lifeless. Whilst being carried out of the consideration an account of a most ring, he was met by Silverthorne, who had singular phenomenon which appeared walked out of the inner roped ring in a

in this country, on the nights of Mon, state quite as bad as the vanquished. Neither had life to stand on their legs, and day and Tuesday, 7th and 8th inst. they were put to bed and bled. The des. On the night of Monday, between six


percei perate conflict lasted 22 minutes, 17 of and seven o'clock, it was which were really exchanging of hits.

ved. The city of Armagh appeared REMARKS.This contest was even more

to the beholders, about six miles in sanguinary, taking the sizes of the men, a southerly direction,

to be most bril. than that of Cribb and Molineaux, and it liantly illuminated. From the neighwas one of a similar nature, inasmuch as bourhood of Armagh, it appeared as if strength opposed science, and in the two a number of bonfires were lighted in instances the former had nearly prevailed. a N. E, direction. From the hills Dogherty received a hurt in the arm in a fall in the third round, which was much around, it appeared as if the gentle.

men's seats were illuminated ; and so against him ; but his game throughout ex• cited at once admiration and coinmisera- impressive was the appearance in the tion. Silverthorne is a prototype of his town of Charlemont, that a number of tutor Caleb, and possesses that sort of persons applied for the fire-engine, in courage and strength, with a portion of order to extinguish a fire, supposed to science, which renders bim formidable be in a neighbouring house; but upon to men of his weight. He is an awk; approaching the same, they were agreeward fighter nevertheless ; but although ably surprised to find the house

perhe throws away many round blows, yet fecily safe. From the hills on the rage inferior to none. Dogherty failed in borders of Lough Neagh, in the counstrength much sooner than usual, which ty of Armagh, it appeared as if the mighč be attributed to recent illness. county of Antrim, on the opposite

side, was entirely illuminated ; and on The brig King of Sweden, Cap- Thursday night, there appeared sevetain M.Donald, which lately put into veral lig: ts in the same direction; but Costio Bay, coast of Galway, in dis- on approaching where the supposed tress, was boarded by a set of savage fire was, it would seem as if it had fled barbarians, evidently for the purpose further off.” of plundering her: they commenced Saturday morning, 'a large Dutch their villainy by cruelly beating the vessel, performing quarantine off Marmate and crew, drinking porter, and gate, drove from her anchors, and, after carrying away what they could not making several attempts to gain the use; they then proceeded to cut the harbour, came on shore in Westgate rigging, after which they intended to Bay, when, it not being possible to af. cut her cables, for the purpose of let. ford them

any assistance, all the crew ting her drift on the rocks; but fortu- perished. In the course of Friday nately before they could accomplish night, another vessel was also wreck their diabolical intention, information ed on the Margate Sand. The bodies was sent to James Blake, and Martin of the unfortunate men above mention. Morris, Esqrs., who, with a party of ed have since been picked up on the the Tully rifle corps, proceeded to shore. check their career. The ruffians, on

A poor woman was found drowned seeing them approach, fed from the yesterday morning at Billingsgate. It vessel, and effected their escape. is supposed, that as she was going

Extract of a letter from Armagh:- down stairs, to the river side, for oys. "I take the liberty of offering for your ters, she fell in. Her body was com

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pletely covered and cased with the ice, one of the four principle arteries. This and her feet only were visible. he could not positively state to be the

The body of a man has been seen result of any blow the deceased had floating about on a sheet of ice, in the received, but might have been the revicinity of Woolwich, for the last sult of a predisposition to rupture, octhree tides. The piece of ice is so casioned by the quantity of spirituous large, it has been found impracticable liquors drunk by the deceased, excited to get at the corpse, or to ascertain by violent passion. what sort of person he was,

The other surgeon said, that he had 1lth.-OLD BAILEY.-John Bowles also examined, and perceived the symp: was capitally indicted for the wilful toms already stated. That if he had murder of his wife, at No. 17, Earl. not heard the deceased had received street, Seven Dials, on the 26th De- the blows stated, he should have con. cember.

