damp your spirits, and you will sink pered with judgment, and an elegance beneath yourses Theretóre take my heightened by ease', that might have az vise for your proceeding on the stage. done honour to a performer of ihree The violent tounder of applause last times the experience in life that her Saturday on your first appearance was years have afforded her the opportunity not at all deserved, it was only benevo: of acquiring." lently bestowed to give you the pleas In " THE DEOSE IS IN IIIx," and a ing information that they were well de number of other pieces of those times, lighted, and that you had their warmest she was equally excellent., wishes that you would hereafter merit When Mrs. Clive retired from the the kindness that they had bestowed stage", Miss Pore succeeded to many upon you *.”

of her characters : in consequence, a Mrs. Clive seldom did or thought like new line of acting opened to licr vien; any other person, or surely it would though, from what we can remeinbir have struck her that this admonition, of the former actress, we are confident however friendly it might have been that they have not suffered any dimia meant, given to a young actress upon nution of humour or spirit from being the second night of her maturer ap- in the possession of the latter. If we pearance, just as she was going upon were inclined to catch one prominent ibe stage, was much more likely to de trait of each, we should say that Clive, press, than to promote the expansion whose great excellence lay in those of genius; because, if she followed, she two qualities, was frequently too broad, must think of it; and if, in the course and too masculine ; but that Porf, of her performance, she thought of it, while giving the utmost scope to her she could derive little encouragement comic powers, pever loses sight of from the violent thunder of approbation chastened propriety, and true feminine so exhilarating to a juvenile mind, and delicacy. Indeed, while she displays so stimulative to bistrionic exertions such brilliant specimens of the genuine that accompanied her every action ; vis comica of what is terined the old therefore we are of opinion, that how- school,which, by the bye, is but an qyer valuable those precopts might have affected discrimination of the age of been, they had betier have been deli- Garrick; she also assimilates her huvered in a cooler moment than that mnour to the new, in the very few which her monitor chose for them; a pieces where the present race of dramoment when fear, hope, and expec- matic authors will afford her the least tation were upon the wing, when the opportunity for its exertion; so that, bosom flutt red with contending emo however ponderous the modern matetions, and the young debutante was about rials may be that she has to work upon, to enter upon a task morc arduous than she does contrive to strike a few sparks even her first essay, as she must have froin them, that render her as much beca anxious not only to keep the re admired by the present, as she was by putation that she had acquired, but to her former audiences +, She is, we think, add to it by allowing her native humour its full expansion. However, the good * The last paris performed by Mrs. Clive sense and real genius of Miss Pope were-Flora, in The Wonder, and, The completely triumphed. She charmed line Lady in Lethe, for her Benetit, April her spectators; and like Mrs. Brace-24, 1769. girdle,

+ " In characters of arch and splenetic

and with upon every appearance, every uew character, continued to rise humour,” (says a critic in the year 1783,) " in

those of all bred coquettes, of impertinent in the opinion of her audiences, until chambermaids, and satirical defamers, Miss she arrived at that point of professional Pope has not her equal on the stage. She stveminence whereon she is now scated.

died the manner of Mrs. Clive, and the pupil Of her performance of the Musical is worthy of her mistress. Her articulieren Lady +, that very excellent judge of is good, her voice powerful, and her delivery theatrical talents, the late Isaac Rced, equally distinci, whether it be required to Esc. has spoken so correctly our own

be voluble or slow. Her imagination is sentiments, that we cannot resist the lively, and her judgmont excellent; and self-fattery of quoting his opinion.

a part musi indeed be hasren of humour, if " Miss I'ope sirpported the charac

Miss P'ope cannot make it peasant.---Dolly ter of Sophia with a sprightliness tein. Snip, Mrs: ford, Mrs. Füresight, l'oble,

Phillis, Cherry, &c. &c., are recent in

every one's demory. English Review, * Thespian Dictionary.

