In Ireland, Mrs. Curran, mother to the 't the Russians. Having made the tour of faster of the rolls.

Europe, he returned to England, and the At Cockermouth, in Camberland, at the tered with avidity into every fashionable" advanced age of 88, Mr. Giffard, father of vice and folly of the day. His extravagance, $ the English stage since the days of the and attachiment to the fair 'sex, yractually veterau Macklın. This gentleman was the involved bim i poverty and ruiu; and reison of Mr. Gittard, proprietor of Goodman's- dered him in the end, after various and uqfields theatre, to whom the public were indebt- conrmou changes of fortune and situation, ed for the introduction of Garrick. The the broken-down and pitiable object of a Younger Giffari also, in company with his charitable institution. Highly favoured by taiher's comedians, exhibited Garrick at Ips- nature, he possessed great powers of body i wich previous to making his debut at Lon- and mind; he was social and convivial; doa. He performed for twenty years on

could at will “ set the table in a roar," and the London boards with considerable suc- was accounted one of the landsomest men

of his tune. In his happier dars, lawyers ; Mrs. Grey, grandmother of Lord Ho- and medical men had a great deal of his wick.

money. He was respectably connected bouka At Langton Hall, near Mimbury, Devon, in England and Wales; yet the, laumanis C. H. T. Calmuriy, esq., almal of the of the officers of the Hospital detained the blue.

body a fult fortnight in the dead-house, in Joha Northland, esq., advocate, of Scot- the vain hope that some relation might step land.

forward to pay the last sad duties to the The Rev. Jaines Moyse, many years one dead.---The clarity of a stranger luratshed of the ministers of the Cowgate Chapel, a covering for his remains, which were de Edimburyh.

posited in the burying ground of the Hos At Portsmouth, Mr. Warren, an excellent pital. low comedian in Mr. Collius's coinpany. In Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, Rich.

In St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London, Baker, esq., of Yorkshire, I in the most abject state of poverty and disa At York; Mr. Attwood, a celebrated vio. fress, in the 5 th year of his age, John Coch

loncelio player. lan, esq. some time a captain in ihe 88:11 l'ex. 6. At Richardby, near Carlisle, agod regiment of foot. -- Imidst the crash of 80, Wr. Richardsou, esi states, and downtal of empires, it may not 6. At his mother's house, in St. Aiban's, be anprofitable to the younger part of our

in the 28th vear of his age, Rich, Greares, Teaders, to turn aside froin the awful events 654., of the house of Grundy and Greaves, of 'the passi:g day, to conteroplate for a merchants of Birminghawa; a young gentle, tuoment the melancholy vicissitude of pri- man of the brightest promise, who lo a bigta vale individual life. This unhappy man, in degree of commercial knowleh e, and the the dawn of bis days, had the brightest must unsullied integraty, adited warry use. prospects. His father, a London merchant, fish and ornainentai acquirements---By Kuns though possessing great wealth, ciestined his of a very retentive memory, and buierint a fine son for the nary, and committed him to the plication, he had become a great proficieat cate of his friend; the celebrated Captain in the modern European languages, particuCuoke, with whom he made a voyage round lurly French, Itahan, Spanish, and German. the world as a midshipınan, Not liking the Ihs taste for the line ants was elegant and sca, he turned his thoughts successively to correct, and his native vigour of mind énathe bar, and to the church, and at last en- bied hiny to make considerable excursions : tered into the army.

He served several in the extensive field ot' science. · campaigns in America, was at the storming 10. The flon. and Rev. Wm. Augustus of Fort Clinton, and in several otlier actions, Irby, third son of Lord Boston, and rectos where he behaved gallantly. Af New York, of Whiston, Northampton-hire.

1 he married. Miss Moncrieti; so celebrated at- 12. At Southborough, Lieut. Co.. James terwards in the annals of gallantry as Mrs. Holwell. Coglalat from this unfortunate connection, In his 75th year, the Rer. William Ellisforrucd without càntion, without prudence, ton, DD., master of Suney College, Caru- 3 may be dated his ausfortunes and his misery. bridge, and'rector of Keyston, in llunting She was a 'rank republican in principle, donshire. . which could not well'accord with the senti. 14. Aged 78, the Rev. Samuel [lingston, ments of a young soldier, full of spirit and rector of Boyton, and of Holton, in suf- ; locally, then fighting the battles of his folk. country. The lady soon chose another pro- 17. Sir William Rantsay, of Band, hart. fectur. After the peace of 1783, he obtain- 18. At Edmburgh, W. Dunbar, esq. ed lis Jajesty's permission, under the sign writer to the siynet. mánual, to serve in the Russian army. Brit 19. Mrs. Vincent, wise of the very Rev. i hus domestic disappointniegt preyed upon Willian Vincent, D.D., dean of Westminhis mind, and he became dissipared and unstable, and served one campaign only with At Lasswade, Wu. Simp501, esq.: he was


the first who introduced into the paper-ma- Aged 80, Mr. Solomon Solomons, an eta nufacture the improved method of bleaching nent broker and underwriter, supposed to by means of the muriatic acid.

