room a few minutes, early on Sunday inorn mitted herself to his hold ; but sa: 'was ing, leaving the other attendant ia beil, when much lighter and inore active than the de. the deceased seized an opportunity of escape ceased, and wituess lifted her into the wining to the top of the house. She stepped dow. over a parapet, after which she was suspend Mr. Richard Cooke, statuary in Portlanded some time by her hands, and at length' road, was alarmed by the cry of “ fire !" he fell down. She was dreadfully brused, and saw, from his chamlucr window, a feinale apdied soine time after. Verdici, Insanity. parently in great distress, stridin' across a

• Same day an inquest was held on the body rafter of the balcony, tle rooi of win.ch had of G. Carnevale, Esq. It appeared that the fallen in with her weight, in jumping from deceased, who was about 22 years old, had the two-pair of states window. He left his been lately married, and on the day on wuch honse, and went to the tront of that on fire, he met his deawi, had been walking with his and saw Mrs. St. Lager at the door, wlio by wife and a friend in the park. On their re. this time had es cape: 1 troin her perilous situ.. turn, the deceased and his friend aroused ation. Witness unter d to conduct her to his themselves with firing at marks in the gar house, but she appeared greatly distressed, den of He house in which he resiled.--:ltrer and exclaimed loudly for her child. Wise they hand finished their amusernent, the de. ness asked where the child was, and Mrs. ceased retired into lus bed-chamber, and shot St. Leger told him on the second floor. himself with the pistol which he had just be Waness made his way through the sinole to fore been firing at the mark with. He haa the place where he had been fold the child been subject to depression of spirits; and the was, but could not find it. He afterwards Jury accordmgly returned a verdict of--- In- understood, the intant had been thrown out sanity.

of the window by another person, caught in 28. The Bishop of Landaff was voted the a blauket, and preserved. While on the Gold Medal by the Board of Agriculture, for staircase he saw the deceased and lier com.' his new and extensive plantations on the panion in the garret. He called to them banks of the Derwentwater Lahe iu Cum to rush through the smoke and descend the berland.

stairs, but they refused : witness then got Mar 1. About three o'clock this morning down with chtliculty, and went for the fire a fire broke out in the house of Mrs. St. Tadders, buï was unable to procure the keys Leger, in Upper Norton-street, Alarv-le otthe place where they were kept. Witness bone, which totally consumed it. One of thought the parish very reprehensible in not the scrvants was killed.

havmig ihe ladder's ready; and out for the 2. An mquisition was taken at the Cannon delay, he conceived the lite of the unto 10Tavern, Poriland-round, Mary-le-hone, on tie nate woman might have bcen saved. It was body of Anne Nicholson, killed by falling nut more than five minutes betore he arrived from the attic story of Mrs. St. Leger's house, with the ladder that the deceased tell, aod in Upper Norton-street, while the premises more than that time hadi elapsed in obwere burning.-- The witnesses called 10 the taining the kers. Winess did not learn. melancholy tices were the following:

how The fire bugan. Verdicto dccidental Elizabeih Garlier, the daughter of a pieb. D:ath. lican in Norton-street, knew the deceased; A dnel was fought bettern Sir Francis she was the wite of a seaman, now in his Bardest and Mr. Paull. It appears, that al Majesty's service; she slept at Mrs. St. Le a meeling of Afr. Paull's friends, the day brger's house, and was employed as a chair. fore, at the Crown aud Auctor Tavera. Se,

F. Burdett was adverused as Chairman, The Alexander Anderson, a bricklayer, in C'po Hon. Baronit did not attend; aud :: ".. per.Vortun-streei, heard the cry of fire, about stated at the Meeting, by Ir. Jules Bure three o'clock on Friday morning, as he was

dett, hus Brother, that he had not given any going to work : he observed two

promise to preside, and was surprised to find slandwig at the south parret window ot Mirs. his naine introduced in that way without St. Leger's house, then iu faines. They were bus sanction, Mr. Paull explanai to the screammg for assistance. Witness went to meeting, that he in:ght have listakin sit the garretot Nu. 68, the adjoming house, Francis's meaning, who, though willing to and held his arms out of the wildtuw toward pruposc tam tur Il estoster aithe ilustings, the deceased, who thung lierselt ont, holding han not (