Todd, gw 439. + dcted 1762.

the only aetress that has in this reign of suggesting to your entertaining and her'n honoured with a Royal Command, juteresting correspondent, Mr. lioser, Bich, in the subsequent Bill, it apo a hint for his useful lucubrations : the pears slac received with respect to the comparative state of the number of performance of a part in which her houses, and population of London, or predcre sot, Mrs. Clivr, wareminently of some of its parishes at different, and Siccesful, and in a play of which she distant periods. i am aware that this is Ide only survivor of the original inquiry is involved in difficulty, yet cast, rxk on the stage.

every document and hint towards its :) (remind of Their Vajesties.

elucidation, will be useful and acceptTIFATHE ROVAL., DRURY LANE.

ahle. Another subject of perhaps This prexeni Thursday, May 6, 18X!!, more real utility and public mterest, Tier Vairstes Servants will act a Connediy yould arise from an investigation into called

the original formation, extent, and poTHE CI NITIVE HORRIAGE.

pulation of parishes, with a develope. LO! Olehr, Hr. ling.

ment of the prescot immeuse revenues S: loh loiville M. Darrynurse.

of somr, froin accumulation of moderu Sterling, 11 Diwton.

building, and the degraded poverty loveweli, lr. C. Keuble.

of others froin the loss of trade, manuSerira71: Flower, Mr. Packer. Traverat, Str. Caulfield.

facture, or some other cause of emiTrnje brat!, ,lir. Surntant.

gratio!. It is a notorious and deplo(inaill, Is. Henzer.

rile fact, that while one Protestant Brush, Jir. l'aimer.

Miiluster in a populous parish is enjos. Vrs. Healerg, (33: Conmisd) Bliss l'ope, ins his annual thousands, another in Buy, fiss Campbell.

a forsaken district is dovied to live ? russ, Vis. Vad ks.

in a genteel style on sixty or seventy liety, Voss Neilon.

pounds a year. Such is the prescat Chamiresniaid, Mrs. Si ott.

state of things; but this, like many In conclusion of this brief unemoir, other long established evils, demands we mus! olisere, that it ises is plea- the prudent and honest interference sure to reitert, ha! a lady who has of the British Parliament. aded her part with as much applauke To return to it. l'ancras, &c. Jo on the siage of the work!, as she has las of MSS. now before me, on the stage of Drury, where sie bas of which appear to have been written in chariaed :s forty years, still continues 1715, I find the following notices reto improve herSeinale con patriots luting to this parish. hy kor example: thereforr, however Pancras is a village situated on extravagant, we could usish, forbereake the banks of the ancient river of the and our own, that she might, by her ll'ells, otherwise called the river Bag. actile, continue to “ charın us forty nigh. Ai present it contains, besides more !"

M. its church, only three hongos *. Here

are two Il ells, the old and the new, TAVISTUCK (HIPEL.

which are well resorted to in the sea. [WITH AN ESGRAVITG.)

The parish chureh is at this time Tolle Editor of the t'uropean Magazine. in very good repair, and the inside is

kept very clean and decent. They have WE View represented in the annexed preaching here only every first Sunday

in the month. The churchyard is acipal front of a pew Chapel, which has dorued with an infinite number of recentiy been erected in a street, called toinds of cinincat Roman Catholics, 'aristock-piare, in the vicinity of Russcl-square, London; it is built on + Thus number of bonces must mean only ground belonging io tlir tirane!!ing line in the immediate vicmity of the }lospita!. avoiy villiin tbe gerinct's Church's, or in the filluge called si. Pancras, of the parish of ... }'ancrag; whence as a portion of the parish ; tor kennish Town. je is properly be est tlie Chapels-of-case stated ins llamiets in the purush. In the l'or

2011-11118111 Comt, part of Highguie, &c., are 1o that extensive and now iery ropa pulation Report, printed by the House of lous parish. The rapid and extraordi

Cununions in 1800, the number of housej nary incronese in the population of this

in this parish, is stated to be 4,420 ; und since parochial district, inay be adduced as

this period, it may safety boesand, lat ibene one of the singular featusas (of inodern fix additional houses irare born Boult. filio London; and I shall take the liberty Dumber os persone then was 31,779.


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European Magazine,

Engraved by S. Rawle


London Published by J Asperne , at the Bible, Crown of Constitution, Cornhill, May 1.1807.