have died worth near a million sterling. 20. In his 45th year, Sir John Alston, Suddenly, aged 90, Mr. Richard Scrate, bart.

formerly master of the Riding-house, Bata 21. James Slade, esq., cashier of the navy. 3. While hunting, Richard Booth, este At Bath, the Marchioness of Ely, inother of Glendon Hall, Northamptonshire, 1 of the present Marquis.

which county he served sheriit in 1791 22. "At islington, John Yates, esq., late 4. Gilbert Petrie, esq., of the island of St. John's-street.

Tobago. At Rochester, Mr. Thomas Etherington, In Dublin, the Right Hon. Lord Carbert; bookseller and siationer.

The title devolves lu Sir John Lvans Frecas Burnt to death at Chichester, Mrs. He- bart. nessy.

6. Mr. S. Cowling, grocer, in his 578 John Carr, esq., architect, one of the year, one of the common council of Yort. aldermen of York.

In Wimpole-street, Jenkyn Reading, 23. Suddenly, on the Corn Exchange, 7. Mr. Edward Kenworthy, formerly # Jir. Breeze, corn-merchant.

Ironmonger-lane. General William Dalrymple, colonel of At South Lambeth, aged 36, Mrs. Class the 47th regiment, and lieutenant-governor wife of Horatio Clagett, esq., leaving a s of Chelsea Hospital, in luis 72d year

inily of ten children At Clifton, Mrs. Lushington, wife of Wil- Èdward Kendall, esq., of Langatric liam Lushington, esq., of Moor-/ Jace, Herts.

Brecon. In Duke-street, Aldelphi, Mr. Geo. Thomp- In Dublin, in her 70th year, Alice, Cos son, coal-merchant.

tess of Wicklow. Master Henry White, aged 15, one of At Southampton, Sir William Dunds, the unfortunate sufferers in the melancholy late one of the Supreme Court of Judicatar catastrophe at the Old Bailey. Impelled by at Calcutta. a curiosity natural to young people, and in 8. Ai Lambeth, Mr. William Ilead, is some instances alas,! 100 powerful to be con- merly a builder of that place. trouled, he went to the eventul spot; and Ai Caimberwell, John Christian Schriebe though, on all occasions, he possessed both

esq., aged 70. spirit and conduct, yet he was overcome by At Brompton, Sawrey Gilpin, ese-, rosa the pressure of the immense crowd, swoon- academician, aged 73. ed, and rose no more ! He was just finishing 9. Aged 52, John Marklove, esq.. behis education, through which he was passing ker, of Berkeley. with credit to himself, and satisfaction to his Francis Armstrong, esq., of Walcol-place tutor, who loved him as his own child. He Lambeth. was to have been placed in the counting- 10. Thomas Goodenough, esq., of Rita house of his father, an eminent wine-mer. ford, Essex. He had been 60 years res: chant at Portsniouth, who, together with his dant in the parish of Bishopgate, and my partner in life, have borne this severe dis- years a commissioaer of the land and asses pensation of Providence with a truly chris. tian fortitude and resignation. He was be- Al Exeter, Mrs. Toulmin, wife of Mr. loved not only by his relatives and friends, P. Toulmin, of London. bul by all who had the pleasure of knowing 11. Mr. John Pool Baratty, of Grace him. His sorrowful tutor, deeply affected church-street. by the early and premature death of an At Round Oak, ncar Englefield Gron, amiable pupil, bears this sad tribute of res. Joseph Revell, esq. pect to his memory.

Lieut. Colonel Broinfield, of Southbed 25. In Bread-strect, Mr. Michael Ver- Jamaica. bekc, merchant, in kis 47th year.

Mrs. Hoper, wife of Mr. Iloper, of Great 26. Suddenly, at Poulico, George Alar- Marlborough-street. shall, esq., of Dundee.

Charles Birkhead, jun. esq., of Lincoln's Francis Adams, esq., of Norton Malre- Inn, barrister at law. Ward, Soinersetshire.

13. In Durweston-street, Portman-square In his 29th year, Thomas Ralph Viscount H. Shepley, esq. Hawarden, of Dundrum, Tipperary.

Lady Diaxwell, relict of the late Sir Re At Baiharu Hill, Surry, in bis 80th year, bert Maxwell, bart., of Orchardtown in scot the Rev. Thomas Urwick, minister of the land. dissenting congregation at Clapham.

