Evenings with the chroniclers; or, Uncle Rupert's tales of chivalry

William Smith, 1841 - 208 ページ


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39 ページ - Melrose, which is an abbey of black monks, situated on the borders of the two kingdoms, they halted, and gave directions to the friars for the burial of the Earl of Douglas, whose obsequies were very reverently performed on the second day after their arrival. His body was placed in a tomb of stone with the banner of Douglas suspended over it.
25 ページ - ... infantry to join their servants and keep up the skirmish. As their men were armed, they formed themselves under the pennons of the three principal barons, who each had his particular appointment. In the...
33 ページ - but do not tell friend or foe whether I am in your company or not ; for should the enemy know the truth they will greatly rejoice." The two Sinclairs and Sir James Lindsay obeyed his orders. The banner was raised, and " Douglas !
130 ページ - They then, without further counsel, collected themselves in a body, and with no other arms than the staves shod with iron which some had, and others with knives, marched to the house of a knight who lived near, and, breaking it open, murdered the knight, his lady, and all the children, both great and small; they then burned the house.
20 ページ - In despite of Sir Henry Percy, who, the day before yesterday, declared he would take from me his pennon, I will not depart hence for two or three days.
194 ページ - I ought sooner have sent sir Louis de Montfort to you ; for he cannot longer remain here, although he attended me when all the rest deserted me ; and he will tell you more particularly all that has happened than I can do in a letter. I entreat, therefore, that you will be a kind lord to him, and send me your good pleasure and commands, which I will most heartily obey. This is known to the blessed Son of God, whom I pray to grant you a long and happy life, and that I may have the great joy of seeing...
146 ページ - Upon this, one of them took a candle, and mounted the ladder, and thrusting his head into the place, saw nothing but the wretched bed in which the children were asleep.