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brought out of London, to be here' It is also unfortunate, that, from the same interred; that order of people chusing source of opposition, the com148743 c£ to lie here, which is of great benefit to Queen square of an equal wid}}', was act the parish.”

efected to the Northern extrerity of the This manuscript relates several other Founding Estate, which had been project-vi

. circunstances concerning the parish, of lic. Cocker

te afirhitect was instadies-

Tu as much to lic regretter, that the pian with Kentish Town, which then had cd-ny which the Hospital was to forenc “ about 100 housos, and in it are fico

centre of one large squire, extend the or three gentlemen who keep their whole site of Brunswich-uile, a Ccouches." Also one particulars re- pouding space Eatuaret, and to Guitars lating to Whittington, and an in streel Smithwart; tre useless Mirari bul. scription ou a stone raised to his ings romt the Ifptai being renovesi ! memory, &e. It contains also several make way for it noble arit, vesiurd to curious anecdotes, and descriptions of have been descet, ; Man'ed, und surrounded places, which are now greatly and hy iron ralı$.402es, which would thru toate singularly altered in character and formed by far the gruese ape re mi Conilow, appropriation. At a future period I

and it superhornan nt to the metripulis.

Perhaps also it may be considered uforpurpose giving you gone further ex

tunaie, that the original stertioils of the tracts, with comparative remarks on late Duke of Beditord wire 2006 carto the then existing, and the present state into effect. By these it wit5 persppostal to of places and things. ! innst also de- rebuild the ma'is on-house an * ptice fer an account of Tavistock Chapel scate, removed further for Blesburyto a future number, and shall conclude Square, aiki 10 rastiate two lines of cap al this communication with a few obser- houses Northward from therence to the New vations ou the present state, &c. of the

Rd, on each side of a lawn of xtuar

acti's enclosed and plante:l. rariug sunk Euildings recently erected in the l'icinity cross roads en communicate wiá Gonorw Bloomsbury.

I'nder this impression, the Ik'T THIT tontion so convenient for piet houses on the East side of Russet-nyuce. *** de arid legal business, anit for pleanure, and the detached houses Notibward, were aihe neighbourhood of the Fomdling llos. bult. But the subsequent de iertamaton plalo slould so long have continued unbutt of the Duke to risiele neant the Court porn won, when the most remote and inanapi- cuced the present arrangereat: thy wtuch cous parts of the town have been most so great an increase has already been made closely covered over, has been a subject to his Grace's rental, and which will sa gooi grert surprise,

The means that we're digiously entarye ita incole of this mucces used by an interested parisby whom the rharily was so long kopt froin the advan In 1800 Bedirigit líouse was pulled alian, tages its situation commandirl, ta protract and a 1'0.i áll it mew houses 4****1 the commencement of a plane from which Russel-quire and B.00. TV-, un such an immense revenue will now be de- the site or ibi oli house ant gris, were rived, being overcome by the cxerirons of erected; since 1801, all the new teluisnes, its friends, the buildings were commenceri exclusive of those already prediler, we in the year 1790 1. Vuilforil-strest, 10 the what wits formerly known in the Lanz liels Eastwarii of Lamb's Conduit street: an have been created. Rissed-sunure is ciste from ibat iime have been unceasingly pro- siderably larger than any other ?! Lo'stioni secuted to their present state.

Lincoln's lun livlids escepier. lis dutie Very soon after the commencement of sions nearly (!or 11.5 sot periore al right these buildings, the proprietor of the Donske angles, in consequence of the alteration of ty Estate adjoining Estwirrt, and the late the potan already mentioned} are 073 reet Duke of Bedford to die West, ted in on eacto side, Bolteon líouse', occupe tu carrying into effect those plans which have 1803 bis the latter kostats, t.s rosessy now revealed themselves io the public; but here divided into tutti, ait is current it will long be a subject of deep reyret, that covered by the excellent bouges, xirich any part of the short-sighted policy which completes ile Eastern sade vi the quart. Petarded the commencemeni of these plans, Jiuch pains have been tred, allierpan should have again evinced itseil, and an incurci, 10 hymns out and planlaitie injunction obtained from the Court of Chan art est llos canare; which, when the tree Cury, to prevent the making, or any an't planne shall have arrived at * Ureiler modifications whatever, a communication degreoi murity, will sender if unt ut' che between Qucen-square and Guitorii-stre cei mistypecabile in London (in the Santa the inlets to which camut 101. without in 510.imamiantiately pte Beitrda polako aid of Parliament, be saterially annended apeiteserial science in bruit of the Last for many centuries; and the synare must con giallist al.: Hroncis, is in die set wou by sequently be accessible only by the princent Ali i torsline 1,3 puhevositala, and miserable avenues true thuisouth and col. will auch auj i thic bendly vi thus iuc:

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