The European Magazine, and London Review, 第 51 巻

Philological Society of London, 1807
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34 ページ - What hands are here? ha! they pluck out mine eyes! Will all great Neptune's ocean wash this blood Clean from my hand? No; this my hand will rather The multitudinous seas incarnadine, Making the green one red.
369 ページ - His path was rugged and sore, Through tangled juniper, beds of reeds, Through many a fen, where the serpent feeds, And man never trod before. And when on the earth he sunk to sleep, If slumber his eyelids knew, He lay where the deadly vine doth weep Its venomous tear, and nightly steep The flesh with blistering dew ! And near him the...
231 ページ - God's sake, to save its life. The man, finding it required all his exertion to preserve himself, threw the infant from him, but it was fortunately caught at a distance by another man, who, finding it difficult to ensure its safety or his own, got rid of it in a similar way. The child was again caught by a...
447 ページ - Seasonable Hints from an honest man," as an exposition of lord Bath's sentiments. In November 1762, he was, through the interest of lord Bath, made canon of Windsor. In December of that year, on the day on which the preliminaries of peace were to be taken into consideration in parliament, he wrote a paper called " The Sentiments of a Frenchman...
249 ページ - Elizabeth, who, knowing him to be subject to the gout, would always make him sit in her presence ; which, it is probable, the lord treasurer considered a great indulgence from so haughty a lady, inasmuch as he one day apologized for the badness of his legs. To which the queen replied, " My lord, we make use of you not for the badness of your legs» but for the goodness of your head.
344 ページ - The beginning, the middle, and the end of every thing that is valuable in taste, is comprised in the knowledge of what is truly nature ; for whatever notions are not conformable to those of nature, or universal opinion, must be considered as more or less capricious.
234 ページ - The very head and front of my offending Hath this extent, no more. Rude am I in my speech, And little bless'd with the set phrase of peace ; For since these arms of mine had seven years...
146 ページ - He applied himself with great art and address in preparing the people for a general insurrection. The arms in the town were secreted, ready for the moment of action; the discontented assembled every night, and attended to his instructions; and he raised all the rabble of the country by the ample supplies of money with which he was furnished on the north side of the river. Colonel Liniers, a French officer in the Spanish service, and on his parole, successfully employed himself in collecting people...
447 ページ - He only resided occasionally, on his livings, and, at the desire of lord Bath, took a house in •a street contiguous to Bath House, where he passed the winter months.
234 ページ - The Court is of opinion, that the charges have been proved against the said Captain Sir Home Popham. That the withdrawing, without orders so to do, the whole of any naval force from the place where it is directed to be employed, and the employing it in distant operations against the enemy; more especially if the success of such operations should be likely to prevent its speedy return, may be attended with the most serious inconvenience to the public service, as the success of any plan...