Bloomsbury; and was one of the com dis years in the victualling employ, and upwards soners appointed by act of parliament in of twenty years head-warderer. 1763, to inspect the principles of the time 3. In his 79th year, Charles Sloane, Earl keeper invenied by Mr. John Harrison. Cadogan, Viscouni Chelsea, Baron of Oakley,

At Sleatord, Lieut. Col. Wade, of the and a trustee of the British Museoin. 301h regiment.

4. At Brompton Park House, KensingtonAt Edimburgh, Sir James Ramsay, bart., road, in her 651h year, Mrs. Vere, wife of of Balmain.

James Vere, esq. At Esler, Colonel William Varlo, of the Mr. Dale, many years principal box-keeper royal naries.

at Drury-lane theatre. In his 68th year, Robert Wilson, esq., tu Cumberland-street, Mrs. Abernethie, of Wodehouse, East Ham, Essex.

wife of John A., esq. Captain Bulkeley, of the 61st regiment, 6. At Long Hedge Farm, Battersea, Rich. lale aide-du-canıp to General Sir Jolin Stuart. Southby, esq., aged 55.

In Duver-street, the Hon. Charles Sa Philip Davies, esq., of Serjeants'-inn. ville.

9. Aged 45, John Opie, esqu, professor of 26. At Chichester, in her 75th 'year, painting in the royal acadeiny. He was in:larly Viscountes Lifford.

ierred with great funereal respect in St. Ai Shooter's bill, Thomas Juggins, esq., Paul's Cathedral, near the remains of Sr firanсrly of Jamaica.

Joshua Reynolds. See Vol. XXXIV, p. 919. 27. Aged 60, Mr. Mortellari, an eminent 10. In Dublin, Deunis Daly, eq., of musician

Radford, county of Galway. A1 Cas'le House, Calne, Wilts., George 11. At his house, Spital-fields, William Roohe, esq., formerly captain in the õih, or

Des Anges, esq. Inniskıllıng dragoons.

In Charter-house-square, Mrs. Beard, wife Aged 85, Mr. John Derussat, barrack

of Jolin Beard, esą. Basier, Liverpool.

12. At Sunning-hill, near Windsor, the In lier 121h year, the Hon. Miss Anne Rev. Joseph Tlusilethwaite, A.M., in ibe Rodney, youngest daughter of Lady Rod- 871h year of his age. Ple had possessed that ner.

living upwards of 58 years, and had not Anel 61, Lieutenant Colonel James IIol absented himself from his panish 58 Sundays well, at Southborough, near Tunbridge. in so many years. Among other legacies, he

28. 11 St. James's Palace, in her 84: h year, has bequeathed 5001. towari the enlargement the Hon. Frances Tracy, first bedchamber of the church of Surining-hill, and 1001, to woman to her Majesty, and sister of the latc the augmentation of a charity already estaba Viscount Iracy.

lished for the sick and poor in the same Valhamel Hulme, M.D., F.R. and A.S.S., parish. oi Charter-bouse-square, aged 75.

14. At Speen, near Newbury, in his 68th The Rer. William Disney, D.D., rector of year, Tliomas Hatt, «5q. Pluchley, hent, aged 7).

15. At stanmore, Middlesex, Gevrze HeIn his 81st year, the Res. Edvard Mar. Shail, vicer of Duxford, Cambridgeshire. In his 55th year, Colonel Fane, V. P. for

29. Mr. Thomas Gann, oi Tavistoch-street, Lyne Regis. Covent-garden.

At Norwich, in his 60th year, James Hud. At Oid Park, Wilts, William Eldridge, son, esq., hanker. He served the otice of esit., nt Abinedon, Berhs, aged 76.

major in 1794. 31. Ashley Parh, Surrey, aged 73. Sir 16. Azed 72, Edward King, esq., F.R. Ilenry Blicher, bart., of Clea Hall, Co and A.SS., author of Morsels of Criticisin," berlarie', which county he represented par Alunimenia Antiqua,” and other works. loameut iorty years.

At Bristol, aged oil, Mungo Forbes, esq., Jolumn Ganni, esq., of Denhanı Jount, late of the island of Jamarca. Buck, aged 65.

17. In Broad-court, Bow-street, Mr. Mark Attimpoteard, agrd76, Mrs. Mary Arun. Supple. He was a native of the south of del relict of ll llougliby Arundei, esq., of Ireland, and has been wp'tards of 25 years a liackness

reporter of the debates in parliament. 31. ai Canterbury, Charles Robinson, esq., In Cavendisli-square, the lady of J. Fanageri 74, recorrieroillut ciiy, and broilerio the lale Lord Roleby.

