lasted eighteen days, and during that EXCELLENT Recipe for a Declis time they killed 47,950 head of game medders of which 19 were stags

. Tience for the raisins af dhe sun 19,345 partridges, 9499 pheasants, 114 harley, and hartsboru shavings, eight Jarks, 353 quails, and 54 other birds.

ounces each ; a stick of liquorice, a The Emperor fired 9798 shots, and the large quantity of horse-radish and wa Princess Charlotie 9010: in all there ter-cresses, four lemons cut in slices, were 116,203 shots fired.

a pint of rum, and cight quarts of spring water. Boil all these ivgredients

together, until the liquor is reduced to WITCACRAFT.

four quarts. A small tea-cup full to be

taken every night and morning, and the TI HOE following curious Iefter from patient must walk or ride out every

Mr. Manning, dissenting teacher, morning after taking it. at Halstead, in Essex, to John Morley, Halstead, is copied froin a manuscript preserved in the British Museum, and

MISCELLANEOUS HINTS, &c. Bill probably ampuse many of our readers :

TUE Philosophers on the Continent THE

are engaged in a controversy resHulsteai, Aug. 2, 1732.

pecting a discovery rclatire to Gal. The narrative which I gave you, in rela- vanism, made by N. Schmidt, a chetion to witchcraft, and which you are pleased niist, of Breslair, who insists that be to lay your commands upon me to repeat, is has merited the prize of 60,000 francs. as follows:--There was one Master Collett, He thinks he has discovered a body caa stuitli by trade, of llaveninghain, in the

pable of generating electricity, which Crnuty of Suffolk, formerly, servant in Sir le calls electrogeno; and which sérses, John Duke's family, in Benhall

, in Sutfolk, with calorie, to combine the two conww, as 'twas customary with lim, assisting

stituent principles of the air, oxygen the maide to churn, and being Duable (as the phrase is) to make the butter com, three

and azotc. Its aitinity with them is as bot iron into the churn, under the notion

weakened by the presence of the solar of witchcraft in the case ; upon wluch a poor

rays, but the latter augment its aflinity labourer, then employed in carrying dung in

wilh water.-He contends, that the sea the yard, eried out in a terrible nianner, by surcharging the atmosphere will

They have killed me, they have killed aqueous vapours, absorbs electrogene, DXC," still keeping his hand upon his back, which endeavours to maintain an ceurmonnating where the pain was, and died upon I:Irrium; while the earth, for a contrary the spot!

reason, tends to give the air a part of Nr. Collett, with the rest of the servants, took off the poor man's clothes, and found, nation and disengagement produced, ly

its electrogene. This alternate combito their great surprize, the mark at the iron alat was Leated, and thrown imto the church the nielals, according lo M. Schmidt,

their succession, winds and clouds. All Strongly impressed upon bis back. This acist at I had from Mr. Colleii's own south, contain electrozele: and he attributes wo being a man of unblemusted characiet, many other effects to this body, which, I verily believe.

however, is not sufficiently identified. I am, &c. SAM. MAYNING. Dr. Ilamilton, a respectable practi

tioner of Ipswich, has taken mach pains

to refuse the prevalent opinion, that the COLDs and FEVERS.

hydrophobic poison, wlien inoculated MEDICAL Gentleman has favour- by a bite on the lumad sulject, may be

ed us with the following recipe, for years dormant in the system, and which, if taken with care, will prove that no certain rule can be formed as to highly beneficial to every ore labouring its tiine of acting; a rotion which has under those complaints :-Half an onnce caused much misery to individuals lle of pearl harley, boiled in a quantity of Doctor observes, that a person at ipswatcr, till half reduced; halt an ounce wirls, who had been bilieo by a dor of powdered spermaceti, and half an which fa$ supposed mad, melted down ouwee of nitre drops, sweerned with his constitution with mercury and other genuine Narbonne honey. Take two nosirums, for a series of years, till tahle spoonfuls thrice a day. This sel- joduced by the Doctor, to believe that din fails of relief in young, of old. Lotbing was the maller with bim sino