diersiood ii lie vas to take the by lus hauds. Ini tius perilous situation sie

Chair at the Vereink --In consequence of húng suspended some intes; when wito the misunderstande, dir. Pati caldi ipe.) ness being incapable of supporting her, and Sir Francis üle at night; 2.14 id:1 ili :2 3471 she being exhauered, she jell trom his holid, taking place betw.ed thens, respecting the struck with her feet against the cill of the lei: siruin the latter, read in the vicina at first fvor window, and pitched upon the the Crown and anchor, in which le dis. Janding place of the door, and was helderd. clad ali promiss of presiding there, it was Witness had before saved the other female selllent that a duel shout take place. Toe servant by the same means. The first wo.sian parties accoritmily met this way, at i-a excluued, I can die but once!'' and colla o'clock, al Counse ilood, dear los vídeos


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Common, Sir Francis being seconded bybayonet. He then ran into liis fatller's honse, Mr. Bellenden Kerr, and Dir. Paul by a near which the deed was perpetrated ; and Mr. Cooper. Having exchanged shots, Mr. snatching a knitc out of his father's hand, cut Kerr asked Mr. Paul whether he was satis his owo throat, but not inortally ; he bas fied. The answer was, No: he required a since been committed to the Castle by Sir satisfactory apology from Sir Francis. The Roger Kerrison.--We are happy to learn latter resuscd to give it, and persisted in the that the wonads of the two unfortunate Assertion that he had made no promise to women are not likely to prove fatal. take the Chair at the Meeting held at the 6. About half paist two o'clock, a young Crown and Auclior. This refusal, of course, mali, respectably dressed, was observed to prevented all adjustment; and the parres get over the rails in St. Janies's park, nearly having taken groind, exchanged shois a opposite Queen-square; le walked to the second time; Sir Francis was shot in the side of the canal, when he pulled otr bis coat thigli, and Mr. Paul in the upper part of and hat, and plunged into the water. Sevetbe leg.

ral persons were immediately attracted to Mr. Bellenden Kerr, (formerly Captain both sides of the canal, but too late to Gawler,) is one of the claimants of the Rox- prevent him from sinking. In a quarter of burgh Dukedom.

an hour, however, he was got out, and carried An extraordinary circumstance occurred to a public-house in Queen-square, where in the Island of Jersey. A soldier, named two medical gentlemen immediately attendHales, of the Sith regiment, having been ed, and tried to effect the restoration of life, sentenced to death for felony, was taken for several hours, in vain. He is supposed to to the place of execution; where, aiter be one of the band of the 24th regiment. evincing great contrition, the rope was put He was recognised by the son of the landlord round his neck, and he was turned off' ihre of a public-house in Chelsea, as havny dised scaifuld. After hanging about a minute and at his father's house about an hour previous a half, the escentioner suspended lunseli to to committing the deed; he then appeared his body, by whose additional weight the much distresses in lus mind, saving he had tope extended in such a manner, usat the absemed linsself for three days irom his regifeet of the criminal touchied the ground. ment, and had committed a crime, on The executioner then pulled hiru sideways, Tnesday night, for which he should be hanged in order to strangle him; but being unable it he were discovered. 10 effect this, bie got upon his shoulders, The Election for the representation o! Lonwhen, 10 ile no small surprise of the specta- don, which threatened as severe a contest as tors, the criminal rose straight upon lus liet, had ever been known, found a tcriuination will ibe hangman upon his shoulders, and as awful as it was unexpected. Alderman ioosened the rope from his throat with his Hankev, one of the Candidates, died of an fingers. The Sheriff' ordered another rope to inflammation in the bowels this aliemoon, he prepared; but ihe spectators interfered, being the first day of the poll. and at length it was agreed to deter the 7. Information was sent to worship-street execution till the will of the Magistrates Office of a murder having been commed in should be ku09 n. li was subsequently de the house of one Jackson, a weaver, in talo ieruned, that the shiele case stond be fields, when soine Ollicers were seut, uno, pratistuitted to his Majesty; and the execution alier a minute search, found the bodies of of the sentence was dcierred till bis Majes. Two females, one about five and the other ty's pleastire should be known.

