as we have told you, nails. Finished our article on the about seven o'clock, and 'tis now Greek Anthology Monday afternoon two. More ravenous we have often at seven-dined-drank tea-played been; the state of our appetite may the fiddle-paid our farewell visitbe expressed by the not unhomeric and were off in the mail at nine for epithet, sharp-set. Here is a cut of Glasgow. Found ourselves on board pickled salmon-ham and eggs--and a steamer at the Broomielaw, a little a cold shoulder of lamb. The lamb- after three on Tuesday morning ing-season has been pretty good on having had little better than half an Loch Awe-side-far better than in hour in the coach-office for refreshment, which we found prepared ac- ness of time was come, and we drew cording to the spirit of our instruc- his cork. The air was balm. Oh! tions in a confidential letter to old what an aroma! not so sweet Joe. In twelve hours we made In

" Sabæan odours from the spicy shores of verary, and disembarked from the

Araby the blest." Clyde. That delightful river may lose its name at any point people Imagine a bouquet composed of one choose to say, but not the less is it of each kind of all the most fragrant the same river, and in Loch Fyne we flowers that ever grew in Paradise, acknowledge but a continuation of and you may have some faint idea of the Clyde. We have sailed several that perfume. We felt as if about times round the world, and cannot to faint. But summoning up all our charge our memory with lovelier sce- strength and resolution, we raised nery than one glides through all along bim from our breast to our lips, and the Kyles of Bute. We laid in a few pantingly inhaled the divine inspipoetical images during our transit ration. The taste trembled from which we hope to turn to account in temple to toes. 'Twas like the inour Great Poem, and something more fusion of a new life. The spirit of substantial than images, but made the Highlands became mingled with no regular meal. You will find it our inner being, though we were an admirable way of staving off hun. Lowland born, and, to our delighted ger, when travelling by land or voy- astonishment, we began to speak aging by water, or even sitting at Gaelic like a native. Call it not inhome, every five minutes or so to toxication-away with the vulgar take a wine-biscuit, about once every word-we grew into an eagle; and two hours to add a bit of ham, and we soared. The sky seemed our once every four, the leg, or wing, home, our companions the clouds, or breast of a cold fowl, without in- and we wished it had been meridian, curring the slightest risk of spoiling and not the decline of day, that with your appetite for dinner. You thus out winking we might have outstared prevent that uneasy sense of empti- the sun. Homer, Milton, Shakspeare, ness which is apt to grow into a seemed poor poets. An Epic poem gnawing at the stomach, especially and several tragedies composed with literary people like us of se- themselves in our mind, charmed us dentary habits, when kept long in with their stupendous grandeur, and the open air, and exposed to any un- for ever disappeared. usual exercise. At four we mounted It was near nine when we returna shelty, and took a survey of some ed to the Inn, which we found in a of the finest woods about the Castle; state of general consternation; for at six we found ourselves sitting on shelty had preceded us, and it was the summit of Dunnequech. The feared we had been flung, and might ascent is rough and steep and long, have been dragged in the stirrups. nor should we have essayed and They said we “looked raised,” and effected it without a stronger in- they were right; we were raised to ducement than mere love of the pic. the highest heaven of invention, and turesque. There lay the very self- conceived a gigantic plan of draining same stones in the same position in the sea. As a preliminary step, we which we had left them; we knew discerned the necessity and the them in a moment, though weather- means of destroying the power of stained and sprinkled with moss- the moon. For we saw intuitively, stars. We raised the lid-as of a as if we had been in a state of somcoffin-say rather of a cellar-and nambulism produced by animal mathere he lay, unchanged by twenty nipulative magnetism, that we must years' immurement, à-MAGNUM OF begin with putting an end to tides, GLENLIVET. We were affected even before one of our eight million to tears. Cautiously did we lift him Irishmen should be suffered to flouup from his tomb, and tenderly did rish a spade. We became masters we press him to our heart. Was it of the mystery of evaporation. The fancy? But we thought he returned globe ali dry, we saw at once the the pressure! Sealed was he with new Order of Things—and were our own seal, and we knew that his ourselves elected “sole monarch of sleep had been inviolate. The ful. the universal earth." The landlord for a while thought we talked wildly, Merchant, musing o'er his gains, but he and all the house soon be- Pauper, fretting o'er his pains, came converts to our opinion. They And in every human ear, were dragged captive in triumph at Rings that summons to appear. our chariot-wheels. Our eloquence Win thy thoughts from Earth away, was irresistible

Let them be with Heaven to-day. “ Winged with red lightning and impetu

Think not now of sordid gold, ous rage;"

Nor of gaudy flags, unrolled,

Nor of learned books, the lore we were shewn to bed by a great Prized by Pagan men of yore, number of people bearing torches ; Nor thy vessels tossed at sea, and we awoke at cock-crow, alas ! Nor thy lands so dear to thee, in the disenchanted composure of But unto thy God repair, common humanity, and thought, with To his holy place of prayer. a slight sensation of shame, of the