In her 69th year, Mrs. Anne Marist, MARCH 1. In the 80ch year of his age, at late of the King's Head Tavern, Poultry Inver, near Dunkeld, Scotland, Niel Gow, Lady Alston, relict of the late Sir Rom. a celebtated composer and performer of land Alston, of Odell Castle, Bedfordsture. Highland reels.

14. Jolin Barnard, esq., of the Bank of 2. On Blackheath Hill, John Mason, esq., England, in his 64th year. in his 59th year.

15. In his 75th year, General Jarry, 13


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spector general of instruction in the Royal Bankes, esq., eldest son of the member fo: Military College.

Corfe Castle. 16. Crushed io death, between the wheel Lately, in Germany, Colonel Emmerick, of a waggon and a post, in Paul's Chain, St. late deputy surveyor general of his Majesty's Paul's Church-yard, Kyd Wake, a printer, woods and forests. who was tried Feb. 20, 1796,- for insulting Lately, at Lisbon, Mr. James Warren, bis Majesty on his way to the Parliament bookseller, of Margate. House on the oth October 1795; for which Nov. 8. In Honduras, Thomas Potts, esq., offence be was sentenced to baril labour for senior magistrate of that settlement, aged five years in Gloucester Jail, to stand in the 68, having resided principally there about pillory, and afterwards to find security in 45 years. inooi. for his good behaviour for ten years

27. At Nevis, Mordaunt, J. Shipley, esq.. after the expiration of his imprisonment. member of the council.

Wm. George Sibley, esq., treasurer of the Lately, aged 77, at Colchester, Connecticut, East India company.

in America, Mr. Ezekiab Kilburn. Until he 17. In the 791h year of his age, Mr. John was 50 years of age, he exhibited an intelPridden, of Fleet-street.

ligent mind. He then, by degrecs, became In Spital Square, John Crallan, esq. insane ; three years elapsed; it was found

18. "General Crosbie, colonel of the 5sd necessary, for his family's satety, to confine regiment of foot, in the 534 year of his hin in chains. In this situation he remained age.

almost 25 years, when he unbibed an idea On Croom's Hill, Greenwich, Mrs. Jane that he should be poisoned 10 death; he acAllen, in her 91st year.

cordingly refused to take food of any kind Lately, at Bristol, in the 21th year of his (tobacco and water excepted.) and, strange age, Alr. Samuel Ruggles Ruggies, B. A., to tell, ne fasted 62 dinys. He then, by the fellow of Clare Hall, University of Cam solicitations of his attendants, with a vorabridge, second son of Thomas Ruggles, esq., cious appetite, received into his stomach ef Spains Hall, Essex.

one large table spoonful of milk, and again
refi:sed sustenance.

He survived two days
after taking the milk, when death closed

the inelancholy scene. JULY 10, 1806. At Vellore, in the East JAN. 22. At Saxe Weimar, Charles Gore, Indies, Lieut. Colonel James M.Kerres, who esq., maternal grandfather of Earl Cow, had served in India above 28 years.

per. Oct. 20. In the Athenienne, Henry



Muthematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty,

At Nine o'Clock, A. M.

18071 Barom'Ther. Wind. Obser. Feb.25 29.8639 SW Fair

26 29.87 33 W Rain 27) 29.90 29 NW Ditto

28 30.31 29 N Diito Mar. 1 30.40 27 ENE Ditto

2 30.49 27 E Ditto
3) 30.15 38 NE Rain
41 29.81 37 NW Fair
5 29.80 27 N Ditto
6 29.85 97 N Ditto
7 29.81 34 NE Ditto
3 29.62 38 SW Ditto
9) 29.50 35 NE Sokka
10 29.93 34 NE

11 30.19 33 NE Snow

1807 Barom\Ther.
Mar. 12 30.20 31

131 30.12 38
14] 30.02 40
15 29.92 37
16 29.84 29
17| 29.40 29
18 29.47
19 29.64 43
20 30.00 47
211 30.15 47
2: 30.10 42
23/ 30.46 37
2. 30.43 36
251 30.25 38
261 30.22 37

TVind. Obser.

NE Ditto

NNW Snow
WWW Fair
NW Ditto
SW Ditto

W Ditto



E Ditto


NXE 'Ditto





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par is dis.

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191 169

FACIT DIY'S PRICE OF STOCKS FOR MARCH 1807 Bauk 3 por Çz, 3 perl'ts per Ct. 4 perci Navy | New Long Short

Tipp: | Inp. | Irish Irish India | India Exche.Statelot.

Omn, Days Stock Consols Reduc del 1808 Conso! perci 5 percy Anns.

3 perci Anns. 5 perc Anus. Stock. Bonds. Bills. Tickets.