seven years old, with their heads duwnwards 3. A very melancholy event happened in the wilder cash.--Their mollie., who is at Chedgrave, in Nortolk. William loss, suspected of the crinie, was, atter a slout a young man of Chedworth, paid his

resistance, apprehended. addresses to a young woman of that place', A low evenings suce a Corouer's inquest named Crisp; her mother, however, relused was held on Ann Davidson, mile to a juurber consent to their being married. On the neyman lavlor, and mother of seven cola day alove mertioned, Nors, who is a Mem. drei, m de Girarel-lane. Wapping, who ber of the Loddon, Brooke, and Secihmg hung herseli in a giftet. li appeared, that Volunteers, attended the parade of that previous in ilus action she carrossed her in corps on Seething Green, ai duch Anu Crisp tant, and pui il mio a cradle under the and ber mother were also present.--- During care of one of her boys; the child being The time of the paradie, anoiher young malt unruls, the hors ral to the garret to call niis call up 10 thell, and solicited and received nother, who liy llus time was dead. It turthic mother's permission to have his daughuri ther appeared that she had been contined This soon reached the cars of Muss; and long in a mant-house at Newcastle, and that she was heard in exclaim tv Anu Crisp, “III was always remarked for her sounety end m. am pot to have you, nobody else shull." dustry.-- Ferdict-- Lunacy. When the exercise was ovel', and the young 11. The heavy rain w duch fell caused the woman and her tuoiber isere on their relia brook which runs through Derlıy to swell home. Moss Walched lus "pportunity, and beineen twelve and one o'clock on Wislabbed them buih in ilicir Ludies natia luis uesday morning. Tic wundation was *

rapid, that in scveral streets the water rose lan, at Cordommond, by mixing arsenic with three feet deep in 15 minutes. Though coul hasty pudding. The fact was provell, and siderable damage was done, no lives were the Jury pronounced the prisoner Guilty. lost. On the preceding afternoon, two Having pleaded pregnancy, her execution young gentleinen attempting 10 cross the was respited until atier bir delivery. river Der vent, near Derby, in a ferry-boat, J. Smith, for violation of a female, was acthe chain broke, by which accident the bont quitted, as he consented to become the upit, anit the youngest, 15 years of age,

husband of the prosecutrix. was drowned ; a rope being thrown out was

At the York Assizes, all the prisoners une the neang of suring the other. - At Lincoln, thelail, run, thunder, an i ligitung, were of

der sentence ut sferthi, except Thomas Jewile most awful kind. The main street was

ett, were reprieved before the Judge left the completely inundated, and hand for a long city;--The following is an account of the

trial of Jeweit: time the appearance of a canal.-- The Dun,

Thomas Jewett, of Old Malton, aged 24, near Doncaster, rose nine feet in an hour and a halt.

