Memoirs of Caroline, Queen Consort of Great Britain, 第 1 巻

Jones & Company ., 1821 - 50 ページ
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50 ページ - Our inclinations are not in our power, nor should either of us be held answerable to the other because nature has not made us suitable to each other. Tranquil and comfortable society is, however, in our power ; let our intercourse, therefore, be restricted to that...
531 ページ - ... be the judge, to be his fixed and unalterable determination not to meet the Princess of Wales upon any occasion, either in public or private.
451 ページ - ... privy council, for your consideration; and that you should report to his. royal highness your opinion, whether, under all the circumstances of the case, it be fit and proper that the intercourse between the princess of Wales and her daughter, the princess Charlotte, should continue to be subject to regulations and restrictions," " Their lordships adjourned their meeting!
193 ページ - We are happy to declare to Your Majesty our perfect conviction that there is no foundation whatever for believing that the child now with the Princess is the child of Her Royal Highness, or that she was delivered of any child in the year 1802 ; nor has any thing appaared to us which would warrant the belief that she was pregnant in that year, or at any other period within the compass of our inquiries.
537 ページ - Sir, your Royal Highness may possibly refuse to read this letter; but the world must know that I have written it, and they will see my real motives for foregoing, in this instance, the rights of my rank. Occasions, however, may arise, (one, I trust, is far distant) when I must appear in public, and your Royal Highness must be present also. Can your Royal Highness have contemplated the full extent of your declaration? Has your Royal Highness forgotten the approaching marriage of our Daughter, and...
27 ページ - Regent, and the ceremony was performed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, assisted by the Bishop of London, and after the banquet the Duke and Duchess of Kent went to Prince Leopold's mansion of Claremont.
544 ページ - The honorable gentleman then moved "That an humble address be presented to His Royal Highness the Prince Regent to pray His Royal Highness that he will be graciously pleased to acquaint the house by whose advice His Royal Highness was induced to form the " fixed and unalterable determination never to meet Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales upon any occasion, either in private or public...
448 ページ - ... unfortunate. She who is destined to be the Sovereign of this great country, enjoys none of those advantages of society which are deemed necessary for imparting a knowledge of mankind to persons who have infinitely less occasion to learn that important lesson ; and it may so happen, by a chance which I trust is very remote, that she should be called upon to exercise the powers of the Crown, with an experience of the world more confined than that of the most private individual.
292 ページ - I believe it is near a twelve month since I last sat to him. Mr. Lawrence lives upon a footing of the greatest intimacy with the neighbouring families of Mr. Lock and Mr. Angerstein : and I have asked him sometimes to dine with me to meet them. While I was sitting to him at my own house, I have no doubt I must...
192 ページ - ... demanded the most immediate investigation. Your Majesty had thought fit to commit into our hands the duty of ascertaining, in the first instance, what degree of credit was due to the informations, and thereby enabling your Majesty to decide what further conduct to adopt concerning them. On this review, therefore, of the matters thus alleged, and of the course hitherto pursued upon them, we deemed it proper, in the first place, to examine those persons, in whose declarations the occasion for this...