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which twenty years have elapsed, and lic Orator, from Numbers, xxiv, 5. the person is still alive, enjoying good “ How goodly are thy Tents, 0 Jacob! health. Dr. Hamilton quotes the opi- and thy Tabernacles, O Israel!”- After nioos of many learned members of the the sermon the Gentlemen formed into faculty, to show that all animals bitten the following order of procession to the by mad dogs exhibit the symptoms of Senate House; when a Latia speech inadoess in a very few days afterwards. was delivered by Mr. William Frere, one

of the fellows of Downing College. An excellept tanning principle has ORDER OF THE PROCESSION. been discovered by Dr. Howison, in the

Esquire Bedelis. Mangrove Bark :-400 lbs. of bark is The Vire-Chancellor, in tuis Robes infused in 100 gallons of rain water,

High-Steward of the University. which, after standing about 40 hours, Commissary of the University is exposed to the sun until the liquid

Noblemen in their Robes, two and two, is concentrated by evaporation to the

Doctors in Divinity, in Robes, two and tur.

Doctors of Law and Plivsc, w Robes, (wo consisteuce of treacle, and then reduced

and two by boiling to about eight gallons, when

Public Orator. it has the appearance of pitch. A cwt.

Professors of the Chiversity. may be inade for 10 or 12 shillings. Proctors, in their Congregation Halvits, fue

dowed by their Men with the Statutes. Dr. Howison has also communicated Public Registrar, and Public Librarians. a discovery for printing cotton cloth of Taxors, Scrutators, and other Ollicers of the a substantial black colour. It is as fol

University. lows: Take Mallacca nuts, which are

The Master of Downing College. sold in Bengal at 2s. per cwt. boil them

Chaplain. in water in close eartheu vessels with

Professors of Downing College. the leaves of the tree; during the boil

Fellons of Downing College.

Architect. ing a whitisi suolistance, formed from the inucilage and oil of the nuts, rises

Bachelors of Divinity, and Masters of Anh,

(wo and tivo. to the surface, which must be taken off Fellow Cemmoners, two and i wo. and preserved. The cloth intended to

Bachelors of Arts. be black must be printed with this

Uuder-graduates. scum, and then dyed; after which it is When the Procecţion arrived at the to be passed through live water, which scite of Downing College, Dr. Andesty, changes the printed figures to a full and the Master, deposited the foundatiwa perinanent black..

stone, and made an oration in Latin.

Dr. Outram then pronounced a BelleIt appears, from an edition of Bap- diction. tista Porta's Natural Magic, published A brass Plate was enclosed in the in the year 1558, that the discovery for foundation stone, with one of each couveriing salt water into fresh, by of the new coins of the realm, and the adding a still head to the ship's boiler, first plate cast of inodern Stereotype: for which Mr. Irwing received a great on the stone was the following inscrigo reward in this country, is mentioned hy tion:the Neapolitan Philosopher in the work

COLLEGIVM. DOWNINGENSE alluded to. His process differs in no re

IN. ACADEMIA. CANTABRIGE spect from the usual method of disti!ling; and he asseris, that three pounds of salt water will give two pounds of fresh water.



BRIDGE, on the 18th INSTANT.


MAGISTER PROPTSSORES.LT. SOCII Me cercarony of laying the foundTH

POSVERVNT ation stone of Downing College

QUOD. ADNELIGIONIS . CVLTVM bring to take place, at eleven o'clock

JV218 . ANGLICANI, ET . MEDICINE, SCIthe principal veinbers of the University

FYTIAN assembled at creat st. llary's Church, ET , AD. PICTAM . JVVENTVTIS , INGENIR where an appropriale scrmon

D19CIPI ISA11 . PROMOVINDAX preached by the aus. Dr. Outrai, Pube






An elegant dinner was afterwards with a white cross on the fore part i and partaken of at the Red Lion Inn, by taking for their armorial insignia a about 10 or 80 principal Members of gold cross on a red ground or field.lu the University, &c.