was charged with violating the chastity of

Elizabeth Stabier, his master's daughter, a In the Court of King's Bench, a motion child under ten years of age.-It was stated, was roade by Mr. Garrow, to set aside the that the prisoner was servant to W. Siabler, judgment obtained under a warrant of Attor- blacksonth, at Old Malton, and lived in the ney, and to stay the levy in the hands of the family as an innate.--On Sunday, the 27th Sheriff, under the following interesting cir- of July last, Mr. Stabler and bis wife went to cumstances :- It appeared from the attida. Castle Howard, leaving the care of his favits, that a tradesinan in the city, wishing to mily to the prisoner. The family consisted obrain a temporary supply of money, and of five children, the eldest of which was the being lured by the terms lield out in a public child on whom the injury was committed, adveriiseinent, repaired to a house in the and who was at that time under nine years of neighbourhood of Cavendish-square, where age. The facts were clearly proved, and he hoped to obtain an accomodation ou ad the prisoner received a good character. rantageous. terms. He was introduced to a The Judge, in stating the law to the Jury, lady, who proposed that he should draw bills, said, " That the statute had niade it a capiand she would get them negotiated. Ile was, tal offence for any inan to have what the law however, to take, as part of the considera- calls curnul knowledge of a female child under tinn, a capital hunter, a horse that had hunt. the age of ten years : and that without any ed with the king's hounds, and that the son reference to the conscnt or non-consent of of the Archbishop of York had offered 150 the child. Isis Lordship then recapitulated guineas for it; but it should be put in, as a the whole of the evidence. great favour, at 120 guineas. The party The Jury, after consulting for a few moconsented, the bills were drawn, and as a ments, found the prisoner guilty, but recomcollateral security, he gave a warrant ofat nended him to mercy, on account of his toruey, confessing judgment to the amount of general good chaiacrer. the sure to be raised. When the hunter His Lordship, with the most impressive soCaine home, said the Learned Counsel, the lennity, then said :-outside and inside value of him, disposing of “ Gentlemen ---I alw.zys listen with plcusurc his bunes to make ivory blacli, his hide to to your recommendation, whenever I can do it the currier, and his flesh for the dogs, was consistently with my public duty; but I an 1100 more than 3l., the very same animal afraid I should hand over the young md innothe son of the archbishop was represented as cent part of the female sex tv the lusts of the having offered 1.30 guineas for. But the depraved part of the other sei, if I should, in whole was a delusion, and the tradesman this instance, yielu to your suggestion; and presently found himself'swmdled. He would it will be my painful duty to leave the prisoner have gladly siistained a loss of Sol. or 401. 10 to the unmitiguted severity of the luu.' have got his bills back again, but that was When buis Lordship passed sentence of refused. The first bill became due and it death upon the prisoner, he repeated the was paid; the second was disbonoured, and above sentiment, and added :ilie Money Lender on advantageous terms " It would be in ruin that the law protectol entered up judgment on the warrant of at- female youth and innocence, with the heaviest turney. It was therefore to set aside that perculty equinst those who oviraged them, if the judgment, and to stay proceedings, that the ministers of the law had nos courage fully to present motion was made.--Thc Court gruulo Igcute it" e a rule to show cause.

At the Dundalk Assizcs, in Ireland, a

verdict, with 40001, darpages, went against At Shrewsbury Assizes, John Corns, onls llie Reverend Mr. Murphy, Vicar of Sia14 years of age, was convicted of a bure

bauzon, for Crim. Con. with Mrs. lleory, glary, and received sentence of deaih.

wife of Jolin Henry, Esq., the trend uit At Monaghan Lent Assizes, Elias Garulan benefactor of the said dieverend Ms. Musa stuou mdiciod for the murder of Diary Garie piya

Europ. Mag. Vol. L!, Joy 160:.

At the Taunton Assizes, William Good- in good health. Her dress, which was baik. land, alias Jemmy from Town, was found mourning, consisted of black crape, richly guilty of robbing Mr. Henry Marshall, of ornamented with pearls. Her head-dress Bath, on the highway.

was a pearl net, with a plume of ostrich feaLast week a shoemaker at a public-house thiers: The Marchioness Townshend attende in Salford, devoured four pounds and a half ed her Royal Sigliness. The Dike con.

dueted her to the Grand Council Chamber, of bacon, fried, together with forty eggs; alter finishing the bacon and eggs, he added

where her Majesty was holding the Drawidg. to the fat, wherein they were fried, a quan

Room, and presented her to the Queen; and, tity of vinegar, sopped bread therein, and

after conversing for a few pinutes, her Royal devoured it.

Highness passed on to the Princesses; the

Princess Sophia of Gloucester, the Dukes of A few days since, one of the stage-coaches Cambridge and Gloucester; and, after their on the North Road ran from London to congratulations, her Royal Highness receired Stamford (a distance of Maniles) in g hours the compliments of the principal part of the and 4 minutos.

The passengers, four Nobility and Gentry.-- he remained in the in number, breakfasted and dined on the Drawing-Room cruelly an hour; after which road; so that it must have run at the she dined with her Royal Daughter at Warrate of 12 miles an hoor all the time of wick-louse. travelling.