cluded she died from apoplexy; but It appeared from the evidence, that, having heard that she had received on the night above mentioned, the pri- some violent blows, he could not take soner came home to his lodgings, and upon him to state positively, whether missing the deceased from home, went the apoplexy was or was not attributa. out in search of her, found her drunk ble to the blows, or whether it might at a gin-shop in the neighbourhood, not have occurred without them. The and brought her home to the house prisoner was acquitted. where he lodged. She sat down on Antonio Cardoza (a Portugueze,) the stair-foot, and obstinately refused Mary Rogers, and Sarah Browne, were to go up stairs. The prisoner struck indicted for the wilful murder of Thoher a blow with his fist, and carried mas Davies, by giving him several stabs

up stairs to his room, where he in the back with a knife. The de. again struck and kicked her ; several ceased was a waterman, and, on the persons alarmed by the noise, came up night of the 12th of December, had stairs

, and found the deceased lying been with his brother dancing in a pubon the floor, but she was dead. The lic house in Nightingale-lane, St Ca. husband immediately ran for a sur- therine's. In their way home they saw geon, but he arrived too late to afford the two female prisoners, Browne and her any assistance. A coroner's inquest, Rogers, in the street, when the deceanext day, found a verdict of wilful mur. sed put his arm round the waist of der against the prisoner.

Sarah Browne, which she took in an. Two surgeons attended to give evi. ger. The brother desired her not to dence, who opened the body and head be angry, and he would give her someof the deceased. One stated, that he thing to drink. A squabble ensued, opened the stomach, and found in it a in which the deceased tore the clothes quantity of gin ; and also examined of Browne, by the hook of an umbrella the head, and found no fracture, nor getting entangled in them. She imme. any apparent violence on the interior diately called out for Antonio, when to warrant any opinion that the instan- Cardoza came up. Browne immeditaneous death of the deceased could ately exclaimed, “ That is him who proceed from any of the blows she had has so served me; murder him; don't receiyed; but that, on raising the brain leave a bit of life in him." Cardoza from its base, he found under it some directly attacked the deceased with a coagulated blood, which, on further long knife. A scuffle ensued ; they examination, appeared to have proceed- both fell down, and Cardoza stabbed ed from a transverse rent or fissure in the deceased several times in the back,


his age.

of which wounds he immediately ex- former, that the street in front of the pired. There was no evidence affect theatre, at an unusually early hour, ing the prisoner Mary Rogers, except. was crowded to a degree beyond any ing that she was present.

thing we ever witnessed


such an The learned judge, in summing up, occasion. As soon as the welcome stated a distinction to exist between moment arrived, when the doors were the cases of Cardoza and Sarah Browne. thrown open, the press for admission There was a quarrel and heat of blood was so great, thatit required the strength between her and the deceased; but of a dozen Sampsons to keep the poCardoza came in, and, without any pulace from carrying with them the provocation given personally to him, doors, and the sturdy door-keepers. attacked the deceased.-Cardoza was The pit, boxes, and gallery, in a few found guilty of murder, Sarah Browne moments, were crowded almost to sufof manslaughter, and Mary Rogers ac, focation. We never saw so numerous, quitted.

and at the same time so respectable an The Recorder immediately pronoun- audience. At the usual hour the curced sentence of death against Cardoza, tain rose, but nobody saw or heard any and directed him to be executed on thing until Mr Cooke made his debut. Monday morning.