Feb.2. olitan
95 whiclar
621 as

17 15-16

191 105 227 63 96

1844 | 4s pr: par

191 169
271 227 64a

603 81

18 62


191 165
255 62 a



par 191 16s Mar. | 2261

3 3-16


Is dis.

191 165

62 a

3 3-16

191 16s
645 a



191 168 625

95 62 a

4$ pr. 13 pr. 191 løs 961


3 3-10


191 165
62. a



191 ios 62', a 96


2 62 a 964 621

par 191 ! 62. 96 ?

191 168
3 3-1f

62 a


par 62




191 16s
6 at
62 3-10

par -191 168

par 191 17s 1. 62 a.

33-15 96

3s pr. Is pr.

62 a

621 85

3s pr. 1$ pr. 191 17s

191 173
64 a

191 175


par olidas


5s pret
5s pri
As pr.
48 PT.
4s pris
As pr.
As pr.
As pr.
4$ pr.
4$ pr.


191 169

191 16s



[ocr errors]



[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]


us pr.
35 pr.

191 173

FORTUNE, STOCK-BROKER, No. 13, CORNHILL. N.B. In the 3 per Cent Consols the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given ; In the other Stocks the highest only.

European Magazine,

Page |

For APRIL 1807. (Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of Miss Pope. And, 2. A View of TAVISTOCK


Page Memoir of Miss Pope

243 Query respecting the Use of Oxygen Notice of Tavistock Chapel 246 Gas in the Cure of Diseases 277 Some Account of the Buildings re

Queries respecting Halos

278 cently erected in the Vicinity of Anecdote concerning Dr. Seth Ward ibid. Bloomsbury


LundOx Review, Vestiges, collected and recollected, Janson 's Stranger in Ainerica 279 by Joseph Moser, Esq: N., LVI. 249. Tomkins's Rays of Genius

285 The Revolution in Shoe Buckles. By

1 Beresford's Miseries of Human Life 286 Joseph Moser, Esq. 257 | Hornsey's Child's Monitor

289 Biographical Notices of General Carr's More Miseries

290 Frost and General Thaw. Write The Pleasures of Human Life ibid. ten 7th March, 1807. By Joseph My Pocket Book

ibid. Moser, Esq. 259| But Which?

ibid. Myron : an Arabian Tale. By Jo- Toinline's (haracter of W. Pitt 291 seph Moser, Esq. [Concluded) 261 Maltby's Sermou

ibid. Essays, llistorical, Literary, and No

Vince's Confutation of Atheism ibid. ral. No. XIII. 265 | Trevelvan's Prolusiones

ibid. Particulars relative to the Sign of the

TheatricalJournal;—including, Fable Turkish Slave


and Character of The Wood DæAnecdotes of Pope Sixtus the Vth mon, A Day in London, Whistle and the Princess Camilla

267 for It, and Ogre and Little Thumb ibid. Account of field-Marshal Brune, Poetry; - including, Verses to the

Buonaparte's Governor of llam- Memory of the late Right Hon. burgh, &c.

268 William Pitt-Address to a faded On the Use of British Fir, as a Sub- Lily-Epitaplı, &c.

294 stitute for Elin, in Water Pipes 269 Journal of the Proceedings of the On the Mechanism of the Eve ibid. First Session of the Third ParOn thie Properties, &c. of the Asbes- liament of the United Kingdom of tos Stone 270 Great Britain and Ireland

297 Usefal Invention

ibid. Intelligence from the London GaJournal of a Voyage from the West

308 Indies, &c. to Loudon (Continued] 271 Foreign Intelligence

312 Proposed Inscription for Lord Nel- Domestic Intelligence

314 son's Monument 276 Marriages

316 Method of curing Damp Walls 277 Monthly Obituary



Printed by J. Gold, Skse-ane, Fleet-strieb,


No. 32, CORNUTI.L.
Persons who reside abroad, and who wish to be supplied with this Il'ork


Month, as published, muy hare it sent to them, FREI OF POSTAGE, to New York, Hulijui, Quebec, und every Part of the West Indics, at Two Guincas per Annum, hy Mr. Thornhill, of the General Post Office, at No.21, Sherborne-lane ; to Jlamburgh, Lisbon, Gihruttur, or any part of the Mediterranean, at Two Guineas per Annum, by Air. Bishop, of the General Post Öffice, at No. 29, Sherborne-lune ; touny Parl of Ireland, at One Guinea unit a flult per Annum, Ir

. Suith, of the General Post Office, ar No. 3, Sherborne-brne ; und to the Cape of Good Hope

, or any Part of the East Irudies, ut Thirty. Shillings per Annun, by Jr. Gox, as time I dst India House. Lurop. Vue. Vol. II, April 1807


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