18. Ai Chigwell, Mr. Robert Denhan, Ai Southamptin, Àlrs. Sutherland, widow surgeon. o: Juris Suthiilariei, esse judge of the high 19. In Iloiles-street, John Broomhead, court ot admiraly a morca.

esq. et Chilion, in het 621 var, Mrs. Vassa!, 20. Robert Andrew', esq., of Harleston Deliciot Jolin Vassal, exq, oi Chatley Lodge, Park, Southampionshire, in iis 73d year. Somersetslirs.

92. Laurence Harruan Parsons, Lari of APNUT 2. Aced 52, 12c Rev. Robert Red- Ross, one of the representatire peers for freding, winisicr ofthe bapiist society in Turo. land. The urle descends 10 ile Bart's ae

A><u8, dir. Julm Sturd, upsards of iorty plien, Sir Lakielce l'ursons, bart.

min, €.

shawe, esa,


Lately, in America, in his 78th year, the Dec. 4. At Beixdorff, in Germany, in her Hon. Horario Gates, lieutenant-general in 68th year, Mrs. Dorothea Monro, relict of the the service of the United States. late Dr. Donald Monro, senior physician to his In December last, at Fairfield IIouse, Ja. Britannic Vajesty's Forces.

maica, Fairley Christie, esq. Lately, in Switzerland, John Lewis De

JAN. 4. At Maldonado, Captain Francis Loline, LL.D. He was a native of Geneva, Rundell, of the 54ti reginent. and first distinguished hinselt in this country 12. In the Island of St. Croix, John Barby a Treatise on the Constitution of Englant, ker Barnes, esq. which he had evidently examined with pro 17. At Tobigo, Jancs Pigott, esq., attor. found judgment and a philosophuc spirit. ney-general of that islind, and brother oi' Sir The work has long been a standard book; Arihur Pigott. and, among other flattering tributes of' .p In January last, at Grenada, Suwiel plause, it received a high eulogin from the Osborne Gibbes, esq., youngest son of Sir pen of Junius, who pronounced it deep, Philip Gibbes, bart., and the king's receiver solid, and ingenious." De Lolie had a sur of confiscated property in that island. prising extent of knowledge on all subjects, Lately, at Antigua, General Vandelenr. and could almost have rivalled Burke in all At St. Petersburgh, Princess Bariatinsky, the variety of his illustrations. Ile was re formerly the Hon. Miss Dutto, second marhably temperate and simple in itis mode daughter of Lord Sherborne. of living, and possessed an adınirable temper, At Windy Elli, Tortola, William Robertwith a strong turn for humour. All he said, indeed, upon the most serious suivjects, was At Paris, Victor Leopold Berthier, general marked by something of an arch shrewdness of division, chiet of the statf of the first corps He did not much sacrifice to the Graces of the grand army, and one of the commandin point of dress and personal delicacy; but ers of Buonaparte's legion of honour. his conversation was always valuable; and At Verdun, Gideon Hewland, eség., of Chiit is much to be regretted, that a man of his chester, who had been detained as a prisoner talents and iniormation was not shielded by in France since the commencement of the patronage against the necessities of lite, as lie might have produced many useful and in At Kingston, Jainaica, Stewart Bruce, esq. structive works.

At Madras, George Iloustoun, csq., of the At sea, Alexander Donaldson, esq., of Ja- civil service.

son, esq.




Muthematical Instrument Maker to his llujcsty,

At Nine o'Clock, A. M.


[blocks in formation]

1807 Barom (Ther. Wind. Obser, Apr. 11 29.30 52

S Fair 15 29.26 49 SE Rain 16 29.50

NE Fair 171 29.61 39 W

Isnow all day 181 29.78 / 391 N Tair, with mich snow in the afternoon

19! 29.91 | 38 1 N J'air with hai and snow most part of the day 20130.13 1 39


Fair 21| 30.11 36

Ditto 22 29.90 40

Ditto 23| 29.91 51


Ditto 211 30.00 51 SIV Ditto 25 30.09 56 NE 26) 30.08 59 NE Ditto 27 30,06 / 591 E Ditto

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co Irish


25 pr.


2s pr.


€ 2213



As pr.

Is pr.




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62 as

96 s

Bank 3 por Ct.13 perCt? per (t.4 perCt Wavy | New | Long Short

Imp. Imp. | Irish | Trish | India | India Exche. StateLot.

3 perci Anns. 5 perci Anns. Stock. Bonds. Bills. Tickets. Days coch Consols Reduc dei, 1803 Conso: perCi 5 perCt Auns. Auns.