13. At twelve o'clock, notice was reA few days since, two sisters, worden of ceived at the Opera-house, from the Marthe town, were charged by a sailor named chioness of Townshend, that hes Royal HighJones, before the Magistrates at Unior Hall, ness the Princess of Wales would honour ibe with a robbery. One of them embraced lum, Opera with her presence in the evening. while the other picked his pocket of a The Duke of Cumberland, and Mr. Thomas, tobacco-box and six pounds. One of the Vice Chan berlain 10 her Ponyal Rigluness, prisoners acknowledged the offenee, excul dined with the Marchioness of Townshend, pated her sister, (who was discharged,) and at her house in Weymouth-street, where her she was committed for trial.

Royal Higmess arrived, about half past 12. The Princess of Wales, after a long cight o'clock, in her carriage and foar, froma estrangement from the presence of her Ma Blackleath. In a short time after, the party jesty and the Princesses, paid a visit to those procecded to the Opera House, where they angust Personages, at the Queen's Palace, arrived at half past nine o'clock; lis. with whom she remained about half an

Jewell, in full dress, was in waiting to receive hour.

them. Colonel Thomas conducted her Royal 13. The London election closed; when

Highness along the passage, and up the first the numbers for the existing Candidates light of stairs. Fire Duke of Cumberland

then took her hand, and conducted her into Price

thie Marchioness's Box. Their Royal High 3117 Curtis .3059

nesses were soon recognised by the audience,

who immediately rose, and made the house Shaw


resound with their acclamations. The huzCombe


zang and applauding continued nearly five 14. A Banker's Clerk lost liis poekete minutes. The Diertissement having just hook, containing 10,0001. in Bank notes. concluded, Miss Griglietti, Signors Naidi. The book and notes were restored the next Rovedino, Sidoni, and Giovanni, came to the day by a poor man, and 500l. reward paid front of the stage, and sung “ Gurd save the to the finder.

King,” accompanied by the full band. Her 14. The day announced for a Drawing. Royal Highness was elegantly dressed in half Room to be held at St. James's, excited moro mourning, profusely ornamented wiili sulec? public attention than any that has been held bugles and spangles, and a rich display of tör a number of years, owing to a rumour

diamonds on her bead and neck. that the Princess of Wales would be present, 17. 'This afternoon, as Mr. John Stubbin, after an absence of about two years.

of Raydun, Suifolk, was ausing himselt in in consequence, much more numerously at a small boat, near Raydon Mill, the boat tended than we have of late been accustomed upset; and he was drowned in presence of to witness.-- About two o'clock, her Majesty two of his children, who were standig and the Princesses entered the Grand Coun the water's edge. cil Chamber. The Duke of Cumberland, in 20. The following were executed before Ins Court dress, gave directions 10 he in the Debtors' Door of Newgate :--Williant formed as soon as the Princess of Wales's Fisher and Wm. Freewan, for forgery; Julia Orriage approached; which was accordingly hartord, Johu Fordham, Juhu Harvey, and done, and his Royal Highness was at the door Wm. Ridge, for robbug the house of Ar. when it arrived. As soon as it halter, the Spencer, of Pouder's End. populace gave three cheers, at wlrich she was In the Court of King's Bench was tried - mul och ut'ected ; her Royal lighness appeared 3n action for Cria. Cun, at the suit of Mira


It was,


Railston, a merchant. vf Wolverhampton, tenced to be hanged on the 10th of June, against Colonel Bedingsfield. Mrs. Railston and his body to be dissected. Laving, for the recovery of her health, gone The durations of the several Parliaments with ber sister, Miss Brown, to Aberystwith, in the reign of his present Majesty :a watering-place in South Wales, they were New Parliament

1761 there met in the course of their morning Ditto

1768 walk by the defendant, and a Mr. Edwards,


1774 who were altogether strangers, but iniro.