The difference is indescribablesummit of Dunnequech.

and, as far as the mere words go, From three to five this day have

slight - between poetry and nowe not been stirring our stumps ?

poetry but people who are noWe know not which of the three

poets never know that-nor can you sisters is the most engaging --but now convince them that their clippings that they have cleared decks, let us

are merely poor verses. These simopen this parcel of books, (the post- ple and natural lines we have now gig from Inverary to Oban is a great recited are very touching, and trite convenience to the inmates of La.

as the subject is, please, by appealrach-a-ban,) and see if it contains ing directly to feelings that in perany thing worth perusal. Two thin petual flow are welling in every huvolumes of verses published at

man heart. Trite - trivial -comBoston, America with a letter

monplace--what senseless, soulless -let us see - from the author's

use is often made of these words! brother-our amiable and enlight- Birth, marriage, death, are the comened friend Henry M.Lellan, now

monest occurrences in the lot of at Liverpool, it would seem,


You read of them in all the to embark for his native land; and pleasant be his voyage, and happy Who ever wearied of the Lord's

newspapers—but also in Shakspeare. his return. We have been very fortunate in our American friendships, led up and down these poems, de

Prayer? Many touches are sprinkand for their sakes love the New scriptive, we perceive, of the feaWorld. Aye-there is feeling and tures of American scenery, that befancy here--he writes like a Scots- speak no unskilful hand; and many man,—and does not his name tell the mild meditations land of his ancestors ? We can get

“ The harvest of a quiet eye, by heart any little poem that touches it, at two readings; and laying the

That broods and sleeps on its own heart." open pamphlet-it is no more-on There is, we think, an affecting its face on the table-we shall recite tone of cheerfulness and solemnity to Mary, Anne, and Elizabeth. Fair in the following strain; we are heedcreatures, listen to “ The Church- less of any slight verbal defects in the Bell.”

expression of sentiments so consola

tory and ennobling; nor can we read Hark! the tolling Sabbath bell

it without affectionate respect for the Sounding far o'er hill and dell !

character of the writer, who must be It inviteth high and low To the house of prayer to go.

a good man. It inviteth wrinkled age

To attend the sacred page.
It invites the blushing bride,

IN 1630.
And the bridegroom at her side,

We anxiously hollowed the frozen ground, --Hermit, tottering o'er his staff,

And heaped up this lonely barrow, Schoolboy, with his jocund laugh,

For the Indian lurked in the woods around, Soldier, clad in garb of gold,

And we feared his whistling arrow. Seaman, noble, frank, and bold,

When the surf on the sea-beach beavily beat, Statesman, with the anxious look,

When the breese in the wilderness mut. Scholar, brooding o'er his book,



We deemed it the coming of hostile feet, At the Evening's mellow close
Or a watch-word cautiously uttered. Mustered here the savage foes;

- When the Morning sun arose Above, frowned the gloom of a winter's eve,

Cities filled the land !
And around, the thick snow was falling ;
And the winds in the dreary branches did Bowed the old Woods in the Waste;

Rose the dome, divinely chaste;
Like spirits to spirits calling.

When Mechanic Skill and Taste

Waved their golden wand.
As we looked on the spotless snowy sheet,
O'er the grave of our brother sweeping,

At the border of the flood,
It seemed to us all an emblem meet

In the bosom of the wood, Of him, beneath it sleeping.

On the mountain bleak and rude,

Rose the homes of men.
As we gazed, we forgot our present pain ;
And followed our brother's spirit,

Piety knelt to her God;
Unto that fair heaven we hope to gain, Plenty bless'd the fruitful sod;
Which the good after death inherit. Valour broke Oppression's rod;

SCIENCE triumph'd then.
And we left the dust of our brother to lie
In its narrow habitation ;

Bless us-Proctor-my good felWith the trust that his spirit had flown on low-we have forgot to tell you that high,

eight of the hungriest men you perAnd taken its glorious station.

haps ever saw, are to dine with us at

sunset! Why, you receive the inThe empty concerns of human Life, telligence with all the serenity of a Its vanity and its glory,

martyr. You must kill a cow. Mrs Shall no more vex his ear with strife Proctor-pray, ma'am, by the hands Nor cheat with its specious story. of what high-priest may have been

traced on the wall of this lobby or Many American men of genius have trans these enigmatical Egyptian delighted to sing the praises of the hieroglypbics? Ho! ho ! Salmo Pilgrim Fathers ; nor can we imagine Ferox. Twenty-two pounds and a a better subject for a national poem. half, you say; these other semblan. Our brethren will surely not suffer

ces are gentry of the same kidney; it to be written on this side of the -and the original must have had Atlantic. Could our voice reach him, gizzards like the Irish Gulloroos. we should recommend it to Bryant. Taken by. Mr Lascelles! We are There is much beauty in Isaac MʻLel. sorry he is not here now-for we Jan's “Song sung at the Anniversary have seen all the greatest philosoCelebration of the Charitable Me- phers, orators, poets, and pugilists of chanic Association, Boston, October the age, but should have more real 7, 1830.”