191 178 diar.26 615 02

951 27 ondan

* olga 62



191 178
31 bhday

4 62


191 17s

par Apr.

62 a 1


* 31
613 a 62

611 85

Is pr.


191 175 613 a 62 90%

23 pr.


19) 175

3s pr. Is pr. | 191 178. 615 a 62


191 18s
62 af

17 7-16

191 199
7 995

4s pr. 3s pr.
62 a 611

79 96 171

5s pr. 3s pr. 191 189 El 2:6


173 963

183 As pr. | 2s pr.

191 18s
62 a


5s pr. 38 pr. 191 18s 26 62 at 17 9-16

156 79 17 9-16

191 189

5s pr. | 3s pr.

186$ 5s pr. 35 pr. 191 18s
62 a $ 615

97 171

18.15 | 5s pr. 38 pr. 191 189 ) 2293 613 a 621

17 9-16 963

5s pr. 3s pr. 191 18s 6-27 a à

17 9-16


191 18s
625 a

5s pr. | 3s pr.


191 189

5s pr. | 1s pr. 97

4 17. 2301 62, a 62 17

191 18s

1 1


5s pr. 2s pr.

234 62 a 3 62

5s pr. | 1s pr.

191 18s



191 185
2) 2364 624 a 63



17 11-16

1863 5s pr.

191 189

par 62

* 62 as 80%

1861 5s pr. 1s pr. 191 185 2: 2344 62 a


803 964 171

91 17 11-16

5s pr. is pr.

191 189

62 g a

801 96's voliday

FORTUNE, STOCK-BROKER, No. 13, CORNHILL, NB. In the 3 per Cent Consols the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given; in the other Stocks the highest only.


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61 §


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2: 235




For MAY 1807. [Embellished with, 1. A Portrait of Tue BARON OF BexxiGSEX. And, 4. A View

of St. John's Gate.]


Memoir of the Baron of Bennigsen 925 Epitaph in Maidstena Churrh-vard 358
Correction in Miss Pope's Meinuir 324 || Curious Custom in the Isle of Thaset ibid.
Oriental Antiquities
325 || The Pocket Reinedy

ibid. Femak Sporting ibid. Thoughts on a future State

259 Curious Letter on Witchcraft 326 Useful!ntelligence

860 Recipe for the Cure of Colds and Hints for a periodical Publication Fevers

ibid. upou the Plan of the Spectator ibid. Excellent Recipe for a Decline

Lundos Review. Miscellaneous Hints, &c.

ibid. H Thornton's present State of Turkey 361 Ceremony of laving the Foundation Janson 's Stranger in America [ConStorle of Downing College 327 cluded]

366 Some Account of St. Johu's Gate, Cumberland's Exodiad

371 Clerkenwell

328|| Britton's Arcbitectural Antiquities Vestiges, collected ad recollected, of Great Britain

373 by J. seph Moser, Esq. No. LVII. 329) An Olio!

374 The Revolution in Sho: Buckles. By Theatrical Journal;—including, Fable

Joseph Moser, Esq. (Continued) 836 and Character of Adelyitha, Peter Reflections on Anger 3:9 the Great, &c.

875 Anecdote of the Earl of Peterborough 341|| Poetry ; - including, Verses on a Anecdotes of Friar Richard

342 distressed Turkish MerchantEssays, Historical, Literary, and Mo Elegiac Stanzas On Politeness ral. No. XIV.

313 The Village MaidSonnets, &c. 376 Defence of the Swiss resident in Journal of the Proceedings of the Great Britain

945 First Session of the Third ParJournal ofa Voynge from the West li:ument of the United Kingdom of Indies, &c. to London (Continued] 346 Great Britain and Ireland

380 Of the Curious in the Animal, Vege Satelligence froin the London Gate table, and Mineral Kingdoms 359 zeite

388 Methods for destroying Caterpillars 354 Foreign Intelligence

397 Methods of purifying infectious Air ibid. Domestic lutelligence

998 Notice of several Painted Windows 95: Marriages

404 Query 356 || Monthly Obituary

405 Observations upon Education ibid. | Variations of Barometer and TherA Sl.ort Description of Aldborough,

407 Suffolk

ibid. li Price of Stocks


Primed by J. Geld, Sise- ans, Fuad-truct


No. 92, CORNHILL. Persons who reside abroad, and who wish to be supplied with this work every Month, as published, irry have it sent to them, FREE OF POSTAGE, to New York, Holifua, Quebec, und every part of the West Indies, at Two Guineos per Annun, by Mr. T11 OKNOTLI., Oj the General Post Office, at No. 21, Sherborne-lane; to Humburgh, Lisbor. Gibraltur, or any part of the Mediterranean, et t'wo Guineus per Annum, by Mr. Bishop, of the Generul Post office, at No. 22. Sherborne-lure ; to uny Part of Irelund, at One Guinea and a Halli per Annum, by dir. SMIT!!, of the General Pust Office, ar No. 3, Sherborne-lane ; and up the Cupe of Goud llops, or any Fort of the East Indies, at Thirty Shillings per Annum, by Mr. Gør, as the last India House.

