Acts of the General Assembly of His Majesty's Province of New Brunswick

King's Printer, 1855

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103 ページ - We command you, That within eight days after the service of this writ on you, inclusive of the day of such service, you do cause an appearance to be entered...
31 ページ - ... the report of the commissioners of appraisal, pay to the respective owners and bodies politic, or corporate, mentioned or referred to in said report, in whose favor any sum or sums of money shall be estimated and reported by said commissioners, the respective sum or sums so estimated and. reported in their favor respectively, with lawful interest thereon. And in case of neglect or default in the payment...
102 ページ - Viet. c. 113, may be dealt with, indicted, tried, and, if convicted, sentenced, and his offence may be laid and...
200 ページ - ... and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, with power to hold lands...
209 ページ - By that act it is declared that "after the 1st of August, 1821, if any person shall accept a bill of exchange payable at the house of a banker or other place, without further expression in his acceptance, such acceptance shall be deemed and taken to be, to all intents and purposes, a general acceptance of such bill.
101 ページ - ... breach of a contract made •within the jurisdiction, and that the writ was personally served upon the defendant, or that reasonable efforts were made to effect personal service thereof upon the defendant, and that it came to his knowledge...
213 ページ - ... the several appropriations made by the common council, the objects for which the same were made, and the amount of moneys expended under each ; the moneys borrowed on the credit of the corporation, the authority under which each loan was made, and the terms on which the same was obtained, shall be clearly and particularly specified.
141 ページ - I have not received, or had by myself, or any person whatsoever in trust for me, or for my use and benefit, directly or indirectly, any sum or sums of money, office, place, or employment, gift, or reward, or any promise or security for any money, office, employment, or gift, in order to give my vote at this election, and that I have not been before polled at this election.
9 ページ - Boston shall be liable to pay all damages that shall be sustained by any persons in their property by the taking of any land, water, or water rights, or by the constructing of any aqueducts, reservoirs, or other works for the purposes of this act.
31 ページ - ... and the report of said commissioners, with proof of the right and title of the plaintiff or plaintiffs to the sum or sums demanded shall be conclusive evidence in such suit or action.