England and Wales, 1882. The ABC education code


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44 ページ - It shall not be required, as a condition of any child being admitted into or continuing in the school, that he shall attend or abstain from attending any Sunday school or any place of religious worship...
42 ページ - The surety should have either an executed duplicate (which requires a second stamp), or a certified copy. The agreement exists only between the persons who sign it. If any of them are changed (by removal of managers, or otherwise), instructions for a new agreement (with stamp) in the following form, may be obtained upon application (Article 14) to the Education Department II.
35 ページ - ... The School shall be open at all times to the inspection of any of Her Majesty's inspectors, so, however, that it shall be no part of the duties of such inspector to inquire into any instruction in religious subjects given at such school, or to examine any scholar therein in religious knowledge or in any religious subject or book: (4.) The school shall be conducted in accordance with the conditions required to be fulfilled by an elementary school in order to obtain an annual parliamentary grant.
53 ページ - Article 93 (a). 98. The authorities of each college settle their own terms of admission. 99. Upon proof by the authorities of any college that candidates have not fulfilled the conditions signed by them on admission into the college, the Department will refuse to grant teachers' certificates (Article 53) to such candidates, or to admit them to probation for certificates (Article 51).
23 ページ - Managers must at once comply with any notice of the sanitary authority of the district in which the school is situated, or any two members thereof, acting on the advice of the Medical Officer of Health, requiring them for a specified time, with a view to preventing the spread of disease...
15 ページ - ... a school or department of a school at which elementary education is the principal part of the education there given, and shall not include any school or department of a school at which the ordinary payments in respect of the instruction from each scholar exceed ninepence a week...
48 ページ - The mechanism of the principal movements of the limbs and of the body as a whole. The organs and functions of alimentation, circulation, and respiration.
32 ページ - The proposed pensioner must — (a.) Be a certificated teacher in a public elementary school, or training college, at the time when the pension is applied for.
54 ページ - Annual grants are made to practising schools (Article 83) on the game conditions as to other schools. 86. Grants are placed to the credit of each college of 100/. for every master, and of 70/. for every mistress, who, having been trained in such college as a Queen's scholar...
24 ページ - If the inspector at a visit without notice (Article 12), not less than six months after intimation has been given of the requirements of the Department, reports that they have not been carried into effect, a deduction may be made from the next grant to the school.