Fingal: An Ancient Epic Poem in Six Books Together With Several Other Poems Composed by Ossian, the Son of Fingal

Kessinger Publishing, 2003/08/01 - 308 ページ
Contents: Fingal, an Epic Poem; Comala, a Dramatic poem; War of Caros, a poem; War of Inis-Thona, a poem; Battle of Lora, a poem; Conlath and Cuthlona, a poem; Carthon, a poem; Death of Cuchullin, a poem; Darthula, a poem; Temora, an epic poem; Carric-Thura, a poem; Songs of Selma; Calthon and Colmal, a poem; Lathmon, a poem; Oithona, a poem; Croma, a poem; and Berrathon, a poem. Written in Old English text. Due to the age and scarcity of the original we reproduced, some pages may be spotty, faded or difficult to read.

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著者について (2003)