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For MARCH 1807. [Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of ALEXANDER THE Torst, EMPEROR of Russia.


Memoir of the Emperor of Russia 163 Ivron : an Arabian Tale. Bx Jo.
Copy of a Letter from M. de Novos-. seph Moser, Esq. [Continuerl] 197
silzoff to Dr. Thornton

166 Essay on Beauty and virtue, in UgliExtraordinaryCircumstances relating ness ard Vulgarity

201 to the Sophistication of Potatoes ibid. Characteristics, Some Particulars relative to the pri- Infallible Method of detecting bad vate Life of Collins the Poet

Gold or Silver

ibid. Nethod of feeding Cows in Winter ibid.

LONDOX Review. Omission in the Chronolouical List 168|Supplement to Mr. Cumberland's Inscription in Ware Church-yard ibid. Meinoirs

204 Account of Rendlesham Ilouse ibid.Colquhoun's Treatise on Judigence Vestiges, collected and recollected, [Concluded]

208 by Joseph Moser, Esq. No, LV. 169|| Antiquarian Repertory [Concluded] 211 Description of the Great Desert of Hale's Letter to Mr. Whitbread

215 Westminster. By Joseph Moser, Maxwell's Na y Pocket Paymaster 216 Esq. [Concluded] 178 Mr Deputy Birch's Speech

217 The Reasoner. No. v.

182 D'Israeli's Curiosities of Literature ibid., Epitaph on a Dog 185 | Reeve's Mysterious Wanderer

218 Lines to a Lady

ibid. Theatricaljournal-including, Fable On Building Life-Boats

ibid. and Cheracter of Town apd Coun-' Salt first discovered

ibid. try and The Young Hussar ibid. On Feasts

186 || Poetry ;-including, The Horrors of Another Misery of Human Life 187 WVår; &c.

219 Instances of the beneficial Etiects of Journal of the Proceedings of the

the Use of Cold Water to the Eyes ibid. First Sesstor of the Third ParOn Cement for Building, &c. ibid. liament of the United Kingdom of On the pernicious Effects of Lead - 188 Great Britain and Ireland

222 Newton's TheoryoftheTidesvindicatedibid Intelligence from the London GaQuery respecting a Roman Camp

228 near Islington 189|| foreiun Intelligence

230 The Genuine Spirit of Masonry ibid. Domestic Intelligence

ibid. A Briet Account of Cronstadt 19:| Marriages

236. Account of General Sebastiani 192 Monthly Obituary

ibid. Journal of a Voyage from the West Variations of Barometer and TherIndies, &c. to London (Continued] 193




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, or any part of the East Indies, ut Thirty Shillings per Arunum, by Mr. Gorr at the East Europ. Mag. Vol. LI, March 1807.


India House.

The Biographical Notices of General Frost and GerERAL Tuaw shall be insorted in our next. GENERAL TOLERATION is inadmissible.

The dissertation on the art of building Rocks in certain piaces, which was to have been included in the " Description of the Great Desert of Westminster," must be deferre:l until another opportunity.

We are obliged to our Correspondent for the print of Napier of Merchiston ; but, as it has already been published, must decline the use of it.

The Socicly for the Investigation of the Causes, Symptoms, and Cure of the HYDROPHOBIA, has our warmest wisnes for its success; but we cannot, from its length, insert the address.

In our last Review we omitted to mention, that the Sermon “ On the Utility of Academical Institutions, &c.” was preached by BENJAMIN (PACKNELL, A.M., Minister of Weymouth Chapel

. The profit derived from it is, we understand, to be devoted to the institution for which it pleads.

JANSON's Stranger in America, and Tomkins's Rays of Genius, shall be reviewed in the next Magazine.

We have received several other works, which shall be noticed as soon as possible,

Essays, Historical, Lilerary, and Moral, we are sorry to state, came too late to be inserted this month, but shall have a place in the next Magazine; as shall the Essay on the Use of British Fir as a Substitule for Elm Timber : the Mechamism of the Eye; Mr. Richardson's, and several other pieces with which we have been favoured.

Brilannicus, Address to a faded Lily, and a number of poetical pieces from our former Correspondent, Mr. 1., are received, and shall bave due attention paid to them.

ERRATUM in our last Magazine. Page 137, col. 1, line 16 from the bottom, for “ careless mis’ry," read i cureless misry."

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN from March 7 to March 14.