1780 duced themselves. The defendant and the


1781 married lady strolled one way, his friend and


1790 Miss Brown another; and Nirs. Railston did Ditto

.1796 not come home till eleven o'clock that night. Ditto

1809 A few days afterwards, the Colonel drove Ditto Mrs. Railston out in a gig, to a place called Ditto (110w electing). .....1807 the Devil's Bridge, where they passed the Mr. Deputy Birch has been returned for day, and slept together at an inn. In the the Ward of Candlewick, by a majority of inorning, the husband unexpectedly arrived. eight. llis opponent, Mr. Atkins, has veUnder these circumstances the action was inanted a scrutiny. brouglit, and a verdict, with 10901. damages, Duncall, the gardener, of Clapham, has obtained,

received a conditional pardon, to be trans21. As the King was about to mount one ported to Botany Bay for life. of his chargers at Windsor, the horse reared A man of the nanue of Bricknell, who was up, and threw his Majesty; but providen to stand in the pillory at Winchester, centially a chain fixed to some posts broke trived to hang himself in the Gaol, with bis the tall, wisicta might otherwise have proved braces, about an hour before the time apof most serious consequence. The King pointed for the exhibition of his person. pot intimidated by this accident, ordered A few days ago, a rat's nest was found another of his chargers to be brought out, by a icrrier dug, in a field near Neiherhall, which he immediately mounted, and pur in Cumberland, within five yards of the risued his inorning's ride througla Windsor ver Ellin; in wrich was found the old she Forest,

rat, ten young ones, and 57 lamper eels, 23. The Westminster Election feally ter of which more than 30 were alive. reinated; when the numbers were, for Sir F. The beautiful little town of Chudleigh,

Burdett, 5134 ; Lord Cochrane, 3708; Mr. in Bevonshire, we are sorry to stare, has Sheridan, 26 15 ; and Mr. Elliot, 2137.-It been nearly destroyed by fire. The nuinber the moment the business was over, the mob, of houses destroyed is estimated at near 200. accordkig to ancient custoin, pulled down An overland dispatch from India has the bustings, and carried away the materials. brought intelligence, that a conspiracy had

-- Ur. Sheridan expects to dispiace Lord titely been discovered; the object of which Cochrane upon the Treating Act.--Lord was, to destroy the the 9th and 11th reglCochrane was chaired.--Sir Francis Burdett ments at Nurn Droog. was not well enough to attend: he is to be Letters from a Petty Officer of the Nagchaired on his recovery, from luis house in tilus, ot 18 guns, Captain Palmer, wrecked Piccadilly io the Crown and Anchor Ta on a desert island in the Mediterranean,

state, that about 70 of the survivors, aluong Mr. Sheridan and Lord Cochrane were whoin was the Captain and First Lieutenani, the principal speakers from the kustings. had escaped the horrors of a watery grave, Among the notable things of the former to encounter a more dreadful deatli by starone was, that, instead of gaining by the place vation. These poor fellows were without he held under Government during the late food nearly ten days. The Captain and Administration, he was 12001. minus; an First loentenant, with the greatest part of other, that his son might have kept bis place those on the island, pecished from hunger. in Ireland, if he (his father) would bave The tow survivors were taken off by the cousented to a little forbearance toward the boats of Admiral Louis. present Ministry. At this proposal Mr. She linis Futures.- light spread gradually ridan spurned with contempt, and liis sun upon the head and between the cars of a lost his place.

man's horse', wlule riding trom Euston 10 Lord Cochrane's constant theme was Na Falenham, in Surifolk, on the night of the val buses; and yet he was the arowed ene 5;h instant. The lummous spectre', or Willmy of the great corrector of uaval abuses, of-the-Ilip, hept its station, and preserved Earl St. Vincent.

its brilliancy, to within a shost distance of Before the Circuit Court of Justiciary at Fakenhum parsonnge; when it gradually Glasgow, a few days ago, Adam Cor was vanished, and liit no trace behind. {rred for the murder of his own chuld, hy Roman Catholic Achtress. The principal throwing it into a clayhole near Tradestowi. Roman Cutnolic subjects in England have The trial lasted several hours. The Jury re published au Address 10 their fellow coonlurued a verdict of guilty. Ile was seu tryruen, in wluch, after expressing their as


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