1324 they became possessed of the im-
The fund for the erection of this Col- mense estates of the Knights Templars,
lege was created by the following circum- who were abolished. lvo 1381 the re-
stances:-Sir George Downing, Bart., bels of Kent and Essex, under the con-
of Gamlinglay Park, in the county of duct of Wat Tyler and Jack Straw, con-
Cambridge, in the year 1717, devised sumed this stately edifice by fire; and
all his valuable estates in the counties the conflagration continued seven days,
of Cambridge, Bedford, and Suffolk, no person being suffered to prevent its
to his nearest relations being first cou. total destruction; so extreme was the
sins, &c., to each for life, with remain. antipathy which the populace had enter-
der to their issue in succession; and tained against these imperious Knights,
in case they all died without issue, he on account of their pride, arrogance,
devised those estates to trustees, who, and luxury.
with the consent and approbation of the Not long after the suppression of the
Archbishops of Canterbury and York, rioters this edifice was rebuilt in a still
and the Masters of St. John's and Clare more magnificent manner, and was fi-
Hall, should found a College within the nished in 1504, as appears froin a date
University of Cambridge, which should over the gateway, where also are tbe
be called Downing College. The an, arms of lienry VII, (in whose reign it
nual salary of the master is 6001.of was coinpleted,) and those of the Hose
a professor, 2001., of a fellow, 1001. pital, its Priors, and Benefactors. Thus
or ia that proportion.

it continued till 1511, when, with other
Abbeys and Friories, it was suppressed
by Henry VIII, and its estates aud re-

venues, valued at 3:5851. 195. ad. (worth Some ACCOUNT of Sr. Jorx's 'GATE, now $0,000l.) per apuum, lavished upon near CLERKENWELL.

Court favorites.

It was soon after converted into a (WITH AN ENGRAVING.) repository for military stores, and for

the Royal Hunling equipage; in which This building originally belonged to way it was employed till 1550, whos

a 1100, (in the reign of Henry 1,) by Fard Seymour, Duke of Somerset, Pro. Jordan Briset, a wealthy Baron, who, tectos of the kingdoin, who caused this for that purpose, purchased of the stately edifice and its superb Church, Prioress and Nuns of Clerkenwell, ten with its lofty and beautiful sleeple, to acres of land, for which he gave tbem he deinoliskod, and the materials theretwenty acres in his lordship of Willing of employed in rebuilding his magnifi. bale in Kent.

cent Palace of Somerset House in the 'The Knights Hospitallers of St. John Strand, then recently pulled down. of Jerusalem, from the greatest pover- St. John's Square, which is of an ir. ty, by the profus : liberality of simple regular figure, consists of three piles bigots and enthusiasts, soon attanied of buildings, which form the North, to such a degree of riches and honour, Fast, and West sides, In the East that their Prior was reckoned the first ead, near the North angle, is a modera .Baron of the kingdom, and for state Church dedicated to St. John, which and grandeur vicd with the King. was, till lately, a chapel-of-ease to St.

The Church of this Hospital and Jaines, Clerkenwell. The South side Priory was dedicated to St. John the of the square consists of the old GATE. Baptist, by ileraclius, the venerable WAY of the Hospital, in form of a patriarch of the Holy Resurrection of castle till lately, with battlements on Christ at Jerusalem, in 11:5; and was the top, (now converted to a parapet the chief seat in England of the religi- wall,) and a square tower on each side. ous Kriights of t. Jola of Jerusalem, Its entrance, till within a few years, an order instituted in 1099, not only had a double arch, one of which was for religious service, but to defend a postern, the other a large Gothic Christians against Pagans, and to gale; but they have been since altered fight in defence of the Church; using for the convenience of the inbabitants fur their babit a black upper garment of the square.

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