Europ. Mag. Vol. II, Mey 1807

Our surmise, respecting the author of a Letter from Doncaster, mentioned in our last Acknowledgments, though not founded on slight grounds, we are now convioced was erroneous; and we desire the Gentleman agaiost whom our resentment was so misdirected, to accept our apology for the injustice done him by the suspicion.

The person who actually wrote the letter alluded to, may sare himself the tronble of any farther communications.

The friendly romarks of A Well Wisher are acknowledged with thanks, and shall be attended to. If he will look at the List of Portraits that have been given in the first forty-nine Volumes of our Magazine, he will observe no want of respect and attention to our Xaval and Military Heroes. The List may be seco at our Publisher's.

We are apprehensive that the Copper-plate Engraving of the Foreign Medal so obligiogly offered us by Britannicus, would not be generally interesting to our readers: we therefore respectfully decline it; but if Britannicus could furaish any account of the Medal, we would have a neat Wood-Engraving made froin it, to iilustrate the article.

The Editor has to apologize to Mr. L. for not having, from the multiplicity of his avocations, had it in his power to call upon him. With respect to the subject of taste in architecture, &c., be bas no doubt but that his communications will be extremely agreeable to the readers of the European Magazine. As to himself, the Editor goes further, and states, that his opinion is, that they may be also es. tremely useful to the public. If Mr. L. will be more explicit in his description of the size, subjects, and the manper in which he would have the plates engraved, the Editor will consult the Proprietor, aod returu him a speedy answer.

The Sonnet which J. Q. says has not been inserted, he will find in our fistieth Volume, p. 477. The termination of the other that he has sent us is objectionable on the ground of coarseness.

G. R. of Islington's Hint to Lovers is liable to a similar objection.

Moglr and IRGANORA, or the Iron Mountain, an Oriental Änecdote, by Joseph Moser, Esq., in our next.

The observations on the Church of St. Cuad, Shrewsbury, shall be inserted in our next.

Epitaphs from Tomb stones, unless very remarkable, are inadmissible. Dr. c. will find the article that he mentions in our fiftieth Volume, p. 210. Our jocose Correspondent, Will SHOESTRING, should wait till the conclusion of a work, which, with such liberality, he appears disposed to cominend ; if it should then inerit half the praise that he seeins inclined to bestow upon it, the Author will have reason to be satisfied.

B. B. must excase us; we, like the Dumb Conjuror, only answer LawFCL QUESTIONS. -1 he Reasoner, No. VI, in our next.

AVERAGE PRICES of CORN from May 9 to May 16.'

Wheat Rye Barl. | Oats ,Beans

Whea| Rye, Barl. | Oats / Bean: Essex 428 638 10/Middlesex 79 11 14

1/31 7:19 Kent 040 033 038 Sarrey

01-10 Sussex

810) 0100
0 32

ollertiord 4/13 Sudolk 73 800 0/35

4 Deltoid 74 80) Cambridge 71 0 34.010 10135 lontiron 71 110) Norfolk


032 9126 01:36 1 Porthampt. 73 Lincoln 70 115 36 103

Ali Rutland

3:24 York

71 Leicester 72

037 Durham 81

0 13 (27 000 of Nottingham 76 0 11 1028 Northumb. 68

0 50
837 27 (Derby

8100 011
Cumberland 71 351 912 032 800 Oliatioid
Wostnuori. 79 -63 647 0132 0 0 0 Top
Lancaster 000 0148 7loy Ullerefird 71 U10
73 500 Clou

torcester 71 alun 039 Glouce ter 75

Ull'arwick 100 09 10:25 119 Sonuerset 700 0.37 826 112 Monmouth 78 700 0133

010 Berks Devon 82 4110036 127 Tool Dxford

410) Cornwall 85

0:19 11/23

O Bucks 77 oloo 0136 Dorset 100 030 039 9100

WALES. Hants 77 5uo wl36 933 000 on. Wales 78 410 411 8122 01200

Hs, Wales

8113 600



0 39 616


(39 1032
035 1020

8 36

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4110 0 6 8 10 11 0

0110 1 0123 1337 (3 4.1 0

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2137 213

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323 3113

015 0 27 (188 027 10115 + 331 8:00 231 16 10


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