The reception which this gentleman DEATH OF MR LEWIS. It is with deservedly received, was the warmest extreme concern we announce the death we ever witnessed. of that justly celebrated comedian, who The Jamaica papers state the foldied on Saturday evening at his house, lowing curious occurrence having taken Westbourne Place, in the 63d year of place in Port Royal Mountains :

His health had been gradu. The dwelling.house, &c., and from 25 ally declining for the last two years ; to 30 acres of full bearing coffee, on and the misery occasioned him by the the plantation of Mr Robert G. Dal. death of a most amiable and beautiful house, has sunk down and disappeared, daughter, about twelve months since, and nothing but the ridge of the house quite overcame him. It brought on a is now discernible. Some days previ. lowness of spirits, and a train of af. ous to this accident, the earth was obflicting disorders, which baffled the served to crack and sink in a trifling exertions of his medical advisers, and degree, and the house to be affected by finally terminated his existence, whilst it, when Mr Dalhouse was advised to in the arms of his unhappy family. As remove with his furniture, which he a man, he was most upright and good; fortunately did. The cause is not well as a husband, father, friend, he united ascertained; but it is supposed to have all those endearing qualities which will been occasioned by a hollow or submake his loss irreparable to his afflict. terranean passage in the earth, which ed widow, his affectionate children, and swallowed up the buildings, &c., as to an attached circle of acquaintances. there was not the smallest symptom of The remains of this much respected an earthquake at the time. man are to be interred in a family vault The fall of snow on Friday night in Liverpool.

was so very great, as to render the From the American Papers.-The northern roads almost impassable. The ATRICALS.-Last night the inimitable mail-coach from Boston could not be Mr Cooke made his first appearance on dragged more than four miles on Saour boards, in the character of Richard turday through the snow; but the the Third. Such was the anxiety of guard proceeded on horseback with our citizens to see this celebrated per. the mail. The mail from London was conveyed in the same manner into Boso shower of blows dealt upon them by ton about six o'clock on Saturday the defendants with large sticks which evening

they had in their hands; and Pearson, Saturday was one of the most pier- attempting to seize one of them, was, cing cold days ever felt at Stamford with his opponent, brought to the The wind blew boisterously from the ground, and rolled several times in the east, and occasioned such heavy drifts kennel, to the great discomposure of of snow as to make the great north road his gold-laced hat and coat, he being in many places impassable. The Lei- the beadle of the parish ; and whilst cester coach, on the way to Stamford, on the ground, his antagonist, by a was upset in the snow at Burton-La- skilful application of his wooden leg zarus, and several passengers were to the more penetrable stuff of which much hurt in consequence. The Car- his opponent was composed, fractured lisle mail was dug out of the snow the small bone of the prosecutor's annear Tickencote, and with difficulty cle : after a well-fought battle, howgot to Stamford, with eight horses, ever, the prosecutors succeeded in sethree hours later than usual ; but it curing the three defendants, and taking could proceed no further than Thorn. them before a magistrate, by whom haugh, whence the guard was obliged they were committed. The jury found to take the letter bags on horseback. them guilty, and they were sentenced Three coaches from the north lay all to six months imprisonment in the night in the snow, about a mile from House of Correction. Stamford, and as many near Wansford. 14th.---PLYMOUTH. The brig With the assistance of 50 men, the road Unanimity, of Dartmouth, captured became passable for carriages at 12 by a French privateer on her voyage o'clock on Sunday. In some places from Lisbon to Cork, with fruit, and the snow had drifted six feet deep. recaptured by the Niemen frigate, Sir