satisfaction in shaking hands with the greatest of all living anglers. These

enormous fish, you say, Proctor, are Long the Indian's fitting oar

found in all parts of the deeper Glanced around this lonely shore,

quarters of the loch-rarely rise at a And the brimming rivers bore

fly--and are taken only by such tackOnly his small bark.

ling as you have now in your handOn the hill, and in the wood,

eight large double hooks on wire. Long the red-man's cabin stood;

twist, sufficient for a shark-baited All was lifeless solitude,

with a trout the size of a herringDesolate and dark.

the trolling-line of twine, sixty or

eighty yards long? What devils ! But the pious Pilgrim came :

and M. Lascelles has killed a greater Science kindled her pure flame;

number of them than any man in And the Indian fled in shame;

Britain ? Aye-one of his finest speAnd the Desert smiled.

cimens stuffed and in the Manchester

museum ? You please us by telling Then Invention shaped the tree;

us that he has fished all the best Launched the ship upon the sea;

streams and lakes of England and Reared these dwellings of the Free; Ireland, and says that not one of Brightened all the Wild !

them all can hold up its head with

We are

Loch Awe. That the smaller trout- deep as he can steady, boys, steady fishing is bis great delight, and the —and seems disposed to pay a visit grey trout trolling merely made an to Rabbit Island. There is a mystery accessory to it in passing from one in this we do not very clearly compart of the loch to another, is of it- prehend—the uniformity of our self enough to confirm us in the friend's conduct becomes puzzlingconviction that he is an illustrious he is an unaccountable character. He artiste. Those flies are of his dress. surely cannot be an eel. Yet for a ing? They are exquisite. And his trout he manifests an unnatural love whole arrangement of feathers, of mud on a fine day. Row shoredowns, silks, &c. &c. beyond all ward-Proctor-do as we bid youpraise-eh-splendid ? And he she draws but little water-run her brought down a beautiful boat of his up bang on that green brae-then own from Liverpool with every thing hand us the crutch-for we must complete about her ? and his sons- finish this affair on terra firma. Loch you say-are fine fishermen ? Why Awe is certainly a beautiful sheet of you make us sad, Mr Proctor. We water. The islands are disposed so are dwindling-dwindled into the picturesque-we want no assistance most absolute and abject insignifi- but the crutch-here we are with cance of any creeping thing that elbow-room, and on stable footing crawls on the face of the earth, or on —and we shall wind up-retiring the heads of its inhabitants.

from the water-edge, as people do no angler-not we; and as for sons at a levee, with their faces towards -we are too plainly an aged bache- the King. Do you see them yel. lor-Proctor-barren as that block. Jowing, you Tory? What bellies! But shove off-only don't laugh-and Why we knew by the dull dead we shall try a cast or two along the weight that there were three-for Hayfield shores.

they kept all pulling against one Mr Lascelles says that Cheval. another, nor were we long in discolier of Temple Bar is the only man vering the complicated motion of that understands the proper shape triplets. Pounders each and proportion of a rod?

True. This weight to an ounce-same familye is one of Chevallier's Tip-toppers. wallop-all bright as stars. Never Thank you-we always use our own could we endure angling from a flies, though we admire those of our boat. What loss of time in getting friends-and we have found this the whappers wiled into the landing imp with the green body, half black net. What loss of peace of mind in heckle, and brown mallard wings, letting them off, when their spouts, in all waters and at all seasons like those of Chinese pigs, were very bloody. We generally make a within a few yards of the gupwale, few circles in the air--50-ere we and when, with a last convulsive efdrop the devils. You seem rather fort, they whaumled themselves over surprised—why the old buck can with their splashing tails, and disapbandle his tool pretty tidily for one peared for ever. Now for five flies. of the antique school;-and hang it Wind on our back-no tree within -we wish this admirable Crichton, an acre-no shrub higher than the this miraculous Lascelles, were bracken-no reed, rush, or waterhere-in his own boat the Liverpool. Jily in all the bay–what hinders that ian ;-were he to give us five-why we should, what the Cockneys call we'd play him the game of twenty whip with a dozen? We have set for a greasy chin, and a gallon of the loch a-feed. Epicure and glutGlenlivet. Lie on your oars—for we ton alike are rushing to destruction. know the water. The bottom of this Trouts of the most abstemious hashallow bay-for 'tis nowhere ten bits cannot withstand the temptation feet-in places sludgy, and in places of such exquisite evening fare; and firm almost as the greensward-for we are much mistaken it here be not we have waded it—of yore-many a an old dotard, a lean and slippery time up to our chin-till we had to pantaloon, who had long, given up take to our fins—there ! Mr Yellow. attempting vainly to catch flies, and lees was in right earnest, and we have found it is much as he could do to him as fast as an otter. There he overtake the slower sort of worms. goes snoring and snuving along as Him we shall not return to his na


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