Wheat Rye Barl. | Oats Beans

Wheat Rye | Barl. | Oats Beans Essex 80 0141 636 0129 941 olliddlesex 83 11 48 0 38 031 1013 kent 85 6 18 039 SS5 OSI 61 Surrey 87 0 12 039 1033


0 Sussex 81 4100 0 39 933 000 c! Hertford 76 4 13 (111 027 0 37 3 Suffolk 77 115 035 9:36 3135 3 Bedford 76 319 6.37 1126

21 +1 10 Cambridge 74 16 0 33 91.1 634 illuntmgdon 77

016 4123 856 11 Norfolk 73 1018 034 10125 1135 Northampt. 73 810 635 13 01:38 8 Lincoln 68 10 12 8/37 013 3:29 1| Rucand 75 900 (1.37 023

312 York 70 11 11 113.5 10/26

0 10 91

Leicester 73 71:5 137 10125 $38 7 Durham 79 9100 000 020 1000 oll Vottingham To 5/16 0111 028 10/13 Northumb, 71 113 036 &127 710 4 Derby 77 8100

6127 5/18 9 Cuniberland 68 8151

1127 6100 oltiord 77


0111 112 0.17 10 Westmori. 77 757 8:39 829

o Slop 71 0634 040

(7 0151 Lancaster 70 000 0:35 1128 013

Hereford 0 10 136 817 4/17 7 Chrestor 72 1100

012 0132 200 oll Worcester 70 400 011 1033 11/10 3 Gloucester 76 icoo 0137 418 1/14 11Varwick 78 1100 011

3118 & Sonncrsct 78

0135 8126 212


76 Gloo 0.8 1039 101 4 AT Wouth 79 30 038 427 4200 Berks 85 900 04.18

U11 80 (100

034 820 852 oxford 81 10 0131 Cornwall 82

30 912d olon oll Bucks 82 aloo 055 dlzi nilit Dorset 78 11) 034 11:4 753

WALES. linis 81 11'00 cl08 Ju 11:00 N. Wales 74

spoo 0139 01:0 4.0 3. Tales 86 000 C19 19


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Suropean Magazine

Engraved by Ridley HoU & Bleed

Emperor of Russia.

Published by J. Asperne at the Bible,Crown & Constitution (ornhill 1 April 1807






[WITH A PORTRAIT.] TWE fall of empires, king- Perhaps causes ucarly similar prostances not only calculated to excite "The modern, like the ancient, nations, the strongest ivierest in the mind of enervated by their vices, withered hethe historian, and to produce the deep- fore the accumulated energy of feroest contemplation in that of the plin cious bordes, stimulated by a leader losopher, but also to afford to the di- who possesses no trails of the character vine and the moralist the snost ample of the Grecian, cxcept his rapacity, scope wherein to display the astonishing his cruelty, and injustice. examples of God's judgments, exhibit The division of the Alexandrine emed in those extraordinary revolutions pire, the contentions of his successors, which, as scourges to mankind, he bas and its final subversion by the Romaus, suffered at different periods to operate are circumstances which, in the punishboth in the physical and political worlds. ment of nations, mark the fatality at

If we contemplate the fate of the tendant upon unjust acquisitions. The kingdoms and states that were destroyed irruption of the Goths appeurs a scourge to erect the empire of Alexander, by a to those people ; and the wars among misnomer termed the Grear, whose do these and their descendants manifest mination stretched from the shore of that the world has not, in latter ages, the Mediterranean to the base of Cau- been more wis or virtuous than it was casus; while we lament the fall of cs!ab. in the former. Jishments coeval with the earliest traces in the subversion of empires, it has of history; candour will not permit us always been observed, that leaders have, to conceal the cause that operated to in different ages, arisen, who seemned, to their destruction, or one moment to a certain degree, to command, rather than doubt that they sunk under the weight to follow, fortune. Such is the usurper of their own vices : luxury produced of modern Europe, who, after hurling demental timidity and corporcal imbeci- vastation from the shore of the Baltic to lity, and rendered them an easy prey to the strait of Messina, has, like Charles the the irregular irruptions of myriads of Xulih with respect to l'eter ihe Great, military assassins, heated by enthusiasın, found his strenuous, and we hope his excited by avarice, and stimulated by most successful, opposer upon the Conambition.

tineni, in the young hero, whose porAstonishing as the revolution occa- trait at once adorns and dignifies this sioned by the erection of this empire number of our Magazine. appeared upon the historic tablet, in Ale under the ist, upon whom the this age it is unfortunately no longer eyes of all nations are at present turned, considered as singular. A political as toward ihe barrier of Gallic ambition, change has occurred in the western the avenger of the wrongs and restorer hemisphere, in geographical space per- of the liberties of Europe, was born on haps less extensive, yet in its banefal the '3d of December, 1777. At the and. malignant effects dreadful as that age of sixteen, he was united to Louisa, which, foretold by the Prophet Da- Princess of Laden Durlach *, two years niel *, once convulsed the eastern.

* Conformable to the capous of the Greek Daniel, clap, viii, ver. 7, and x!, ver. 13. Church, this Princess took the names of Llic

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