VAGRANTS. - Peter Brown, Joseph M. Seymour commander, arrived here Webb, and John Ellis, three sturdy yesterday, the prize master of which vagrants, were put to the bar, charged states, that in the last cruise they fell with assaulting Henry Howard, James in with the wreck of the American Edrington, and John Pearson, three of ship Orion, Captain Sims, from Amethe parish constables of Mary-le-bone, rica, laden with timber, and picked up in the discharge of their duty. On the captain, who was the only survivor the day mentioned in the indictment, of her whole crew, which consisted of it appeared that the prosecutors were eleven persons; the remainder having informed the defendants were assem- either perished, or were washed off and bled at the bottom of Welbeck-street, drowned. For some hours after the and insulting every female who passed captain was got on board the Niemen, and refused to comply with their impor. he was so far spent as not to be able tunate petitions for charity. The offi- to speak, and with scarce any signs of cers immediately repaired to the spot life; but by the kind and humane care pointed out to them, where they found and attention he received, he afterwards the three prisoners, and two others of recovered sufficiently to tell his name, the fraternity, whoescaped, conducting together with the ship's. When the themselves in the way which had been Unanimity left the frigate, there were described. They were desired to quit still fears entertained of his recovery, the spot, but they refused ; upon which owing to the great hardships he had the constables attempted to take them undergone. into custody, but were resisted by a An inquest was held at the King'shead, in Cheltenham, last week, on the the door during his master's absence, body of Jane Cook, of that place, who took out some powder, and went from poisoned herself by swallowing arsenic, the vessel to shoot sea-fowl, leaving on mixed in tea, on the evening of the 9th board only a boy of about fourteen inst. So determined was this unfortu- years of age. The youth, thus left, nate female on self-destruction, that amused himself by getting a handful she first procured a quantity of lauda- of gunpowder, and throwing it in small num, which failing in its operation, quantities into a fire on board ; but she made a second application, and ef- having, it is supposed, scattered some fected her fatal purpose. The cause between the cabin and the fire.place, assigned for this act is supposed preg- the flame ran along the train, and in nancy, which on surgical examination an instant, by the tremendous exploproved otherwise. The jury returned sion of all the powder kept for the à verdict of Lunacy.

guns which the Jason carried, the A French officer on parole at Nor- whole stern of the vessel was swept thampton, named Oraison, was appre. away, and she sunk with a full cargo hended on Monday, on suspicion of of oats on board. Providentially the forging a ll. cash note of the town and boy was not hurt by the explosion, county bank. He acknowledged his and was taken from the sinking vessel offence, and pleaded poverty in exte. by a boat which was put off from the nuation, saying that he had only made Tre Madoc, lying near. nine, which he performed entirely with CHESTER.–Tuesday se'nnight, the a pencil, pen, and India ink. The chief magistrate (General Grosvenor) notes were, on presentation at the bank,

gave a

most sumptuous entertainknown to be forged, but paid in order ment in the Exchange, to his cousin to lead to detection.

Earl Grosvenor, several gentlemen of On Wednesday, a poor chimney. the county, the corporation, and his sweeper's boy lost his life in a most friends in the city. The Town Hall shocking manner, in a chimney, at a was most tastefully decorated with vahouse in Orchard-street, Westminster. riegated lamps. The tables were laid He went up a chimney to clean it, and out in the following manner: Two long got out at the top. On his return, he ones down each side of the room, joingot into a' chimney belonging to the ed at the top in a semi-circular form, same house, by mistake, which had and in the intermediate area, smaller a fire at the bottom, in which he tables were laid across ; in the centre stuck fast, and was suffocated before was placed a fine baron of beef, ornarelief could be rendered him.

mented with appropriate devices, enA dreadful accident happened a few circled by the motto—“! the Roast days ago on board the Jason, a vessel Beef of old England, O! the old Engof Boston, lying about four miles from lish Roast Beef,” On its right was the town, in a part of the Deeps, call. a Christmas pie, weighing upwards of ed Clay.hole. Mr Massam, the mas- 200lb., containing four geese, four turter, was on business in Boston ; but kies, six hares, a leg of veal, a leg of before he quitted the vessel, he had pork, sausages, &c.; on its sides were carefully locked up the cabin, in which the heraldic bearings of the house of were some swivel.cartridges and a quan- Eaton, supported by those of the ge

gun-powder. The mate of the neral, with the family motto; on the vessel, to relieve the tedium of waiting left of the baron of beef was a sallad, for a wind, imprudently broke open tastefully displayed, with the motto

tity of

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